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m \i Tin i. this yk tit.
llTTSmite.il. April lit. The
usual gorgeous Paster Sunday dls- |
play of flowers will not be so beaut I j
1t:l us usual this year because Past
cr Sunday conies on April ti lrd. too
late for many of the* blooms to allow
at their best, according to Parks*
Superintendent (Jeorge \V. Harks
Tulips, narcissi, hyacinths, catierra,
and other flowers are bard to keep
„ late. One warm da\ und night
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amurvllis, eusarius and primrose, he
Itll.M St \P\\ NOT IX I I’OIC
i; I \ I\■ \ I. Mini: IIKIOKK H»58X
FORT WORTH, April 10. Hilly
Sunday's visit to Texas will not be
made until ll»2t) owlug to previous
engagement . according to :i dlspateh
from Baltimore. The evangelist Is
just dosing an eight weeks’ cam
paign there, during which Ills con
verts are said to have numbered 20,
Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio,
ami Houston are among the cities
which Sunday plans to visit during
his Texio- tour, the dispatdi states.
Definite appointments which he al
ready has made, will occupy his
time up to January, 1018. Cam
paigns which twenty-five cities are
now offering, it Is reported, would
ii carried out. keep the revivalist
busy until 1023.
One should he polite, hut there is
such a thing as being so accommo
dating that everyone will impose on
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F\ %N«.»:I.ST \ltKH THIS
One «.f I lie Mo*i Powerful Hemions
of tlir Meeting I- .IMivcr^. . j
I trough \ to t'piisr Men
' • ■ to I'fefaWe
—*-V y
v • • i • s t . 1 «
That the man" vefcol H’rtiisecf nn-;
yitjicr person to «11■ believe,the Hlhle*
a*itl reje.t Christ-Is a dhrker'< rtnjl-'
r»;iI than the man .who, stains his
hiirid* »Mi the Innocent blood of,hK
fHhuvmatr'. jwoe the de^Jsrnlioh 'of
i*:* ifig.sh < IhaiiAt tl* hiyvt ' III I'm
Mi thmlift * Ijmr< !, Inst niRnt lle( * is
preaching on "The I ripardonnhle
Sin; What Is It and Who Commits
It? ' The ermon was on*- of’ the
tno“t powerful tha' has been deliv
ered during tht* series of meetings.
It was a forceful presentation of one
(,f the greatest and most Important
themes In the Hthte.
Following nn Inlerebiji >; song see*
l ire Inst night t he* ( va: velist row I
us h scripture lesson the twentieth
chapter of Revelations. In a run
ning comment on this scripture the
evangelist mid that It is the pur
pose of the devil to deceive the hu
man heart. He deceived the first
person who listened to him. said the
evangelist, and he Is deceiving peo
ple today.
I cannot believe/ be* Haiti, that
men. If tiny knew they were doing
something every clay that was defeat
ing them in this world, would go
on year after year in this way, but
(lev think they are not deceived.
Hut they arc, for it is the devil's
business to deceive them.”
In speaking of the judgment that
is coming the evangelist said peo
ple would not be judged by what
they have thought hut by what they
have done. "If there Is no hell,"
ho declared, "some men will never
get what’s coming to them, but
they’ll get It. There’s many a mur
derer, thief, drunkard and other
criminals running loose, but God
will send out his officers some day
to round them up and they will be
judged according to the deeds done
In the body."
After completing the reading of
tin chapter the evangelist said he
'ought not to have to say another
word, for God lias said enough here
to put every man and woman on
ilu-ir faces. II*- said that the only
hope some people have of standing
in the judgment is by hoodwinking
Cod, bu! there’ll he no bribing of
tiie judge in that day. All will stand
there as their life's record has been
w ritten.
Mr. Hugh will slug tonight a
'composition from "The Messiah."
Mr. Pugh and Mr. llaudenschiold
I will sing. "Mark. Hark. My Soul."
| The singer urged all the children to
Ice on hand tonight, saying there
was a big surprise for them.
Kvangellst llaudenschiold used as
a text tin- thirty-second verse of the
twelfth chapter of Matthew. "I hope
before I get so w ise as to disbelieve
this old hook." he said, "that God
will take me out of tho world.
Looking down through the years, and
mges and centuries God saw how
that man might presume to spend
his life in sin and then try to slip
j« at the eleventh hour. How that
text describes human nature, and
how it des.-ribes people right here
in Waxahachie!’’
He said that because God is long
siiffe imr. merciful and patient that
not change the fact that the
last call is coming. "The day is
coming,” he declared, "when the
lest invitation will fall upo nyour
cars. God says now is the time.
There is not a word in the Bible
that holds out a ray of hope for to
morrow, for God says now is the
uie njay a.-k. what about the
experience of the thief on the
cross," said the evungelist. “but we
have every reason to believe that
this was the first time he ever
heard of Christ, and most assured
ly it was the first time he ever saw
Christ. The thief had never had a
chance before and lie accepted Christ
at hi.- first opportunity, but you
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*111 never repeat that experience
Another may fa*k. "what abbot the
experience! of the map * ho entered
the vineyard -A© vvdrk at the. Elev
enth hour That ftian was stand
ing Idle beraoio no’ man had hired
him. and he went "to work at the
first opportunity, but you *111 never
repeat that, experience Most of yoh
hove bef-tj raised) with the open ftl
ble nnd matiy of you ★ere rained by
pr.iyfng ' fathers ami mothers, and
•you have h%l fpanyjopportimhlas tb
know the trullf” , < .j-i
He ta'ld sonfc jpeotdb ? might * ask
tfjhe crime of^murtierfthe
rin against fhe f hoiyf glibsf lie d«f
rlared It was'ndt anil that the tnur
tlcror rbvJd hflv® Ibis pins forgiven.
Ho tnl<] the stofy of how a man In
bnf -of ifls tiffingi in lo^ n^clme
liader (le^iPr (iiiyprtton drf(F rAiejnfglrt
stbod up; In thd .aud^ertfe- iyitl| ijoti-;
fri’red to a .nn’Mer. c{irnnilt^»d' in
Kansas a few years before. lie was
later taken back to Kansas, tried
for the crime and sentenced to life
Imprisonment, lie said lf/fhc*man
was still living (and he .whs a few
years ago) you might gb to his cell
In,the prison and ask him if. it (pays
to’ rotifers Christ and you 1 wili*hear
him say. ‘ rite Kansas penitentiary
beats hell all to pieces.” Mar./ peo
ple, declared the evangelist, are
choosing between the penitentiary
nnd hell.
He spoke ot trie skeletons in some
lives ui'il said It was better to drag
the skeletons out than to hear the
hisses of hell while eternity rolls.
"The time is coming,” he said,
"when the skeletons will be dragged
out and that will he a fearful day.”
lie declared that there are dark
er crimes than staining one's hands
with the innocent blood of a fellow
being. "I believe every man and wo
man who has reached the age of ac
countability,” be said, "and rejects
Christ is a darker criminal than the
man who has done no more than
bathe his hands in the blood of his
fellowman. Which is the darker
crime, killing of a human body or
the murder of a human soul? If by
my inconsistent life, by ridiculing
and scoffing at religion I cause my
brother to disbelieve the Bible and
reject Christ I have cut off his soul
for time and eternity and I am
guilty of a worse crime than mur
der for I have murdered his soul.
If you were to enter my home and
lav my loved ones I would have
room in my heart to forgive you,
but if you were to enter my home
and cause my loved ones to disbe
lieve this old book and reject Christ
I would have no place in my heart j
to forgive you, for you are a soul
inurdt rer. i had rather come before
tin judgment with my hands
stained with blood than to be guilty
of the murder of a soul for which
Christ died to save.”
In the concluding remarks of his
sermon the evangelist declared that
tin' sin against the holy ghost is un
belief and rejection of Christ, He
said tiie unpardonable sin is not only
a sin that God refuses to pardon,
but we are coming to tiie place
where men refuse to be pardoned un
til the last Invitation is passed and
the door closed.
He declared that more than three
fourths of the Christians were con
verted before they were nineteen
years old.
The evangelist asked all the Chris
tians in the audience to stand, and
then lie asked those who were con-,
verted before they were 25 years old
to sit down. Not more than a dozen
were left standing in the audience
and one of these was converted after
he was fifty years old.
He declared that people lessen!
their hope of heaven in proportion
to their resistance to the pleadings
of Hie holy ghost.
_ i
Cottage Prayer Meetings.
Thursday's prayer meetings are as
Mr? T. H Harbin, led by Mrs. E.
P. Littlepage.
Mrs. J. C. Willis, led by Mrs. W
G. Lomax.
Mrs. W. S. Sharp, led by Mrs.
Mrs Bert Shands, led by Mrs. Will
Mrs. W !!. Fears, led by 1). H.
Mrs W. J. Simpson, led by R. C.
Mrs O. B. Sims, led b> Mrs. Will
M ore.
.Mis N A Thompson, led by H.
N Peters.
Mrs. Owen, on Bullard Heights,
ltd by Carl Tankersley.
Mrs Hr 'V. 1). Boyd, ltd by Miss
Emma Traylor.
.Vlr» Jim. (’riddle, led by W. J.
Mrs McKemie. led by Rev. 1. F.
$5.00 Reward.
V reward of $5.(>n will be paid by!
this company for (he conviction of i
any one found guilty of taking the
Dally Light from the yard or lawn
of any subscriber of this paper. EN
•|*KH in t’MKU Ti» IM.I STHATK >
hkicaIon gaht night.
In I'mmil l»«y the Pressure of Bus.
I net***' l» flte Geftfrnl K\ru*e *
... ^Imle .fue of Thronjrli
• ' oat' l«iuNl. ) t
* * . it>TT
• ■- r % * 1
The Central, Presbyterian church
was; crowded last*night by citizens
who had come to hear the second1
night sermon or, this' week wtdcKI
will closn^the groat rfetfjjvai. It hail
beehj pieviolisly^ aonofinefed that Pr.!'
Heni(riijk wtuhJ b^ak ,on ,
lotis jKejifOiis ■ ij^pfrtipfcoplc Give wr
AdrfrifThg Cti nit." Mr. Carter
sang by .special request "whon the
Golden BClIs Ring for You and Me.”
This lias been one of the favorite
solo selections, nnd his s(Hendtd
voice swells to. Inspiring notes In
this selection. Mr. Haven Is also
at his best, hi-this number, apd*tbe
accompanying chlmee as he brings
them out on the piano Is a mimical
Inspiration In ItacTf. * .
Raster FtbCnl Offering.
Previous to the sermon Mr. Car
ter told of a pleasant surprise that
was given the evangelistic workers
yesterday afternoon. He said they
were always glad to come to Waxa
hachie. the home of Trinity Univer
sity, where they had so thany
friends, some school friends, and
other friends they have made while
coming here at different times In
their work. Mr. Carter was u stu
dent in Trinity, the first year after
it was moved from Tehuflcana. He
said yesterday afternoon some ladies
of the Central Presbyterian church
asked him if they would like to take
an automobile ride, and of course
they accepted, and were taken to
tlie florist, where the ladies pur
ported to take them just to show
them a Texas green house, and after
their Inspection, they were asked
their favorite flower, and then were
told that the ladies were going to
send their wives, at home, an Eas
ter floral offering. This evidence of
appreciation touched the evangelists
very much, when three beautiful
bouquets of carnations, violets and
Easter lillies were packed and sent
on their respective journeys to
brighten the homes of the evange
lists on Easter Sunday. Then Mr.
Carter said the hearts and prayers
of their fa'milies would be sent
Waxahaehie-way on next Easter
Sunday, fine bouquet was sent to
Mr. Haven's mother at Greenville,
111., one was sent to Mrs. Hendrick,
at Nashville. Tenn., and one to Mrs.
A. L. Carter, at Hollister. Mo.
“Frivolous Excuses.”
Just before the sermon last night
Mr. Carter sang as his evening of
fering “The Ninety and Nine.” The
breathless attention of the audience
was marked, as the singer gave the
gospel message in this song of the
lost sheep.
The evangelist began his discourse
ion frivolous excuses by telling an in
cident that happened in Chicago at
the Moody institute, when it was
[said that they were to have open
[house, and invited men of tiie city
I to attend the feast. It was bril
liantly lighted, they were given a
[warmfplace, heard inspiring music,
and fed spiritually and physically,
and they expressed appreciation of
the good things of life tendered
them, but when the good things of
eternal life were offered them they
all with one consent began to make
excuses, even as they did in the Bi
ble days, us given in the parable of
the great supper. He emphasized
then how men offer pressure of
business as the paramount excuse
for not attending cliurclj.
Another excuse that is often given
by the unconverted, lie said, is that
\vp have to give up too much for re
ligion. Then he poke eloquently of
the joys and gains of the Christian
life, and their eternal rewards. He
said pleasure is short lived, but he
that doeth the will of God abideth
forever. Here he quoted numbers
of passages of rich promises to those
who accept eternal life. He said the
Invitation was broad, "whosoever
will may come " and yet man will
lose bis joy of religion quibbling
over technicalities involved. He
said the Bible condemns sin, and
will have no compromise with it,!
and we cannot take our idols and pet!
ideas into the kingdom of religion.
The evangelist said that people
would talk sense about everything
hut religion, but will not be prac
tical on this subject when it is a
simple, logical story.
Gospel invitations in simple tones
were then quoted by the speaker,
"The Spirit an^ the Bride Say
Come.” “Whosover Will May!
Come.” etc. Answering the argu- I
n tut that it spoils pleasure to
choose Christianity Dr. Hendrick
gave numberless incidents where Sa-1
•an is a hard task-master, and gave)
many exp«i euces where he had
talked with men who had «*>ld hj™j
dt the burdensome yoke »f sin. :
said If is a "hard thinn to be a mt,- j
ner. It Is a glorious f xperienre to be ,
a Christian."
Another excuse he sn'd p,’°‘,lr J
gave was they could not f<- ‘1
wrongs and could not h’rg* t t 't
'there were |*eople in the church * °
llnrt wronged their fellow man. «e
*aid "I am sorry that this is so. >u j
why sbouldyoii lose your own soul,
precious to you. just because some,
one In the .church will not res pec .
Its law*. bori'k Jeopardize i our j
soul for this excuse." He gave an.
instanre of this excuse h> va> ng |
when he was holding a meeting in,
«, north Texas .town that bme gro
ceryman had said > wduld not go
'to church, biciuse some * member
who had J’wHvedjanj.insurance 'polt
Vy of ‘would not pay. her
grocery d>0. and.lf he would make
her pay It 'he would feel more like
Christianity was worth having. Then
the evangelist good naturedlj an
swefecl1 him tlmt'-he would like to
right' that ’ wrong, but that lie "as
not • “running a cpilectlUg ageno .
The last excuse lie gave was the
laCkv of moral courage. He said
men’wece. afrWld of what they would
bay cat the store, students were
dfrald of criticisms of school friends,
hut he said "Do right, whatever the
cost, pud do not countenance the
levity of your friends. Those that
laugh are not worthy of your re
spect and consideration, and you
must separate from those friends
some day, and why not tonight. T ou
have no contract on life, this hour,
this moment is yours, offer no ex
cuse that will take from you the
Inheritance of eternal life.
At the close of the service two
strong young men accepted the gos
pel of which the preacher so ear
nestly pleaded, and so simply made
Children’* Service.
Yesterday afternoon was given to
tho children and young people by
the evangelist at the Central Pres
byterian church. In the opening
service Mr. Carter asked what the
children wanted to sing, and they
answered with one accord, "No. 2,
“He included Me.” This has been
the revival feature song. "The
Church in the Wildwood” was also
sung, and it was most inspiring to
hear the little ones sing of the
church in the wildwood, tho loved
spot of their parents’ childhood.
Kev. Nat Grafton of Wichita Palls
ga1* e the Invocation.
Tlie sermon was an illustrated
concrete sermon, which the evange
list said was not original with him,
but he had gathered them from his
travels and experiences in the work.
He had placed ten vases on the ta
ble which represented the ten com
mandments, and took an iron ham
mer and snapped one of the vases in
twain, showing how easily the com
mandment is broken. Me gave the
illustration of the little boy start
ing to Sunday school, stopping on
the way and playing “keeps,” and
then asked the children to tell how
many of the commandments were
broken on that Sabbath day by one
boy. It was interesting with what
alacrity they responded, giving the
different commandments involved in
that impressive story. Then the il
lustration of the tiny candle, and
how far its beams shed into the
dark, and thus every little life
shines, “you in your small corner
and me in mine.”
He told the children of the evils
of whiskey, and told the boys not
to have a whiskey bottle tiecj- to
them. He condemned the playing of
cards in no uncertain tones, and ask
ed all the children to go home and
if they could find any in their home
to burn them up they were danger
ous amusemnnts He quoted Billy
Sunday as saying they must be con
demned on account of their evil as
A chemical‘illustration w as given
of how sin can make the heart black,
and how the blood of Jesus Christ
can cleanse .it He explained how
words can make the heart black,
and illustrated that money cannot
take back the midnights blackness,
but as the fluid that Represented
the blood of Jesus Christ was pour
ed in it was cleared up, and a new
heart was created, just as the wa
ter resumed its naturalness The
1 story of the crucifixion was illus
trated in one stroke of the knife
The lecture was very impressive
and after the closing song, a num
ber of youths, reaching the teen
age, and age of accountability, ac
cepted Chri%' and rejected the sins
of which th'e preacher had told
HAI.I.OI A \ !> Ill’S KI.KtTKP.
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interest in the election and “John"
was elected at the polls. Now Hiz
zonor can't be found.
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