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rtreix i as Burk ccMldsntlwn to th>
ylunlfl( of an Mi-to-dsti hoa*e as
nay other room. Hay mnildsrsd as
one of the most important feature*
of a home. Hut, however, well plan
nod your bath room will be a fallur*
if tha plumbing worh la not reliable
Mara your Inrtallatiun done by
. y itUM 10.
uaa pittkkm.
—nf— tB mu. Ota. Piumbla#, Warn*
y -odOa* tppHaao- *11 KJada m
The Daily Light
mmm Uaily^Cxaapt Itadat
t N ftitarpriN Publishing Cm
tOKt p capital irrm K —s.m« I
W SUapaon .P rani dan
<m ftaat.?.*P aad Traaaur*
4 Own by.Bacratnr
. W. SUsvaon. J. Lea Paas. T. *
fWrts. A. it Browning. C. W Kant
< A. Ownby, lea P Qnalta
A. TanaaU.City Kdito.
W. Kant.Bwatnaaa Manage
TBaKSflETBSsTa.Sm.T-'‘ieT.r.rw.^*.-v.~ ■■——
igy arronaoua raflaction upon th
Aarnotor, alandtag or rapntation o>
#j parana. firm or aorporation tba<
gay appear ta tba columns of Tk*
tally UsAt. will ba gladly eorrao
4 t— solas brought to tho attaa
*oo of tha maaa#oa>aat__
i. A. C- Kentbla In an autborland
caroling ropraaentatlro of Tha Dally
iahC *frd *111 solicit and rncalpl
ar gnbagrlptlona for this publication
gfc'SffT- +rr?-rr—— - - -
-Mtnariaa, reaolutlona of raapeci
arda of tbanka—all mat tar no<
KWA~-will ba cbarg-d for at the
«n of flvn cants pat line Poet*
!*t»ia petaa * I
Juiwr M'lDHliniON RATIO
.# Meath by Carrier. »•
* Months by Carrtar .. fk ft
<%» fear, la Advance .»6 «'
n# fenr, la Ad* Out of City H 0>
no fear, in Advance. *1 a'
*« Mouths, la Advnnea. ... *•’
'ws M pat ha la Advance . *
.- «» at the Wasabachle Post
Ma,' Mall*, »f lh# W,'
' %fx»0tSSSSSk • >«*
We can u«ver hope for penuuncut
peace until tho uations quit going
to war.
There is already some little sus
picion that the year 1918 Is going
to be a stem-winder.
Not all the mud slinging is being
dene by one clJe In the local option
election In Tnrraut county.
No matter bow hot the tight be
cornea, a saloon man is always ready
o welcome s counter attack.
Three bonds Issues ere to bo voted
pc October loth and It is Important
to the city that each be adopted.
That man Is n benefactor to hi*
tost) who cause* two factories to
grow where but one grew before.
This is Monday. You have op
portunity before the week closes to
be of some service to your fellow
There is no objection to a girl |
with rough hand* if'she came by!
them by sllUotng skillet* and fry
)ng pan*.
V\*» must conIvfe# that we are not
aa seek os we might be* At auy
rate we see uo immediate prospect
of iuheritiug the oarth.
The democrat# arc shoving a lot
of question:* at ('Hniiidute Hughe
which that gentleman "til find it
somewhat dtftkuU to an "vr.
it begin# to look Ukc it "til be
nevoMary to kill Villa several more
time- before they will be able to got
rid of bun down in Mexico
. bpefkiiMC of Hughes' qualifications
lor the office of president tt fc
clamed that he cannot even play u
rtajottable game of golf.
Judge citorge AuuHtoug ought
to le grit a toed of to *ail
| shoot preachers as he d*4 la hla
j cprn letter to Evangelist liam.

j Waxabarhle fans are watching the
' score hoard elth a great deal of In
i teraet. fretrolt « >.i again yester*
t it) and Mill bolds the lead.
(The Trinity football team Is work
ing hard every 4sr to get la ahape
for the opening of the season The
prospect Is good for a strong team
it Is said that Joe Hailey will tun
,ic.Inst Morris flheppsrd in 1*1*.
Well, be will have to ran. for no
man can win over Morris In a walk.
The city must mp-ko a change In
the ma ty: of its sewage disposal
I) January I. ID IT. Make tils po>
atble by voting for the bond lfiau<
October to.
The circus Is coming and the chil
dren will be anxious to go. We
know it will be a great sacrifice on
your part, but you should arrange
to take them
Anyway, we believe that the
American vote will at least hold the
balance of power in the preaidential
election, and we (eel that Wilaon has
the best chance to get It.
>:vPresident Taft baa been grad
ually growing in the estimation of
the people of the country, but now
he experiences a tremendous set
back by announcing for Hughes.
Trinity University opens Wednes
day and your sons and daughters
have, right hero at home, as good
an opportunity for a higher educa
tion as they can find elsewhere.
The prohibition electiort in Tar
rant county grows in interest and
intensity. Both sides are putting
forward every effort for success,
and each is claiming the victory.
The Delta Courier says Barry Mil
ler will he the next federal appointee
from Texas, but Harry may conclude
that the state needs his services
worse than the federal government.
Texas democrats are responding
liberally to the call for contributions j
to help out the national democratic
committee. If your name la not al
ready on the list, get It there at
We have made application to and
have been duly reinstated in the In
dcpeudenl Order of Sidewalk Pil
grims. Our cushion life was short
and not as sweet as it might have
Waxubuchic cannot afford to lag
behind in the mutter of street pa
lug. and In order that funds for
ti'Ot purpose may bo provided It is
necessary to adopt the bond issue
October 10th.

Every voter in Wuxahachie who
is acquainted with the crowded con
ditions of our city schools should
gc to the polls October lit and vote
fer the bond issue for a new build
ing. The present conditions should
■ ot be permitted to exist another
MODESTO, Calif., Sept. 18.—A
Dew feature of the Stanislaus 'Live
Stock Show and Exposition here to
day is a ‘’livestock sales day,” when
the County Farmers’ uniou conducts
a co-operatjvo sale of choice butch
er stock and the county's swlno
brcoders organisation will tell choice
thoroughbred hogs.
All stock will be auctioned and
progressive breeders anxious to im
prove their cattle or swineherds will
vie in the bidding with representa
tives of the city butchering and pack
ing establishments, who will thus
save commissions usually paid buy
The entries include all classes of
stot k from the famous San Juaquiu
valley, anu some of vhe better known
stock raising centers vwll have spe
cial displays in the exhibit sections.
DALLAS, Tcsus, Sept, is -The
Dallas public schools opened today.
The attendance was largely increased
pier last year's but no figures
wore ygt aiailalde, as registration
report* will require some time for
compilation. The increase is part
ly du-- to compulsory education
lie, effective this term fur the first
Three new school building , two
ward schools uud one high school,
uro bciug occupied today for thi first
Then' is some consolation m the
fttl that the cauaidatc pronahly is
u,. tired of Lis handshakes as those
he tun it '»u.
Waxahachie, September 29 and 30 and October 2
Under the auspices of the Ellis County Diversification and Marketing Association;
the Farm Demohstration Agent, and the Nome Demonstration Agent
yam uu.e i\m*iimation.
All the corn and ►rains entered in
the Crop Show amt reach Waxa
I barbie not latei than 9:00 a. tn. Sep
tember 29. Expert* in judging corn
and grain* will bo present to sup
ply special Information on request.
Iblctwllng Exhibitor*.
Should note the following:
(1) All exhibits must be sent to
Waxaharhie. exprvw* prepaid, in lima
to arrive not later than 9:00 a. in
September 29.
(2j Send the box containing th«.
exhibit* by prepaid expiess to Sup
>rlntendent of Crop Show, Waxa
harhie. Texas. Sec that your name
and address are on the outside auJ
inside of the box.
Who Should Send Exhibit*.
All who think they have the seeds
that should be better known
All who have seeds that they
think will win a prize.
All who arc doubtful about the
quality of their seeds when judged
by scientific store cards. This is a
means of getting the opinion of an
expert on your seed* and the way
you should select them.
How lu holer t Exhibits.
All exhibits of corn must be in the
ctr and will be judged by the stand
ard of valuea or score card adopted
by the Texas Corn Growers’ Associ
ation. in selecting the ears for ex
hibition, bear in mind that they |
will be Judged on their suitability
for seed purpose*. Select ears of1
good quality and also uniformity |
Tick out not less than one hundred
oars and from these select the ten
required to make an exhibit. Don’t
expect to find a perfect ear. Don't;
be afraid of the other fellow. You
will win some valuable Information,
even if you miss getting a first pro
ml uni.
How to Park Exhibits.
All exhibits, whether corn, wheat,'
oats, kaffir coin or milo maize must
be sent at exhibitor’s risk. They
should be securely packed to insure
delivery iu perfect order.
Wrap each ear of corn separately
in a piece of newspaper, folding end :
of paper so as to protect the tips and ;
butts. Pack corn tightly in a box
The Superintendent of the Show
and his assistants will exercise due
care in handling exhibits but will
not be responsible for mistakes.
General Rules.
Entries open only to products
raised in Euis County.
The Chamber of Commerce Silver
Trophy cup must be won three time>
In succession to become property of
In all cases where there is only
one exhibitor and no competition,
the judge shall only award one pre
mium. which may be first, second
or third, in accordance with the mer
its of the exhibit. This rule applies
to all exhibits.
B. K. Hawkins, Superintendent; 1>.
A. Saunders, Judge.
All exhibits entered in this Show
will become the property of the as
sociation. Ribbons will be award
ed to ull winners.
Class A.
rorn—Rest bingle Ear — any va
Second (baseball goods). 2.0b
Third (nursery stock). 1.00
Class B.
—Gourd Seed—10 eats.
First (meiohaudise).12.00
Second . 1-dO
Third .Ribbon
claaa C.
Corn—White—10 ears.
First (shoes).$5.00
Second . 3.00
Third (nursery stock). 2.oO
» la»> l>.
Com—Yellow—In ears.
First (shoes).$5.00
Second . 3.00
Third (nutsery stock). 2.00
Class E.
Com—SI raw berry —10 oars.
First (Stetson hat).$5.0')
Second . 3 Ml
Third (nursery stuck). 2 00
< lass V.
Com—Any Other Color—10 cars.
First (laundry).$2.00
Secoud (laundry). 2.00
Third (uhrsTy stock) 1. l.CK>
tla^s li.
Com Host Fifty Lars — any >a
First .$3.00
gecond (SOpounda flour). 2.00
Third (nursery stock). 1.00
(lass H.
Corn — Largest Single Ear — an)
variety. I length 40 per cent, weight
#0 per cent.)
Second (nursery stock). 1.00
Class 1.
Sweepstakes—Best Ten Ears—any
The Waxahachie Chamber of Com
merce Trophy Cup will be awai-led
in this class. It must be won three
times in succession to become the
property of the holder. Mr. J. K.
Keyworth of Waxahachie won the
;('up iU the 1915 Show.
First .Trophy Cup
Second (furniture).*5.)0
Third I merchandise). 3.00
C lass J.
Forage Oops—Best Ten Heads.
MJIo (groceiies).*1.00
[Feterita (groceries). l.Ou
Kaffir (groceries). 1.00
Sorghum (groceries). 1.00
Egyptain Wheat (groceries).. . 1.00
Class K.
First (hardware oi saddlery).. *2.50 i
Second (Kreao Dip).;. 1.50
Third (drugs). 100
Bundle, 3 Inches at Band.
First .$1-50
Second . BOO
lhird. Klbbon
Class L.
First (groceries).$2.50 j
Second (merchandise). 1.50]
Third (merchandise). 1.00 |
Bundle, 3 iuches at Band.
Hrfet .$150
Second . 1.00
Class M.
Barley and Rye.
Peck Barley.$1.00
Peck Rye (hardware). 100
Bundle Barley, 3 inches at band 1.0'J
Bundle Rye, 3 inches at band. . 1.00
Class S'.
Hay, Best Bale.
Sorghum (hardware).$2.0)
Sudan Grass (hardware). 2.00
Prairie (hardware). 2.00
Bermuda (hardware). 2.00
Alfalfa (hardware). 2.00
Millet (hardware). 2.00
Peanut (hardware). 2.00
Class O.
Sudan Grass.
Best Sample in Bundle.$l.u0
C lass P.
Vegetables, Etc.
Heaviest Stock Beet.$1.00
Heaviest Pumpkin. 1.00
Heaviest Cushaw. 1.00
Best Peck Sweet Potatoes. 1.00
Largest Sweet Potato. 1.00
Best Gallon Cow peas. 1.0)
Best Gallon Blackeyed Peas... 1.00
Best Sample Ensiiage. 1 00
Beat Collection Freeh Vege
tables . 1 00
Best Sample Sorghum. 1.00
Best Quart Peanuts. 100
Best 10 Ears Pop Corn. 100
Class Q.
Individual Farm Exhibit.
First (auto supplies).$5.00
Second (hat). 3.00
l Does not become property of
Class P.
Cotton (Short Staple.)
Beet pound Seed Cotton.$2.00
Beet 50 Open Bolls Cotton.
flour. 2 00
iBeet three Stalks. 2.5u
!Beet 5 pounds Lint. 2.50
IBest gallon Cotton Seed, bran.. 1.50
Swine Show
>f, D. Kobinsou, Superintendent.
Entries in this department will |
close September 26, 1916. Entries
should bo made to M. D. Robinson,
superintendent, Waxahuchie, Texas. ^
Each and every senior animal in
this department must be registered, j
and the certificate of registration j
must be examined and approved by
jtlie superintendent and be held bub
ject to lu. orders during the entire
show. Pedigree certificate will en
title animal, to entry iu junior
All exhibitor., in this department
islull at the time of offering au'
.»!ue to ih(' superintendent, make
and ule w,th the secretary au alfi
.davit that the swine to be exhibit
• ed have not bad au> contagious div
iej.r among them for a period if
[three months prior to the opening
jdaj of th* show, and hate not been
[exposed to any contagious .disease
for a period of thirty days prior to
;the opening day of the show.
Ages of all animals’competing for
premiums in this department shall
'be computed from March 1 and Sep
tember 1.
No stock shall be show n by an ex
li 1 bitor unless same has been owned
l by said exhibitor five days previous
!to the opening of the show.
Swine twelve months and over
i#111 be classed as senior; swine un
der twelve months as junior.
Entries will be confined to ex
hibitors living in Ellis County.
>n entrance fee of 75 cents per
I head for seniors and 50 cents per
head for juniors will be made to
jbear the expense of providing liens,
attendants and feed.
No animal may be removed from
the show until the afternoon of Oc
tober 2, 1916.
In order to have swine gentle and
easily hundled, exhibitors are advis
ed to place them in close confine
ment reveral days before the show
We would further advise that all
animals be vaccinated at least ten
days prior to ..ate of show.
Duittc Jersey.
1st 2nd 3rd
[Best Boar, senior. . $5.00 $2.50 Rio
Best Boar, junior 5.00 2.50 Rib.
Rest Sow, senior .. 5.00 2.50 Kib.
Best Sow, junior. . . 5.00 2.60 Rib.
Grand Champion Boar.Ribbon
Grand Champion Sow.Ribbon
Get ol' Boar.Ribbon
Produce of Sow.Ribbon
Best young Herd (one
Boar and three Sows) . . .Ribbon
Poland China.
1st 2nd 3rd
Best Boar, senior. . $5.00 $2.50 Rib.
Best Boar, junior 5.00 2.50 Rib.
Best Sow, senior... 5.00 2.50 Rib.
Best Sow, junior. . . 5.00 2.50 Rib.
Grand Champion Boar.Ribbon
Grand Champion Sow.Ribbon
Product of Sow.Ribbon
Get of Boar.Riblu.i
Best young Herd (one
Boar and three Sows) . . .Ribbon
1st 2nd 3rd
Best Boar, benior. . $5.00 $2.50 Kib.
Best Boar, junior 5.00 2.50 Rib.
Best Sow. senior . . 5.00 2.50 Rio.
Best Sow, junior. . . 5.00 2.60 Rib.
Grand Champion Boar.Ribbon
Grand Champion Sow.Ribbon
Produce of Sow.Ribbon
Get of Boar.Ribbon
Best young Herd (one
Boar and three Sows) . . .Ribbon
Suecy >* take. .
1st 2nd
Best Boar, any age or
breed.$10.00 $5.00
Best Sow, any age or
breed. 10.00 6.00
Boys’Agricultural Club
1. All boys and girls contesting in
this department must be between ten
and eighteen years of age, and a
member of a regular organized club
in Ellis count* organized by the Ex
tension Service of the A. and M. Col
lege, in co-operation with the United
States Department of Agriculture.
2. Corn exhibits must consist < t
ten ears.
3. Each contestant will bo allow
ed only ono entry in each class.
4. Each exhibit must bo accom
panied with a report properly attest
ed to, giving aceurato information
as to the yield per acre and net prof
it. according to the rules of the of
fice of Farmers’ Co-operative Dem
onstration Work, and a. written his
tory telling “How I Made My Crop."
[Forms for making reports will be
'furnished by D. D. Floyd, Farm Dem
onstration Agent, Waxahachle, Tex
5. All prizes will be awarded on
the following basis:
jil) Greatest yield per acre... 30 Ci
(2) Best showing of profit.... 30'.,
1(3) Best exhibit. 202c
|(4) Best written history of
"How I Made My frop"... 20';
Total. leO
6 All exhibits should be rare
Ifully packed in boxes for shipping,
laud the grower's name placed on
| both the iuaido and outside of the
ibo.x before shipping IT more than
.one exhibit is slapped in the same
box, each exhibit should be mark
led. The report and history should
be at'ached to the exhibit and not
mailed. Express should be prepaid
before the shipment by the rontest
j ant.
7. All exhibits for the Boys’ Agri
cultural Club Department must be
brought or must be shipped in time
to arrive in Waxahachie not later
than September 2#. 1916. It re
quires time to place an exhibit.
8. For further detailed informa
tion address D. D. Floyd. Farm
Demonstration A*ent, Waxahachie.
Corn Club.
Best acre marketable corn, schol
arship in Trinity University, 160.00.
Second best acre marketable
corn ... $ 12.50
Third beat acre marketable
corn . $5.00
Fourth best acre marketable
corn . $3.50
Best ten ears of any variety of
corn . $10.00
Second best ten ears any vari
ety •*. •* • « •— —• • • $5.00
Third best ten ears any vari
ety . $4.00
Fourth best ten ears any vari
ety _ 3m.. $3.50
Fifth best ten ears any vari
ety ... $2.60
rig ciub.
1st 2nd
Best boar under one
year .. $5.00 $3.00
Best sow and lit
ter ...- $6.00 $3.00
Largest litter of
pigs.$5.00 $3.00
Best bred gilt . $5.00 $3.00
Best sow . $5.00 $3.00
Best sow pig.$5.00 $3.00
Best boar pig . $5.00 $3.00
Mat Robinson of Ray offers a
grand sweepstake prize of a $15 pig
for the best Duroc Jersey pig under
1 year old.
Cash prizes furnished by Waxa
hachio Chamber of Commerce.
Girl's Club Department
Rules governing canning club ex
1. All girls contesting iu this de
partment must be between the ages
of 10 and 18, and a member of a
regular organized club in Ellis coun
ty, conducted under the supervision
of lady agent, working under the
direction of the Extension Depart
ment of the A. and M. College of
Texas and the United States depart
ment of agriculture co-operating.
2. Each girl must do her own
work, except the plowing. She may
hire this done. She must have can
ned all products exhjbited in glass
or tin, must have cut and made all
garments exhibited, and must have
written her own “History of Crop.”
3. Each girl will be allowed one
entry in each class; therefore mak
ing it possible for any one girl to
win one prize in each class.
4. All exhibits for the Girls' Club
department must be brought or
shipped in time to arrive in Waxa
hachie not later than Friday, Sept.
29, at 9 o’clock. It requires tirno
to place an exhibit.
Group 1—B«hst and most complete
exhibit.—Scholarship to Trinity
Second best.$10.00
(Given to girl having Ninth Grade
Group 2—Best and most complete
exhibit.—Steam Pressure Canuer.
Second best.$10.0 »
(Not open to girls entering Group
Group 3—Best dozen (12) uniform
jars of different products (1 jar
of tomatoes), best "History of
Crop" neatly bound, best made
cap and apron.—Trip and Week's
Stay at tho Dallas Fair.
Second best.—$5.00 worth of
Trees or Flowers from Waxa
haeliie Nursery Company’s cata
(Given to four (4) girls whose
| ages are between 10 and aud 18.)
Group 4—Best six (ff) varieties rf
jelly.—Scholarship to Mrs. Fu
gate’s Expression Class.
Second best.$5.<t)
Third best.—$2.50 Fern, given by
Bird Forrest.
(Limited to girls in Waxahaehie
Group 5—Best six (6) varieties of
Jelly.—Pea of Barred Uock ChicK
Second best.*....$6.00
Third best.—Six best Bose Bushes,
given by Bert Shands.
jopen to .11 not «t*rt„ ^
Group «—Best 2 bottle, of <1..
"Dixie Relish". °-***
Secor d best.... ;;;;..
Third best. ;;;;.u*
Group 7—Best 2 botUe. of
S. Chutney".
Second best. : “
Third best. •■••H
Group 8—Best 2 bottles of « **
brand "Tomato Catsup”
Second best.
Third best. • Ul
Group 9—Boat glass of Mi.. ' **
Second best.
Group 10—Best class ofAppk
Jelly ..
Second best.
Group 11—Best glass of Pis* *
Second best. ^
Group 12—Beat glass of Grape
Jelly. 2js
Second beat.
Group 13—Best glass of Blsc*.
berry Jelly..
Second best..
Group 14—Best glass of f»thtr
kind of Jelly.. . y,
Second best...ti jjj
Group 15—Best 7 cans of
Peaches.. (a
Second best..
Third best.. Ul
Group 18—Best 7 cans ot
Tomatoes .fu
Second best..
Thiid best..
Group 17—Best jar of Water
melon Hind Preserves...... LM
Second best.p
Group 18—Best jar of Tomtit
Preserves .LU
Group 19—Best jar of Pear
Preserves .l.M
Second best. Jl
Group 20—Best Jar of Peach
Preserves .Ui
Second best.11
Group 21—Best jar of Peach
Pickles .Ill
Second best. St
Group 22—Best jar of Mar
malade .i.H
Second best.lit
Group 23—Best kept “Record
Second best.UI
Group 24—Every complete
“Record Book ”—Canning CM
Put all of Group 3 in SquareQ«t«
Use adopted container for Group
6, 7 and 21.
Use adopted Jelly Glasses to
Groups 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 11,1'
Use No. 3 cans for Group 15.
Use No. 2 cans for Group 15.
Cash prizes furnished by
ui m raiv*.
S. H. Moses, Waxahachie «, Pr*
Frank Hosford, Sierrett, Vice PW
C. E. Schuster, Waxahachie Sem
tarv-Treasurer. _
B. F. Hawkins, Chairman. JUlUo(i'
ian. , ^
D. D. Floyd, Waxahachie. ®o)» **
P. M. Wheatley. Howard.
Mrs. K. H. Davis. Waxahachie, 6’J
Department. ;
Toe Erwin. Waxahachie.
W. M. Mincey, Waxabaehie.
C. E. Schuster, Waxahachie.
M. D. Robinson. Chairman.
Henry Curry, Waxahachie.
W. A. Roberts, Waxahachie _
| j. E. Key worth, Chairman,
D. D. Floyd. Waxahachie.
A. Wicker. Waxahachie.
Mis. K. H. Davis. WaxahacW
B. F. Hawkins. Midlothian
Mat Robinson, Ennis.
C. E. Schustnr, Waxahachie
A. Wicker. Chairman. ''e*4*
!Dave Smith. Midlothian
\V. A Few. Midlothian
,1. E Key worth. Waxahachie
Frank riot ford. Sterrett.
C. E. Schuster. CNittM*
j hachie
;D. D Floyd. Waxahachie
| Mis B. II. Davis. Waxah*^'
For Further Information and Prize Lists. Address C. t\ Schuster, Secretary.; D. D. Floyd, Farm Demonstration Agent; Mrs. K. H. Davi* “
1 Demonstration A*eut. Waubachie. Tc-Ado. Entry Blanks for Swim may bt secured from iht Secretary.

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