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Will preaet the opportunity to mauy
for tnrreaalnt the convenience and
luxury of tha modern home, eapeeial
ly la the Installation of sanitary
plumbing. Improvement* have lx an
added since last season, so with the
commencement of 19 If there need
t>e few home* that cannot have some
simple, plain typo of sanitary mod
ern bathroom with reliable plumb
Inn ft*t.ires throughout the house.
F. S. Cronk Co.
'tmhtt hi HOI, Ota, Pl«» Mnjt. \rttw
and Una AppHsauw All Kiwis of
, W# are boosters for the Eliia
County Sanitarium.
PubHehad Dally Except ‘’unda j
»T The I
c. W. Slmpoon.Preatdent
C, W. Knot... ,V. P. and Treasurer
W. A. Ownby. .Secretary
C. W. Stanpaou. i. Lea Pann, T. A
Parrtn, A. M. Brownian, C. W. Kant,
W. A. Owuby, Laa P. fiuaite.
W. A. Owaby..Editor
i. A. Tunnetl.City Editor
AjWjlttnt.......Business Manager
Catered at the Waxahachle Post
office as Mall Matter of the Second
One Month by Carrier.BO
Mx Months by Carrier...$2.76
One Year in Advance.$6.00
One Year, in Adv., Out of City $4.00
One Year ta Advance.$100
Six Months, la Advance.$«»
Three Months, In Advance.... .25
Ik. Thera is never any great use for
n lnsr that please* everybody.
V -p
We do not always do as well as
we should, still we »re doing ouy very
best to do better.
A long pull, a strong pull, and a
'pull all together for Waxahachle
during the year 1017.

Carranza refuses to sign the pro
tocol agreed upon by the two com
tafesiona. Why not pass it up to
A man1* courage docs not consist
In being ready to fight at the drop
of a bat, and it is the same way with
a nation.

f It Is sometimes a good rule to
buy your milk from the dairyman
who lives on the same side of the
creek you do.
. _▲__
A* this Is the last opportunity ve
will havo we hereby extend best
wishes for s prosperous aud happy
New Year to all.
Taxes are high, but it is well
to remember that about half of you
voted for the man who has brought
about present conditions.
Be ready to resolve next Monday
that during the year 1917 you will
do unto your neighbor as you w ould j
have him do unto you.
Today finishes our squib writing’
for this year. If in the prist we have •
brought a sortie to the face ot 'ijuy
man or woman or £p? or girfc we
are more thaw repaid for our efforts
to pfeaaa.
If you are not at peace with all
the. world the fault la yours. If any
man has aught against you treat
him in such a manner as to make him
^shamed of himself for having har
bored ill * ill or resentment.
C. --4
Congressman Hanry goes bark at
, Thos- W. Lawson of Boston in re
gard to that Wall street tip business.
Our Bob tell* the Bostoniau that he
must come across with the goods.
In other words he tells him "to put
up or ahut up.”
There la no 'better way to spend
the last day of the old year than by
going to church and listening to the
message of the pastor. He may say
’ something that will enable y^u to
'start the New Year in a proper man
The ?t#w T«f will depend to «
large extent on what yo* make it.
rball it be a good of a bdd one?

We aerionaly objoct to the Okla
homa bank robben renewing Red
river and establiabing branchen of
tboir bualnee* in Texaa.
■-♦— —
If we were over In Europe and
were In the Iren rhea, we are aatta
fied we would vote for peace every
time we pot y»e opportunity.
Carroll T<*dd ha* already com
mented to train dtawn. and think*
he will aoon be in the pink of con
dition to make the race for mayor,
We are told that Louia XI of
France robbed bin aubject* of their
cblc|(«na. Kulere of the prcaent day
ut-ver atoop to a tittle thing like that.
-♦ --
Be sore and get to Carroll Todd’a
office bofore twelve o’clock tonight,
and rave him the trouble of charg
ing you extra for the collection of
your taxea.
If you will call at our office and
make due apology, we will freely for
give you for any wrong we may have
done you during the year now draw
ing to a dose.
OuB Methodist brothers up at Bal
timore are trying to agree upon a
plan for the union of the two branch
lea of that denomination. May suc
cess attend their effort*.
We are Satisfied the old year will
be able to make Ita exit and the new
one Its arrival without any help
fr6m ul. We shall therefore not be
one of the watchers.

BOSTON, Dec. 30.—Billy Sunday
will vie with the Hub’s merry-mak
ers In welcoming the New Year to
morrow night. The bon vlvants will
be out to raise the devil, and Billy
will be out to down him.
At a night-watch service the first
of its kind ever conducted by a ue
vivallst. thousands will hear his
famous “Boose" sermon, while oth
er thousands are reveling in Crowd
ed hotels and confettied cabarets.
Boston hotel men decide*! upon
tonight as the offieiul date for "New
Year's Eve” and its accompanying
celebrations. Shortly after midnight,
191V will be recognised with many
tippings of the flowing bowk and
much syncophated entertainments.
Somebody suggested to Billy Sun
day the idea of holding a revival at
»he hour of the merriment’s height.
"If# a bully hunch,” he cried.
"Let me think it over. 1 never tried
it before—It never occurred to me.”
Once Billy got hold of the idea, the
thing was accomplished.
PASADENA. Cal., Dec. 30.—The
Tournament of Rones, Pasadena’s
beautiful aud unique midwinter fete,
will be the big attraction New
Year’s day and thousands from every
stele In the union are hen?, clad in
summary garments, and enjoying a
floral festival possible only In Sun
ny Southern California at this sea
son. ^
The floral parade at 10:30 Monday
will find thousands ut points of vant
age along tho line of march for
the procession of beauteous splen
dor. Roses, violets, carnations,
fgerautuiar all products of South
ern California’s outdoor winter—will
be massed aud banked In ever) con
ceivable form In scores of floats;
myriad* of blossom* .will he shower
ed upon the spectators by pretty
girls in filmy costumes; and school
children, marching duns, bands aud
other organ Unions will add their
sl aro to this ftddwinter festival of
In tho evening, a grand ball,*at
i tended by the soda I leaders of the
Pacific Coast and the East, will brikg
the glorious day to a joyous close.
SAN DIEGO. Cal.. Dec. 30. —
When the lights dint out on the
Panama Ca*>foroia International ex
position here tomorrow at midnight
California will have established two
duration record* for world's fairs
'■ The San Diego exposition has been
j running exactly two years. The ex
position at San Frabctsco in 1915
lasted nine and a half months or
longer th n any previous, exposi
tion in this country, ^an Francisco
closed its fair with a balance of
$1,009,000 after all bills hud been
luiid. At the close of the first year,
after having extended $10,000,000
the city of San Diego was $40,000 to
the good ou the fair invested.
The city is thronged with visi
tors from all parts of the country
today to attend the closing of the
Catarrh means inflammation.
Inflammation is the stagnation
of blocxl—the forging of the
circulation with impure blooil.
Of course yon can’t he m ull under
this er.;.ditto.-. ft rsesns, headache*. j
indigestion, kidney trouble, coughs,.
colds, etc. I
Pemna By ***,#,in*j
A V«X uua nutrition in j
creases the circulation, invigorates the
system, removes the waste matter and
brtghtf.09 you up.
Over 44 Years
Of service to the public entitles it to a
place with you.
It Makes Good
The Perm* Compsny Columbus, Ohio
You can get Peruntt in tablet forru
lor convenience.
It) If. ('. Hniiiilton.
(I'nlted l'ress Staff Correspondent.) .
NKW YORK. Dec. JO.—Gunboat j
Smith, survival of that dim, dark age
when white hopes were abfoad in the
land, is through. Don’t let anyone
bay he isn't. The old ship, battle
scarred in many an encounter, hook
ed up a few nights ago with Frank
Moran, who has been through for
some time, and he was hard put to it
to hold his own.
The gunner, who hail beaten
Champion Jess Willard, who fought
Ueorfce Carpentier to a'standstill and
lost on a foul, who beat Sam Lang
ford once, only to lose in another en
counter with the dusky son of swat,
has passed from among the lordly
race that once pried dollars from a
suffering public. There will be ho
more mobs at' New York club doors
to see the gunner take his medicine.
The mob got plenty when it ogw the
gunner reeling under a bombard
bardment from Moran’s guns.
Frank Moran was handed about
as nifty a trimming as any man
should wnt to see when he met Jack
Dillon lust summer. Smith once
gave Dillon quite an interesting lit
tlo session. But Smith looked aw
fully bad in the ring with Moran.
He gave the impression of being
ready to retire to the farm or the
battleship for the rest of his life.
Tile gunner hua been a good old
booiv, too. He baa fought about ev
ery good white heavyweight since
the days of James J. Jeffries, and
most of the time he v.as on the right
side of the ledger.
It was the merest chance that
beat him out of a crack at Champion
Jack Johnson when he took a smash
at George Carpentier when the ido!
t f France was down. That really
, was the last good fight he ever took
part in. Since then he has rapidly
been on the skid;. The big crash
was the only thing wanting and it
'came in the Moran battle.
Mr. Nelsqn Tells His Experience.
The following brief account of an
interview with a Waxahacbie man
over eight years .ago, and its sequel
will be raed with keen interest by
every citizen.
J. II. Nelson, farmer. R. F. T>. No. I
2 Waxahjp'hle, says: “Pain and tame-;
ness across my back annoyed me for j
quite a while. The attacks rah).’ on j
when I tried to stoop when lift ;
Ing. 1 got Doan’s Klimey Pills from j
tho Ourlin Drug Co., and two boxes
made a cure.” (Statement given on
March 24, 1008.1
On May 1, 1!»15. Mr. Nelson said:
”1 haven’t noticed the slightest sign
of kidney trouble since Doan’s Kid
ney Pills cured me."
Price 50c, a* all dealer®. oDn’t
simply ask for a kidney remedy—
get Doan's Kidney Pills—the same
that Mr. Nelson has twice publicly
recommended. Foeter-Mulburn Co.,
Props., Buffalo N. Y.— (udv.l
CHICAGO, Dec. 30.—-The federal
grand Jury has heard a large amount
t of evidence in connection with the
high coat of living. *8 to conclude its
session today aid will be discharged.
No indictments w ill be returned, at -
cording to United States District At
torney Clyne.
The kind of printing that pleases
at the J. T. Tucker's, at Daily Light
I office. t!
'ran rule m teim
“BOItlt" Dtl.l. fiTAItTK on \
POlK-TUb Toi l* «»k mt v
The celebrated 20 mule tpatn haul
ing borax from f>eath Valley has
started from San Bernardino. Cal.,
on its coast to coast tour. The tour
will cover a period of about four
(years and this city will bo visited.
The borax wagons each weigh 8,000
pounds and have a capacity of 30,
5 U00 pounds. The front wheels are
' five and the rear wheels seven fec-t
; high, the hubs are eighteen Inches
• n diameter, the tires eight Inches
vide and one inch thick, and the
I wagon bed* are sixteen feet long,
four feet wide and six feet deep.
The twenty mules are driven with
i:i “Jerk line.’’ A strong steady pull
means turn to the right and a seri s
of Jerks moan turn to the left. Ti e
moles are trained ^nonths in ad van. e
,ind each one responds to his own
| name. At one time the transporting
of borax was done almost entirelv
with twenty mule team* but the
building of railroads eliminated
(these mammoth teams. As there are
very few of them in existence today,
: the visit of this on* here aAd the
(public parade and lecture—together
Uith distribution of rain pies of
i borax and soap chips-—will m- i.e cn
| event of ke* r» ioturoat to everyone.
“Borax Bill,"* the driver, is re
| gat'd rd as the best niu'.e dr ier in
the west. From his youth he h
driven these nmmttioth team :
understands mule language. Alui*A
it is «aid, have, si me very marked
peculiarities and at time, they n
to conspire to do everythin-. mi -
trary. But Borax Bill k-.ow ho v
to handle them, lie drove his fin
20 mule team when ho v. ,is nineteen
years old after a yeah or twp of e
perience as a swamper, haullti r-'
chandise and mining supplies from:
Carson City, Nevada, to Bodie, Cal- j
The tour in Texas will probably!
be through Cleburne, Fort Worth,!
Dallas, Morgan, Clifton, Waxahac nie, j
Waco, McGregor, Gatesville. Austin, j
San Antorfio, San Marcos, Bremond, j
Hearne, Cameron, Sealer}', Rosen :>• j g, .
Houston, Galveston and fifty other j
towns. The state of Texas is so large
that In order to cover it thoroughly
a great deal of time will be con
sumed. The 20 mule team is a trade
mark. in fact the only animated trade
mark in existence. Housewives j
throughout Texas have seen this j
brand in their kitchen for several
generations, and now they will see
it as*a living, moving actuality. There
is no doubt of, the fact that house
wives will be deeply interested and
the stores of Texas, will have things
to give away free* A big newspaper
advertising campaign is to be pro
jected in conjunction with the tour.
t *
I Clear, Peachy Skin t
I Awaits Anyone Who !
t Drinks Hot Water I
Z - ♦
*■ f 1
* Says an Inside bath, before break- v
* fast helps us look and feel *
clean, sweet, fresh. *•*
% _ 4
if. V
Sparkling and vivacious—merry,
bright, alert—a good, clear skin and j
a natural, rosy, healthy complexion'
are assured oniy by pure blood. If|
only every man and woman could be j
induced to adopt the morning inside!
bath, what a gratifying change would \
take place. Instead of the thousands
of llcklv, anaetue-looking men, wo
men and girls, with pasty or muddy
complexions; instead of the niu'.t.
tudes of “nerve wrecks,” "nr
downs,” "brain-fags” and pessimists
we should rye a vsrlle, optimistic
throng of rosy-checked poodle ev
An inside bath is I : d by diinki <:
each morning, before breakfast,
glass of real Ik ! • • r ' 1
spoonful of limestone pitot phare in
to wash from the sroBtacb, kid
neys and ten yads of ' w ■ ,«>
previous day’- j>dir'» stlbjo wrsie,
sour fermentations an 1 ’
cleansing, ewee^nio
the entire alimtgKt d • -
putting more food into ■' :■
Those subject to >' •
biliousness, nesty broat.j rb • ;'—
tism, colds; and particularly the-'
who have u pallid, sal »■< > x
ion and who are constipated very
often, are urgefi to obtain a u for
pound of limestone pho tphate the
drug store which will cost but . tri
fle, but is sufficient to demo rate
the quick and remarkable sit; g In
both health and appearance, .suit
ing those who practice internal sani
tation. We must remember that in
side cleanliness is more important
than outside, because the skin does
not absoib impurities to contaminate
the blood while the pores u the thir
ty teet of bowels do.—(adv.j
A Happy New Year
In appeciation of your dealings with us in the past,
and in anticipation of those in the years to come, we
thank you. 5
We Wish You A Prosperous New Yoar.
Th - Savi .g Store. Out off the High Rent District
Kj V .«>. 'Yi<' Middleton.
' • -!■<••::: Wedding.
>i' h L.iii: anti 'ir. Lee Rurt
fcir -t i ..ere rr r.-rd at eight
in evnips at the
* *• ci..ir« h r 'dory by Father
< . in a blue
c; liven ’ ad<' c t suit with
i. < r hat. an staring boots and
■ res of v hh -. She has many
ads in Wax-ihaohi' having made
h • home ! re ilm past eight years,
h lie: sinter. Mi’s. B. F. Thorn
' I. The groom is flie son of Mrs.
T. Smith, 101 Last Lutverslty
nue, ted is a prosperous young
: . mer of the Boyce community.
The attendants were Miss Sadie
!: ston and Mr. Burke Ralston.
1 se who witnessed the ceremony
v,i re Mr. Tierney, the bride’s fath
i . Mrs. John Boggess of West, and
ft, i. Fletcher of Waxahachie, sls
t' i s of the groom, Mrs. B. F. Thorn
1 I. Mrs. Mary Ralston, Mr. and
Mir. Burton Prince, Of this city,
Mr and Mrs. Matt Tierney, Miss
Polina Tierney of Fort Worth, Miss
Frankie Thornhill and Mrs. Burke
Ralston, also of this city. After the
cer mor t the newly married couple
v at to the home of the groom’s
mother, Mrs. J. T. Smith, where re
freshments were served to a few
intimate friends.
Honoring Miss Hit titer.
Miss Hattie'Lee Hornbhaif poured
tea Friday from four to five, honor
ing her house guest, Miss Richter,
ot Michigan. About one hundred
guests called to meet this charming
end talented young lady. The re
ception rooms were beautifully deco
rated. bells, holly and mistletoe be
ing used to carry out the Christmas
idea of brightness atul beauty.
Misses Juanita Ray and Bessie
Graham received the guests and the
dainty little hostess, Mint Hattie Lee
Hornbeak, introduced the honor
guest, Miss Richter. Those in the
? , oiving* line were: Misses Blanche
Hol'lund, .'Libel Jenkins of Dallas,
Mary Tribune of Huntington, lud.,
Mis. Dee I. as swell, ML .s Julia Wal
lace, Mr*, rville Duff of Ferris, Mrs.
John Bogr>.-38 of West, Mrs. Harry
Knowles, a s Wi uiie McCartney,
Misses Ru i Bell i Denton, Roberts
of India': M«r,‘ W-eli. Mary
Ballard, Mr..-* i c. ; of 1*1 Luvlew,
Mrs. W 11 Lliue .. i.»s Ver a Hrwin,
Miss Modena llav. ins. Miss Gene
vieve l-L and dc hted the guests
with .. Kdisou p: .;ram.
l,i the ' aim room Mrs. Talmage
y, mu! , , * M ■.. ok Hood poured
tea a* * a-si d in serving de
light foi RussL'.i? .tea, fruit cake and
. .:Ucd L- • dr. by Misses Margaret
We Tell You
the Price ,.
Just received new fresh stoif of Celluloid
for auto curtains. e can no\ : ew in back
curtain lights. Fo:d cars $1.50; other cars in
proportion. /
One-man tops for Fords or lij ht cars made
to order in our own shop. Rubber $20.00,
Mohair $25.00.
Fords recover top—Rubber $12.50, Mohair
$15.Q0. Work all done on power machines.
A visit to our shop will convince “U” we
are the leading repair shop of Ellis county.
Fords repainted $12.59. Auto painting of the
best. /
Waxahachie Garage & Repair Co
' Opposite Post Office
Original Contractors of Auto Work
Kemble, Elsie Graham, Willie Price
Mizell and Margaret Gibson.
llirthday Party.
Honoring the 14th birthday anni
versary of their daughter, Miss Kath
arine Windom, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Windom entertained with a party for
her many friends at their beautiful
country home. Many games that
young people always enjoy were
played during the afternoon. In the
! midst of the games delicious pop
corn balls were served the young
ladies. Later in the afternoon hot
chocolate and wafers were served.
Those present who enjoyed the hos
pitality of Mr. and Mrs. Windc^n at
their deligh'tful country place were:
Misses Irene Wallace of Arlington,
Mollie and Fern Calvin of Dallas,
Peeksie and Beebe Johnson, SUrlfy
Gibson, Mattie Lou Heath, Clara
Bell Kelly, Edna tVatson, Maude
Louise Shive, Gladys Middleton,
Frances McCarty, Ruby Lee and
Harold Brooks, Carrol Moore, Louise
Farley, Bert a Shands, Eva Mae
York, Ozelta Smith, Bessie Williams,
Robert Sullivan Jr., Mrs. Robert
Sullivan, Mr. John Shive, Mrs. J. H.
Brooks, Miss White and Miss Calvin.
$5.00 Reward.
A reward of $5.00 will ne paid by
this company for the conviction d
any one found guilty of taking tbs
Daily Light from the yard or lawn
of any subscriber of this paper. UN*
BQaxaharhic iNalional Bank
Of Waxahachie, Texas.
Capital, Surplus and Profits Over .'*355,000.00
J H. MILLER, President.
OR C V SIMPSON Active Vice IT «ww
P A CHAPMAN. Vice Preside
i ltnn d. lass well, w e. Mcknight, v. ll m.phersoh
Cashier. Aeslfiuuit Cartier. Assistant Cashier
• A CH VPMAJl. WM -T . ;P O H. Cl'.A PM J- H. MILLBH,
; Are yon boosting for the I.ili (.’> only Simita ,n?
To the Policy holders of the Southland
Life Insurance Company
any cto> - of typhoid fever in a community naturally causes more or 1«*»
i t ’ , however, the Anti-Typhoid Vaccination is successful in almost preventing
"■> nt : sening the severity of it, it is most desirable that every one be
i d 1 .so --t this disease V being vaccinated with Anti-Typhoid Vaccine.
!ii. SOUTHLAND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY therefore offers to supply' the necessary
VACC ;NE FREE OF CHARGE to all its policyholders.
Upon receipt of requ*-st fr ;a any policyholder,/giving address and stating number of policy,
I »iii gladly give a supply o' Vaccine necessary for the three injections, to be hypodermically
adiuiuisti-red ton days apart, b; competent physician of your own s> lection, in accordance #i»*
the instructions printed on the > ix containing the Vaccine.
Phones: Office /-YE Residence 300. DISTRICT AGENT, WAXAHACHIE, TEXAS

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