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Fresh Vegetables
MMM ( Λ s it G H «M » Κ
» ♦· «Ι»,til·* l· Ίιι · ...St ,
it « S I mil
i - ΓΚ
t Η · Α I <i on VIt k
■U«>. ι St .. It. Λ CiHtk at \\ h\
r m-M# IManln* Mill (f
» Κ : Λί.l·- lient ι not rat-la for l>ti' U
, ι·|·. ' · himI f si !!' pr 1J ι ··■ : I ■ it
11 : ' UrM ufflt e tf
Λ » At» . KRTISII.MK.N 1 lu thl« rol
t:-ii!i ma.·, tirlriR joii Jusl the oppor
tunity you are lookln* .or tf
l· >li SA I.h ilf.tv) limw paiir fur
; · i ;n. mnli ·.■■ our ι afpf *. J · '--.ι r
, · ;i . t imii Liisht off <■ if
I Ι'. IIΚ Ν I l'wo il nf urtiUliitl
ins ultli ret <-|it Imi hell, bath anit
H-t-trie I i u 111 - I" \\ fut .lt*fft>t sn:i
at' ■·«·: ITU
I A ill" Hie ill··! Cleaning. pi<·· ·
I ri< . ti it-imlvln* m*n'«. women s
i:i I · Ί ' lit·:. · Ml work Kuarante-j
P'.iono 71. If
FOR UK XT Tint·»· iinfurnlsbi' I
• > .in --ill1.11>1«· fur ΙΙκΙιι hoiiHi'keep
Init fit)-.,. In I \ M. it 1 u. Π10 North
Κ ,i-i ; ι η ι 71! I»
FOR SALI' A niixid Imnrli tif t"i
held of high itratlt· .lt-rwv milt :i
«».< All tinIiv brok'· (Î. W. Carlton
Htllab tu. Têtu 72pit
Vi I'M MAN' Hii> you λ 'ιιιηΐ"
• ni ν loi Jit) lier n i "'h Vm: will
li, ·»·.· luis», tlif h. > c\ A lijit . I*. <>.
I'll,: 4 S Rots <.. it. I. 1 V 1
Ι»*. » » I.Λ Γ 11 Γ. ι , tans', I μηι'.ιη* ·*
J.i ι': Stoi.i. iii title) the removal <>'
G »Hp Ioil'" \ 11ii medicine fifflr···
V Blilt -lain and Umr. |. il
ls- Τ .'|i
I.' -ST· Sin- fifteen open face watch
twenty vi.»r caw. «even jewel Elgin
!·■ >ve»u'ni. Kinder return to .1. II.
Fr-ίΐ'κ residence. I'nlversltv Addi
tion. tf
charge of our cleaning. pressing and
nitration department All work l«
guaranteed. Phone us . ITS. Mat
thews Bros. tt
city property, Reagor Springs truck
farm and five acrea of alfalfa on ;
râitroad switch And public pike :·! I
Ra J O, Rav, Waxahachle, Texas.!
ATTENT ION—We can do your j
wark better, we «eve you money, w·
better eqalrped, we hive what!
yon want. The French ateam-dry-i
eUanlng machine Waxahachle Hat |
W->rke. llfi CoUeKe street. i'houei
• I. Cleaning ami pressing. f J
FOR SALK The N. G }Vi«ie farm i
on South Prong creek, 3 miles south- !
west from Waxahachle on Forreston !
Pike road. Good improvemonta. 172
A!so one lot, 100 by 200 feet,
1* Waxahachle. near the postofflcw
lot. For particular* apply to J. P.
Wymtt, Ε. M. Wise or Nat Wise. 72p
FARMS FOR SALE ^On easy terms,
91.000 pehl down, b: lance ot> Ion»
Ume, pike road running past the
door, 3 Milne from Waxrvi.aehle; cl«
to acre# timbered land on Trinity
cnat of Forrls. Will trade or
-ne or both pieces of property.
County Loan and Commission
raxahacble. Tomam dftwtf
tb· txuly Umt
&}û ** f'
♦ \ M
κ L or Bate«vilJe, Ark
rk tif tin I iiΜ·'<! Siat«»n ««nitc
it «-«It known neAhWap*r m*η
\»·»1 ill the I'll) lahi night to
'lid f*w ()λ^ with relative an t
tilluilf ι · Ν a111 €' («ni.
I e chalk talk f|\«ι( b> Mi;-.- Pau
lin» t>win at tin* High a* hool build
ti » « ν « h il. t Οι lot.··' 7 th,
'τ urjMi.-.Hf(i ι μη th«· high* st <■*·
l*v aHone of any one prenant. Mish
Krv.ii *»1I »!· fi \ · ; » I ! that h an bren
•.i l Mi prat*< ami the Mci'iuili ν
jm -i-1 ·» * p.-oud of Γ « r a la<1 ν
: of III. }>rill! it ι μι ad· >φ; .is
ai. i»t r 1 -1 ΓΙο picture» which \jiried
tioi; the Flow· ι Children. am!
- humor» it* to the illustration ol
(las.-H |K>fins \\i\v w»dl and rapidly
drawn and her lecture wa« pleasing
and inatructive A rising vote* of
thanks was given her, an a token »»f
I'M* Mm«re appreciation of the au·
''ι· ι < Mc('aule> I'aper.
Miss lanmrt Trayior has a preitv
lin·* of hand painted en*, η a on exhi
bition in the show window at Cur
Iin*8 drug store There arc» sr alt
I·!· ··■<·■, and large pieces and all ar#
;■ rtiaticalh decorated They would
make suitable gifts for coming wed
dliw I'riies quoted on application.
r π ι
ι*· il %♦ m %
> t t · t
Mr* Γ Γ !*Vfi!t*ort v. il) t'lv·
' · - · il·» > fiiM· <1" '··ΐι {Ι »
'Ofr Cell ut ι be V\ :.valtaclile StudM
for your hoi kl* y ά otk. 1 £
·> ) 4M'.-. 1 til
, t 4 «h> ioih > looking »ftrr th·· »«
! 1111 · ' - of I ht· Fraternal I'uloii oi
rl· Mr ι t μ - wm η « nth ap
iwiB(»d orgnnUer for the orde
1 ι· . . ! * -fil· < 1 ι Im ι ! ι· '« ιu
The following program v. ill t>e
rendei r I I the ΜίΊΐ'Π l:st t liurca
Thu»><Js;> η ι ^ ? b ι, b^ziniiin t 7
l " VN':;\ <»n;an : · .i )>·.· I »a!?o i
i Ο η troll
Solo. Thai SwcH Story »t
Old ! \V t. Ml Arthu· Scott
Our \< ds.' λ| ι .! T. .J<»li#s
1 So|iι O. Lo\ iim K.i t her ο
Del lib no. Mini Ν' II Anderson.
What Art1 Von (ίοίιιμ to Do
\hout It?" Mr ( lias W Ua>.
·'» C^uhrtft. Messrs. Ro> . l'alntcr
halton. Leiiloiul.
7 Devotional service. Mr Trlb
ι This union i.*· compos*d of the
; Young People s Societies of the» On·
lirai Presbyterian, Haptist, Christian
I inul Methodist churches The mem- |
I hers of thi s*1 societies are expected (
to be present. All other, are co.-j
ί dially invited.
We print anything you want from
a visiting card to the largest sue
circulars. Enterprise Publishing
comoany tf
Hast' ball
Rt lurn*.
I % * * % II·.·.«*«?%
A· *!m ' v»»e»
' * « ι * »li»i ♦»·»,«#> .·»« ι»·|
• k» n *r «
tit Min m i t»i
Ν · n 1' if·* I ·*.
Curlin Drue Co,
mictffiiM smut is?s
™ %S3Û: ll#"
< !»»* \H( V. I Ml \1,
I I I ' · «·I »*1 " 1 M > I V .*« ι
I ' '* « ItHIt
i or hIm ihI
I I ,n * t
1 ι JIM < Γ. tt IIJJ*
t ι-i < irattf} sii|n'iiHi' mI<<m tif I'ti
lir Iii«i» m lli it—·
i: <; (.haitov
I |»ι·ι Ml I « |i ι k —
I - Hill V < b it* —
' "or I .muni net. I'm nu I V ι
YV S (ftpottl JOHNSON.
t · ■ r ι ι·ιιιιιμ»>ϊ<>ιιι·ι·. l'noiul \u. I
Κ h LOWE ι Πι-« In ι loi. ι
I or 1 Illlslitltlt· >*l*ct ill ι \ι· 1
Ν · 11 « ι- Ι·· |1ι<· I'ulili
We int-uuclnl our men early ia*' '
week lo riot I f > all of our iiieloi u 'à
that for tin· balance of Illlt ιι·:·ι we
would disronUntip the Sundav d,·
11 \··· ι of in in residence distri'.
\v.. Γ II-I I hat I In tailed ' I no· .
some \V>· lake thin means of giving
notice We ilu not discontinu·' 11 · ·
Sunday delivery from » monetary
standpoint but from u liuinam· f«·< 1 -
in g toward our men and teams Tills
lia* been a hard tsummer on them
»v I ilu - an' about playfed out and
have to have one day's rem out of
the week It would bf no help to
llieiu if we have lo make two deliv
eries on Saturday as this is harder
thun delivering on Saturday anu
Sunday ο we will kindly request our
customers to take enough ice on '
the first delivery next Saturday to
tide them over until Monday morn
ing. Waxahachle Ice Works. IGil '
There have been good dancing acts !
before at the Majestic, but nolle lik" t
Ryan \ Manning, last time tonight. (
16!i (
4 · ana* » «·* « «WD
\r '
111»»'» » >
η Klfl! ·. «h 4«rtn> l· iili ι
rwi. y a Kldi < · l'Hit H
h tt t
< Ml
tn»v |»||i*
ïpoItle* of Kole
'kmtei I Rtu nerer bothered with my
kidneys or bladder and again fed
tk<» lin owu m If " II. \V Ke;.rlt il
The Waxahnehle dealer* are pay
UK the following prices for eoiintrv
>roi!uee toda*
'utton, fco.id lit ι il <1 li ii ^ pei ι I I IK
'otton. strict middling. per lb. 11.05
'otton. 111 l'i<i11 !>>r. per III .11! MS
'otton in Si'eil, jier l'Hl lb·' .$Λ.ΙΓ»
'ι il t on Seed, per ton . . $21.00
\ heat. No. 2. per 1111 h < I . SI .07
Jnts. per bushel . S7c
'orn. per buehei Γ·Γ.c to tine
Ufalfa Hay. per ton $18 to $20
'rairle Hay, per ton . . S 1 2.Γ»0 to $ 1 Γι
ulmsoii Crues 111.y, per toil $14.00
'lllckeus. friers per Hi 12'£<'
lens, per lb. 08c
'urkeys. per lb. lie
ÎSRS, per dozen 20c
'ountry Mutter, per lb 25c
Iweet Potatoes, per bushel ..$1.50
Venn.·' new crop, per pound . .tic
"ream ( butterfat I per lb. . ,2fie
W'axahiihie dealers are retailing!
iic following articles at prices quot-j
! below:
IcAIester lump coal, per ton . $8.l'0j
ι ΙΐΊ'ηάο coal, per < n $7.50 :n »>>,0ί
'otton Seed Meal, per 100 ..SI.40·
'otton Seed Mulls, per ' m . .$8.00)
What They Will Do tor Yo-j
They will cure ycur backachc,
•trengthen your kidneys, cor·
rect urinary in c^uh'.rities, build
up the wtrn cat tissues, arid
eliminate t'.-.c excess vine acid
thatcausea rheumatism. Pre
vent Bright m Disease ar.t! TJia
b.itrs, and r. .tore health er.d
strength lie'.use sulstiiutea.
BR. Κ. L. .I(»\KS,
I'hjriirian ami Surgetn
Office over Curltn Drug 0·.
Jlil Phone 48U. New Phone "*
Waxahachie, Texas.
Buy, Soil, Hint uiul Itrpair Bit]
liun a:ui LocksmithinK a Spe<
Umbrellas Covered anil Itepalf
Old Phone f>24. Next door to i.aun<
Waxahachie, Texas.
W. L. V. LEIGH & 00.,
Insurance Agents,
We write Automobile, Fire,
Stock, Health and x^lfe loinn
Come see us.
Office over Thomson Jewelry 0»|
Waxahachie. Texas.
Fire and Tornado Ιηβηιβίί
Also Live Stock Insurant*·
Office in ne>^ quarters next
Munroe Bros., North Side 8ς«
Waxahachie, Texas·
Contractor and BulM*·
Estimates furnished on appU
Shop 107 East Franklin itn
Wazrhachle. Texas.
is prepared to test eyes and '
with lenses that will corrtet
errors In refraction.
Eyes Tested Free
Office West Side Square, UP
stairs south of Eatitorium.
Attoroey-at-Law and Wi
Office over Jolesch & ChM**1*
Waxahachie, Texas.
made Stove Pipe.
Schuster's Old Stand.
C. M. IMllon, Mr·
your Tin business.
Prices Reasonable.
MRS. 1)11. FIjOVI).
Specialty Diseases of
)fflce hours: 9 to 12 *-vtL·}
rhone 421. 305
Chamberlains Co
<3OTi Cold». Cronp and τ
H NiMmM tSMI ^
Citizens -N'attestai . «j.
•Γ I lr 1r||a
UtNlil \«?|>irt» M»V I* >M« «t ι J
»t f H I ί ι
I ' 1, ι ♦ \î t | S i t ' »'
%'i J t, ι f H » V IV I H - '»>. ·
f» A ·#« I - ♦ M < · \ · *' t < I
j I S | V ο » κ t .«'v | Il «,
i lîfij t, î « Ί'
ι » ι ! * ί «tu M 1 V *1 · , 4
I Λ ν ,V!,'· |t Γ a ■ Il, (t 4, {
Γ *· » ·■* ' ,1 H' \\ » ,
Ν A HO»* A| î/M> !«<*»
XUaxaltarltic -National Ihnli
of * «ι * «htt î
Capital $Ι·'ΐι «MM» »»<*. S ni plu· a Ifl'mfr·
YOl κ ΛΓΓΟυΝΙ Μ1|. 1(11 1)
I Η M I i l H f't< ' I H. i WIM «M \*\ !
1 I < ΡΝΜΜ.ΗΛΜ. « V ' ■; ι
V\ » Vii km» ι \ " lu > <»" a
1)1 1< K)K>
» a « i»j ;j *·■ v\ # * « * s · ♦ 1 · *** H \'b *
1 4 \\ ιχβ HflH»· l rlM i i *
%. i, ι uiîii «·!<, W·! «li ·'· «i>* i *»
ik g, |||, !»r 4 H eiBifnoi V Aftr·1
>tatc -Bank & Trust (Cnrapnnv
of Mtxahachli·, Texas
Transacts a General Banking Business
I'hf nou-lnifi' κι ln #ritiK and uuf«-c urtd I-1'- ..· ttiii Hit!
uri J rotected l).v lb. lii-jionlUim (iuaraniy Kund «f I - lit <t
Tt 1 IF.
TIi ie lt:ini le S'< ι <t 11 > authorized l'y U» Ιο Λ : nilut
• ur I : Λ. h ι ο r, (>uar·. un Receiver. etc.
Wi· re*pe<ïfully your busltidw
k.g. Phillips. Pres.; ϋ. W. Coleman, Vs.-e-wJ
Ε. 1' Haw kins. ( ishi ι ; Κ I. QM-fcM . · < ■·
S W.SPtNCfcR, Ashî. l^h.; J. E.Coli .WAN. :.C.ish.
Our Garment Section jigs ~ I
Is the Center of Attraction #*
Business hums in our Garment Section. The brisk selling that is under
way strongly attest the superior style and better value of our new Fall
showing. Among the Suits the beautiful and complete Printzess line,
all wool materials from which these garments are made. All Printzess
garments are guaranteed to give wear. Call and see our line Suits and
Skirts. Just received some new Skirts in Voile and Panama.
See our extra values in Skirts at 3.50, 3.95, 4.50, 5.00, 5.95,
6.50, 7.50, 8.50,10.00 and 12.50.
See the Printzess Suits before buying. Special prices at 15.00,17.50,
18.50, 20.00, 22.50, 25.00 and 30.00.
Ask to see the Special Suit we are selling for 25.00.

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