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ire w!ut ν >m ir
^ipplv \oi',r win' t«
s aiiv ί jet ion Η*·η
I Phones 54
♦♦♦ ♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ 4 ♦♦♦«
Auto {3 Garage
On Main Street Or#
BlocK West of
Courthou se
Sales Room for Jackson,
» Buick. Maxwell and oth
er cars.
First Class Rent Service
to all Parts of Country
Day or Night.
Expert Automobile Re
pairing and First Class
Garage Conveniences.
Automobile Accessories
and Supplies.
I 0W Phone 67 — New Phone 97
He Υ%τλν Possess*1*! ot a Hcnire to
Kill Some Oac.
Butie. Mont.. July 27 Possessed
of un insane desire to kill, telling
tns wife and her mother and sisters
again and again of his mania to
makt> a "clean sweep of them all."
Phillip O'Oonuell carried out part of
his threat here Sunday.
After telling his mother-in-law,
Mrs Droll Fountain, to take a good1
Vwjk at the weapon, he pulled the
tr»KK«'i' *n>e fainted from fright and
fell to the floor and the bullet whiz
zed over her head.
A cry from his sick wife brought
ilm U> her room. While she was
hugging the wall in Iter attempts to
escape, he put the pistol near her
car ami blew her brains out After
taking another sliot at the fleeing
orni of ilr.i Fountain, who had re
gained consciousness, and missing
jier. he then put a bullet through
îiis own brain
♦«♦«♦♦♦»♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ·♦♦♦♦·♦·♦♦♦
♦ ♦
♦ I « Κ ΛI. M V\ H ♦
« «
I'rft'zt· IimIiiv. It'·, fine Katltor
tum 9»
.-m-c I' s Cronk Co Tor «çar<1 ··η
ho>» tf
Iri- <·r<·:«m -Midas ."> cents KHtttor
iiiin 98
F S Cronk Ac Co een rootiug
cheap tf
M W MAU.SON contractor «-fid
builder tf
Cream in pails per quart. Eat
itorium 98
See the ne» ice cream parlor at
klatitoriuni. 98
Ice cold melon* delivered. Phone
Eatitoriutn 98
Sliced ice cold melons served at
the Eatitoriutn 98
Mr Collins of Kice was in the
city this morning.
Miss Corinne Trippet i> visiting
in Alvarado for a few days.
M is·· Roxie Merrill of West is the
guest of Mrs. W A Gait her.
Eighteen rolls tol!et paper and
holder for $1.00 at Cronk Co tf
Buy your pumps from F. S. Cronk
Co All kinds. Prices way down, tf
Walter Giather has returned from
si visit to West, Abbott and Brandon.
Mrs.vHugli Collier left this morn
ing for Winsboro to visit her moth
Ijots of good Oklahoma ear corn
and alfalfa hay at Waxahachie Grain
Co. tf
Master John Harrison is the guest
of Master Abe Kemble, 10ft College
st reet.
Wh»>n you need a plumper, cal!
Bunkley. with F g. cronk Co. Both
Phones 8 4.
Indies of the Maccabees will meet
in W. () W. hall Wednesday after
tn '«η ,t :: o'clock.
Miss Edna Sanguinet of Fort
Worth is the guest of Mr.- .1 A
Ketuble and Mis. R Λ ('alien:
Miss Lusenia Flowers of Corsicana
visited Mi.-s Ο (ι rt rude .Tones a few
• ■!.' Mud a fended the Chautauqua.
i'hone the Waxahachie Livery and
Transfer Co.. when you want a trunk
or baggage of any kind hauled.
Phone 1!». tf
Mis- Oladys Trabue of Carthage
i- the guest of Misses Pearl and
lieorgla Mae Barksdale in Trinity
University addftiou.
The civil engineer of the Houston
and Texas Central is here today es
tablishing grades for eoni) work to
be done in the yards.
A long s' iiig of wagons begau
hauling grave) this morning for the
concrete street curbing that is to be
EenstracÉl alone fonts avenue.
The Young Men's Chautauqua
club will serve watermelons free to
the publh tomorrow afternoon at 6
o'clock ai the park. All are invited
to pttend.
He\ Frank Onderdonk of San
Luis Potosi, Mexico, who conducted
•Ii.- revival meeting at the Metho
dist church in June is spending the
day in the city Mr. Onderdonk has
been on a visit to the Mexican colony
>t Bridgeport, Texas
liftiers Ilote! \ l'I'l vais.
P. F Ciywnn. Dallas: J. Ρ Erwin,
Dallas; \ndrew J. Taylor. Italy; I.
P. Levy. Dallas; W. F. Butler. Cin
cinnati; .' A. Buckingham, Fort
Worth ; Τ S. Anderson, St. Louis:
Thomas 1 Sadler. Dallas; C C.
Chamberlin, Dallas; F. M Wilson,
Louisville; .1 H Wil.-on, St Ixiuis;
N. \V Ε well. Dallas; Α. Τ Reynold.·'.
Dalla-. Clayton W#st, Dallas; ,1. F.
Williams Hillsboro.
i or I 'evei Klines·. and Aiiiing
: r t .»m Maiarious condition
Colds or ov· ; h"ating try Hlcke'i
CAPCDIXF I' reduces "·" fever ind
ι ei ..κ aeijiug. ii » Liquid—1"'·ι
■■·.. ".Oc at Drug Stores a't
♦ «
♦ «
M.. Κ. A T.—VortTi Hound.
N'o 6 (Fiver,ι leaves . . .'.20 » m
N'o. 20 4 leaves 7:32 ρ το
No 2'*2 leavo? . 10 06 a .a
South KounB.
No 203 teavpH s.ZZ · m
N'o. 201 leaves 5 "ô ρ ra
No. S (F'.yeri 9: Oft ρ m
H. & T. C.—West Bound.
N'o. 85 leaves 6-26 a m
No. 8? leaves 6:53 ρ ->
No 89 west bound arrives 11:15
a m. Connects at Garrett with
train from the north and
sou'h from Corsicana.
No. 8T, west bound arrives δ:00 ρ
m. Connects at Garrett with
train from the north
Fast Bound.
N'o. 82 leaves 9:10 a m—connecte
at Ennis foi Houston.
N'o. 8 6 leaves 9 06 ρ m
No. 8? leaves 10:00 a m Connect*
with north bound
Ne 8 4 bound leaves 3:50 ρ to
Connects with north bound
and southbound to forsicans
Trinif.1' and ltrazos Valtej·.
N'o 5 leaves 10:35 ft m
No. 6 leaves 4:45 ρ m
Million Miners May («<» Out.
T-ondon. Jul* 27 - -Great Britain
is threatend with the most serious
labor trouble that the country has
experienced in years, because of the
desire of menAets of the Miners'
Confederation to «o on a national
strike in support of the Scottish
miners who are resisting a wage re
duction of six pence a day. Ballottlng
anions th> million members of the
confederation was completed today
and ti-e executive committee of the
organization will meet tomorrow to
take action on the result. The prés
ent feeling senilis to be in favor of
Mu· stoppage Of all mines, a condi
tion which would entail practically
the complete paraly/.ation of the
British industry, in view of the con
sequent expected shortage in the
coal supply many factories have al
ready served notice to their employ
es of tlie termination of contracts.
The Daily Light's Want Column
will buy. sell or exchange anything.
W"'·* th»f
4 «..·!■ I · h
f If,
Μ % Ο
MM M' «I M ·'
W ♦•II. . 1,1 Ht tin· hou*· I hi c\c||ttig
iMl \ « >tlt >* :l \ It' *11··* · ι «I fit» i|r1l ι ·<
in in lil It·**» h h · ·'·! «itM »«f initie
« s ιΐ Ιι«· I»it«i**r f »i «ι
Κ t w « | η y η t f * · ι · I X11 . ν κ ι
purt\ «»f ι Httu through tin· garden*
he « \ < mu< h ftnrtov ed t·» -mm» M.it look
tllg if |»ο«*||ι|·» ΙΙι-.Γ»· I " HI'""TmW t ||H II
ev er
\N 11 y .ir. % · ·ιι « t il < >% ea filin 11»· ·-<♦· «»M
«* l« » ι In··* M m ι In» ;i nkisl
Sur··. ver honor. they're Un» I»··»< 1 I
llH V♦»," replied Nt;il
Hut · f i< 1 vou 11< »f wei tin» suit I I « » Γ f
f«»r yoij the otln»!· dn> asked lin· gen
Indeed, nu' 1 did. t linnk vim honni
kindly." replied Mat 'Mm*, sur·· I bad
lo lave ilnMii nt home to be mended
London Tat 1er
Whan Baseball Was an Infant Induitr .
Il was a erode gaine, but merry In
theory tin» pilcher was there only lo
give the boys h chance It) "soak il»»'
Ifltll." "Î'*irst bound" was still oui. Tin»
unfortunate catcher, handling a heavv,
lively hall without mask, «love or pro
tector. stood up near ι he bat when
men were on bases if lie had I he skill
and ••«nurture. The early guides recom
mended him to do so when he could.
Had not the pitcher been restricted lo
an artificial throw scarce a « at« her
Would have lived to tell the tale.
Many catchers took everything "on
first bounce" and managed at that t«»
prevent much base stealing. Base run
ning also was in ils infancy. "Smith
says the Spirit of the Times, 'vauuht
a remarkable game. Inning hut the
passed balls s. ored against him." Mere
and there we gel a glimpse which
shows how « rude It all was whai a
marier of hit and miss natural force.
In the fifties I>l<*k.v IVarce shone with
out a f»eer as an infielder. Me used t«>
stop grounders with his hand and foot!
—Will Irwin in < 'olller's.
She Did So.
"Always." said papa as he drank
his coffee and enjoyed his morning
beefsteak— "always, children, «ha nge
the subject when anything unpleasant
has been said It is both wise and
Thai evening on his return from
business he found several of his flower
ImmIs despoiled and the tiny Imprint of
slippered feet silently bearing witness
to the small thief.
Mabel"." he said to her. "did you
pick my flowers?"
"Papa." said Mabel, "did you see a
monkey in the city today V We had a"
"Never mind thai. Did you pick my
flowers. Ma bel V"
"Papa, what did graudma send me'.'"
"Mabel, w hat do you mean*.' I >i«i y« u
pick m.v flowersV Answer me. yes or
"Yes, pa pu. I did, but I thought I
would change the subject." Loudon
Look After Your Property.
It is j saIV πιI** in ιlih world to look
carefully after the details of your own
property He sure your title deeds an
recorded. that your Insurance is kept
tip, th.it you alone have the key to
your strong box In the safety vaut
I io ii"( leave your securities with your
broker. If lie is doing a conserva' ive
business lie lins no need of them. II h··
Isn't you don't wnut iiim to handle
your property. The wonder Is that
wltll all the confidence reposed in
Una 11·-Ι:ι I matters there are so tew del'
aleations. There is 110 use in makinc
It easy for some one to cet your prop
erly In this u rlil It is hard for most
persons to aei|ulre anything, and I hey
should tie careful to the 'ast decree in
seeing that they are fully prote· ed in
It 1'hlladelplila Inquirer.
Britain's Greatest Precipice.
Writing to the Newcastle Journal in
regard to the drowning of three bird
catchers at St. Kilda. a correspondent
says the wild fowls of St. Kilda find
nesting places that enable them !o bid
defiance to the sportsman and to the
most daring of bird catchers. There
Is. for example. the precipice called
C'otiaghei, tlin same beiuj; far and
away the greatest precipice iu the
British isles, ihe deepest perpetalici;
lar precipice. It lises from the sea
level to a clear height of l.'JUH feet
Consider that a man ιιιίκΐιΐ Jump from
the top of Conugher Into the sen with
out getting a scratch by the way.
Breaking the News.
Marion, who had been taught to re
port lier misdeeds promptly, came to
her mother one day. sobbing penitently.
"Mother, I-1 broke h brl« k in the
"Well, that is not very hard to rem
edy. Hut how ou earth «lid you do it.
"I pounded it with father's watch."—
Success Magazine.
"I'm gel- pi tV-r ι try." lisped the
sweet yeung thing.
'Heal, heartfelt poetry." thundered
the man of letters. "Is only written I ■
η garret "
"Yes: I've heard that So I've tilted
up a beautiful Turkish den Iti ours."·
Washington Herald
Quite Warm.
"f understand there was a hot time
In the Italics household the other ilav
"Yes When he went home he found
his wife simply boiling, and she gave
him a roast." Baltimore Amerl· an
I'ralse a ilu« daj at night. Irish
ι .»«■
■\π. I il V„
Λ mm
ι ha ι Hi
( M « I H
HI I ill hi
I IIIΜ··'1
II ltl.it»·
Km <iurnK>'<l ·· > t In· splendid nt
tendlll"!' tt ill' (l til ΙΙΙΗΙ keil till* |» I · · -
ent «· KKtfili nf the nw^mhljr till' direc
tor* live \ ot 'ίΙ lu m Λ k ·· ιί ι permali
ell I flxtuie
Wli'll III·· ( 'ha 111II ll(| lia WMs III ij V I'll
liei'e from ι · N-ll KiIm* a lease of ten
wars » is secuι·t'd oil tlx· grounds
«lien· ill»· annual encainpnients h«V"
been held Tills lease expired with
111·· 111« ή»· ii ι encampment (ml ar
rangements have been mail»· wliere
l»> tins popular institution is to lie
continued here. This is the only
ι 'hailtamiuii in Texas that is con
ducted along the lilies of the pareil!
inhibition, Lake Chautauqua Ν. Υ ,
and Iti·· efforts of the management
to pprpetuate it should meet with
the hearty support not only of the
Texas Synod of the American Pres
byterian church, hut of the citizens
of Waxahachie as well
At the Sunday school convention
Monday afternoon Mr. W ('. North
delivered an interesting lecture on
"Music in the Suud:i> School " Mr.
North urged that oul.\ such songs as
appealed to the children he used in
the Sunday school. He said that
ahoce all things there should be har
mony in the Sunday school, and fa
vored the use of musical instru
ments in this worship.
At I o'clock Mr VV Ν Wiggins
lectured oil the subject of "Teachers'
At S::in in ι lie evening a delight
ful entertainmelH was given by Mis
Knima Handle, a versatile reader and
impersonator. Mis- Handle was heard
i > I'-.rge audience and t h :» col
lection of readings which she gave
was pleasing to every one She is
graceful on the stage and there is
a subtlety in her humor that is de
lightfully charming. Her selections
on this occasion were most sparkling
little comedies but sli« gave a scene
from "Macbeth" in which she de-,
pirfed the unhappy queen in quite a
realistic manner.
At the Sunday school convention'
Tuesday morning Miss Alma Ed
wards of Fort Worth spoke on the
subject of "The Sunday School
Teacher and the Missionary Motive."
Dr. S L Hornbeak, president of
Trinity University, lectured on "The
Teacher's Preparation."
Tomorrow's Piouiam.
N'iuth Day, Wedne ' .Inly -S
Sunday School Convent on. Morning:
s : ο to I', prayer sc. '.ice ; I' : 15 to
Hi 1"The Missionary Vision Nec
essary to the Growth of the Sunday ;
School," Miss Aitna Edwards; 11 to
11:4!"·. "Klomentary Work," Mrs.
H. L. McUorkh·? Dallas. livening; '
to :* : 3ci, subject to be supplied,
Miss Lulu Watson, Dallas; 4 to 5.
"The Bo.\ s' Work," L. E. Sparrow;
T' lo. orchestra; 8:."0, address, Hon.
Cone Johnson, Tyler, Texas.
I till inn Eruptions (Quickly Cooled.
Just a few drops of Oil of Winter-·
green properly compounded and ;
« ashed into the skin will tak·· away I
instantly the worst kind of itch.
if you are suffering with any kind
of skin trouble, such as summer
rushes. prickly heat, poison ivy, i«ji
son oak, etc., you can rid yourself of
the itch in ten seconds by washing
with Oil of Wintergreen compounded
in D. D. 1). Prescription. Physicians^
recognize D. I). 1). as the standard
for ec/.eniH and psoriasis and it lias
certainly been found invaluable for
all other skin diseases. B. W. Pearls.
All parties who have bills against!
the Chautauiiua will present them
to me approved by parties making
the order by noon. Thursday. J. M.
Parker 97 '
Phono II. A MoMHlan at Die Dal- i
Iv Eight office when you want any i
kind of printing done. The best·
work guaranteed.
Cures Backache, Kidney and
Bladder Τ rouble.
It corrects irregularities,
•trengthens the kidntye so the/
will eliminate the impurities
from the blood and tones up
tho whole system.
Commence taking Foley'·
Kidney Remedy at once an<i
•void Bright's Diaease or Di*.
bet··. 50. and $1.00 bottle·.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*
• ·
» ·
»♦♦♦ m*
WKATHER Ton ijafht and Wednes
ilay unsettled j>eather Max. 9S,
M in 7 7
FOR SALE All kiuds of feed staff.
Shive & Keys. tf
FOR KKN'T—Desirable office over
Reymuller's paint store. 98
ORDERS TAKEN at the Daily Light
office for engraved calling cards, tf
RENT CONTRACTS—For farms and
city property for cale at this office
WAXAHAl'HIE Hot Mineral water
delivered daily. B. S. McCourt, old
phone 461 tt
WANTED—Your orders for corn,
outs, chops, bran and all kinds of
hay Shive & Keys. tf
WANT TO HI V A good second
hand surrey. See Dennis Newton at
Mcintosh's drug store. 97p
FOR SALE—Thick, heavy, urowa
paper to go under your carpets at
the Daily Light office. t*
Imiter and eggs. Phone Nail Hros ,
City phone oil. Dairy phone 817-11
1 s-11. tf
FOR ' RENT Five room house on
West Main street, modern conven
iences. Apply to Ε M. or .1, Β
Naughton. tf
PHONE H. A McMillan at the
Daily Light office when you want
printing done of any kind. The be3f.
work guaranteed. t*
LO^'i' Hunting case gold watch,
size 12. Elgin movements. Fort
Worth Medical University on fob.
Return to this office 98
LOST Chain part of child's neck
lace at Chautauqua Sunday after
noon Finder please leave at this of
fice and be rewarded. m-dh
FOR SALE A Jersey cow without
calf Perfectly gentle and gives plen
ty good, rich miik. If you want a
i-»-u 11\ good cow see me. C. A Arn
old. tf
'ALVIN RROS.. are prepared to ar
end to your wants when they ar-i
ii the gents furnishing Une. Clean
ing. pressing and repairing receive
their careful attention and »a'i^fa<;
tlon is always guaranteed. Phone
them and see. tf
HATS cleaned and reblecked "t:p
roi> " Got to look like new or no
pay. Bring also your clothes here to
i»e cleaned and pressed, or new on"s
made: there is "nothing" in tailor
ing that we can't do. All work guar
anteed. Phone 571. M. Kurzlieb, 11 >
College street. tf
Everyone would be benefited by
taking Foley's Orino Laxative for
stomach and liver trouble and hab
itual constipation. It sweeetene the
stomach and breath, gently stimu
lates the liver and regulates the
bowel*, and Is much superior to pills
and ordinary laxatives. Why not try
Foley's Orino Laxative today? B. W.
Fearie. d
Car of north Texas prairie tny. Shive
<K lu yi tf
Bargains in the want colvmu.
Ρ Ο Ρ Η A M · S
^ S Τ H M A Η Κ M Κ l> Y
Oives prompt relief in every case.
Sold by druggists, price $1.00.
Trial ackage by mail 10 cents,
Williams M'f'g Co,, Props, Cleveland, 0.
For Sale by 15. \\. FEAR18.
No More
Stomach or Bowel Trouble
After Using
Ware's Black Powder
Get It From
. . . Wo arc· prepar
ed to take care of your
order, he il larj;e <r
si:',i,. Give us a trial.
h. a. McMillan
In Charge of the Job De
part Tient
E«lu«ive AjenU (Y^ 1
* ?i
Cha». ii:<|na ι fTer* a <pler
■ ti<l chai:i*<? rο u-·» a M»ta>
I! you haven't on··
We Rent KodaKs
ΑηΊ sfll kodak* Come r
ur ι ask to see th >m
Fxclusive Authoriz«'ii Aarents
Yours Mav be Λext!
be sure to insure
L. R.Campbell €s Co.
In all its Branches
Over Matthews Bros. - Phone Λ90
in ιιιι ·ιΙί·ι·nil mill
When you want a
Liverv Pvig οι anv kind.
Livery and jl
Transfer Co |
S'icccHsori to IS
Time Tabie No. 20
In Effect Sundav, July 1 lth
Train No. ·">
L^ves Dallas 9:30 a.m.
t-^avee Waxahachie 10:35 a m.
Attjv'-.s Corsicaua . . 11:45 a m
Trail) \o. 0
leaves Corsica η* ... 3: Π i> m
Waxahachie. . 4:45 i> m
. . 5:55 ρ m.
Arrive*» Dallas
C- T. <fc I'. A

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