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As examples of our unusual
Blouse value, witness these
new $2.00 models
So great is the sale of these
Blouses everywhere that its dif
ficult to supply the demand.
We have but a limited allot
ment — perhaps not enough to
outlast the day
We have the exclusive sale for this city of the just
ly-famed Welworth Blouse—concededly the best of all
$a.oo Blouses.
In every city of consequence throughout the various
States these Blouses are on sale in just one good store
—and always at this same modest price.
Jolesch & Chaska Co
The Big Store Since 1875.
Candies! Candies! Candies!
We are now well stocked with candies.
We have nice box candies, cake candies for decorating
your Thanksgiving cake, rock candy, 5c mint stick candy, bulk
mixed chocolates, all kinds of plain stick candy, fancy mixed
candies of all kinds.
‘V ;>§
Texas Cash Grocery Co
OM numrr Ml awl •! —New Phone Ml.
We ire boosters for the Elite County Sanitarium.
A show window at the London
Wool*n Mills company on South Rog
ers street Is fitted with a display of
books from Rims library. They are
aot bice now books, but on the con
trary are old and worn from hard
nee during the year. Placards call
ed attention to the fact that the books
were available to some 7,000 read
ers and were read by a groat many,
therefore war* not like new books.
Other placards t«H of the valuable
Information available at Sima libra
ry, no when In doubt Just telephone
the library and bo sure you are right.
This display, while a little out of the
ordinary, give* some Idea of the ex
cellent service given at the library
and calls to mind more forcibly, per
haps, the necessity of *ueh an Insti
tution. It costs you nothing what
ever to become a roader at the libra
ry after you have paid the 25 cents
membership fee, which Is good for a
life tlmo.
Read the Daily Light. I
Guaranty State Bank
of WudMrhif
At tin*** of lln«iiM,M, November t7th, IUKI
La.-'.n* and Discounts...<6150.541.41
Furniture and Fixtures. 7,207.54
Int. in and Assessment for Depositors’
Guaranty Fund. 1.505.1(1
Ov» i draft* (Secured!. 44,828.55
Cash and Exchange.8(55.080.12
Dills of Exchange (Cotton). 157.121.14— 275.110.26
Capital Stock..:.8130,000.00
Undivlued Profits (NET). 17.850.01
Danltt .:.8 18.106.14
Individual ... 5tH.550.45— 100.402.80
Total. *577,313.90
lae above statement Is correct
O. C. WAGGONER, ('ashler
Attest; D1 lectors—T. J. Mr DADE. D. J. McUKE. J. L. G.kM
Xmas randies at Curlin'*. 20? ^
Carroll Todd Is reported quite sick i
at his horn*- on West M»oi» street
For feed and fuel phone Prod- ^
ead £ Kennedy. Old phone 15. »f
Prlng yonr take* and breed to the
•Flower Show at I 30 p. m. Friday ]
ail v 20? 1
A liovauttpr r will he given at Heath
Prong tomorrow night. The public
■ is invited to attend.
Tonight at the Flower Hhow. an
•'Old Folks Enteitalnment.’* Admis
sion 10 cents. ndv 2o?
The Humane society requests that
draymen, deliverymen and r>the-r
driving teams lie as careful a* posst
Itc In driving because of the slip
pery streets. The rtocloty says that
horoa and mules ne»d blankets or
other coverings during liio cold
Tomorrow evening at 7:30 chil
dren's program at the Flower Show.
Admission 10 cents. adv 205*
Car Nlggerhead coni received to
day. Do not know when we will
have another. While this lasts will
deliver at Ten Hollars per ton.
V, axahachio Ice Works. 21 o
Examinations for county and "tate
certificates will l*<- held at tho high
school building Friday and St i‘u"!ay
This jiiace he been selected for the
I examina tions because of tho repairs
going on at the district eour‘. loom.
Only three more nights for ti e
carnival. Of course you are jolng
to see the various attractions md it
will lake you longer than one night
to see them. The fire boys are ex
pecting a large crowd to he present
Dr. Wlnship, who was to have lec
tured hero Tuesday night of this
work, failed to deliver his lecture be
cause tho heavy downpour of rain
prevented a crowd from gathering at
tho library, but arrangements have
been perfected to have him return to
Wajtahachio on next Monday evening
and deliver his lecture at Sims li
brary. Dr. Winship’s lecture will be
of greatest interest to teachers and
patrons of schools and the educators
of the city urge all to attend. The
hour is fixed at 7:30 o’clock aud the
lecture will bo free.
—o— ■
The district clerk today issued an
application for passport for John
Mack of Knnis, who desires to pay a
visit to Austria-Hungary. He* is ex
acting to sail on December 5 if the
passport is approved, which is not at
all likely since Uncle Sam is dispos
ed to discourage visiting while the
nations are at war. Ho intends to
sail from Galveston via Germany.
Workmen were busy this after- |
noon putting in a new fire plug at
the corner of Hagers and Main 1
streets. It was also necessary to
move tho fire plug back closer to
the sidewalk and to put in a valve
near the plug, which necessitated
the cutting off of the water for a
• K. of I*. Notice.
Regular meeting of Stonewall
lodge K. of P. tonight at 7:30. All
members urged <o be present. Work
in the rank of page. Y’islting bro
thers welcome.
Mrs. Eva Child of Hanover, Wis.,
Mrs. Clara Richards of Buchanan,
Mieh., members of the board of su
preme managers and Mrs. Myrtle E.
Park of Waxuhnchle. state manager
for Texas of the Royal Neighbors of
America, are in Dallas on an insi>ec
tion trip of the Texas camps of the
order. The Royal Neighbors of
America is tho largest fraternaJ or
der in the World managed and con
trolled entirely by women, with a
membership of 380,000.
The Texas camps are in a pros
perous condition, the officers said.
Visits have been made to San Anto
nio. Victoria. Houston, Galveston
and Austin. From Dallas the officers
will go to Fort Worth and Amarillo.
At the mooting of the lo< al caiup last
night cut glass vases were presented
to the visiting officers The Waxa
ha«'hie camp presented Mrs. I’ark
Only Four
More Weeks
A! nine o'clock p. m. i-n Inecias
her 23rd, <>n«- of the young tallies
now in the contest will b< awarded
a Saxon Six, standard value f815.no.
The next highest receplent of voles
will secure the beautiful diamond
rinr The four other prisc-s will lie
awarrleo in the sane manner.
Surely It will be a pleasure lo se
cure votes with you holiday pur
chases at our two stores and help
one of these young ladloa secure c
nice cur.
We are now displaying our mam
moth holiday stocks whirh arc lhe
largest and best ever shown here.
Merchandise is very scarre and high
now but fortunately our stocks were
bought many mom hr. ago. Come
down early ancl get first choice.
3 Eva Williams. 5.109,209
6 Winnie McCartney.... 5,624,860
12 Minnie Sue floodloe. . . 5.123,563
16 Ituih Looxer.8,812,255
20 Alice Ho worth.18,088,300
21 Rxa Callaway. 26,244,692
23 Dinlnil Cole.24,327,472
25 Maude Mabry. 5,736,868
27 Mlene Kuyken lalt_ 4.265,527
31 Myrtle Shivers. 5,074,466
During the coming week we will
give 5,fi00 votes to the dollar on
Parisian Ivory. We will also give
1.000 votes with every pound of
candy sold regardless of price.
Candidates should cart attention of
their friends to our wonderful holi
day stock.
Two Drug Stores
with a big floral gift.
Mrs. Eva'Child is accompanied by
her husband, F. H. Child, who is
making his first trip to Texas.—Dal
las Journal.
ind many other important things can
>c done quickly and more satisfac
orily if the electrical devices of the
lay are, put into use. Isn’t there
omething in your house that could
;e bettor accomplished in this clean,
afe way? Come in and ask us ques
lons. We may save you time and
nouey, too. 1
R.obt. Sewell
Klectrical Supplies.
’hone 785 200 W. Main
10.500 5 inch Best Shingles; or
1,370 fe^t of Flooring, in-st
grade; or
30 gallons of paint,
10.025 5 inch Best Shingles; or
2.500 feet of Flooring; or
40 gallons of paint.
Come On! ('limb Aboard the
Prosperity Car and Stop Kick*
ing Aland High Prices.
We have it—You need it
D. H. Thompson
Lumber Company
Com r t esy —Q mi 1 i t y—Sen i re
Phone 150 College Street
Near II. ti T. C. Depot
' We have just received a nice
line of Watch Chains
—Witlilmimn Chains
—Coat Chains
—Awl the best patterns in Vest
Jewelers anti Optician*.
Hotel Bio k
We are boosters for the Kills
County Sanitarium.
Antiur Wicker *m here rrom r.n
| nfs Inst night.
Miss ferrie Cunningham of En
nis was In the city last night.
l>U'l!ey Farris and Kleteher Qualte:
of Knnis were In the rity last night
H .1 Rnnner. M P. Anderson and
(». E Long of Ennis wore here last
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Rlr.gicton and
Mr nnd Mrs It K Erwin will spend
Thanksgiving ilav at She man. the
guests or Miss Rebw Singleton.
Mrs. (Jus. It. Moore and non have
returned home from Otego. Kansas.
whore they were nt the bedside and
death of Mrs. Moore’s uncle. Geo. W.
Congalton. who died at that place on
November 13.
Roger* Hotel Arrival*.
T M. Darlington. Houston; r. M.
Crawford, Dallas; D. W. Smith, Dal
las; \V. E. Iloehert. Dallas; H. H.
Pugh, Dallas; T. J. Collins. Dallas; ,
G. C. Robtnron, St. Louis; P. T.
Hawkins, Dallas; R. W. Luckner,
Chicago; F. W .Smith, Boston; S. A.
Ix>ng, Dayton. O.: M. Singerman,
New .Orleans; T. S. Young. Fort
Worth; II. Onerback. Waco; E. H.
Brooks. St. Louis; Jack Gardner,
Dallas; L. E. Conley, Dallas; R. B.
Blasingnme , Dallas; J. M. Keevps,
Dallas; R. M. White, Dallas; Mrs. L.
D. Payne, Fort Worth; Frank Buck
ner. Dallas; J. J. Johnson, Dallas;
K. E. Harrison, Cincinnati, O.; W.
E. Callahan, Oklahoma; E. S. Heyer,
Dallas; Bennie Hill, St. Louis; H. C.
Davis, Dallas; J. E. Williams, Dal
las; Fnd McJunkin, Dallas; A. W.
Punnlnger, Fort Worth; A. W. Mor
ris, Dallas; C. E. Gottfried, St. Louis;
W. M. Shepard, Arlington; R. J. Ban
ner, Ennis; O. E. Long Jr., Ennis;
M. P. Anderson Jr., Ennis; Corrle
Cunningham, Ennis; Bert Bain
bridge, Ennis; Dudley Farris, En
nis; Fletcher Quaite, Ennis; Miss
ITssery, Dallas; A. H. Wicker, Ennis;
Harry Wiggin, Ennis; Miss Mottee
McDuffie, Ennis; Miss P. L. Latemer,
Ennis; Jack Reagor, Ennis.
Coal Situation.
Only about one hundred and fifty
tons of coal In our town. Parties
wanting ton will get only 1,000
pounds lintil we got more. Price is
now $5.00 for 1,000 pounds, $2.50
for 500 pounds, delivered. It will
cost ne $8.50 per ton to replace this
coal. Both phones.
adv-120 D. II. THOMPSON.
mini ins to
is jins nil
Large Number of Student.*) Plan to
Ar<-om|tany the Team and
Make Special Efforts to
Win the Game.
Trinity Tigers will leave tomor
row at 11:19 o’clock for Dallas where
they will meet the Southern Meth
odist University squad on their home
grounds in next to the last game
Trinity will play this season. It is
very likely that a large number of
the students will accompany the team
and do a lot of lively rooting for the
Tigers in what promises to be one
of the best games Trinity has fig
ured in this season. It is expected
that Coach Bivens will be able to
start his first string men for the
first time since the Baylor-Trinity
game early in the season. It has
been a little over two weeks since
Trinity has played a game but the
men have been kept busy all the
while and are in good condition.
Unless the dope is upsot again as
it has been In dozens of different
contests on the gridiron this season
the game ought to go to Trinity,
but of course the S. M. U. bunch will
contest every inch of ground. It
will be a game worth while, to say
the least of It.
AUSTIN, Texas, November 23.—
The state game and fish department
is making a fight against the use of
headlights in hunting deer and in
tends to prosecute every offense of
this character. The fine is $10 to
The open season for quail will be
gin Dec. 1. It is claimed by the de
partment that quail are unusually
siarce this year, partly due to the
storm last August, which destroyed
many of the nests and young.
countiks slow skxdixu
AUSTIN, Texas. Nov. 23.—Of the
24» organized counties in Texas only
Fashionably correct in every detail — smart new mod
els with all the thru and thru goodness of the best de
signers and makers in this country.
But we are ready to make good by showing you se
lections from Hart-Schaffner & Marx, Kirschtaum and
Spero-Michael lines—clothing that bears the stamp of
superiority and individuality on every garment.
Costs you nothing and it will put you in touch with the
kind of clothing you want when you are ready to tuy—
$12.50, $15.00, $18.00 to $25.00
$10.00, $12.50, $15.00, $18.00 to $25.00
And Every One a Value You Cannot Duplicate
New Shipment of Boys’ Knee Suits
$3-95 to $12.50
New Shipment Men’s Wool Shirts
$1.25 to $3-oo
Cheeves Bros 4 Co
ibout 100 have sent returns of the
general election to the secretary of
state. The state canvassing boar<J,
consisting of the governor, attorney
general and secretary of state, will
meet in Austin on December 18 and
canvass all returns except the c
for governor and lieutenant gi
nor, w hich goes over to the le|
ture. None of the return* »i
opened until the canvassing &
A Few Nice Speckled
Trout Today
Any cut of beef, pork, veal, nice oysters, genuine lamb
Head cheese, souse, pork brains, chili, sausage.
We have every day—Good choice meats of different kind)
and can most always give you your favorite cut, be1 it®*
loin, porterhouse, number seven, T-bone in steaks or bn
chuck, rump, prime rib, clod, soft rib or any other kin
roast that you may want.
Phone us, then phone your grocer if you buy your mean
through your grocerman. Send the children—if
them and know what you like we will give it to t e *
quick as we would you.
For good meat, meat that is tender, fresh and tastes good,
always specify Nycum’s meats.
Nycum’s MarKet
We are boosters for the Ellis County Sanitariunu
A Complete Line
Don’t send away for a single article you need
for your automobile until you find out what
we can do for you.
Sims-Thomson Garag®
For Quick Tire Service.
We are boosters for the Ellis County

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