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needs constant inspection and atten
tion. It costs far loss to repair yoir
Plumbing than to replace It witb
new. We employ only competent
and industrious workmen, arid can
guarantee satisfactory work and
*maU charges.
and all kinds of Plumbing work
quickly attended to.
Bealers In Mill, Gin, Flumulng and
Water Supplies, Metal and
Genasco Roofing, Etc.
Œbe IDailv> Xi obt
The Enterprise Publishing Co.
(J. W. McKnight. President and Treas
urer: Ed Cunningnam, Vice President: C.
W. Kent, {Secretary. Director*: T. A. Fer
ris, U. W. McKniffht, Ed Cunningh?-»· C.
W. Kent. Dr. C. W. Simpson.
Une Month M)
Six Months, in advance 2.75
ne Year, in advance 5.0C
entered at tho Waxahachie Postoffice as
Mail Matter of the Second Class. :
Obituaries, resolutions ot respect,cards
o! thanks—all matter not NEWS—will be
charged for at the rate (Si 5 cents pet line.
Poetry at double price.
Any erroneous reflection upon the
character, standing or reputation of any
person, firm or corporation that may ap
pear in the columns of the l)ail> Tight
will be g-ladly corrected upon it being
Wrought to the attention of the manage
The Enterprise Publishing· Company is
Id no wise· responsible for debts that may
be contracted by employes, nor will
assume payment of such clebtH unfl
anj circumstances. Every empioy^H
this office is paid promptly foi "J·
done. This iw to protect ourselves arTTi
the selling· public ENTRRPRI8K FlTH
Knight, Manager.
W. A. OWN BY : City F '
Residence Phone. Bell No. '28$.'
=- ^
There Ik always room at the top
Dr. Cook and Lieutenant Peary car
enjoy their discoveries of the N'ortli
Pole without crowding.
A man's digestion lias much tc
do with things iu general as they
affect him, but the stock market of
the world seems to hang on the con
dition of Harriman's digestion.
Peary's announcement that he
"has the old pole" may bring cheer
to the hearts of Houston baseball
fans who have been engaged in at)
effort to find something suitable as
a staff for their pennant.
lion. A. M. Kennedy announces
that he will be a candidate again for
speaker of the next legislature. Why
not? Kennedy is one of the "white
washed1' and in Texas politics that
evidently means one of the elect.
News items such as "hurt in an
automobile wreck while return
ing from Dallas" are becoming en
tirely frequent and an investigation
into the Influence of a visit to Dal
las on autos should at once be
made. Of course the drivers of these
ill-fated cars were in no wise in
fluenced by Dallas or anything in
that city.
After a "summer vacation" the
city council got busy at its mooting
Tuesday night. Contract was made
for better street lights, stops were
taken for the suppression of a pub
lic nuisance, "leaks" in tile water
supply were "plugged" and much
else of an Important nature was
properly considered. Gentlemen, we
thank you.
The ^nerman Democrat says:
"Saturday the writer went out to
buy a couple ο» nice chickens for
Sunday dinner, and as usual "fotch
ed up" at the meat market. Chick
ens are roosting too high for com
mon mortals with an ordinary iu
tome to even think about buying."
Are we to infer that the "writer"
did, or did not buy
Hon. William Jennings Bryan, so
it is announced, will discuss the
tariff in speeches at Dallas and Fort
Worth next Tuesday and as Mr. Bry
au is a democrat the presumption is
that the discussion will not be in
conformity to the Aldrich Idea which
nome other professed démocrate are
dlacaeslng and defending. Here Is a
chance for the Fort Worth Record
and the Dallas News to get tog«Ui«r.
In connection with the pro|>osHlon
I >· ' ii cl i 11Κ for a h issue of $2.'o.ftoo of
bonds for road building within the
Hillsboro justice precinct a question
arose as to whether in the event of
issuing the bonds any part of the
proceeds could be used for work with
in the corporate limits of the city of
Hillsboro, connecting the proposed
pike roads as they enter the city by
'building up the Htreets. lu reply to
an inquiry upon the subject address
ed to the Attorney General by Capt.
William Λ. Fields, Office Assltant
J T. Sluder. after setting forth the
provision of the amendment to Art.
III . Sec. 52, of the state constltut
jtion, adopted Nov. 8, 1904, and of
[tho act of the thirtieth législature
I of 1907 seeking to put into effect
the amended article, but which was
I held Inoperative, gives the following
I as the opinion of the department on
'the subject:
"In 1909 the thirty-first legisla
ture enacted a law putting into ef
fect this amended provision of the
constitution and curing the defects
in the act of 1907. (Chapter 7, page
j 271, ai ts of thirty-first legislature,
[first called session.)
In the establishment of these dis
tricts the commissioners' court may
include towns, cities and villages.
Such towns, cities and villages would
necessarily be taxed to pay any bond
issue upon tho district. It would
certainly be a very strange construc
tion of the law to forbid the expen
diture of the funds arising from the
sale of the bonds of the district in
any part of the municipality or mu
nicipalities included within the dis
trict when the entire property of the
district included in these municipal
ities must be taxed alike to pay the
indebtedness. It would certainly be j
absurd to conclude that a city or1
town or village could be included in
the district and taxed for the bene
fit of an indebtedness and at the
same time denied the benefits of any
Improvements which they might
need within the incorporated limits
of such municipality.
"It is therefore the opinion of the
department that in the establish
ment of road improvement districts,
including municipalities of any
kind, whether incorporated or
- ' 1, the lines of
' and improvements
the [uoi^eds of a bond
fciâit of the district need
fiprovements. '
lity should be wholly
following paragraph from the
^Dallas Times Herald is reprinted
with full endorsement and respect
j fully referred lo the consideration of
: local people: "The Times Herald has
I said all along that one real officer
J could cleanse Hell's Half Acre, Fort
J Worth, in less than twenty-four
j hours. Well, there's not a woman
I left in "The Acre," not a male loaf
I er or a hanger-on. All the cabins and
I cribs are deserted, according to the
! Fort Worth Record, and Sheriff
• Sweet did it without a brass band,
i Hon. George Mulkey has been police
j commissioner of Fort Worth three
I years; he hn.s a chief and men of
j his own selection and Sheriff
I Sweet, in less than twenty-four
hours, performed the work that Mr.
Mulkey has been talking about doing
for three years. It is never the spot
lighter, the wind-burner or the hu
man talking machines that do the
work. It is the real men who go
about without brass bands, who nev
er hold mass meetings and w-ho nev
er brand a great city as a hell-hole
of infamy and its people tarred with
the pitch of infamy. The workers of
the world are not perpetual gabfeet
There is always something to be
thankful for. Our "live wires" are
showing signs of a reviving current.
ι,ΓΜ iu: it.
Get the lumber situation. The
j old law- the Dingley law -required
lumber entering our ports to pay $2
I per thousand. The house, at the re
Icent session, cut this to $1. An
effort was made, however, to admit
j lumber free, and our Mr. Henry
: supported this proposition. When
ι he bill got into the senate, a motion
! was made to increase the house rate
from $1 to $1.50. Mr. Bailey voted
for this Increase and it prevailed.
W'hi η the bill went to the çonfer
. ne.· committee, the president took
a hand and induced the committee to
put the rate at $1.25. This is the
crux of the controversy between
Henry and Bailey, the one favoring
duty-free lumber and the other fa- !
voring the higher as against the low- ;
er rate. Henry contends that lum- j
ber. even to us here iu Texas, is ,
higher in price by reason of this tax; )
Bailey said at Hillsboro that "If you ι
were to reduce the price of iunibor j
In the great northwestern markets, j
the effect, if any at all, would be to;
raise the price here." If the tariff be
a tax, as Mr. Bailey contends, then
it would feem to follow that the
heavier the tux on an article the
{renter the price to the consumer J
>11 thi> other hand, Mr Η··ηΓν goes |
oi> fur In favoring: duty-free lumber. (
'οι the government must live. Mr. !
Overman of North ('aru)ina, when I
he measure was before the senate,
hart the true view; here are his
words: "While the average ad va
lorem duty of the hill is 4 6 per rent,
I shall now vote for il on lumber, <
which Is au ad valorem duty of only
f> pep cent, and which will produce
some revenue to run the govern
ment. ' Waco Times-Herald.
A ship is curious altogether: a
place of narrow limits and close
contact, yet full of subterranean |
depths from which surprises may
develop at any moment. Ship life,
on the whole, is not like other life, ;
and ship characteristics do not al
together resemhle those on land,
says Outing Magazine. Anything
special in that line is pretty sure to j
develop on a cruise like this, and a j
ship estimate of the aevrage |
human being would hardly j
be fair to the same Individ- ;
ual at home. It is such an idle life— j
such an irresponsible life, sooner
or later the ego is bound to leap in- j
to the saddle and go the gait, some-j
times to the comfort, often to the !
entertainment, now and then to the !
sorrow, of the other passengers. j
Take the Porpoise, for instance. :
I have 110 doubt that the Porpoise on |
land is a most excellent and indus-1
trions business man, more or less ,
absorbed in the daily round of his I
ventures- a happy-hearted, content-]
ed Hebrew person, fairly iiuiet (it!
doesn't seem possible, but 1 am ί
willing to believe it), on the whole'
a good citizen," satisfied if his name
appears now and then in the local
paper, when lie has got in some new
line of goods or made an improve
ment on his home.
Htu on shipboard tne forpoise is
just—a porpoise. Ho is fat, as liis
name implies, and describes revolu
tions of the ship, blowing constantly.
At no time of day and in no part of '
the ship will you be safe from the j
Porpoise. He is from an interior
town, an unimportant town, by its
census and location, but it has be- j
come important on this vessel. We j
know all about that town. We shall I
never know as much about the I
towns we are going to visit as we 1
kpow already about that one, which
none of the rest of us ever saw, and j
few of us ever heard of before.
He has Instructed us upon oiherj
subjects, too. Nothing is too compli
cated, or too deep, or too nbtruse for
the Porpoise. He will attack any
question at sight, and he will puff
and spout and describe circles and
wallow in his oratory, and follow
his audience about until he has
swept the deck clean. Yet we love
the Porpoise, in spite of everything.
Hi is so happy and harmless and
gentle, and we know that it is only
because he Is on a ship that he is
like this.
Also, we love the "Mill." The Mill
is a woman—a good woman—one
of the kindest souls on earth. I sus
pect, and her mouth is her warrant
for her name. It goes ail the time,
but it does not deal with important
things. Indeed, nothing is too un
mpoitanl fur her hopper, and she
;rlnds exceedingly small Just now.
'or mi hour or so, she has been ex
daiuhig thai she did not sleep very
veil last night, and minutely cata
oging 'he reasons why. She will keep
t tip for another hour and then if
lomething hasn't dropped her over
man! she will dig up nomething else
>f equal value «»<J go right on, re
'reshed and rejoicing in the con
iciousness of well doing.
The Mill would not aet in this way
it home —she would not have time,
t is only because she is on a ship
where everybody is idle and irres
ponsible and "different," and likely
:o be peculiar.
Interesting Survivors of the San
Francisco Fire.
A difficult undertaking and one
which required the work of six men
for nearly two weeks was recently
iccomplished in California, when
two tbirty-foot palms were moved
from the abandoned residence of
II. K. Huntington, on the top of Nob
Hill. San Francisco, and transported
i distance of f>00 miles to his new
residence at Los Robles, near San
Gabriel, Cal.
Palm moving is a common occur
rence in California, says Horticul
ture, but. it is not likely that any
have ever been moved so great a
distance with so much success. Each
palm when boxed weighs eighteen
tons and a string of ten horses were
required in order to transport the
palms to the railroad station, a dis
tance of two miles, through some of
the busiest streets in San Francisco.
The palms figured were also of
more than ordinary interest to the
citizens of San Francisco, having
stood there for more than twenty
years. In addition to this fact they
might be classed as most interesting
relics of the earthquake-fire of l!lOti.
at which time Mr. Huntington's mag
nificent residence was destroyed,
along with everything in that dis
The tire stripped the palms com
pletely of their foliage, leaving only
the bare and blackened stems. Since
that time In the course of three
years fresh growth has been made
by them, new well developed crowns
have appeared and they bid fair to
become two of the most interesting
objects on the Huntington estate.
Many a Waxahachie Kcsder Know·)
It Well.
There is a way open to convince
the greatest skeptic. Scores of Waxa
hachie people have made it possible
The public statement of tlieir exper
ience is proof the like of which has
never been produced before in Wax·
ahaehie. Read this case of it given
by a citizen:
W. A. Bratton, farmer, formerly
of Waxahachie, Texas, says: "The
case which led me to publicly en
dorse Doan's Kidney Pills over three
years ago was one of kidney weak
ness. A member of my family had
very weak kidneys and was unable
to control the passages of the secre
tions which were scanty, highly col
ored and filled with sediment. The
doctors medicines failed to give any
relief and we had almost given up
hopes of ever being able to cure the
complaint when Doan's Kidney Pills
were brought to our attention. We
procured a supply at B. W. Fearls
drug store and three boxes made a
complete cure. Only on one occasion
since then has there been any return
of the trouble At that time the con
traction of a cold was the cause but
I am pleased to say that one box of
Doan's Kidney Pills removed the at
tack. I am pleased to re-endorse
Donn's Kidney Pills as they are cer
tainly a valuable remedy."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the Unit
ed States.
Remember the name—Doan's—
and take no other. d&wll
To Kxtend I'tlca Southern.
Albany, Ν. Y., Sept. 8.—Further
consideration was given by the
Public Service Commission, second
district, today to the petition of the
I'tlca Southern Railroad company
for authority to Increase its capital
frbm $600,000 to $1,000,000, the in
crease to be preferred stock, and to
issue $968,000 additional scrip, of
which $568,huO is to be common
stock. The company also wants to
issue $1,820,000 bonds under a
mortgage on its property, and asks
approval of a proposed line from
Hamilton, Madison county, to Nor
wich, Chenango county.
The Lackawanna and Ontario &
Western railroads have withdrawn
their opposition to the project. Chair
man Stevens said the commission
would not allow an item of $102,000
capitalization for an embankment
along the right of way for twenty
two miles covering th old towpath of
the abandoned Chanango Canal.
Does Tills tiult Τ ou?
Hood & Curnn, tne enterprising
druggists of Waxahachie, Texas, are
having such a large run on "HINDI
PO," the new Kidney Cure and
Nerve Tonic, and hear it so highly
praised that they now offer to guar
antee it in every case to cure all
forme of Kidney Troubles and Ner
vous Disorder·.
They pay for it If It doe· not give
you entire satisfaction.
If you'use It, It 1· their risk, not
youra. Â. 50-cent box sent by mall
a a 1er positive |urut««. wtf

Will Always
Please You
Don't send to Chicago or Saint
Louis to have your Job Print
ing done. Bring it to us and
we Will assure you satisfaction
or mon< y back. Keep home
money at home
Ε HAVE Declar
ed war on the
mail order pi
rates, and issue
this call for vol
unteers to keep
the enemy from the gates of
our fair city. The mail order
houses are taking millions of
dollars annually from our
people. The weapon the mail
order houses use is ... .
Mr. Merchant, fight the mail
order man with his own wea
pon. Patronise your home pa
per, and let your home people
know what you are selling.
Advertising is the life of trade
and always wins
The most successful financial
institutions in the world owe
their success to légitimité and
judicious use of printers' ink.
They must believe in its effica
cy when they are willing to
pay as much as $18,000 for one
page for one issue . .
Katy Installing Pumping Stations at
—Water Trains.
It i» u known fact that the water
supply at I alias is very short aa l
: tiie Katy litis had considerable trou·
hie In getting all ie water neejed
at that place. Arrangements are now
being made to get water out of the
Trinity. Superintendent W. O. Koch
of the North Texas division left this
j morning on Xo. -O'J for Dallas and
! will look after a pump and water
! tank which is to bo installed on the
banks of the Trinity where water
can be taken for the engines that
have to be watered there. The Katy
ahead ν lias several water trains
miming on its lines. Une is being
run out of Denison south and one
out « f Chambers Creek to Hillsboro.
It is thought that satisfactory ar
rangements will be made to get all
the river water at Dallas that is
needed for the engines. —Denison \
Do not be persuaded into taking
anything but Foley's Honey and Tar
for chronic coughs, bronchitis, hay
fever, aethma, and lung trouble, as
it stops the cough and heals the
lungs. Π. W. Fearis. d
Tbe Philathea classes, A and B. of
the llaptist Sunday school, will meet
with Mrs. King, 111 McMillan street,
Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock. A full
attendance Is desired.
Auto 6 Garage
On Main Street One
Block West of
Sales Room for Jackson,
Buick, Maxwell and oth
er cars.
First Class Rent Service
to all Parts of Country
Day or Night.
Expert Automobile Re
pairing and First Class
Garage Conveniences.
Automobile Accessories
and Supplies.
Old PhoM 17 — New Phone 97
We print anything you want from
a visiting card to the iargent sis·
circulars. Enterprise Publishing
company. tf
«««♦««mo ♦ ♦ ♦ <
We Still Have
a few Desk and Ceil- f
ing Fans in stock and *
can fit you up on short #
tice. : : : : : ·
Electric β Gas Co.
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦·♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<>♦ ♦ ♦ «
New Fall Samples
An advance shipment just received, and a
nobby lot too. Come over and' let us show

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