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r i i i \

Copies of the Note Containing Text of Proposals Handed
to the Representative of the United St es, Spain
! and Switzerland—Full Text Not Made Public But \
Is Believed to Contain Provision for Establishment j
of Lasting Peace.

BKKM-V December 12.—Proposals by the Central jawveis that peace |
(ptiktiens l>e entered info forthwith were made In notes handed to the 1
upeurnlntivcN of neutral countries which represent tlie interest of tier-!
way and tlie other belligerent nations.
Ou»wel lor von BeUiinunn-Holwcgg railed the representat ives of tlx ‘
[tied States, Spain and Switzerland to the foreign office one after the '
Aer and handed to them copf. s of the note, tlie tevt of which will be'
rid before the riechstug today
Tlie chancellor asked tile neutral nntions which represent Germany
i*l her allied powers at the capitals of the nations with which she Is a!
wio bring these proposals to tlie attention of Germany's enemies.
TV propositions which Germany adtances for peace negotiations are, j
imoling to Germany’s belief, intended for the establishment of lading
The governments of Vienna, Constantinople and Sofia transmitted
.rtulial notes.
Texts Qf the notes were sent to the
o:i«in and nil other neutral nations. \
The exact text of tlie first an-!
moment of Germany's intention i
* wirelessed by tlie official press
touu to the neutral nations is as
The rbancellor tills morning re
' itl one after the otlier the repre
“Jiatives of the l nilrtl States of
r ica. Spain anil Switzerland—
•at is n! the spates protecting G. r- j
wy’s inti .es s in hostile foreign :
natties. Th' eiianrellor trans
Bitfil to them the note and asked
*io to bring it to tlie knowledge
ihehostilegovcrnnnins. The note!
he read complete Ik fore th*1
tithstag by tlie chancellor.”
In tlie note tlie fonr allies (Cen
**1 powers) propose to enter forth- j
into |ienee negotiations. The ,
rpisitien which they liring for such i
•flbations are, according to their i
belief, appropriate for tlie es-j
toMiment of lasting peace.
"The government of Vienna, Con- !
wninople and Sofia have trans
fc'tal identical notes. The text was
**>se«t to the Holy See and all oth
* Mitral powers."
handing; tli© note to the repiv-!
of the United States, •
*!*'» ami Switzerland, Germany j
^ Parted negotiations direct
1'' h**1 raeinj nations, and under i
"L'®2 conditions her only course
t'li|)l<iinatic interchange ltetween the]
Powers and the allies.
"*® procedure in the transmission!
«t<, |
"Tmany * |teaee prop,sals will he
Orally the same to all neutral:
whose aid she has invoked,
diplomatic representatives of the '
^ Stal<"s. S|min and Swit/.er
13 ,v1ll forward the ni*te handed
H ;,"'n 1 *’> Cliancellor Bethmann
to their res|tective capitals
| ‘"feign ,.ft stat»- de
^ ^tf* of tlw'so nations, 'i * the*
*i*1 •w forwarded to the Ameri
^ lft(l Spanish ainhassedors and
minister at the capitals
^ entente nations, ihr s;.me
w'W followed in cum
*-** formal replies t,> the peace
'Phi's. 1
®tl»i.ci, for instance, will prolta
it to the Vnieriran and Spui
^•mltassadors and the Swiss min
^ '^rntical notes in rrspmse to
prop,sals. These will
to the capitals of America,
Switzerland and through
t rs k r,“‘,iuels formally handed
y through tlie American.
Spanish mid Swiss diplomatic repre
sent utives at lieiiin.
WASHINGTON, l>ec. 12.—Inform
ed hv the United Press fiiat Germany
had offered to discuss peace, Seereta-j
ry Lansing finished reading the dis- '
l«i chc,, say' "I know nothing
alxmt it."
T!ie United Press dispatch was
conveyed to him by his secretary.!
Richard Crane, who explained tlwu j
i \\4 not surprising that press dis-1
patches regarding sueli a matter
should e, .*, Ii the United States Inv
ii i ■ die <•; acini difijwtehes.
: I <» tews was given to lainsing*
jus ore Ids regular morning ap
p:-In. ent with the news|>aiH*r men
whi'> it a department conference.
Imims.lately alter receiving the news
Iaiusing declared that for the ‘•mo
ment" lio could not see the newspa
ixr men. It was presumetl that he
would keep his appointment at a
later hour.
The United States will direct the
jreace proposals Iq the entente na
tions where she represents Germany's
interests. The administration \ie«
point to date has hwn a disinclina
tion to engage in any jieace moves
until one side or the other gave an
indication that it wanted |»eace.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 12.—“No
comment at this time." This was the
first word sent frott tin* White
house after Secretary Tumulty read
the Tnited Press German peace pro
posal dispatch.
White House officials would not
say whether this meant tliat a slat ■
meat would In* given out later.
Copies of the i'nited Press dispatch
were s*nt to the White House by
s|*ee la I messenger this morning and
aft. r leading them Secretary Tumul
ty rushed with tJiem to the presi
dent's <*!: *ce.
(■EltM IM S PE \CE Mt YE
NEW \ < IKK. Dee. 12.—Tin* st«K
market broke on news of Germany s
l>»-aiv move. I n si states St<s'l
stock sold at 1.21 '■-H. "ff 2 |Mtints,
and t'nieihle ttas d .vn 2 1-2 point'
a! HO 3-4.
Cost little—save much—-want ads.
m t\ wii wii i:
—Conies a s tv from Ypnearul, <
department of P .fngaarl, Peru
guay. that Jnclntln Cliilaiert, <
merchant and congressman, and <
1 ills wife are the proud parents <
of J4 children, who have been <
arriving for twenty years In <
squads of two, three and even <
four, and are all living and in <
good health. <
MILAN, Tier. 12.- The newspaper
Seeola. says Kaiser Wilhelm experts
to visit Bucharest shortly.
PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 12.- After
1’riving been under fire from a Ger
man submarine an hour and a half
the Belgian steamer Kasbeck is in
port here today.
The attack occurred near Gibral
tar November It;, according to the
Sometimes a man ives his friend
the best of it, and said friend sets
sore because that best wasn’t better.
I a. STKKI l»l:<T.IXKB <>\ VKXV.'H
I K X* I' PK*>PlTsAl>
1 \ Slight Ron.lsm S'-! iii After tlie
I li-t Hour's Trading—Relieved
on the Street |lto Allies
Will not Xeeept.
Nh\V YORK, Dec, 12. A hr. ak
in the price* of stock* on the ex
change today followed (Chancellor
fl e t 1) in a n n-Holw &g‘* announce
tnent regarding peace and sent rul
ed Stales Steel, (lie market barom
eter, down three points shortly be
fore noon. The ruu.lor stock* found
support in the trades as the Berlin
peace proposals do not indicate that
peace Js imminent; though there was
record trading In half a million
shares. The first hour after the
break prices had not reacted.
As th" peace proposals from Ger
many carried no flurry to the Mor
gan circles it was regarded us signif
icant. It was tukt- to indicate that
the American financtrt representa
tive* of the allies did not regard fa
vorable action on thd Beilin pro
posal* as likely.
Admittedly th* great* it carrying]
force from the British view paint i
Boyd-Gc. r-o. The idea is genorn'
that Great Britain will not consent
to 'he cessation of hostilities at this!
\o IIHToK K\ I i; II \l»
OAKY, Iml., IVi 12.
Stirred by art anti-Knmldlng
rrnaade by the Gary Post tho
police raided a poker name In
the editorial room of that pn|»er.
The city editor and four re
porter* were arrester! \ d**<k
of cards anti $:t vere » »nflara -
ed. |
time with tu*r political bouse Just
put in order and the organization of
her major efforts untried.
It was pointed out that hut half of
England's military strength has been
irted under fire.
\\ V.\ \H \rHlK WK1>NK#1>AY
A telegram received this after
noon hv Will Moore announces the
death of Mrs. .1. Cl. Greenbury, which
o’surred at u sanitarium in San An
tonio this afternoon shortly after 12
o'clock. The deceased is a daughter
> f George D 'bardi'lebt ti of Lubbock
i nd ;■ niece of Wilt Moore.
The remains will be shipped from
s a Antonio tonight and vrill reach
V.'axahe.ehie early tomorrow to he
tribi.a to this home of Mr. and Mrs.
Moore on West Main street, from
where the funeral will be held Wed
ge 'day afternoon at 8 o’clock.
At the last meeting of the Cham
ber of Commerce a romlttec was up.
pointed to devise ways and means
for cleaning up the town, thereby
improving the sanitary condition as
much as possible, it being admitted
that the condition was at least bail.
The committee named was T. II. .
fmrhin, S. I*. Spalding and J. Hous
ton Mvllcr. That committee got
busy within an hour after the cham
ber adjourned its luncheon session
and from the re|M*rt made at today's
luncheon it has kept steadily at work
throughout the week that has elaps
ed. Today there were between
twelve ami fifteen ladies, representa
tives of the various clubs of the
town, present to urge the chamber
to take active anil hurried steps to
wards a general clean-up movement.
Mr. Harbin for the committee re
purlisl that file aid of the ladies had
lieeit solicited and at a meeting held
this morning when representative*
from the Bayview dub, Music club,
Shakespeare club and Daughter's of
the Confederacy were present and
participated, it was decided that a
general clean-up day should t>e held
on Friday, lleeendier 15. and that
tin* people of the town he urge*!
i and beggisl to clean their premises
! for the sake of their neighbors if
! net their own. Mayor F. II. I’rince
1 was present at the m< ruing meeting
I anil offered to furnish the city teams
: and force for haul'ug off the trash
picked up on this day. The re|>ort
; cl the committee adopted hy the
( hamber calls for a general clean
up day on briilay next., bach and
ci t y citi/r/n is c\|ks ted to do his
, <.. fall part towards this umve
I'.rnt. The tieri-s'i. makes the
movement an imperative i '**.
Tim lily health officer up!*'.".red
before the Joint committee this morn
ing and made the statement that an
analysis of he city ater had found
it pure. No typh >id germs have
been found in the milk from the
dairies, although tin* rc|*u*t show* '
I si me of the dairies in a very bad
I condition. The soured therefore is
' 1 in doubt.
'ii ■ ■ nitnrj condition, according
to l>r. Derry, city hedih officer. Is
indeed very lm<1. Ho proposes to fill
«•» many as ten wagons with tin
inns out <»f one aiiei. n pretty big
undertaking but It® declares it can
la* illine. He declared that lie had
licon city health officer for almost
two years and had never had the
support of public sentiment in tin*
enforcement of tin* sanitary regiilu
timis. He asked tlie co-operation of |
tlie iM'ople in a most vital movement. I
It was first proposed that the
scIkm is lie askeil to recess for half
•lay in order tiiat tin* children may j
be interested in the cloun-up move
ment, also that the merchants he
asked to dose, hut when objection;
was registered It was decided that
this would lie asking too much of :
the merchants and it was decided to
prosecute tin* cleau-un campaign j
without resorting to tlie closing |
Some of the merchants proposed 1
that the best plan would tie to
lesort to the law, and even some of
tin* ladies thought that advisable hut
a majority believed that the most
successful plan would In* to appeal
I to the pride of the loyal citizen* of
tlie town and ask their ro-opera<ion
lat a time when is -operation is need
! <d. I
,\ final »ote passed the t'handier
el Commerce tied the matter of
I !ans hr left with the ladles of (he
various i luhs and a inectlo of these
ominUtvc* wo* called for imme
diately afiear adjournment of the
■ haiiiher, when |'lr. ;s would be nut
'•‘d, of one t!.i> £ there is a cer
i hiy aiul that is that the ladies of
li e town are thoroughly moused to
the necessity of the clean-up move*
im at end tin y propose ts> carry t
far past the confine* of their indi
vidual premises. They propose tsi see
to it that the merchants with whom
they trade keep a clean store. Tliey
will call oil all tile ladies of the town
to co-operats* witli them In this work.
\\ lien a store is found to lie dirty and
filthy they propose to withhold
their trade until the store is put. in
n sanitary couditiou.
What is due of the grocery is to
Im made tins' of every denier in food
stuffs uns! drink*. It is admitted
that it is an easy matter to drift in
to a careless luitiit of allowing filth
to accumulate, hut with the ladies of
(lie town on the lookout somstbody
is filing to have to clean up.
i lie dismission oi tne ways ami
means of accomplishing tiie desired !
alms showed the merchants in an at
titude of expecting the city officials
to put into effect the very stringent
sanitary laws. While the city officials
asked for co-operation In molding a
sentiment in favor of the sanitary
laws. Mayor Prince declared that
the city officials stood ready to pros
ecute where prosecution would avail
l anything, hut he declared it was a
i most difficult task to enforce laws
| where there was no sentiment. He
i'svci d each and every person giv
ing their premises a general clean
ing and proffered the services of tile
city teams and forces in hauling off
the trash.
it \as finally agreed that the city
h< alih officer he asked to superin
tend the campnign and that tie be
authorized to appoint four assistants
to co-operate with him in putting in
to effect the plans outlined, by the
ladies. These plans will be made
known tomorrow.
peace Terms provide
- -
i ■ ■
Germany Would Establish Independent Kingdoms In
Poland and Lithuania-Buliraria W ill Probably WTant
Return of Territory Lost In the Second Balkan War
—Germany Will Ask for the Return of Her Lost
WASHINGTON, Decemlier la.—Germany's peace projs.sals, accord
mu to German embassy officials. Inclirtle the question of flic territorial
status of the nations rnuiiRcd “he returned prnctlcally" t<* what It was be
fore the war startl'd. Kaemptlona Include the estahllshinent of Independ
ent kinudouts In Poland and Flthuanla him! some readjustment of the in
ternational boundaries in the Balkans.
The latter quest Ion, It Is wild, Is so conqHrated that It Is hard now
to definitely siiuuest anything alonu |M»altlve peace lerins that would be
in copied by all the belli accents.
The one concrete suuKjfsilon made was that Bulipvria would prtibabljr
want the reiurn of territory lest In the aecontl Balkan war and it Is sup
posed that Germany guaranteed this when KIiir 1'crdlnand cast his lot
with the t Central |siwers.
The pence terms, the IT' leil PreM Informant said. Included the evac
uation of northern France, lie restoration of Belgium, al least a partial
[ restoration of Serbia and Itiimanlrf ami the return to Germany of her hint
| colonies. 1

The facts wlilc-h aw s Id to have
led to the German p u pro|M>sal» at
this tlnu- me:
The* favorable military posit to to "I
the t c’nliui power*.
The fac t tha* winter is at liand ne
< essiiu.ing a ccssaitloii <>l hard figut* 1
lig tor ilnoe inmub*.
I deshtc to “smoke out" the alliaa
ut .11 a , met just what ihej are fight*
■ ; to- .
.V desire to convince the world
atm the German people that Gcitnuuy
i, ..(1, lighting a war ot territorial
i o:i<|u» > , and tiie desite, if toe war
r..Utiion*. to let tin wonU h...w
I lino t.c.inuuy nitl mot he re span* t <
loi* imiller lilnnelslied.
The iK*aeo terms as outlined tuc
! net necessarily Germany's final prop
1 i.sition, this official Indicated.
"The Important i|Ue4tion Is to
' find out whether the allies will talk
Iteae'e,” this official said. "Germany
j is making the proposals In cutler to
; tine] nut whether it may Ik* more is*a
s< i an I >Ie to stop the lighting Itefore
either side is able to get what the
English prime Tmnisted calls a
‘knock out.’ ”
Although lie lias no upisilntinent t
It Is expected that Ambassador Kern
styrff will see Secretary lawisiug
early ami discuss the peace proposals*
Si Ss believed jiossiblc that Kcrnstorff
will express n desire for an audience
with I'resldt nt Wilson.
It is not believed that Amhassa*
•lor <.lined had any definite Infor
mation ou Germany's proposals xxhen
he left Iterlin. In diplomatic dixies j
it was said Germany's action must
have been partly determined by the j
success of her liumauian campaign,
mid that the cabinet crisis in Knglaud
and France. A pence conference,
if one is heir, will probably lie at
; Itcrne or The Hague, it was predlct
I cd here.
lie would not indicate whether
| (lie proposals came u> a surprise to
; him, hut liis manner indicated more
dearly than words i in dcscrilie that
tile news was the happiest words he
l as heard from Iteiiln in months.
So far as the luited l*res* dispatch
showed Germany's coui-s is unpre
cedented. I'or that re ism lousing
' was unwilling to commit himself
u- lo t^c Cnited States' attit'nlc.
If Germain's offer Invol cs the
mere use of the I'lilted sta» ss as a
incsss.enger the state ile|sirt'nent will
send her note to the ent* nte allies
as a matter of course and diplomatic
Hut a larger question Is involved
In cane f«erinuny want* the United
State* anti other neutral nation* to
Notind out the alhey »®<I make defi
nite propoMla. In that ease (tie at>
tiluUc of the allien would lie tented
by public opinion abroad to nee what
till* ({ovortinient doe*.
—— ........ .. ... .. —n
' I
I.:: !*, ns cl ,1, FOR (ll’AHAX.
1 011 < I VTKAL l*OWKRS.
Hi* Only Thought Han Been for the
KHtaollshiiirnt of a I’cure That
Will Safeguard Germany.
Adversaries Evasive.
BERLIN, Dec. 12.—Von Beth
•mann-Holweg’s proposal for peace
calls for a guarantee of honor and
liberty and the evolution of the Cen
tral powers appropriate for the es
tablishment. of lasting peace.j He
“We have progressed, but in this
progress we have always been ready
to defend ourselves, yet we have
been ready to stretch out our hand
to peace. Our strength has not
made our ours dumb before God,
before our nation ana humanity.
Former declarations have been evud
eci by German's adversaries, but
these have been advanced further.
During the long years of the war
our emperor has been moved only by
the si»:;lo thought of ‘How peace
i.my be restored, safeguarding Ger
many for which he has fought so
j victoriously.'
I “The emperor now thinks the m>
i meat has come to take official ac
tion. He Is *e ing in complete har
mony with Germany's allies in deeld
; ing to Interpose peace negotiations.
I This morning he transmitted a non
to all of the iiowcrs watching Germa
ny’s interest in hostile states. fie
did not state any definite peace
‘ 1 ' *
Carroll Todd was down town to
j day after a very severe illness of
| several weeks.

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