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, descriptions.
„ shipments arriving
fH !«ty Jiy
J gray, brown, white.
in(j {wo-tone colors.
i sack of Gordon Hose.
Shoe Co.
pth Rogers Street
boosters for the Ellis
w, s«iuri ata
w loteruHmn Agent.
[j ^ uniton, who lias been
in term-ban at this place
m transferred to Waxahachie,
^,ill 1* agent for the Klee
Mr. llurton is succeed
Lkyj|S. L. Howling Jr., son
f jjd Mrs. J. L. Bowling.—
junk* Will Be Closed. j
Starts of Waxahachie will be j
(Tuesday on account of the |
■f. patrons will please ta!:e
,adio their banking business
(KWh', Vor. <1.—A Hermanj
Ibdalii was torpedoed off Hie ,
YORK, Nov. 6.—The
jfcsictore of Mary Pick ford
litr rising out of the
ti tab. She reueniblerl the
fcoo-ia! Board of Censorship at
k aonl'ieis.
Ihmioli OMI*' tnl(; liy an t:nati<.h
; xiihtnnrlnr. lint the urn.Mint „f ilain
u{ • dene wm not anrvrtiUtiol. How
ever. If «a» known |K>-10y|> tlial
llie <nvman «hip wn« jut.
« \KI>IN\l VfUil’i: l*IK«* IN ISOMI
ROMK, Nov H. -Cardinal Francis
; Della Voljie. perfect of the rongrcca
J tioti of the index. died yesterday
1 morning.
i —
NEW YORK. Nov. 0.—The op*n
j ing of the cotton market Ivcre today
j was generally steady with alight
j advance* quoted. Decern ho ■ w as up
' 14 points to 19.11, March was up
10 points to 19 22 and May was u)
I 14 points to 19.3a. Further strength
jv.as expected to be gathered a« the
'trading progressed.
Health in this community good at1
; present.
Jim Moore and mother visited at
Gee Moore's Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gray of Sardis
spent Sunday night with their son,
Jim Gray, and family.
Nick Glndop and family visited
friends in Midlothian Sunday.
Mrs. Hattio Flemings was shop
ping in Waxahaehic Saturday.
Mrs. N. Nelson of Floyada, Texas,
was a pleasant visitor of Mrs. E. J.
Holmes Saturday.
Mrs. Lizzie Carter and mother,
Mrs. Sal lie Samford. were shopping
in Waxahaehie last Wednesday.
Marshall Vincent and family, ac
companied by their grandmother,
Mrs. J. It. Patton, of Sardis visited
at .T. W. McDowell's of Ike Saturday
and Sunday.
Messrs. Sam Reese. Edd Penning
ton and Robert May with their fam
idies were visitors at ,T. S. Holmes’
Miss Emma Cooper visited Mrs.
Marne Walker last Wednesday.
Mr. vand Mrs. Edd Pennington
and Lee Moore, Roscoe Sullivan and
Jim Gray with their families attend
ed the fair last Thursday.
Mrs. Nannie Curry is visiting her
son, Lester Curry, this week.
Mrs. Riggs has been sick the past
Our school is progressing nicely
with Miss Eva Whorten as teacher.

Don’t worry over trying to find a
buyer for whatever you may have for
sale. Let the Daily Light want col
umn do the work for you. tf
A woman just naturally loves her
Special Kates to Waco
Cotton Palace Nov. 4*19
<nn AA Round { Tickets on sale for all cars daily Nov.
\7 70 ;°.Un0 4 to 19, incl., 1916. Limited to return
T™44*-” Trip I 3 days, including date of sale.
' fl»1 CH Round ( Tickets on sale only for cars passing
<4>i.OU Trip i Waxahachie 6.54. 7.46 and 8.34 a. m.
Sunday, Nov. 5-12, 19, 1916. Limited to return date of
sale on all cars.
T. E. NEWTON, Agent. Waxahachie.
Both Phones 198
Overland jfulo
Wghave special Overland sales
room and service station at
l^Land 111 Water Street. x
pUr Service Station will he in charge of Mr. Homer
a*e w^o is a thorough Overland mechanic. All
rt''a“ work will be under Mr. Grizzle’s personal
■ -ave mil line of Overland cars now on hand and
°U‘ desman will be glad to show and demonstrate
° nt ail times to prospective customers.
Borland Jtuto Co.
H. E. Perkinson, Agent
Phone 984.
;<>\ I \ I OP \ \ I li»\ XI. I l.l i TIO\
K \«ll Ml»k n»M JIIKVi
>1 ( (>>s.

, morrow Who I*. to Be tin Next
l'r> shlent and Vuiw Mi'iii
Ikt« of Cimiimx.
I NEW YORK. Nov. 6 The Ameri
lean voters wilt sav tomorrow who
■ will b«* the next president of the l'tiit
i'ci siatej:, dictate who shall compose
the senate ami choose the members
of the house of representatives.
Viewing the situation today, twen
ty-four hours In advance of tin* bat
!'e of ballots, and with claims from
both democrats ami ' republicans
cock-sure of victory It appears that
tiie people of New York, Illinois,
Ohio and Indiana will come the
nearest to holding the balance of
power. Both sides claim these
Their total vote in the electoral
I college is 113—nearly 43 per cent
i of the 266 necessary to a choice.
The strictest neutrals—or ever
ihe strongest republicans, for that
matter—concede that the democrats
will carry the "solid Houth"—a
Mock of 136 votes. This comprises
the electoral vote of Virginia, North
and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida,
Alabama, Mississippi. Louisiana,
TcXus, Arkansas, Tennessee and Ok
lahoma. It doesn’t include Kentucky
and Missouri. Heretofore they have
been classified as component parts
of the solid south, nnd this year they
ere claimed by the democrats to still
be in that section, but they are ad
judged by the republicans as being
debatable ground.
In the presidential rare Judge
Hughes starts off with his opponent
given a handicap of 130 votes, but
be also has been granted by the
democrats a handicap for scratch of
10 vote3 in the electoral college.
These votes are in Main|>, New
Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, i
Pennsylvania and Iowa. That leaves j
Wilson a net handicap of Cf> shares !
in the electoral , but if his cataclysm j
holds tomorrow the strictest neu- |
trals admit that the 113 votes of the j
“tig four’’ states will he the real
turning point of the election. The
democrats claim all four; so do the
In Illinois lies the real enigma In |
close on to 800,000 new women’s
votes. Because they are new in the
exercise of their franchise political
l.ronostieators are exceedingly shy
in making'any claims on the Sucker
In New York state, with forty-five
big votes in the electoral college,
the problem the republicans face
is to keep the New York City nor
mal democratic majority down and
at the same time boost up the normal
republican upstate majority to the
highest point.
Publicly the last minute claims
Republican—Judge Hughes will
win in Now York by 100,000 to 150,
Democrat—Wilson will win the
state by at least 100,000.
Indiana and Ohio have been stren
uous battle grounds of the cam
paign. The air has been filled with
the oratory, red fire, debate, charges
and counter charges. The republicans
want to make a clean sweep in In
diana because two senators are up
for election in that state.
National Democratic Chairman Mc
Cormick is authority for the declara
tion that the republicans haVe con
ceded the loss of Ohio.
Betting in New York tody favored
Hughes 10 to 7 or 10 to 8.
I., (\ Davenport of Richland
Springs visited the Davenport family
here from Thursday till Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Parten went
to Midlothian Friday afternoon.
Several from this community at
tended the circus at Waxahachle
Dr. and Mrs. looney went to Dal
las Thursday and went by Duncan
ville and stopped a while with the
Mr. and Mrs. Jim DnvenpoH are
moving in Mrs. F J. R. Davenport’s
house and the latter party will make
her home with them.
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Buie and Mrs.
I,. B. Alexander attended the State
Fair Wednesday.
(ietr. Floyd and Harvey Alexander
spent Saturday night in Dallas.
Mrs. T. P. Godfrey Is visiting Mrs.
I Henry McCarter in Waxahachiu at
| present.
\lr and Mrs. H, Kirkpatrick
I vi«h«M relatives at Plano Sunday.
Gentry (iinlfrey, Roland Tauiboe,
| Tom Gilmore, Ned Wheatley. Honor
j Godfrey and Klhrrt St flair and
! Mia**** Myrtle Floyd mill Zenobta
j Gilmore attended the fair Sunday.
W. H. Wood* and danghter. Miss
j Willie, attended the fair Thursday.
I>r. and Mr? Looney spent a
i while Monday night with Mr. and
! Mrs. Taylor Parton and had a nice
time playing forty two.
Mr. and Mrs. T. W O'le attended
the fair Friday.
1>. I>. I loyd and family^ visited
* Mrs. fda Flovd Sunday.
Mr. and til's. W. P Watson and
: family visited relatives at Italy
j Mi nday. I
Mesdnntes Dykes, Morris and By
j rum visited Mrs. O. T. Murphy Kil
jc’ay afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. .1 L. King and Mr.
find Mrs. Huby Corteyr attended
ti e fair Wednesday.
Miss Jewell Andertou of Wills
t'rrrle Feed t’ofor for several days,
returned home Wednesday.
Miss Carrie Fred Cofer attended
the fair Wednesday night with the.
Misses Shores of Waxahnchie.
Miss Ruby Shores of Wnxahachle
visited Miss Cnrfle Cofer from Frl
! day until Sunday.
Mrs. Siillle Coley spent part of
lest week In Wnxahaehle with Mrs.
I. If. Fleming.
Mrs. L. B. Alexander spent Fri
day with Mrs. Loyd llelne.
Mesdames F. A. Davenport, M. D.
Woodring visited Mrs. Taylor Par
ten Wednesday.
There will he a box supper and
Victrola concert at the school house
Friday night.
Rev. Burk will preach at the
Presbyterian church Sunday.

Miss Ivy Lee spent Sunday with
Miss Loie Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. HUHe Van trees are
visiting their parents. Mr. and Mrs.
V. T. Vantreee.
Mrs. I). Barnett made a flying trip
to Johnson county lust week and
spent one night with her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Sampson.
Mrs. Howard Cox spent from Sat
urday until Sunday evening with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. McCain, of
near Howard.
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Moses spent
Sunday with their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. S. H. Moses.
Mr. and Mrs. Holly Jacobs spent
one night last week with Mr. and
Mrs. Oscar Wheatley.
Oscar Wheatley spent Sunday with
his father, Thomas Wheatley, of near
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gilles and Mr.
and Mrs. H. J. Bruce, and little son
William Henry und Mrs. Buford
Chiles and little daughter Agues D
si ent Sunday evening with Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Hankins,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Burgers spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Bob Con
The infant of Mr. and Mrs. Samp
son, who has been so very Io>v Vlth
cholera infantum, is reported some
Mr. and Mrs. Elkins who have been
living in our neighborhood the past
three years have inovel hack to
Waxahaehte, their old home. We
regret very much to give them up
but our best wishes go vtith them.
Mrs. Oscar Wheatley and little
d; ughter spent one clay last week
with her sister, Mrs. Cleo Varlesi.
We gladly welcome Mr. and Mrs
Fester and five children into our
Sunday school. Let 'is try to ?et
that many new iueinbe’i again next
Everybody remember next Sunday
Is preaching day. Let us encourage
cur pastor with a large audience.
Bethel Carroll took dinner with
R. J. Hankins.
Omega Hankins Spent Sunday
with Fred Torrell.
Health of community very Rood.
Mrs. Frank Williams has been on
the sick list.
Remember that Sunday at 3
o’clock there will be singing here.
Expecting some good singing. Every
body Invited to attend.
A large crowd was here Sunday
night, good singing.
Mr. and Mrs. Dud Tidwell of Col
lier's Chapel were here Sunday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Fin Garvin accom
pan led Mr. aud Mrs. Geo. West to
Midlothian Monday night to attend
E. J. I>elk and family motored to
ike Sunday.
There will be a box supper at tbls
place Saturday night,, Nov. 4. All
girls will bring a box. Boys, come,
we owe $35.00 on our church seats.
We will give this money that way.
Mr. and Mrs Matthews'ot Mans
j field visited the Matthews home
here Saturday and Sunday,
i John Bennett and family of I^ong
j Branch were also guests in the
! Matthews home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Carter were
with l)r. and Mrs. Joyce Sunday.
Or. and Mrs love theited their
daughter, Mra. W. r». High, of Wat*
ahnchle last week.
The young enjoyed a ra«*k
• d Halloween I'arfjr at F. J. Dolk’a i
Tuesday night. The party was in ,
the form ofr a haunted-house.
Mr. ami Mrs W. T. Kastman j
motored to ('outer’s Chapel Suiulav to ,
he guests of Mr. and Mrs. l>ud Tid
well. going from Sunday school
Mi Ilium he Wiley r.f Ii.ingerfield j
..nd Mrs. Oscuf Tune of Midlothian |
were recent guests of Mra. R. J. |
Hep Boyd and family motored in j
Mriisfleid Sunday to visit relatives
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Balaton wore
with Mr. ami Mrs. Henry Hawks I
Hi-e Hightower and little daughter'
I’dith of Ballinger are with Hr. and j
Mrs poplin and other relatives here.]
The hah) of Mrs. B. Butler of
Kloydedn. ■ who is at the home of
W K. Mi Wleton, hi.s been very sick
hut Is better.
Payue Workman and family visit
ed at Midlothian Sunday.
Bussell Williams and family ac
companied Harry Perkitiaon and
family of Waxahachie to Dallas Sun
Mrs. jHcks'n, after spending n
week with her pnrenta, Mr. and Mis.
W. K Stewart, loft Sunday for her
heme at Manguin, Okln.
Miss Annie Ruth Spears took din
ner Sunday with Margaret Kou
Miss Kmma Bratcher visited Mrs
J. P. Tidwell Sunday.
Misses Stella Williams, Iva Miller,
Margaret Hawks. Louise ('ox and
Grace Delk were the ones going
from the Sardis Girls’ Canning club
tp the stat^ meeting.
Miss Norfleet Grimes now has n
new ear.
If you liavo second-hand articles
that you wish to dispose of lot the
people krtow It by placing a small
at in tho Dally Llg'it want column.
Rev. Howell preached bore Sun
day at. 1 o’clock.
8ev. ml went from here to the t^ir
the pa rt week.
Several In this community attend
ed tho circus lust Thursday and
Thursday night at Waxahachlo.
Next Saturday is regular meeting
or tho O. K. S. at this place.
The school is progressing nicely,
Mordnrans Bai. Gardner and Dave
Hamlin of Forreaton spent Tuesday
with Mrs. Jim Martin.
Mrs. Lester Meharg and daughter
spent a few days last, week visiting
Mrs. Walter Beaty end Mrs. Marvin
Mcsdames T. W. Mnrtiu and 0. H.
Kuykendall spent Wednesday with
Mrs. Will Toungate.
Mr. aud Mrs. Leo Miles and Mr.
and Mrs. Will Toungate spent Tues
day in Dallas.
Mrs. C. H. Kuykendall went to
Fort Worth Saturday to see her
daughter Lucile and attend the grand
Misses Tabby Brooks and Ester
Martin of Red Oak spent the week
end with Mrs. Jess Martin.
Miss Lula Satterfield and Mrs.
Oscar Adkins spent Saturday and
Sunday at the fair.
Miss Leona C.enn spent the week
end with Elza Marks.
Misses Lottie Apptlan, Ktiby Wat
son and Annie Love Ellison of For
reston and Maurlne Murks spent
Saturday night at Mr. John Marks’.
The Junior girls and boys spent
Sunday with Misses Maurlne and
Elza Marks.
Miss Aleen Kuykendall spent Sat
urday and Saturday night with Mrs.
Jess Martin.
Cleil and Joe Robert Smith of
Boz spent Saturday and Sunday with
their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. R.
E. Satterfield.
Lee Miles and family were in Nash
The sad news of the death of Mr.
Oda Brown reached here Tuesday
evening, lip died at the home of his
Bister at Alma with tuberculosis of
the throat. Oda was well known In
this community and liked by all who
knew him. The Masons from this
lodge went to Rice Wednesday and
held the funeral services. “Weep
not, dear ones, for Odn haa passed
all sorrow and pain, and waits in
heaven for your coming, where the
broken circle will be united again.”
Mr. and Mrs. Will Page of Hill
county spent Saturday anil Sunday
-wifli W. T. Martin and family.
Messrs. W. T. and Edgar Martin,
George Smith, Grady Herrington and
Will Page went to Dallas Sunday to
see the fair.
Mesdames Georgo Smith, Grady
Herrington, Will Puge, Mollle V.
Smith, Enlalie Loyd, Mi« Mildred
Page and Harris Loyd spent Sunduy
afternoon with Mi dames W. T anil
Edgar Martin.
Mr. and .Mis. 11. It. Gladney had
'friend:; from Bardwell to visit them
| Sunday afternoon, but the writer
'failed to ieain their names
I virs Stella Marks spent c. f— flays
The Ohio
is More than a
Carpet Sweeper
It will clean your walla, bare floors, radiators, pic
ture moulds, furs and clothing most thoroughly and sani
tary. It will clean your rugs and carpets without injur
ing the nap and so easily that a child takes pleasure
operating these machines.
See our demonstration of this wonderful, yet simple,
household necessity at the Pure Food and Novelty Show
under the direction of Miss C. J. McKee.
Furniture Dealers—Funeral Directors.
Wo uro boosters for the Kilts County Hiuidarititn.
Silver Plated Ware
In All (hr Popular I’liltcrnx
Our l.lm- or liHlIvIdiuil 1*1. rex, HI*.piece H« lx ami Oiu.fi Ooml* I
Our Price* Wit! Intel ext You.
8w Our flootli at tin* Pure Komi Show.
South Rogers St. Phone 541
Wo are bnontora for tho Kills ' Count) Sanitarium
- - _^^4
last week in Kill county with her
sister, who is still sick.
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Loyd. Mrs.
Mol lie V. Smith, (\ H. Kuykendall,
Ollio I'ruitte, Harris Loyd and Merle
KuvkendtUl* wont to Forroston Sun
day night to church.
t’. II. Kuykoudalt nnd son Merle
and Andy Loyd went to Hillsboro
Sunday afternoon.
It's all that
the name
Wrigley quality
made where
chewing gum
making is a
Now three flavors:
Don't forget
after every meal
tm ■ i --
dl : ^ jFw WmnUfc ■
|i ^ w^ferecTOM^i
W/txzxjrrj. rjr^r.x ra
Have a package of each]
always In reach

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