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It the bind we make wner. we RP,
• n»»h for repair* of break* or oth
•r accident# in your plumbing n>
lag to Indicate our daapatrb in rwach
»** yowr premia**, iho’ we *i*y un.
• JJ* •aarything la right ar. a trlvlet
ror repairing and new work we can
not be excelled In tne plumbing line
P. 8. Cronk Co.
«*» UTTER*
Owilerw In Mill. (Ho. Pin. hlng. WaV.
Appliance*. All Kind* of
We are booxtera for the Kill*
county Sanitarium.
Publitbed Oaily Except r’unday
_ By The
MTEIPtlSE raiusailt CO
MUMr cam.iL m,» »
omixR* 1
W. dim peon .Prealdam
W. Kent... V. P. and Trcaaure.
M A. Ownby. .BccmUrv
Sag,, OIREt TOR*
t. W. Slmpaon. J Lot Penn. T. a
J>«d*. A M. Browning, c. W Kem
W. A Ownby, I,** p <j„alte
" - l—s—
IN. a. Own by.Edlto
• a. Tunadl .City Edit*.
{. W Xent.Bitatneaa Manns
Entered at tb»- Wnsahaehle I’o*
•Iflee aa Mall Matter of the 8i-cor>. j
mII,v m ii-mitii'nox katkn
Imp Month b.v Carrier. 5
tti Months by (.airier. ... Is! V
(nr V.-ar tn Advance . . ... j IS •'
<n« v<ar. is Ad* . Oui of Cli> ft '•
4 KK,I.» V at It.wCMIlMlOX U.\ f
in* Sr,.. In *' ■
4|a M>-«tha. >b Vdv-rt
rtntw M>.nth«. in Advance
■ . tit*
And your Undo Woodrow la aom*
Twenty-three stnte* in the union
art* now In the dry column.
—-V ■ ■
Calif >mi* handed Mr Hughes a
lemon lhal ha will remember the
taste of aa lung as* he lives*.
The man who get* the most votes
ami who is declared elected never
thinks about contesting the result.
Colonel The dove Roosevelt was
p ven a doer last Tuesday that will
keep him quiet at least for a while.
A ft M «rirotml lUylor tmturds*
b> a wore of S to 0. It seemed to
be a rase of too much Burns from
Little New Hampshire is the only
white spot In New England. She
finally lands in the Wilson column
ty «S vote*.
It looked for a while like the game
vas surely lost, but Wilson's goal
from the field caused (he democratic
fan* to go wild with Joy.
Washington was loud tor Hughes
before the election. Now It is Jus',
remembered that a considerable
amount of pin Is Involved.
It will l»e a cold day in August
when the republicans again go to
the supreme bench lor then candi
date for the presidency.
fhe negr'es who went up north
to vote for Hughes upon the promise
of a good Job, cau now make their
way back home on a lie ticket.
Well, it was not such a great
landslide alter all, but jour Lucie
Woodrow elided tu and that is glory
enough for all practical purposes.
Fully assured of four more years
o? peace and prosperity, let us all g >
to work t» make Waxahaehi* a bet
ter and prettier town than ever.
The friends of Tammany can no
I rger claim that s' e votes the demo
errt'.c ticket. The revolt in New
York City prow? conclusively to the
•ontrat y.
If you are waiting for our advice
on the subject we will suggest that
ihe time has about arrived when
you will be s:.h* iu putting em on
1 he national deciorrutn campaign
remittee is iu the hole to the tune
cf 1270,©tM». How much are you
£'!»U that Wilson was elected" C-'Uie
along 'brought with that dollar
Among the trjtflt thing* to
thetik ml ter i)i« lest o* »ht* month
Hill b» 4 kf.oaledg* of the t»a that j
‘ <ia*gV»r end aon-.n-law rai -d ej
rood crop of t*rk#y» this year

Tbe Lord Is ao kind aod go^d to
i s that He send* along thm brand of
ireatber In order that we may soot
be able to enjoy country vantage
aid ai»er«-rtba and h»«fcl>*t»e».

IVbile tbe republicas* were claim
ing everything Wilson remained i
r lm and *ereo*. Itellerlng In the ■
doctrine of the final perseverance of
tfco ealnts he felt confident that he
vould get there.
- - ♦ -
An exchange till* ns that O ovdr- j
nor Fergueon drove a team of mnleaj
to a wagon loaded with cotton at
Waco the other day. N 'thing won- i
derful about that Many men Just
a* good as oar governor are on to
that Job every day.
We will ship the republicans up
north something over a million tur
keys In order that they may help
ra give thank*, hut we will require
them to come across with two and
one half million* to cover this ship
ment. We consider that this ls let
ting them down easy.
-» --
' Tuesday was a great day for the
democratic donkey and the camels.
Woodrow Wilson rode back Into the
White House. four more stales
climbed on the water wagon and two
other state*, already dry, refused
to emend prohibitory laws permit
ting the restricted sale of intoxlcut
Ing llquars.
The attendance of newspaper pco
o'e at the Cotton Palace Friday wan
the largest since the establishment
of that institution. And ell of the
editor* had a great time. They
were shown every possible courtesy
by the Waco irrwspuper men. city
iffldnts and management of the
Cotton Pa*see. That ls the way We
"i dee* things.

f i-:btv of ivVCtMll \c;r'fi:vr
toil M W VOttK ItOXFHS
NKW YORK, Nov. 13.—It cer
t Inly is a tough game when a boVer
appearing st a New York club be
gins to get some skin taken off hl«
nose and starts to receive the efforts
of his antagonist in his stomach and
The New York gallery fan—and
he Is legion - is one of the best little
ericouragers In the world, but he con
fides his encouraging wholly to
helping along the game of the niau
who ts winning.
A few nights ago Rattling Levin
sky, who, through his manager, has
claimed at various times, about half
'the crowns In the boxing world,
took a sound beating from Billy j
Miske. bt. Paul light heavyweight. |
As the tight started it was a tame I
Afialr. Miske and Levlnaky slunk j
l _ M. J • l> - kIm >.V» !•<«»• .
I c« ********* t yjViMfi ^***'» %*»••»-* j
suspiciously, and the crowd grew
i tensely silent waiting for somebody!
to start something. Then the gallery
mplled some entertainment.
"Who started this fight?” one of
them asked. "Don't know,” replied
nnother. "hut I think it was that
guy In i’e middle.
Round one was over. "Atta
boy," yelled an admirer at Mlskc
as bo settled himself Into his chair.
"Atta boy." That expression la good
for any kind of a sporting event.
"F'mon, Billy. Let's g’hotue,"
shouted u wild eyed fan in a ring
side Beat a* the second round start-,
ed. And Billy started to carry out
his wishes. "W'hee," the crowd howl
ed. "Hit 'im wid d'bueket, BiU.”
Round Three—“Knock d'stum
ruick offa Tm. Bill. He ain't gotta
ting.” From Levinsky's eotner,
“Fse d'left. Jab Tot. Don’t let im
Round Four—"F'mon. Bill. >'ur
niakin' a sucker outa tut. Alta boy.
F'mon. Bill, lot’s g'horuc.”
Round Five - Levinsky's eye is
out. "Lookit 'at eye. will ya? C mou.
Bill, J KOttlm Ruin'. lilt at eye.
Round Six—"Don’t lot ‘iui lean on
va. Bill, ("molt, let ’im full. Fin
ish im, Bill, and let's g home "
Round Seven—"Did >' sec at un?
Right ou d'eliiu. Hoy, BtU, let Tut
Round Right — "Wants Flight
Willftrd. and look at 'im. TV big
stiff. C’r.'en, Bdl. loft g’hoinc "
Round Nine “He> a bit bum,
RiH. Knock.'tm dead and let's
g home "
Round Ten— C mon. Bill. Atta
boy. HR im !u »?'kttchcn." Bell
rings and boxers start tor their
drcsing rooms Boos greet Lcvin
«tiy a he ctawls through the topes
aud Mtske is given great «been*.
\\ |l.st *\ « m 1 BI D ox
WAblllNliiON. Not 1 Ftesi■
t -ut \\ ibon calm- hack to Wa hlug
h> • night lead to t 'S.'. up
siting proM'iH and begin framing
p , f. » *» ~nd t*rm In the
IVbite ll'bM.
X rfeeripg rptvd watted to wri
er me the president As he appeared
vuh Mr*. Wilson hundreds began
shouting an ! rushed forward In ef
forta to ahake hl» hand.
Mr Wllaon walled through the
station with hi* hat off. bowing and
smiling Secretary Raker. Attorney
Of neral Gregory. Secretary Tumulty
m.d Senator Jame* of Kentucky were
em< ng those who greeted him.
The president wa* assured by
ftecietary Tumulty that there had
been no change in the resuit In Cali
fornia and there wa* a chance of
cj pturtng the electoral vote of Min
The president, however, is not ex
pected to Indicate hi* own nttttud*
t« ward the outcome until It I* for
mally conceded by he republicans.
Tells ll<>« Him llmnenil Her
If Die elderly people In Klngnton
could only realixe what Vlnol would
do for them we would not be able to
get enough to supply the demand.
Following Is a letter received from
Mrs. A K. ('arson of this town. She
”1 am Of* years of age. and had
been ailing for some time with Indi
gestion. 1 got run down, was weal;,
dixxy and could not sleep at night.
I consulted two doctors who said
I had hardening of the arteries and
at my age could not expert to b<>
strong again. My daughter would
give me no peace until I tried Vi
nol. as it hail done so much for her.
1 have, taken five bottles and ray
health and strength have come back,
so I am abb- to do all the house
work for my family of four, and I]
am recommending Vlnol to all my
The reason Vlnol is so beneficial
to old people f . became It contains ^
t -e very eb-tnents needed to replace
ticcli'MniT strength with renewed;
\ gcr. viz, beef and cod liver pep-,
tor"i. iron and manganese- pepton
i -.••-» cernpfco-phaiea and mild
tonic wine.
We want to ask «%ery elderly per
son ii"d every weak run-dowu or ck
bl’ltated person In Waxahachie to
call at our store nnfl get a bottle of
Vlnol, with the understanding that
we will return your money if it
fails to benefit.
Curlln’s Two Drug Stores, north
side square, west side square. Waxa
hachie. Also at tiie leading drug
store In all Texas towns.—(Adv.)
Dallas is the closest point to this
city that the A1 0. Field Minstrels
will come this season. They are
booked for a three day engagement
at the Dallas Opera House on Thurs
day. Friday and Saturday, November
10, 17 and 18, with a matinee on
This Season Field is offering a
most pretentious program beginning
with the history of minstrelsy, de
picting the various stages through;
which tliis popular form of amuse
ment has passed to the present time.
"A Minstrel Cabaret" is the title of
the first part and serves to intro
duce the famous Field singers, the]
funny Field conn dlnns and the mar
velous field dancers. The second
part contains a whimsical phantasy.
Her Home No
Longer Childless
Operation not Necessary after
Taking the Great Medicine
for Women.
Miller’s Kails. Muss. —“Doctors sain
I had displacement very badly and 1
would have to nave
an operation. I had
n soreness in both
sides and a pulling
sensation in my
right side. 1 could
not do much work
the pain was bo bail.
I wh- al«o troubled
with irregularity and
other weaknesses.
blood was poof. ]
We had been mar
ried lour yeurs and
had no children.
Alter using Lydia r.. rink ham s vog-;
Cmtii'innl and Biool Purifier 1
became well and Mtrorg aivl was aved
’"'■ m ih«- < 'ration. W- utc now the
tt nis of j bifif bil'-y pir! and 1 real?■»
i give !
to publish my letter. -Mrs.
."iut! fw CUrn•‘a XT, Jr, Bridge Street,
\*r rN T'a- <« mms
Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Com
pound is famous for restoring w-imon to
normal health and strength When this
is done wives no l >g^vr ^enpaij- yf having
•\ vvotnnn be rvluefnnt
to submit ton eursieiii operation
until she lias given 1 xli.i Fl.Pmk
haui’s Voire table C ‘oropoUnd a
fuir‘rial. if >t»u lunr a< use Hint
needs sneiH.i! ad\ice. write I Ini
i,\dia II. 1‘inkhain .Medium' l".
(eeu!U.. :dial , l.vun, 'lass. li. IS
free auil ahtajv helpful.
Don't forget
. i •
* r
after every meal
"Christmas Eve at Home," replete
with scenic novelties and some en-1
jtlrely new spectacular effects. The
after piece Is called "Chasing Villa.”
and burlesques the affairs of the
moment together with the funniest
baseball game that Field has ever
The company Is headed by a co
| terie of stars, chief of whom Is fiert
Swor, the Texas comedian, whose
friends In this section are legion.
He is ably seconded by John Healy,
Johnny Dove, John Cartmell. Joe
Coffman, Eugene Delia!! and Joe
McCarty. The singers, under the di
rection of Ken Metcalfe, include
some new faces as well as several,
of the old Field favorites. Jack;
Richards, the peerless soloist. R. W. f
Church, O. D. Eliwood, Harry Frill
man. J. Walter Wilson. Ed Hughes,]
I «« Laird and Don and Al Fulmer;
are among the foremost soloists tills
Theodore Murphy and his saxo
phone wizards offer u most unique
entertainment, and altogether the
performance is quite the most Inter—
esting that Field has ever offered.
Decause of the fact that it will not
exhibit here this season, a largo;
neniber of admirers of Field mid his)
form of eutertalnmeut have arranged
to witness one of the performances j
in Dallas this year. The matinee on
Saturday will attract a large number'
* 1 I
of iariics and children, end the pro-|
grant han been arranged with a view
to provide something for every ch
of spectator that Field tiiuis in hit
Hays llackache Is Sign You Have
Ih'en Ealing Top Much Meat.
When you wake up with backache
and dull misery in the kidney region
it generally means you have been
eating too much meat, says a well-’'
known authority. M at forms uric;
acid which overworks the kidneys in j
(heir effort to filter it from the j
blood and they become sort of par-1
alyzed and loggv. When your kid
neys get sluggish and clog you must j
relieve them, I life you relieve your
bowels; removing all the body's urin
ous waste, else you have backache, j
sick headache, dizzy spells; your
stomach is coated, and when the. I
weather is bad you have rheumatic
twinges. The urine is cloudy, full of
sediment, channels often get sore,
water scalds and you are obliged to:
seek relief two or three times dur-1
ing the night.
Either consult a good, reliable)
physician at once or get from yourj
pharmacist about four ounces oft
Jad Salts: take a tablespoonful in aj
glass of water before breakfast for j
a few days and your kidneys will;
then act fine. This famous salts isj
made from the acid of grapes and j
lemon juice, combined with lithir.. j
and has been used for generations
to clean and stimulate sluggish kid-!
neys, also to neutralize acids In the
urine so it no longer irritates, thus j
ending bladder weakness.
Jad Salts is a life saver for regu-j
lar meat eaters. It is inexpensive,
cannot injure and makes a delight
ful. effervescent lithia-water drink.
— (Adv.)
WASHINGTON, Nov. 11 - Because j
of unusual conditions in the south |
and the markets of the world which j
are operating to reduce niateriallly!
the usual autumn supply of cotton j
seod, cotton growers are urged by
the United States department of ag
riculture to v^ave enough of the!:
best seed to meet all their planting
needs next spring. It is recommend
'd, that in estimating the supply
which will be needed, make allow
ance to be made for possible replaut
it g requirements, it I also .-ur
?■ stcl that farmers having exetj. - j
'tonally good seed may find it ad-j
autageou: to ave more than enough
to fill their own needs, since there1
• b'juld he;* irud^ sale lor the rur-j
*ptuV* i{>' the v'prfng to other planters j
Cotton grower should net bo w ill-1
n g. iM ' .iu.e of the seed shortage to!
tak"' the first supply available with
out regal'd to ns ••quality, but should
willingly pay an Increased price fori
I tin seed oi t'pes of proven worth i
I Partners ha. ng a sufficient >ipp|
NOTICE By virtue of the authority
vested in me a3 trustee of the estate
of Elijah S. Boze. bankrupt, pending
in the district court of the I'nited
States for the northern district of
Texas, at Dallas, and numbered 97 4
on tl* bankruptcy docket thereof,
ou the 2nd day of December, A. D.
191®, at the east door of the court
house in the city of Waxahachle.
Texas, I will sell to the highest bid
der for cash, at public auction, the
following described property, to-wit:
A strip of land fifty-three (53) feet
wide off the west side of lot four (4)
in .). A Downey’s tract, facing south
on the north side of North College
street, and being one hundred twen
ty-eight and eight tenths (128.8)
feet deep, all lytng and being sit
uated in Waxahachle. Eilis county,
Texas. Osce Fristoe, Trustee. Snt211
of unginned seed of desirable Quali
ty’ should see that special precau
tions arc taken to avoid contamina
tion by mixture with worthless seed
during ginning. It may be well to
save such seed cotton until near the I
cloS'- of the ginning season, when ar-j
rangements for especially careful
ginning may be made.
The primary factor in the cotton!
■ d shortage, it is shown by reports
to the department of agriculture, Is
th" shortage of the cotton cfop in
ist of th. southern states, due to!
uglit, floods, and boil weevil in-1
itation. This shortage is marked1
. all the cotton-producting s ates
except, Georgia, Louisiana. Tennes
see, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas,
and is appreciable in some of those
states. The seed produced is rapid
ly passing to the mills for chushing,
since the price offered per ton is
approximately twice as high as dur
ing normal years.
lly Sinucl G. Dixon.
The children of the Iriquois In
dians it is said, were trained to eat
frugally and taught that overeating
was far worse than under-eating.
They warned that gluttons would be
sought by a monster known as
Sagodakwus, who would humiliate
them in a most terrible manner if
he found that they were gourmands.
Most people cat more than they
tTUI*. j™ r ntvl-i wl«> nf
IlCGU. »*»*•> to |tUI u> IHU* *Ji
that class of individuals engaged in
Farm Bargains!
165 acres three miles south from city limits of Fort
Worth ;good black land, well improved, on Cardinal road ar
tesian water; this is first-class, will soon bring twice the
price which is 1100 per acre.
340 acres six miles south of Fort Worth on Cardinal
road. This is a beautiful, well located and well improved
black land farm; price $100.00.
170 acres twelve miles south of Fort Worth on Cardinal
road; all good level land. A bargain at $70.00.
134 acres fifteen miles south of Fort Worth; 80 acres
in cultivation; some sand and some timber; very well jD1
proved; $45.00. Mr. Renter this is your chance— $1,000.00
will handle.
1,000 acres all first-class black land, northern part Tar
rant county; $67.50. A good speculation. It will sub-divide.
330 acres of fine black land in Johnson county; 300 acres
in cultivation; artesian water. A good buy and a good home.
A number of good little sandy land farms near Fort Worth
at $50.00.
It will be a pleasure to show you any of these properties,
or a number of others that I have for sale.
Jno. A. Jackson
Phone Lamar 7«l»» Fort Worth, Texas J0« W, 8th st.
!■ ■ ■ ii i —f ■■-iiTi^mrmnnmiMwiiisiii^ i
s-i dentary occupations.
i’.eriiaps you <lo not fee! that >ou
(•(.me under this head, but suppose
you try a few experiments. Make
some slight investigation of the
nutritive values of the different
foods, cut your excessive allowances,
cat slowly, and drink plenty of water
but not at meal times.
Certain it is that an increasi?
i <.-ventage of our population sr
cunib to degenerative diseases ar
the consensus of medical opinion is
that overeating Is an Important
causative factor.
Read the Daily Light.
NicRle Plated Ware
of Best Quality in
I'niversal Percolators I'niversal Electric Percolators
Borne Percolators I'niversal Electric Brills
Rome Coffee Pots I'niversal Electric Pises
Borne Tea Kettles Perfect Electric Irons
I'niversal Vac. Bottles Pierced Fruit Baskets
Thermos Vue. Bottles Pierced Novelties
Wo Have a Full Lines
South Rogers St. Phone 541
VVc are boosters for the Ellis County Sanitarium.
, ,, M .. -d
The 2-IN-1-IDEA Did It!
Think of il! Twenty-one thousand miles actual wear from one tire!
It is true the casing was worn through. No tire, hv itself, could stand up
under such continuous service.
But the (2 in 1) idea gives you the strength and the wear of two tires
in one. That is why Mr. Allem’s lire, after it had traveled two and one
half times the diameter of the globe,was still capable of service.
Double the life of your tires _
Double their strength ■
Make them 90 per cent puncture proof 2*1 H-1
Eliminate all blow-outs !d63
By getting next to '■ 1 __
What would it be worth to you to feel per
fect comfort and safety in the t; e of vour car
— to know that you can drive out into 'he conn
try as far as yon like, any time, and always be
sui<- of getting back?
liarrlns engint trouble, you n have that
assurance now and always. 11 ■ r,n;;s ol
in 1) users never think of tireV: uble.
r or the t in 11 idea is guc. nteed to prtv
vent ninety pci o, at of all pu 'urea. N$th
| ine can prevent tv ils or gists . jagged rocks
i from get!ing through your outer casing at
Uui<but i! .» lone nail and a .harp one that
i vets through both your outer cams md your
(- m 1) lied lanershu.
Tht (2 in It idea is guaranteed to 1'reveal
blow-outs absolutely. It makes no (l tj,e
how much you overload, or how m>Pf> .rt>*
fabric of your easing may be, "hen J .sbu
arc equipped with the iu It ,u’u
they ean’t blow out.
Further, when installed in new tl,es aB.
inn to dii ctions. the t - in 1 ’„4fmanu1
iced to double tire mileage—to double t
faiturer'K gunrmtet for mtleaye. #
A numb d ( r! 'cate of Guaranty
all def points, i.- delivered to the • • #r.
every ( . in 1) Hod Innershu wnd lb»t
nr*- >/>'■• the ft. -uitMiee of a pud
s all tmi we claim it to be
uet all the joy and comiort out oi motoring
For Sale Only by
Waxahachie Garage & Repair Co.
Opposite PostOttieerii;inal Cc"wa ,0" ftu<° Wirk'_PhonMfJ

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