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♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦«
ûsAfiài if ma ? !
Insure With us and We Will Protect You.
Office Over Matthews Bros. a a Both Phones
►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 1
♦ I
♦ i
♦♦♦ ·♦♦· ;
WEATHER Tonight and Thursday
fair, warmer Thursday Max. S4.
M in
FOUND Masonic emblem. Owner
-call at tills office. 141
ORDERS TAKEN at the Daily Light
office for engraved calling cards, tf
RENT CONTRACTS—For rarms and
city property for cale at this office.
"WANT you to know 1 have feed, coal
and «ravel for sale. D. H. Thomp
son 153
FOR RENT A niceN 8*iOom house
on West Main street. See Ο. H.
Chapman. tf
WAXAHACH1K Hot Mineral water
delivered dally. B. S MeCourt, old
«>bone 4 61. tf
tin. office with C». C. (iroce, Citizens
Dank Building. oktf
WANTED—Your orders for corn, J
«oaL., chops, bran and all kinds of
iiay Shtve & Keys. tf '
— -
FOR SALE—Thick, heavy, orown j
paper to go under your carpets at !
■the Daily Light office. tf
HAT. Mit MILL if you realty want
hay I have it by the bale, ton or
<ar 1* It Thompson. 40
NOTICE If It is satisfaction you
•want have Schuster do your tin
•work. 107 North Rogers street. tf
WANTED Tt> KENT—200 or 2',0
.acres of land. I have five good teams.
Τ Ji. Burleson, Waxahachîe R. 1.
14 2p
FOR HUNT A good eight-room res
idence with ten acres of land. Mod-1
-fin conveniences. See Ο. M. Galia
gait 4 1 ρ
"WHY worry about your magazine
orders? Phone Kmerson F. Owen
»nd lie wlH call {or them: clubs or
ein.sk·>. tf
FOR RENT—Suit of front rooms
over my building formerly occupied
t»y H. H l>obson's cotton office. Jack
WiWiams. tf
PHONE H. A. McMillan at the
Pally Ligbt office when you want
printing done of any kind. The best
work guaranteed tf
FOR IÎFNT—Large, nicely furnish
ed room, southern exposure, one ι
tilock tram car line Two gentlemen;
preferred. Call telephone 411. 143p

LOST l!el ween electrii light plain
ind Main Street Christian church, j
package containing two yards navy]
Mue Moray ribbon Wrapped with ;
Otieeews Pro. &.· Ο;» paper. Finder
please leave al this office. 140
CALVIN EROS., are prepared to at
tend to your wants when they are
in the gents furnishing line. Clean
ing, pressing and repairing receive
their careful attention and satisfac
tion Is always guaranteed Phone :
£hem and see. tf
HATS cleaned anl reblccked "tip- !
top." Got to look like new or no j
pa>' Bring also your clo'hes here to '
uti cleaned sud pressed, or uew ou»s ί
made; there is "nothing" in tailor !
Ing that v.· can't do A'l work guar-1
auteed I'hone 571 M. Kurzlieb, 116'
College street tf
WANTBD Ten thousand cotton]
picheri and laborers of all kinds to
come to our store for supplies, such
as new and second hand stoves, '
cooking utensils, beds, springs, inat
t res see, cot:, chairs, etc. Our prices ί
Till prove to you tht we want to J
eell them. R K. Moore Furniture
Co. the trading nous·· d&wtf]
Itev. Κ. Κ. Ingram '>f WtUM IH'livt'i's
ΙΙι<· Opening A<I(lrt*s.
The forty-first annual term of
Trinity I'nlversity began Wednesday
morning with prospecte strongly in
dicative of tlie largest attendance
sii.'c tile location of that institution
in Wnxahachie. Most all the students
wlu> ji αϊ arrived in the city were
present to hear the opening address
which was delivered hv Rev. Ε. K.
Ingram of Waco. Quite a number of
citizens of the town were present.
The musical part of the program in
cluded nu inhere by the new members
of the music faculty, and each one
mad·· ii favorable impression upon
the audience.
President I lorn beak, is very much
encouraged with the start, made and
feels confident that splendid results
will be accomplished in every depart
ment this year.
The usual attention will be given
athletics this year and there is every
reason to believe that the football
and baseball teams will be able to
hold their own with the best of them.
In fact each team proposes to strive
for the pennant this season. The
coach is expected to arrive one day
this week and the boys who aspire to
places on the football team will be
gin working out at once.
No One in WavahadiJe Wlio lia* a
lta<t Hack Can Ignore This
l>oiil>ie Proof.
Does you back ever ache?
Have you suspected you; kidneys?
Backache is kidney ache.
Wih it conies dizzy spells.
Sleepless nights, tired, dull days,
Distressing urinary disorders.
Cure the kidneys to cure it all.
Doan's Kidney Pills bring quick
Bring thorough, lasting cures.
That's what Waxahachie sufferers
Profit then by another's testimo
Twice-told and well confirmed.
C. F. Hyde, farmer, rural free de
livery No. 3. Hillsboro, Texas, says:
"Kidney complaint liad been coming
on me for years. The least cold I
contracted or over-exertion of any
kind brought on an ache in my back
just over my kidneys and at such
times the passages of the kidney se
cretions also became too frequent,
especially during the night. Doan's
Kidney Pills made me feel a great
deal better and although they did
not completely cure me, 1 can safely
say that they benefited me more
than anything I had previously
On March 27tli. 1908, Mr. Hyde
said: Ί can conscientiously renew my
former testimonial, as 1 still have a
«nod opinion of Doan's Kidney
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
rem ν Foster-Milburn Co.. Buffalo,
New York, >o!e agents for the 1'nit
> il Stales.
Remember the name Daon's
and take no other. d&wl2
Fllis County Medical Society.
The Kills County Medical Society
met nt Funis Tuesday in monthly
■session. Dr. C. P. Cook is president,
and Dr. A. L. Thomas secretary.
Visiting physicians were present
from λ\ axahachie, Telico and other
points iu the county. A number of
lentists and ministers were present
a - invited guests. Papers were read
id discussed on professional sub
jects. The most prominent subject
was "Adenoids and Their Treat
ment " A banquet was served at a
Yesuvius Activo Again.
Rome. Sept. 1 Γι.—A dispatch from
Portico, ou tiie Bay of Naples. to
the Generate d'ltalia, says that Ve
suvius is active again. Guides report
rumblings followed by slight seis
mic shocks The small Internal cra
ters have been very active In the last
few days.
At (he Maejstlc
There will lie an entire change of
program at the Maje-tic tonight.
Allraan & McFarland, the artistic
singers and dancers, will çive a new
tit that i: said to be equally as
<ood as the or.e they have been
[j resenting
Itailway Manager <,Miit«.
St. Paul, Sept. 15.— M. B. Cutter,
uneral manager of tlie Minneapolis
in·! Si I.-ouls and Iowa Central rnil
oads, retired today.
V. Ore Dividend.
NVv. York, Sept. 15.—A third di
lidend of $1 α share on Great Nor
thern Ore certificates was paid to-]
Notice to Praetorians.
Tonight is regular meeting night.
Regular meeting of Stoilewall
Lodge No. 13, K. of P. Thursday
night, September 1G. All members
are urged to be present promptly at
s o'clock. Work in rank of Knight.
Rogers Hotel Arrivals.
I August Werner, San Antonio; B.
F. Watson, J. S. Sanders, Dallas; W.
R. Emery. Oakland, Cal.; Jas. A.
Walker, Richmond, Va.; W. A.
Baird, Ferris; ilr. and Mrs. John
ι Towner, Dallas; .1 W. Hampton,
I Forreston; S. G. Forbes, Houston;
f. S. Collins. Dallas; W. 'Γ. Moore,
Kansas City; R. G. Wyatt, Teague;
W. S Cnderwood, Fort Worth; An
drew .1. Taylor, Italy; J. Davis. En
nis; W. F Macomber, Boston; Ε. E.
Ingram, A W. F*laniken, .1. R. Mont
gomery. Waco; W. E. Easterwood,
Van Zandt; Ο. H. Weissinger, Wa
co: 11 A. Klaus, Chicago; .T. W.
Ilamlin. Memphis; Geo L. Kuntz,
W. X. .lonos. Chas F. Mills, H W.
.lohnson, Dallas.
Dr. Abernathy, the great English
physician, said, "Watch your kid
neys. When they are affected, life la
in danger." Foley's Kidney Remedy
makes healthy kidneys, corrects
urinary irregularities, and tones up
the whole system. B. W. Fearis. d
Attention, W. <>. W. Circle.
Your presence at the regular meet
ing Thursday afternoon at 5 o'clock
I is very i.iuch desired. Will be inter
esting «s Captain Princç and Attend
ant Parks have just returned from
Dallas, where they have been visit
ing other Groves in the interest of
Harmony Grove.
It is desired that there be a full at
K. of I*. Notice.
: ♦ ♦
» UM'AI. news ♦
♦ ♦
m* ♦♦♦♦
Ι'κβ the New J'iionc. If
F S Cronk & Co. «ell roofing
cheap. tf
H. W MAUSON cODTiarror and
builder. tf
Κ S Cr< iik (.'o. garage and auto
supplies. ,f
High school books for sale. See
Mrs Ous Kemble. dh
j New oats, small or large package.
I just in at Early's. 40
Eighteen rolls toilet p»p»r and
; holder for J1.00 at Cronk Cc tf
Try a Pittsburg Stogy or Draknel
Special, for sale hy Jack Kldd. 40
New dried apples, peaches, apri-1
cots, etc., just arrived at Early's. 40
Buy yotir pumps from F. S. Cronk ι
ι Co. All kinds. Prices way down, tf
! Oalla Lilly Bulbs Here—Early
planting makes large flowers,
I —
. Mrs. W. O. lieaty and son. Edward.
! have returned from a visit to Ole-1
I burne.
J. C. Lunipkins has returned from
j Midland where he went on legal
ι business.
ι Mrs. DaltOn has a beautiful line
! of tailored hats and street hats now
,ou display. 14 0
j Miss Winnifred Harrison left for
1 Dallas yesterday where she will en
ter St. Mary's College.
Allman & McFarlan. who made
such a hit at the Majestic will
cliange their entire act tonight. 3 41
Complete change of program at
jthe Majestic tonight. New illustrated
j song, new pictures and new act. 40 j
j Ladies, when you are down town
stop in and see the beautiful new j
ι models in bats at Mrs. Dalton's. 40
A large shipment of Pittsburg
Stogies and Draknel Specials just
received at Jack Kidd's cigar store.
That Club House tea. the highest1
: possible quality. 25c package for,
j L'Oc this week to introduce it at
! Early's. 40
No more vaudeville. The Lyric will
not run \audeville any more but will
I show the best moving pictures ob
tainable. 140p
it' il. is a delicious smoke you de
jsire ask for Kidd's Special. A new
i shipment received at Jack Kidd's ci
jgar store. 40
Λ new illustrated song and two
;H.xtra good pictures at the Majestic,
j tonight, and an entire new act, new
people tomorrow. 140
Miss liessie McFadden of Fort
I Worth is sP3''ding a few weeks with
j ilrs. Jack K'dd. She comes here to
! drink mineral water.
j .Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Anderson
and Λ J i ~ « Wilnia Hill will «ο to Fort
i Worth totiignt to attend the funer
! it I of Judge .1. Y. Hogsett tomorrow
The Pliilathea classes, A and B, of
the Baptist Sunday school will meet
•with Mrs. Ο. E. Schuster Friday af
1 ternoon at t o'clock. A full attend
ance is desired. 141
School books for sale. 10th grade,
j Geometry, History, Cicero, Physics,
I Laboratory Physics. Also 1st year iu
■ Laiin. 8th grade. Books,good as new.
! See Mrs Guy Keiuble. dh
Mrs. Dalton will have but one
grand opening this season, and that
will occur next Wednesday, Septem
ber 22. All of her pattern hats and
tailored bats will be on exhibition
on that day. 140
1 love my home, but oh, "you Los
Angeles." Why am 1 here? Because 1
iyou are here and and your liberal pat
; rouage proves that you appreciate
ia good photographer and want the
j best photos for your money. Mrs. C.
|K. Jackson, Leading Photographer.
Do not be persuaded into taking,
1 anything but Foley's Honey and Tar
tor chronic coughs, bronchitis, hay
! fever, asthma, and lung trouble, as (
; it slops the cough and heals the'
lungs. B, W. Fearls. d
lii(le|x'iidenco Day.
San .lose, Costa Rica. Sept. IB.—
Central American Independence day
\va.- celebrated In an enthusiastic
manner by all the republics today.
Dividend on Milk.
I N'ew York, Sept. 15.—A regular
'quarterly dividend of 1 % per cent
was paid today by the Borden Con
densed Milk company.
Préparations Arc Making to Kxtel
All Speeil Schedules.
Definite aunouneeaient was made
Tuesday by the Missouri, Kansas j
and Texas system of tiie installation
of the new St. Louis and Texas pas
senger train which will make its Ini
tial trip Sept. 2 0, and wll be desig
nated as the "Katy Lmited." The
train will be operated on one of the
fastest schedules in the southwest,
maintaining a faster speed than does
the Katy Flyer. The following is the
schedule upon which the train will
be operated:
Northbound, the train will leave
San Antonio at I υ a. ui.; Austin 1
p. m.; Waco 5 p. m.; Hillsboro 6:30
p. πι.: Dallas, 8:35 p. m.; Denison
11 :4P p. m.; Kansas City, 11:15 a.
in., and St. Louis fi:55 p. m.
Southbound, leave St. Louis at
10 a. ni.: Kansas City, 0 p. ni.; Den
ison t! a. ni.; Dallas 9 a. m.; Hills
boro, 11:40 a. in.; Waco 12:20 p.
ui.; Austin 4:40 p. m., and San An
tonio 7:40 p. Hi.
An entirely new schedule of the
road will become effective on this
date, and a number of changes are,
made in the operating of passenger
The northbound train will pass
through Waxahachie about 7:30 p. j
in. and the southbound about 10 a.
m. In making other changes it is
understood the southbound train !
which arrives now at 5:35 p. ill. will
be changed to about 8:30 p. in.
A (iuod Show.
The Grandi Stock company pre
sented "Slaves of the Orient" last
night to a laige crowd in their ten'
theatre. The concensus of opinion is
that the play and the players are
well worth going to see. Miss Lillian
Leigh, the feature of the company is
a beautiful woman of splendid at-,
tainments, an actress of marked ,
ability. The supporting company is
both adequate and competent, not
ably Mr. Robert Grandi and' Bud
Nairn. A good orchestra and clever
vaudeville acts fill up the time be
tween acts of the play. ·
One hardly expects to see a com
plete theatre under canvas, but this,
organization carries every conceiv- ι
able thing in the way of scenic and j
electrical effects upon a stage large
enough to produce any production
The public is well taken care of. I
Comfortable seats, free Ice water,
furnished and polite attendants tu
look after every wish. The manage
ment assures their patrons that only,
dean, wholesome plays will be giv-j
en. ladies and children especially ca- '
tered to and no rowdyism tolerated. :
Tonight Albert Foster's new comedy, ;
Behind the Scenes," is the offer- ι
ing. I
For Headache—Hicks* Capudiue. j
Whether from folds. Heat. Stomach !
or Nervous Troubles, Capudlne will!
relieve you. It's liquid—pleasant to·
lake—acts immediately. Try it, 10c, j
25c. and 50c at drug stores. alt
Timothy Hay.
Don't you want good hay at a
cheap price? If so phone us. Waxa- j
Suitable for wrapping
and packing purposes, or
tor underlaying carp°ts,
matting, etc., in hrge or
small quantités,
To Drink or *
Not to Drink
That's (he Question
there's no question
about that
One test by taste con
vinces you and keeps
you coming all
I Hood & Gurlin
1 Prescription Druggists
Time Table No. 20
Train No, 5
Leaves Dallas 9:30 a.m.
Leaves Waxaliaehio 10:35 a.m.
Arrives Corslcatja .. 11:45 a.m.
Train No. β
Leaves Corslcaiia ... 3:41 p.m.
Leaves Waxaljaehle. . 4:45 p.m.
Arrives Dallaa 5:55 p. tu.
C. T. & P. A.
School Days
School Days
Oh, those good old School Days,
u il! soon begin Crow's
Foot Fitting School Shoes
are nude over nature lasts that do
not pinch and bind. Just proper
t"t glowing feet. Good strong
sturdy Boys' Shoes too that stand
hard knocks.
ffTf f f fWV V ▼ ▼ >▼▼▼▼▼▼▼»▼»
» ♦
» ♦
m* mh
Μ... Κ. Λ T.—lTortH Hound.
No. 6 (Flyer) leaves .... .'.20 ■ id
No. 204 leaves 7:32 ρ m
No. 202 leavee 10:66 a JB
South Bonne.
No. 203 leaves t:?t ι s
No. 201 leavee 6 ·35 ρ m
No. 5 (Flyer) 8:0» ρ m
H. & T. C.—Weet Bouna.
No. 85 leavee 6 26 a bd
No. 83 leaves β:63 ρ m
No. 89, west bound arrives 11:15
a m. Connecte at Garrett with
train from the north and
south from Corslcana
No. 87, west bound arrives 6:00 p.
m. Connecta at Garrett with
train from the north.
Ritit Bound.
No. 82 leaves 9: ID a. m.—connecte
at Ennls for Houston.
No. 86 leaves 9 06 ρ m
No. 88 leavee 10:00 a. m.'Connect»
with north bound.
No. 8 4 East bound leaves ?:60 ρ m
Connects with north, boun*.
and southbound to Corslcana
Trlallf and Brazos Valley.
No. 6 leaves 10:36 a Β
No. 6 leavee 4:46 ρ m
Health anil Ik-euty Aid
Cosmetics and lotions will, not
clear your complexion of pimples
and blotches like Foley's Orlno Lax
ative, for indigestion, stomach and
liver trouble and habitual constipa
tion. Cleanses the eystem and Is
pleasant to take. B. W. Fearls. d
Use our
Long Distance
£llis Co. Independent
..Telephone Company..
F. S. EATON, Mgr
Laxative Fruit Syrup
Pleasant to take
The new laxative. Does
<oot gripe or nauseate.
Cures stomach and liver
troubles and chronic con
stipation by restoring the
natural action of the stom
ach, liver and bowels.
Refuta cubatltuto·. »rlo· BO·.
If you would rather see the pub·
lishers have that dollar keep on
paying monthly. : : : :

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