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Suits and
Received today by express
$35 to $45
\New goods in every dc
paitment every day.
for Good Goods
Order your COAL NOW
before winter comes.
We have the best
McAlester Lump Coal
■ ■■■ III ■ 5“5~.r ass I'1 <wm
Free from slack and slate,
also good wood.
When you need anything in
our line phone us. We deliver
J. J. McQuatters 4 Son
Breakfast Menu
Waffle Iron. l^ktiiUt. ■ 91.2S)
Wnflle linn. Co** Slmc. . S i .155
Waffle Iron. Aluminum . . .... {jlll.7«"5
We ('Mt)r it ( l.in<« of All Kintl* Kitchen t testnUt.
South Kojjers St. Phone 3t 1
' .
NKW YORK, On. JO. — Title is
the only one of tbo log eastern
teams which will not be in action
tomorrow as it wilt stage its weekly
game this afternoon in the Yale
Howl with Virginia Holy us its op
jji neat.
H. “i list Pcs i * arhitsetts
ta« ale Hucknet) at Hbtua, ..mi il.m
mouth will tlo battle with Utorge
ItHvn at Hanover. The navy ami
Ainiy elevena will be in action, the
i dimer against West Virginia at An
ltbpoHs and the cadets against Trin
ifv at West Point.
.. perhaps The most important ion
flirt will be staged in the tar we*t,
w i; re Nebraska I’nlvetralty and tin
Oregon Assies are due for an it:i
sectional clash at Portland, Ore.
Those two teams Uavo been supreme
in their sections for some time anil
the tea0It of their contest will b •
interest nr e penally to middle ami
far western football devote* s. Ne
bras Hat coach recently left the
coaching job at the Oregon school
to take up the saute Untie.- at ldn
coin, and this will add to the in:
hr tv m the school.;.
I :» tlitie will be well rein; -
• ;' t d c ft the day’s schedule, every
. I! . .VS’ pi ■ : > ! .I.e
be ar billed for a cninbat. < hie. -,o
should have easy sailing agaiua!
Northw* tein, whll* Minnesota
should have no trouble with South
Dakota. Wiscon {8 v ill meet tie1
Haskell Indians at Madison, and
Iowa will clash with Ptudu • at Iowa
Pity. Illinois and Ohio State will
battle in a mat erotica game ut
| t'rbatui.
Tastes Gc cd—Is Good
V ImxIj w.inl* a uiUkIi. ulnl tlu* Ifiunl) 'liouhl tint !*<• «\ 1-1
than ftu* Ti) our rouult rrHirdi, uliidi i- jiii i<i
i Hujj. ami. oil, mi |irotit|it in itlii'iin^.
Hoih l*tmn<-s 07.
silo m nilos sue
mites vest of town, was Injured ial* i
Thursday In a very peculiar manner j
He was working jO.it hi* rllo and
left a monkey *H*n«h high op <m;
the i-.de of it. ami it hilt doing xonie
ufirk underneath ils* wrench fell off i
and struck litni qp the head. rutting1
a firrp gash which Dririntalrd sev
eral flic he* to r:Iit«o. The lick *a*l
hard enough to ratine Mr. \Yalh*r to.
faint rw n after the attending phy- j
Kiel mi arrived He Ir bette todjy. j
ho*» vtr, and i* getting along nicely. I
W*:- the poisons and toxins from
s/ste-n before putting more
food Into stomach.
S»ya insid' bathing make* any
■'■no lot,:-, and feel clean,
c've t and refreshed.
- . |
; Wash .vonnKdf on 1 ioaide before ;
| breakfast like is on the out
j side. 'I .lia la vantty more iinpor-1
I . <3| lie d, not
absorb impurities iitto itie blood,
ran si uk illness, while the bowel
pd re- do.
For every ounce of food and drink
taken into the stomach, nearly an!
ounce of haste material inns, be j
carried out of I ho body. If this;
waste material is not eliminated day ‘
by day it quickly ferment* and pen- j
crates polaons, pasee and toxins 1
which are absorbed or sucked Into i
the biood stream, through tiie lymph j
ducts which should suck only nour- j
\j1shby-i. Lcr' :o- j
11 rU »»rh, 0 for 90 ctv i
- r--* * - *. i •— » .. ii|,w#
i»bwent to sustain the body.
A splendid health measure ’•& tb
drmk. h. lore breakfast each t'cy, a
glass of real but water with a *e«
rp.onful of llBiMbne phoaphatc Iti
It, which Is a harmless way to wash
th'’?>c poibon-- Rase* and tor'ns from
the stoma t>. liter, kidneys and
bowels; thus cleansing, sweetening
and freshening the entire alimentary
canal before putting ne re food in
txi tie stomach.
A quarter pound of tin oloio plio -
phatr costs but ve; v li'Ue (l the
drug store but b -iiffiricnt to make
anyone an enthusiast on iioblc
ba thing. Men and women who ate
accustomed to wuko up with » dull,
a'-htng head or have lured tongue,
bed taste, nasty breath, sallow cctn
pb xlou, others who have bilous at
tacks, acid stomach or constipation
are assured of pronounced Improve
ment in both health aud appcarai o
shortly.- (Adv.)
Al'.STLN, Texas, Oct. 20 -"Textui
Is Mexlrautzed with large land hold
ings by Individuals, firms corpora
tions and the estates of deceased
(.errors," write;, band Commissioner
Kobison In a special chapter in his
biennial report, now being complet
I _ ___
Hold your horses!”
No more dors that clarion cry re
sound thro* si.ii tl.t crowded higl
vvu> ennotr-.-i:;. the approach < f
the glili*': Now,i
days it is generally "t'et out ot the
way with that auto.” which is hoard
••a advance of the great pageant
Tin re arc few horses to chafe at
their hits ittul snott with terror ut
- ;;ht of the elephant::- in th. .-e pro
gressive days, but the good old cir
cus parade still comes, however, and
th — largest and best ot ull of them
will he seen nil the streets of this
city on October 26th when the llr.r
nutt! a Haitiy shoe-s exhibit here.
Hoi -es lea. go and automobiles
n.ay come, hut the circus and its at
tendant street parade go on ft . ever,
nor do they seem to lose one atom of
th* ir popnl-H'tiv. Mote the rr
icus is *jtie great business Institu
tion. whore th* automobile has fail
ed to supplant the hot o. Every Hr
cus vehicle is still horse drawn, and
will be fitt all an s. accord!tig to th>
managers of the Barn uni & Bailey
nr. us. The glittering tableau curs,
the guidon allegorical floats, the
gorge.>u« menagerie cage-, all would
[be Strang, and sorry sights if they
i were motor driven, instead of drawn
i bv handsome plumed horse- m shin
ing, silver harness.
\ The Barnuni a- Bailey circus this
sc- -ju is csrrjing tt >r* th ■u '•>"
hiit. es. and nearly all ot them ap
pear in the great street parade. The
prmess’on Itt*‘praet!cally new this
reason and eml> dies many new ld> . s
•' d de,i.:rtu.". ■ in street pageantry.
! The floats and ( uses are of row and
novel design, :a< at ni them the pro
duct of foreign desiynsr*, made ;n
the European shops of the circus t
Stoke-on-tlie-Ti cut. The parade
longer than ex r heft,re. ami virtu-;
all\ all of t!o' menus. e-.ge- are
displayed, thus affording spectators
a free view of the m t valuablej
and comprehensive zoological col
lection In America. A feature of the
procession is tb music, furnished’
by six bands and tltre- calliopes and
compressed air pianos. A host of
clowns are also on hand to inject a
little fun into the calvacde.
It is promised ih; t the opens this
season will offer more novelties than
ever before it rt cut \<urs. On ac
count of the xyar many foreign ar-.
lists, who liaxe never before appear-:
ed in America, arc this season mak-i
lug heir deloU with the Hurnnm A
Hatley six. w. More than (»'• per
formers, cotuprising the crer.nl ef
Autcr.can and foreign talents are this
season participating in the circus1
program The gorgeous, new spec-’
tacul r 'play, "1V'v".i. or the Pa-,
oi the Thousand and One j
Nigh''," i- also Important fc,«-[
lure. I
With a minimum temperature of
S3 d* street. Thursday night frost ap-j
peered jp many places tnrociRhontj
Kills county, however, it Is not con-'
aldepccl a killing frost. Fro*' thi'
year .s twenty fire days esr'ier than:
the first killing (rest last year, which ,
s ame on Nov-usher 15.
Th- cold «* s her continues today
and unless then ia considerable mou
e . 01 • * s.-uht a hsrv r frost i
expected. i
!<■(), In whirh he strongly invalghs i
against such holdings end urges leg
I legislation requiring alienation, "if I
I did not believe as earnestly us 1]
am capable of believing that these
large holdings of farm land retard
the develop a nt of agricultural com
! inanities. < < al ord*'r and impede
tire progress of flic state toward
j higher education and grenler indus
ri .11 dt velopmant and the resultant
! civilized ion. and that such holdings
'ill j»r >ve a i illntor*' about the reel
Of the government that will uit:- i
innately bring it into the maeisttoi' |
.,f .hi mil day t. the country, thesej
| lines would not he written." ar«'
; the strong and somewhat sensational I
i words u b> Mr. Robison in his,
j special chapter.
Added to this chapter, or rat iter i
part of it, tin commissioner includes j
In . tatement showing the number off
Uci’ool children In each aunty of the
! slate and the largest acre; ge It Id.
j *' €> Idea being to illustrate that wtirrc
: tin inch in tin1 1 ■ ' tins.- ; large
j tii number or school children is cor
; respoudlngly small. It in analyzed;
‘to that effect. \ furl It or statemoc
J Is made that “of these large hold-1
pros about iwo-thirds c the owner.;!
j nr** nonresidents of the counties1
where their holdings arcs.”
_ i
Hold Roger., \rri\ :N.
H. A. Bredort, Fort Worth; I O. j
j Itov.-n, Pallas; K. A. Berry and wi'o. |
| M, lisonvilie: Frank I) an and v ile. !
Mi t s invllle; N M. \Y •> >trit and j
‘ Me, Madisonville; J. Wilson, No*-1
' mange*, W. 1). Baccy and wife; j
j N'rrniangee; it. 1 Palme -, Norman j
gift; X. W. Ufiittehe, Dali s; J. k'. I
B■nett . Dallas; W. (5. Be. d. Dallas; j
\\ . T. .Tacks iu. Dallas; .M. II. Par: vj
er, Dr 11 - : I Nunn ■ l!;>, T'o:
; Worth; H. H. Pugh,. Dnlla.a; K. T.
j Oi and. Dal! W. T. .Marti ' and
V it..; >| W A ,t:.. Waco; H f.
j Seay, Dallas; (T. A. Baker. She tuan; j
I 8. R. Beak1, city: R. 8. Johnson, j
Dallas, I* \. C. Ill's, Vev York: At. I
Deane \ New Orient**: Geo. M. !
Oi. al, Cincinnati; Frank Fshclinatt, j
city; D 10. Mi idler.- ; . Dallas, A.
A. Mo ire ml v • e. T< 'rr. P
W .Moor.. Temple* J. it. Smart. ,
F .- Worth: B. Anderson Smith, Mew j
OMivii'i; B. A. Hodges, Temple; J
G. ii. I.B'gan, city; 8. .1. Mil Crfr
sieana; George Salmons and wife, j
Kt u ;. ('it H A House, Okinho- '
i.a City; Adrian Pool, El Pc ; •; 8. j
!' ‘rnnein, Chicago; I. M. Kooa, St. -
i !l. V. Klint-.tp, New York: j
Ik Kdrun! 'it, Co *-*i*. a; Ernest j
Hert/.i !.', Kt. Bouis; K. i. Burk- . Bos- j
on; Miss : inglet m, city; C. Grif |
fi; h. Washington, D. ( ; i . N. Finn - i
a nan. Washington, I). I it Mur-J
ra. . T< no- : B. B. Wagner, Kansttr. j
s\\ t \ III! I S 111 S{ XI 11
i*a \ ii.i \ F<»iJ.:)\vi:n:i.
cmm AiirA < irv. aiex., o<-t. ...
—Francisco Villa md i< cart of h's J
bandit c' nim ml l ok possession of i
. In; mining t .n of San Andre-;
. v enty-five miles .,t of here, . >
■ day. Angered b ■< an e the male
< nui ’tion of 111.- town tied to pre
v- ut b' ing ini; re red into his servin''.
' ilia • >ai:' -ed the houses burned and
permitted !.i men to commit atroci-■
ties upon the defenseless inhabit ants.
:< refuge ,■ from San Andres, who
arrived here in an exhausted condi
bu today, reported to Genetal Tre
Put u-sti'U k*. u inhabitants of Par
At’dr-'s arc pouring >nto this city,
and lhe en’i1 Sap \ndre-s dir.ri*
1 he home o’ Villa’s first waita’e is jl
biing depopulated. A telegram re-'j
'•< ived 1 Gitiei.il Trvina from b
S tita Y jbel today re; orted
w.i1 about Mid men about t'-p mil' s j]
r.erth - f San And e-. Scouting jj
■ >’> m i- i it from Santa Ysabel.*
also located several small bands of I
iv iidUs on cumins between Sail G
'ml as and Oushulrlachle. Jo e*
^ i:cz Sal izar, Vilki's secmol com- *1
’d > e ported to be in Cusihulria- jl
i hie v. itli a forte. !j
Hern ial Trevino has ordered Gen-jj
*' I •’arl" O/una to entrain with j
' : " Ulan i L’ " a trot ,.a, most 1'. , ;
cavalry, to pi. I i.'ong the Mext-jjj
t;n North western railroad in inir-jj
si it of Villa hands.
* l'"' I-' bi t pri ■ - far any ar- jl
t-cb yoti •; iy t.»vo for sale it il
• 's-*ry : .at .ae-yhody know that !|
>«>u lulu ometb.ns for sale. I.etj*
the Dr ’iy l.iglt want column tellil
. . U. ill.i'Ll t. I
; Cash Produce & Groc. Supply Co.j
103 North Rogers Street—I‘hone .>44
tin si:\so> is initi:
, «»T: mvrKKS 1 !>ll AM* ITOsil \li:iTS
I Vt)l n 1ST l)i;Ks."*IMiS or yfALITY
M l. II \VK Till M
| |>li»li*<. 'InxUr.K Oiow-Ch.m, Hanoi i>r \l| Kind*.
I’iikh-- urn! All kindit <>l
■ •
Texas Leads in Railway
t Mileage :
Texas ha; moie railroad ntiicatc than any State in r. I
* Union. V.e no.v have '5.C00 miles main line of railroad* '■
I The first railroad built in Texas was 1837: to encourage rai 1
;1 road construction the State oi Texas gave awe • 36,000000 !
fj acres of land in the picr.c-r days as a subsidy for buiidw l
jjj C.oco miles of 1 -ulroad. > o have 563 miles o: railroad to
• each 'oo square ns ties of ten: •. ’ c :as has 37 m:les of i
| railroad track to every 10 co mnabitants.—Texas Facts,
:i We Lead in Fresh Vega
tables and Fruit Line
in Waxahachie.—Waxahachie Fuels.
Turnip and mustard greens, fresh beans, lettuce, celery
t squash, tomatoes, turnips and peppers
Grapes, oranges, tipples (all varieties), bananas, peaches
f1 and pears.
Two Phones, Beth—55 Old Phone; New Phone !69
^ Dates, raisins, currants, figs, prunes, mince meat, dried
apples, peaches, appricots.
All kinds of fresh nuts.
Nice grape fruit.
Fresh vegetables of ail kinds.
Frying chickens and fat mackerel.
' Y %/ , PAT TST C •' •'I
’ I. LULA W *J ; . <
g Both Pli-in.it a»8 - .-.Ji, f »r-- S'» .
nitsatcariasEai’i' ’smsm-'ts'-ia
Made from the perfect O >ve. Excellent ?r a relish and !
jjj makes delicious sandwiches.
Goodlett Cash Grocery !
“The Home of Gladioia Flour”
j West Frani-din Street.
y Old Phone llo New Phone30
2 _
\ 'e have never fcetorc had a more complete stock. Every
■ j article we sell is guaranteed.
JL OSira Martin I
SiEct‘tvs.M»rs t'> Mil?*in & MeCnriiiick. j
! When You Visit the !
Dallas Fair '<
j Aedford's Cafe |
li i . < .--.mi,- Ttttbe4*oeUi«*‘*r. I
I*lu s \\\ hi <1 I'ii'VH).
• 4 c *R *
iNice lettuce and celery, sweet peppers, snap beans. -rc |
cabbage and nice t
Fresh fruits of all kinds. |'
Par&er <& Company

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