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The Waxahachie daily light. [volume] (Waxahachie, Tex.) 1894-current, December 27, 1909, Image 3

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I,ι M U»"* W · «
il, % *·<■>« ι \r .it
Ml· * imt"i M <
ϋ»*·^ί· ■ **» t»;
14 »* I «' * Η» · »>■ » *» · ···!
• Μη* . - «<Μ 4%<ΜΙΜΜι HI IMP'
- ·· m 4 » » »«« ♦»- · I». ·
>•*9 «·* * »
Ht«> ' »-· · ·»·»! » >t ' ' I
» «» · «·»» #<♦« > I·
wl0t·» /(f *pH .(»»*♦♦
It V t IfeMH· *1** Mm ι t»in »>'
!♦»# f»»*n #* «■·--♦ ·<♦♦*» t»n * >1
♦~Λ ·*■-,■ ' «'■ it t«i · * Itir t*»« ft
»tfl>i ttH* * · ·> ft* - lilt IΜΊ
η»* H' ι .imt*··
ι "Η·!!*-» *M |l«l|il|r#iMt ill»
■ |h<·»
Vim »♦·«· « mmmn ten · m «mm
• >r ·'♦♦"♦·* tw »«* ·<#· » »·»·«.<* Hh
IH.».»! I «I iiHUHIn s.fl r.'tt
'nlrrftlt,* Ί*|»·ι nf I tie raft)·! itD
ι«»|(ι(| Η It· t'»i-tMiti-»tl
Π"»»·ι * «I <tnthi·· rti'i «♦
iniw* hum· tw»n «ft· nil ·Μ* tf* I·
|l-«. λ Unit f 111 ■ In t!.·· -'.ith hi
ι ι·!»#*·· IIi-miH «I 1ι»Λ«· »M frnfc
ll«- »|i»it«nll Ι|ι1κιι> |t«IH »H| Mint·')
r.ci nltnii» Intnl. ltd lij (lit I η l«1
M*<·· 4i p*r1ri.· nt of mrli iiltti'»
Hi*** h m lu torn rtn w»< «·ΐ" "ι·ι»$·
tirtlfc ) if-ItU tint »ι» dre«n t« Hi·
• nMtar· prefttaM· far»!** Hie- t»·
• U ni *«·Η» η·'» «κι ·tinning "Ι
lirnfll» ·ι|μ··ιι rmiHIt iihit.lt· »f
• «r« »ι»Ί iutfc> util >ι·ΊΊ |H-f em
1 Ιι* |Ι·«Ι««Ι )M«| d«M. rui *<i (Ik
iirtn- in · ·!< ι*·· κ»ill (him •«•rw
ΡΠΙΙΙΙ I t :># * I» >111» * · ι> 1 11
)>rl/4> Mirtti ft «m K»iitli 1 ιιόΙΙιιμ
n ull) 1Λ2 tm-li) I» pet or ί a t»·)
In ΜΙκιΦ · t|l»l Kl ml·' If" bli*h»iH a
' ι ii, ΓίηΜί tu».|ι· I I
llii·.!,·': mid the VirKHlla VlMW
!;'!! iMisheU Mm· limn fifty In)»
I: >.ιΐΐρ ιι\··Γ I il" IiiiHi· Id prt ml"··. In
never»! ι nil u 11)**· it ο boi fill below 50
bushel» |ηγ ecr· and II· ι lul< ivn
Mg·' Kl M^ H I OUI <·'·
Arrangement* are beinl· made In
nil of the southern stat» s tu send
II»· pn<e winner* to Washington
next year
111 « t«i : ι ·Γ η II· » to tin I "\s. Si
retaiy Wilson ·!· « I η ι «-·! that t 111' \ nml
the hoy>. engaged In Ilk·· work nn
"tin· only hop· «ι have for the con
tinued κΓΐΉΐηι·^ ami prosperity of
tin· roiintr.v Hi· pointed out that
t'ir *oiith now. In agru ultute anil la
manufacturing. ua» prospering
ne'er before because the ιτΐιΊ) alifl
women of tin· -nith liai! put Into tin
■ - own eneri > anil a I · 1111 >
ami In nA M'lifce were dépendent
ii ρ·') ii the ■ uj'ital οι tlii» industry of
people from othit parts of the coun
"These dlplom·!-." h·· concluded,
•'arc unique No hoys ever have re
ceived a similar re ognltion of their
merit. Nothing I iiavp dine -1 ru·· ■ I
liave hein ι re t n ry of agriculture
lias given me mine pleasure than in
present them to you You have earn
ed tliem. Λ ι m liai begun rieiit. Vou
now are In line to m l ieve the high
est h 'inns of >mii respective states."
Prof W II Sin i t h. county super
Intendeii! of Holmes county, Missis
sippi. and mie of the lea.'.erg in the
Hoys' Corn Chib movement of the
Farmers' Co-operative Demonstra- J
tion Work, came to Washington to ,
witness this interesting event.
Tonring <"«ι· Turns Over six MII«*n
From San Antonio.
San Antonio, Dec. 2 7.— Eight
persons were more or lees seriously 1
Injured ahout 7:45 o'clock last night
when a ihlrty-horse power touring
ear turned topsy turvey rounding ά'
curve at an eighteen mile an hour
speed on the Mission loop, about six
miles south of the city. The accident
was caused hv the blowing out of
the right rear tire as the machine was
rounding a curve. The nine passen
gers were thrown In all directions
and a little boy. Γι years old, was the
only occupant of the car to escape
without ihe slightest injury.
- Fire Destroys Hpsldence.
The large two-story residence of
A H Oliver on West Baylor street
st Knnis was destroyed by fire at
.1 o'clock Sunday morning. It whs
a well furnished home. Estimated
loss on house and furnishings about
Jfi.OOO. Tlie house was insured for
$3,000 and the furniture for $1,
200. The origin of the fire Is not
known Mr. Oliver waa sleeping at
home alone, hi« wife having gone
for a holiday visit in Mississippi.
More Danville Proof.
Jacob Schrall, South street.
Danville, 111., writes: "For over
eighteen months 1 was λ sufferer
from kidney and bladder trouble.1
During the whole time was treated
by several doctors and tried several
different kidney pills. Seven weeks
ago 1 commenced taking Foley's
Kidney Pills, and am feeling better
every day and will be glad to tell,
anyone Interested jnet what Foley's
Kidney Pills did for me. Β W. Fear
Is. d
->l< I ICI I I * *· \l I
II ■ tS : « I ·· of T< >«» Cniinl) of Kl! »
H> \ Irtue of hii ordei of *ali* lutie-l
ii of ι lu· Honoinhli District Court
' I ill rant ί mini} on in·' l<>lh >1»)
..I !»«■<« ml» r I$ft9, |iy tin ι Ink
It ' iwif, In Hi·· rite of Τι xai H* < ti 11
II···. company wrnui w II Mil' In II
.iinl oil > rc end to nie. »* ihrrlft, <11
i'li<l mill delivered. I will procci-d
to κ· II wltliln Ho· hour» presi r11 ··-·I
> In λ for Sheriff s Sale.», on the
111 ι Tuesday In lanunry. 1910, It lie
nn Hi·' 4lli (lay of said luooth, before
•he court bouse iloor of ι aol Kill*
oilllly in tin· city of Waxaha'hU*.
lie following (Inn ιIbod property to
« It :
Η· In>: all that ccrtaln tract or par
•·<Ί of land situated, lyltiti ami Ι·«*1ιικ
ii the county of Kills «late of Texas,
In η w I η ι \ ai rt-f- .ι part of tin· f.ar
/» stint .in«l particularly described
as follows:
Ηΐ'κΐηηΐηκ a' a Make on the di
vision lines of Sections Nos 11' and
I :t. tlar/a grant, rame beinç the
most eastern corner of a 4*1 acre
t.;· ι «old to t'. 10. Slayton and stands
112 vis X .1 ;i 't; W from the Ν. K.
corner of a 30 acre tract sold to Win.
Klrki atrick from which an elm 5 in.
in ilia brs S 7S'j W. 2 vrs; Thenr··
Ν .:·· ι.,. Η with the division lines
of Sections 12 and 1.'! !»20 vis. to
<■<·> union corner of said Sections on
the Ν I. line of said l!ar·/.a Kraut, a
"■I'llw.fiv ιι/ιι.» fr»*· pnrnun whonfP u
three-pronged elm 15 In. in dia. bre
Ν Γ. J Κ. Γ. \ γη. , a η elm IS In. In di
ameter brs. S 22 Ε, 12 vis.: Thence
north SO deg. 10 min. Ε with the Ν
Κ. lino of the Garza grant Γ»fl8 vrs.
to a stake on said line 30 vrs. S 44Vâ
Κ from the center of the Midland
railroad track a t'take for corner:
Thence S 4Γ. <4 W parallel with the
track 925 vrs. to a stake in the most
northern corner of said 4 6 acre
tract ¥Old to Clayton whence 3 lo
custs 3 to f> in. in dia. brs. Ν 38%
W, 11 vrs.: Thence S KO V4 Ε with
the north east line of said Clayton
40 acre tract β88 vrs. to the place of
1ι<· « in η ! ii . same being out of the
southeast corner of Sec. No. 12, the
land herein conveyed being the same
land conveyed to W. Λ. Campbell by
S. R. Fisher by deed recorded In Vol
93 at Page 410 of the Ellis County
Deed Record and other transfers on
Page ISO, Vol. IOC: Vol. 107, Page
23S, levied on as the property of W.
H. Mitchell and .1. E. Jameson to
satisfy a judgment amounting to
$1072.00 and $197.00 In favor of
plaintiffs herein and cost of suit.
Given under my hand this 13th
day of December, 1909.
W. H. FORRES, Sheriff.
Ry R. II. Hickman, Deputy. 234m
After Sheriff Presents Dim with a
lint. He Is Set at Liberty.
For about fifteen or twenty min
utes Friday afternoon the Dally
Light reporter had ι ho experience of
undergoing arrest by Ellis county's
big hearted sheriff, \V. H. Forbes.
The reporter strolled into the sher
iff'! office lale In the afternoon and
met with a genuine surprise when
that official dignitary told him to
consider himself und< un st. The
positive manner in whi h the sheriff
spoke caused the scribe to become a
little shaky In the knees and this
feeling of apprehension was consid
erably intensified when the officer
,4 Μ
Ι «a* m*»t- '«■«» «f M*tfi( fwinwM
!.. *»«*., 4 .f · ««(t)»·! I». ,r.fU4
Su firy««>.rt Ht· Bum
I VI II I < II Itl-I M *
\·. \ I nil til lit I ■ L · ill* * * *1 I Mi f
Mitt I'l· η*η· ι nl (li ι ui' ti
The pre ■ i't lnill>!lt> »« ' oft bit·
broken all riM-or·'· f< r pure en.1
1(1111 lut! Nit Mil < Mm or IMi ll<
in titer III· pleasura of till* >«<*■·»<
«(. Ί0ΙΟΙΙ lll'W· III I II ,.ΙΠ. ΙβΙΙ) le) III
«Ml mill ll I (.IfMlllll.ll tllRi · ..II.· .. .
γιιιιγ.1 v.. ι ■ Ii.kU arret·! mm « result
of III. V. I· llil«' f« «ilh ltl· I h I·· ι it
mail.' I · ι1 1 In·' :fl κ ι)·»).;· 11 ttienl
η tut ι h«-r«· win- f. .«-r drunk ι» 1 on:
ι.Κ III·1 Mr· · I* t I'll m i ι·» I» "II ! h·'
. a .· It··!·» for ►*λ . t'HI yi-Hi Kn ' ■'·
Oil·' ·ΗΊ1Ι.(', 1(1 pet nil til·' ell] >111.'Ill
povMhlc l it nf tin· «reat-ion villi .ill
lull iliKiliK ol> Hie ι If!IlIs of OlIliTf
Th· ι·· wi-rf no «llBturban.. - or boit
Irroiisn· ·. .·· on lht» «treels I'lii. nnh
• v.· .ml ri rlstiiins nl"ht ιικ Marked
last your's releljvat am People wt ·'
able Ιο ιτιικ down town tl:o · t».·
i.lihis without running the ιι Κ of
lin ν i il κ ;i limb blown off I · y t h·· ■ \
illusion i.t cannon cra.keis Hi- '■
ι in tiunu'lits of toi tu I". · «vu not for
;-hU* tliih your.
Tin· Christmas festivities btv.in
i-'ri'luy evening with Christinas trees
at all the churches. On uniiuut of
the unfavorable condition of the
weathei the attendance vus li.ul".
i.ut all the children of the various
; Sunday schools were rcnienihercu.
Saturday nearly all the stores
were cloBed and few pcopl· cam·* out
on the streets until late in the after
' noon.
Αι the churches Sunday morning
the services and sermons were ap
' propriate to. the Christmas season.
Mr. .1. D. Bow kin of Aledo and
Miss Kate Powers were marrM here
I Sunday by Rev. J. B. Boen. The
ι newly wedded pair left that night
j for their home at Aledo.
M fi I t Ίΐ I I ♦ * 1
f 4ΐΜ·| luit» MHf M11>· ■ »
Mud· I W»Ml< Vitt··» I ΙμμΊ · UK
t«Mi κ Ν. r««ni< tin II M Ktn
Hit* M ι*» fait· Htiivi h Mi·» 14»
M*t ' k \< * Ml t »
W »|i'X<. M «.»!·>
S. .« vigM.it Mtitl. Men h Ί» ΙΙ|Λ· I
m m tint'
IV K»!l> T«l»« |W , Il ft* · it r·
H H il·' I .it " Poll Kl'fH * m ·
• hllf ri", nlwif U |. h I'nrniiM. «
HMfrn. Itinw (INK·· *IM> t »n I
h '«tttlT hill'd hlni Κ|ι(»γ««β Ιι*4
lm<1 trouille *t'ti «η«ι·Ιι··Γ inert» «ml
III·· ll«l n> tl iiil to (Ht Κ|·|ΜΊ*Μ*Ι1 * H 11
ι Knif·'
l-'pjwt·· (in. «lui Ιιι I" «r »Ι(ΙιΜ.
-hot thf wriin» β«η·γο Kp|*iwtn *
ïrnulti· ι llt-.i ΗΙν··ι mm t>- fiiiuur
Ill I M t I ΙΙΐ:·)Ι (.11 HI \i<
k i 111.' -11 < I « - Μιιιι l.tk·* II·-- Own I if·
II) *»ln »«·( inn
Κii ι \illt I>·< 17 llen
ly lai'V 'ii. η young it.Mil about
■ •'are old. who ram»· here recently
• «»»ii Nor·h C'arollna anil οιηίιγι! m
i.ii'Ht lu i ki t kill· .! himself b1> ·iit
7 ι ι lot k > < -1 » r«l a y evening by
1 » 11■ ii ιιΐι .-If through the heal
Ilelal u ho ' e· nit |ι« ι ·- au* un
able assign any i-auer for his ins ι
■or ll.nilar'i·'—lilt ks* γ·«|μι<1Ιιη'
*vi,other from ' olfle. 'Teat. Stomach
•<r Nervous Troubles, t'apudlne will
relieve you. It'» liquid pleasant to
take a, ta !nira< diate:). Try it, 10c,
"'•Γ η : ι ■ I 60fi at ding 8tor s al'
Cc-n, Oat* and Wheat as "Stedc."
School children in ι he crowded part
of New York do not speak of corn a ι I
oats and wheat li.v those names, but al
wflj χ refer to them as "setHls " The
other day in one of the Itltr school* tin·
tea. Iter was talking to her pupils alunit
Hardening She ended vit h η request
lor ca, h pupil to bring a few seeds tile
next day lo lie p,anted in I lie window
boxes The following morning the chii
dreu appeared Im i-lly Willi cillai oats
whent or corn While putting a few
Brains of each In the earth rtie tea.-Uei
referred to tlieni by their familiar
narues. One of the girls in the class
took courage to "set the teacher right"
and Raid: "Some one must 'a' told you
wrong, teacher That." pointing to the
wheat. "Is bread seed, an' that yellow
stuff ain't corn; it's pigeon seed We
always call them that in the block
where \ve lire."—New York Sun
Poser For the Husband.
Hemming homo from Atlantic City,
η Frank ford until drew a photograph
carefully front his pocket ami «bowed
it to bis wife. Said tie. "There's a
uiun who's In love with you."
It was not a good picture, one of
those cheap plugpong photographs
The husband had uot been in a coudl
tlon to tie well "taken," and there «as
little likeness. His wife looked at the
picture for several minutes, very much
puzzled. Finally she spoke up:
"Why, it's .llm! Where did you see
him· And «here did you «et this?
And what did ho tell yon?" — I'tiiladel
ptiiu Times
To Time Him.
"So you're goiUR to Introduce base
bail among the prisoners'.- 1 don't np
prove What will become of disci
"If a man nets too obstreperous." re
plied the warden confidently, "we'll
make him umpire." I'hllndelphln
A Matter of Hours.
Hangs What Is the difference be
tweeli ί umiiiin^ «hist club anil Ί
Hum's poker elwb'f Wangs Why. In
«me you μ( t tin.ι.r hi dinner and In the
other to tire- ,nst Newark star.
Advantage of Education.
" Are villi sa ι Islied « il li the results of
the eouise vvhif!· sour daughlet fol
lowed at colle e':"
"Perfectly Hlistied. She Is going te
marry one of the professors."
Excesses In youth are drafts upon
old age, payable about thirty years
after date — Chicago New·.
• ·
• mM ιΐ|ι«> t
• ·
»··· ····
* 1 A · 1 A ' 11II Mil *i > « ' «I * » ' · t
>Htrr«4 ί·μ» I η Mtt <<urt. ·»ι<ι
• >h» (Π H
INM til Vol κ Al
irr-n»! fit» *»4 a.il'ut «i ii U t.
Ρ Ι#*Ι»·Ιι ik ('il lt> iirtMi ι m< v<· Il
AM in lr< »l Itir 1 ; tir ·"«>
mrlllvèl* v !>nl' I Vf» l'Util ι fit tllltll
II" · »» » I 'i»lo« \\ ataha· M·
Tu, Mf
MIN ΚΑΙ .Κ X·'· Im>u ιΊηΙ·' «Ι.
hi'* ι> lut ti»im» II»·» h »ιιι»*Ί uni)
κ ti't'lilh^ liufii'M' a lt:*lltr I in ht
·.<'·. If
i- di J-Ciir rl« lit II? »1,.| prit luf
t·'■ ; ' rt *î» k ■ η f hnrir»H rert«onntii»·,
pfiiwpt d»!l\< r> ΓΊιαπ· u·· Milt|w*t
llru· ' T>-il · h'- Trulli l'Iolliler» " tf
STKM »(JH AI"! ' i:H a mi MI'I Ani
Public M ·* I.oIh ι urllii. ofti· ·*
with Ο. <' liroer, l'Itlirn· llank
Mdf «ktr
N'fiTK'K I ;ini il· » bookitu· order»
l< I i' Te* Al inn il îk published I
th<· IiiilUfi N>»' ut ?' net· ρ·Ύ ι
• ··I lleli\»'D in Janu l,»*«te or
1er nt Fe.irll· l'iun Stole οι 1
P. Owen tf
NOT K'K If tlx |>art> who I il <t t«>
i. · lus ihautce m 1 it -1 ten da>i·. wilt
:\'l ni tins Oi'fli·»· a ι, ■ 1 lati' ι li«*
.■ m·>nilI ut sliorti· μ«· Mitihfartoiv and
11»a> fill" this ad. ne util tell lilin
who haï·· the money d-'fc vv t''pd
I hi- l» IVorlh l{«'iii"inberiii|c.
Whenever you nave a cough or
ico'ii. ji r remember that Foley <
Honey and Jar aiII cure it. Remein
lier the name. Foley's Honey and
l;i' and refuse substitutes. B. W
Fear is. ύ
Read wnat the advertisers nay.
ι*!·· \ !1 ι n· ι I4M4 t
• ·
• » * t · * t «
M hit >>»**(
1 CH.I *«·"« t IM I
1 » »
« I · ι»
! ·■' »»
»D#f< f%* ·.«<*tff
1 "I · ·
τ η f ι
' . »»·.►*
t. · ■
Il Α ι Μ.ι lb «« H
* I* · Κ
• *<t |) m
». «tri .'MM· III»,
n . 'ill' l« I Hiefrrtt
Ι'. ' ι»ι II·· ι «Iti ill·
WMHtt frew I nlfhti i
\o «il ι...' Ή»·-» * H
ii I iitillPi I* il ι ianeM
·>. n l'uni Ihe fi'ιr11'
I H M houiitl
Su ► ;· .mu. * if. a m 'm,β·*ι*
11 f. f If' -tori
No m mu * Jl ρ ί
V ν ν .·* pr 'ι. ■» ι .m 'Onniru
* η». . οrlM " ιι <1
\ *-4 I · t »■ .lui Ι» *ν· f> 70 J
ι. Coi ι.ι ι Ι Willi north
to.in·! rni.f MtttlMiniind w
Cumi. aim
IVlniM m lt> V nil·* •"■Mll.lw.tin.l
No - Irait ι « II ·· '■ » Itl
Ν.. ι» η \ Μ IΊ ftf» A li'
No C I. nvei. . . MS μ m
N'o. 4 Imvm 1:41 t Β
I ι· ry ll.'iir «*f ili^ fi.ii
ι urlln Dr..ι tl ·■ τ· 'mhi· ilrnr
Kl; le of Wa*- ;. x.ii mi" h i
I η κ mllr fc ΉΙΝΙιΙΓΟ t h* new
Klilln \ Γ . · 1 "|·Γ*« To· lr that
they are pe !:n in 1er » |»*II|ve
gunrauti <
Ils m frit* ηπ· le ι.ίΙιι^ the talk
of the town nil.I e\ir> ι y «mita t«i
try It. anil why not* Il rn.-t- ofliic ·
If It don't do you t,oo<l ι nt on»
They don t '>anf .i .r i. on.y If II
does not benefit you and wiil cheer
fully refund the money Try It to
day. mtlf
Chamberlain's Cougn Bemedv
Cure» Cnlilb < : , v· 1 V ·- U < «'igh
Λ I u iit( i 1 r un
• >f 'fit" ttli ! t ι·' 11
Mm* Κ * t » ntf Ί
« t -.«κ 4 k► *«· ι « it*
I * » ... · I ·, .*».*
I lii Κ Alt i Iv**i
I .1% « » (nt 1
i»vii,»*»v ίι tl'H» « »f i««i ' i· " I ··
*M I on · Ami Κ «Ml# * < it \
• In V ι N« Hh i*
f1 »·* f · I » ! I !
r *| « I U *1)
A'i f*»f λ ·*Μ**
f'»t #f»v ι *< '» *
Μ»Ή· «IJ'Mird
t..m ··*«
An χ « r« ». m#
ca r»eful
women υ5β
Woman who (Uitïi r from eo
vorehoaaaclies, and all disea
cs duo Ιο λ torpid liver, «iiouid
riot 1111 their stomach with cal
omel and other drugB.
Biliousness, Constipation, Chills
anil Fever, Dyspepsia, Malaria
an;l all Liver Cox-plaints.
Mrs. O. Γ>. Phiilt y, Marble
Falls. T'wrilcH: I flndller
bino (he ben livt r(corrective I
over tried. It has done my fa
mily ami mys«'H ,ι· world of
good. I recommend it to tuy
- PRICK SOc. -
Haiiard Snow liniment Co.
^ "^rc^nfriandc<? by
a W. FEARI8.
^<>v* II s M1 SI hill > « »|
ι t ,ι ι ^ . iin m «i
•*r ■ ·»* «■>♦ *
> Ί,· ( row's
»(> J I NOW
,«· «ι I tnn t
Ifcf#. I
O. J »h i\^on · « » \ *· η I ( ο.
Ο **»»♦» W H V «» f1Il *1 μ· MI I ι Itit lr>rtfc«
·· I ■ tnttf »mi
And A House Full Of
I have just received a car load of Pianos
which I am going to S6ll During
December. Pianos from $175.00
to $600.00. I have some genuine Bar
gains to offer both in price and terms,
and all who contemplate buying a piano
or an Organ are cordially invited to come
and see what I have to offer
There is no reason for going to Dallas or
elsewhere when I can offer you a better
bargain at home than a stranger can offer.
Give your Home Dealer a chance
to sell you, then you will know whether it
pays to buy elsewhere

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