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An unusual sale ai.d
prices on fine Millinery
now on at our stole. Come
and see. We save you
big money.
| pattern and trim
Pattern Hate
$12.50 cut to only $8.79
$10.00 cut to only. .$T».9H I
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$8.jo cut to only $4.70
$7.50 cut to only $1.18
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$5^>o cut to only. .$3.20
$4.50 cut to only. $2.98
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$3.50 cut to only. .$2.10
$3.00 cut to only. .$1.98
$2.50 cut to only $1.79
Big reductions on Misses'
and Children's Hats.
For Good Goods
nri for tV Kills
County Hanttarluni.
FHIRI t -KM I HT U K.h TO • llooM
lllUIMt Of i.O» I l«N Mf.NT IN
_ t
ITk' (tili'l Intro-** In (>ulM‘riuil#rtnl |
KNtiiun* (rntipi In tin- North
«ll>l NiiiIIh :l»(—< Al
mi llnltl*- <#mun*l.
* AjflIINGTON. November « —
Thirty-five of America'* forty-eight j
state* *111 elect governor* toiuoi row
in twenty of the thirty-five the in
cumbent governor* am democrat*.
Hottest In point of interest are
the con testa In Colorado, Illinois, in ,
diatia. Massachusetts, New Jersey.*
New York, Ohio and \V -C'lipin lr. j
nearly all of these atat -s, local and j
national issues are almost inexlric .
ably mixed. , ;
fn Colorado, I!»*• prohibition advo
cate and present governor, (leorge A,
< arisen. Is righting it out with Judge
jj. C. Gunter; Because of Carlson'*
[championship of prohibition, he has
I,ecu conceded ytost of the women's
vote in the state.
In Indiana, congressman Adair. »
democrat, has made a vigorous cam
paign against J. P. Goodrich.
In Massachusetts, former Itepre
sentatlvo Hiimie I W. McCall. tha
present governor, is opposed by Fred
erb k W Mansfield in a more than
usually hot fight.
In New Jersey, President Wilson's
Scraping in Bearings
Pon't forget that one of the
most Important pieces of work
in overhauling your ear's en
gine this year, Is the SCRAP
Infinite care add patience
plus a high order of nietrmttl
cal skill are necessary for this
work and it is THIS kind of
workmanship you're sure of
when WE overhaul your car.
Your car will last longer and
run better if WE overhaul it.
W. B. Jackson Motor Car Co., Inc.
huts a it m
MAIUTK 4ll\KK, kakmkii, is in.
Tiw liNiirj (ilvi» I'jt 11 <>fflt«*iH
Follow Ink the Killing ami K\.
MniiMlMK Trial W ill lie (
Haiti Today.
Marcus Jones, a farmer living near
Munis, was killed last night ut an
early hour at the home of Jess Gen
try, a btakemnn on the M. and T
'in that city Ueifliy surrendered
to the officers after ihe killing
Jones was killed in a most peculiar
manner An ice pick was used by
bis slayer and his head was pierced.
Death followed in a very short time.
Gentry gave himself up to Constable
Weaver at Knniw and It is understood
b» examining trial will be held there
this aHerpoon.v f
Attattn Heat Jutici (<> brath.
KNNI8, Texas, Nov. <i.-—Jesse
Gentry is under arrest today on a
eherge of murder in connection uitii
tie killing of Marcus Jones, u farm
'or. last night. Gentry is alleged to
have admitted to the authorities that
he beat Joues to death in his house
and dragged the body Into the yard.
He won id,(five no explanation of the
Mrs. Gentry was in the house at i
the time. Gentry is a breketnan of
tie Houston and Texas Central rail■i
v; y.
IM'lil. WII.S01 l>.\V I’AltAWK
AT Hll li orWM'K.
| life Kvrnl <>n Kve of Klevtion Will
Show iKnlhnsiasiit Mmiit'iMril in
file Kloelion of i’W)»UI«‘nl
of the I nllol Stales.
This afterrtoon at i o'clock the
democrat* of Wax ah a chic and vi
cinity will form a mammoth parade
on South College street near /the
Katy station and march north to
Hast Main street, thence to Kaufman
street and northeast to Marvin, then
west to University, out University to
the university building and west
again over Sycamore to Grund ave
nue and south to West Mam and
back to the sqtiare. *
it is the purpose of the promoters
to have every available Wilson dem
ocrat in tho parade and have hun
dreds of automobiles decorated in
United States flags. It is a kind of
.Wilson day celebration among lo
cal democrats.
lbrih Optimistic In Te«MM>Nce.
NASHV1ULK, Tenn . . «.
Wit it the announcement hist night of
plans for rallies in virtually every
county today and tonight ;t> a climax
to ty the campaign In Tennessee,
one of the most act he In recent
years, equally optimistic statements
were Uaued from the slate lieudquur
ten* of the oiqiysing political parties.
The Rubber Kind
Brat it if you can. We offer the most perfectly con
v%ctcd, longest wearing HOT WATER BOTTLE at
lowest possible prices.
We Aie Boosters for the Ellis County Sanitarium.
i«l • Walt*/ c F<Ikc <• i ah! «
«»n, ai>/I »V. Olio Wittjienn. format- j
ly iinttl officer of Ihe inirt at Jar- !
*ey CiO. are flthtioc l<> *urc"»ed ihe
prevent <leit:o< ratlc governor, Jain.*
F. Fielder.
In New York Uovermii Chari* * 3.
Whitman, republican. formerly drt
trlct Attorney at New York, la oppos
ed by a lotn.ei Ifoosc.cit prugrew
rlvr Juatict Samuel Sea bury, now
running a* a democrat. T It. ha*
• adorned Whlti/ian.
fn Ohio, Frank H. Willi*, lh< n
(mbiicin ipruiiil^ut. ha* opposed to
liifii ih1' tjifin lif* •*(11**#f ibf Iif*( time*
for tb- «ov*monthii’. forntor Rtpr»
sentative James M. Cox. The fight j
in tltt Buckeye state has been lull
of personal it iew and all sorts Of hot
la Wlatonsin, Emanuel l.. Philipp,
who tiittiuphed icer the I .a Kollette
republicans in the last gubernatorial
electron, is seeding re-elee.tlon over
Burt Williams, a democrat.
The t o npletc list of republican
and d* mocrntlc candidate* for gov
ernor In the states holding election:.,
Arizona -Thomas E. Campbell, re
publican. Phoenix; George W. P
Hunt, democrat t incumbent», Phoe
Arkansas Wallace Townsend, re
publican, Little Hock; (\ H. Brough.
ik-iiMK rat, Kayetteville.
Colot ado- George A. Carlson, re
publican < incumbent), Denver; ,
.Itidge 4. {'. Gunter, democrat. Den- |
vet. ' j
Connecticut- Marcus 11 Holcomb, I
republican, t incumbent i, Southing-j
ton; Mortis It. Beardsley, democrat, j
Delaware—John G Townsend, re
publican, Selbyville; James Hughes,
democrat, Dover.
Florida -George W. Allen, repub
lican. Key West; W. V. Kno, dem
ocrat, Ja< ksonville.
Georgia—Hoscoe Pickett, republi
can. Jp.spar; Hugh Dorsey, demo
crat Atlanta.
lualm W. I). Davis, republican.
American Falls; Moses Alexander,
democrat (incumbent), Boise. / '
Illinois--Ktiuik O. l.owden, repub
lican, Ortgon; Edward F. Dunne,
democrat (incumbent), Springfield.
Indiana J. P. Goodrich, republi
can, Winchester; J. A. Adair, demo
crat, Portland.
Iowa W. L. Harding, republican,;
Sioux iiiy; E. 'I'. Meredith, democrat,
lies Moines.
Kaunas—-Arthur Capper, republi
can (incumbent), Topeka; W. C.
Bansdon, democrat. Salma.
Massachusetts^.- Samuel W. Mc
Call, republican. <incpiiibent), Win
chester; i rederick W. Mansfield,
democrat, Boston.
Michigan—A. B. Sleeper, republl
can. Bari Vxe; E. K. Sweet, democrat,
Grand Hapids. «
Minnesota—J. A. A. Itunmuist. re
publican (Incumbent i, St. „ Paul;
Thomas P. Dwyer, democrat, Minne
Mtscouri Henry Lunin, lepubli-I
can, Sedtjlia; Frederick D. Gardner,
democrat, SI. Louis,,
Montana Frank .1 Kdwaids. re
publican, Helena; Samuel V. Stew
art, democrat (incumbent), Virginia.
Nebraska -Abraham L. Sutton, re
publican, Omaha; Keith Neville, dem
ocrat, North' Piatt*^
New Hampshire- Henry W. Keyes,
republican Haverhill; John ('.
Hutchins, democrat. North Strat
New Jersey — Walter K. Kdue, re
publican, Atlantic City; w. ptto Witt
Ipenn, democrat. Jersey City.
New Mexico Holm O. Burmin, re
publican, Socorro; K. C. tie Baca,
democrat, Las Vegas.
New York —Charles S. Whitman,
republican I Incumbent). New York;
Samuel S-eabury, democrat. New
Yoi k.
North Carolina- Frank A. Kin
ney, republican, Boone. T. W. Pick
ett, democrat, Raleigh.
North Dakota -Lynn Frazier, re
publican, Hoople; D. H. McArthur,
democrat, Fargo.
Ohio -Frank it. Willis, republican,
Columbus; Janus M. Cox. democrat.
It hod e Island — H. Livingston
Itocckman, republican (incumbent),
Newport; Addison 1*. Muuroe demo
tiat. Providence.
South Carolina Kiel.aril !. Man
pin*, democrat (Incumbent t. Colum
bia. »« republican candidate.
South liukottt Peter Norhetk. re
publican Listi iebi; o-. vilh* Itiue
beart, democrat, Lap:d City.
Tennessee t olonei John \V. Ovei
all, icpuMicati. Nashville; Thomas C.
Itye, democrat ( mce inbent), Nash
ville. ,
Texas—li. p. Cr. ager, republican. v
Brownsville; James K. Ferguson,
democrat c incumbent», Tom|de.
t.’tab Nephl L. Morris, rvpubti
cai, S..II Lak' CJt J: SitmjB llam
pejgii, diineii.it. Sail Lake City
Vern »nl Horace )’. (I .ill nil, tc
lilllil1 m. Cun 01 > i. ~V\ 11.0 *v»,
democrat. Moutpuller.
Washington- lleu;> MeBruce, r*'
I*lit IIM, sHuTti HI. IRU
t* i nmit.N n.«H» it
I'/ewiilrat U ll*ou:
In his elos i.g -peo<h al Sha 1
n« l .iwn the pr> sideal referred
to itiii- ble uoverntii''it uni
toid ht- audirne. the republi
‘ .hi- hied !>a< kslairk govern
r.c t The mao who Votes
for t •• • r*T idiean state candi
date-. in New Jersey," he aid.
“ is betraying the people. I have
•iealt with most of the men on
the democratic ticket. You can
trust them.
“Tile opposition lias put up a
new i-- ue every week. As soon 1
as you approach one of fheir 1
Issues they disappear. Having 1
despaired of an issue, they are ■
filling the nation with alarms
and coerdng their laborers.”
t'harlew K. Hughes:
At New York the speaker
- Id: '^Tl ip are thtise w ho at
tempt to make political capital
► out of the prosperity we now
► enjoy. Every one knows how
► suddenly it ayose aud how sud
► denly it is likely to depart. Oiir
i friends on the other side make
► very eloquent promises. The
► promises they make now could
► not he more eloquent than
► those they made four year
I ago."
► Theodore Hosevelt:
► "No American can be a pood
► American on a fifty-fifty tiasis,"
► said Hie speaker t New York.
► "There is no room in this eoun
► try for Kriglish-Americans/Ger
► inau-Amerlqpns, |Fretu:h-Ameri
► cans or any othel kind of Araer
► leans, but real Americans.”
► Alan Ia Henson:
► Speaking at Kansas City he
► said democratic prosperity was
► characterized as a prosperity of
► horse meat, potato bread and
► yooden shoes. “You will find
► Mr. Wilson’s prosperity ju al
► most any yell regulated penl
► teiitigry,” the speaker contin
► ued.' r
► .1. Frank Hanl.i :
► Give us 60,000 votes in lndi
► ana and one million In the na
► tion this year and we will force
► one of the old parties to adopt
► a dry plank at its next eonven
► tion, or we will lead a victori
► ous army for a dry nation with
► another party.” he said at Fort.
► Wayne, Ind. Applause followed
► his remark that the party that
► is defeated this year will hold
► its convention first in 19H0 and
► write u dry plank in its plat
l form.

publican, Seattle: Krnist Bister, (tem
ocirtt (incumbent), Olympia.
West Virginia- Ira B. Robinson,
republican, p raft on; John J. Corn
well. democrat, Romney.
Wisconsin—Bmanuel B. " Philipp,
Republican tiucumbent), Madison;
Burt Williams, democrat, Madison.
lu Maine Carl K. Millikcn, repub
lican of Island Kails was elected
against Oakley 0. Curtis, democrat,
ot Port laud in the election early in
the full.
j TAYM>K imi NI) OVKIt
IN THK Hl'.M OF Nti.tMMl
• - -
Justice of tlie Peace \V, 1). Culviit
murder in connection with the kitt
ing of Henry Leach here on Wednes
day. Oct. J5.
A number of witnesses were ex
amined and at the conclusion of the
hearing his bond was fixed at $'J,000
to await the action <>l the grand jury,
the same amount of bond formerly j
agreed on by attorneys for the state ■
and for the defense.
Assistant County Attorney • Karl
A. llrown retire euted the state at j
the hearing and John li. Shan> reji- ,
resented the defendant. — Ennis
Intermediate Ende«ven\
On November '5th, several young j
people of the Central Presb.vtrian j
chimb, nalijsln. tue great good to lie j
ilerived out of an intermediate Chris
til)u endeavor, gathered in the En
deavor room and proceeded to or
ganise. There were eleven charter
members Mils Met lun v. piesident
of the Dallas district, had charge of
the meeting She made a very inter
esting talk on the duties oi the of
ficer# As some of the mem hers had
never been a meinbei of a t hristian
Endeavor so nets before. Me
-Medline) explained the meaning of
the pledge to them. Ttie following
ollieei' were elect'd Mr. Coke, j
president; Mr. Chapman, vice presi
dent: Mr. Me tin I tie, treasurer; .Ui j
Tuppet, secretary.
When you waut to rent, buy, sell,
ui < m h inge anything, call 148 undi
a >k to* th* ant ad man t£ i
\ vri«» \i. >t\tiih-thui
nil \ l t oil H Kit* 10
' IM M»TH»
Supreme t -mrt Holding Hm< Hunlle
nt<>n\ Name '<>< l.cgall>
<,rtiri«l >l*> IToie
I'u//Iiiik Problem.
Kills county U ready for the ele.
tion to be held on Tuesday and it
t confidently expected that .1 verv ,
h cgo vote w ill be pulled com pii men-1
tnry to President Wilson. The elec
tion will include a vote upon na
tional. state, district, county aIlrt
precinct offices and a constitutional
I amendment to raise the minimum tax
j to be voted for school purposes Reg
i ular election judges will preside in
various ■ precincts ^dif the county and
| returns of the eleetion will.be made
! to the county clerk as usual. Owing
j to the lack,of interest in the general
! election the returns from the county
i w ill not he bulletined here Tuesday j
j night. National returns will be re- i
j cr lved here and bulletined on West
! Main street at the city hall.
The ballot as printed lor Kins
county carries the name of ( harles
H. Hurdleston. candidate for railroad
cfnimissioner, which will prove the
only confusing problem. The su
f i erne court of Texas on Saturday
afternoon handed down a decision
that the name of Hurdleston should
not have been certified for a pi ae
on the ballot, and Attorney General
Looney has ruled that ballots with
his name printed thereon will be Ills- ;
gal. He further holds that election
judges should obliterate the name
of Hurdleston before passing out
the ballot and then people who de
sire to vote for him maj write the
name in the blank Space lett for
that purpose. Persons desiring to
vote for C. E. Gilmore for that place
may also write his name. It is en
tirely too late to bavp the ballots
reprinted and leave the name of
Hurdleston off.
There are four voting precincts in
the city of Waxahachie. one at
Howell's hardware store, one at Wy
att's office, one in the GeUendaner
building on North College and the
rnher at the city hall.
Local democrats are optimistic
o.er the coming election and confi
dently expect Woodrow Wilson to
be re-elected. Scattering republi
cans, however, expect a different re
Waxahachie is furnishing a candi
date for state office ori tlie republi
ecu ticket in the person of W. G
McClain, and a candidate for con
gress from the Fifth district in the
person of B. F. Crews.

The program at the pare food
show tonight will be not only an
original production hut will ho given
by home talent. It will be a burnt
cork production 'and you w ill enjoy
a hearty laugh.
The program will be: “Preparing
for a Sociable Kestfbulc at the Resi
dence of Christophena Sebastine
Carolina Brown.”
Synopsis: CUristopliina Sebastine
Carolina Brown is the racial star
among the, colored sisters: Her res
| idence lias been selected as the place
lor quite an elaborate festibuie.
Christophena on the morning of tin'
great event is busily engaged put
ting the bouse in trim and prepai !
ing suitable refreshments for a
| elaborate occasion. She has phone*’.
| in an order to the McDuffie Grocer: '
Company and when the goods are de 1
, livered it is discovered that Ann
Ciiristopliena is a hero worshipe '
and vef set in her ways, and lha ,
Mr. Tout Uriniland is her hero, sol
1 that when the groceries ae delivered I
in another auto than tlie Hudson
Super Six, Aunt Christophefla Hie,
into a tantrum and refuses to re
ceive goods at her door unless de
livered in a Hudson. During the ex j
cit. moat all tlie r. [rediluents Aunt
Ciiristopliena lias on the stove cook
ing are burned and the stove is ruin
ed. at the sight of which she faints.
'I'll*- alarm is given and a neighbor
hastens hi with a lx.t tie ol flic pro
ducts of tlie Waxahai'liie Medicine!
company and site is immediately re
stored. When about to throw the!
stove and vessels into tlie garbage]
can. h. r neighbor suggests calling
iti’tbo assitauce of the Oldham Hard-1
ware company, who come and by the
magic of their p odiiet* restore tin-I
damaged stove and vet. si, all bright 1
and slouing md -they live happy I
ever afterwards |
.._. _ _ ^ |
bubtiribe far the Daily Light.
Cash Produce & Groc. Supply Co
South Rogers Street Phone
To serve our customers ,aml friends with anythin*
grocery line.
Our policy is the same—cash to everybody, and ju*.
teed groceries. '
No change except#the location.
We are boosters for the pills ( mmty Sanitarium.
We Will
At the Pure Food and Novelty Show This Week
Our Home-Made Peanut Butter
Chase & Sanborn’s Coffee and Tea
Visit our Booth when you attend the Pure Food Show and
get acquainted with some of our high-class lines oi pure
food groceries.
Two Phones, Both—55 Old Phone: New Phone 169
V.’e are boosteis f.>.‘ the Ellis County Sanitarium.
Both Phones 288 South Borer St: *1,
We boosters lor tin- KHis Con-Hv Siniiitaiium
This week we will have a booth for demon
strating some of our leading pure food lines.
You are incited to visit us.
Goodlett Cash Grocery
“The Home of Gladiola Flour”
West Franklin Street.
Old Phone 115 New Phone 30
Wo are boosters for the Kl!^ County Sanitarium.
' \ /
We are trying harder every day to please you.
We keep a complete stock at all times. Call
us for good things to eat.
Parker & Company
We arc boost*, s lor the Ellis County Sanitarium.
When You Are in Dallas
We are always glad to see
our Waxahachie friends
Bedford’s Cafe
I HU I j;;>n Sttvi-t, — «»|»|M.siu- Titcli<-«;<H*ttiiWr. ll,jr
Doors West of Kr\a>.
I _ '
* .1 .ays p^
Bring me your turkeys and chickens. I have a.'*
the highest prices for your turkeys and chickens, a1
sfiort you in weight. You can bi ing your own *-Otto^
and weigh your own turkeys, :i yout scales ate correc •
■J. E. ROY
Old Phone 613.
__________ _

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