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Female Weakness is Pelvic
Always Half Sick are the Women
Who Have Pelvic Catarrh
Catarrh of any organ if allowed to pro
gress will affect tho whole body Catarrh
without nervousness is cry rare but pelvic
catarrh and nervousness go hand in hand
What is so distressing a eight as a poor
halfsick nervous woman suffering from
the many almost unbearable symptoms of
pelvic catarrh She does not consider her
self ill enough to go to bed but she is far
from being able to do her work without the
Cared Without Pain at Your Home
If yon are addicted to these habits you
think you will quit it but you wont you
cant unaided but yoa can be cured and
restored to your former health and vigor
without pain or the loss of in hour from
your business at amodcratc cost The med
icine builds up your health restores your
aervous system to its normal condition you
feel like a different person from the begin
ning of treatment LEAVING OFF THE
Yon will soon be convinced and fully satis
fied in your own mind that you will be cured
Mr T M Brown of DeQueen Ark
cays Over seven years ago I was cured of
the opium habit by your medicine and have
continued in the very best of health since
Dr W M TunstalL of Lovingston Va
says I am glad to say that I firmly believe
that I am entirely and permanently cured of
the Drink Habit as I have never even so
much as wanted a drink in any form since I
look your eradicator now eighteen months
ago It was the best dollars Icver invested
Mrs Virginia Townsend of Shreveport
La writes No more opium I have
taken no other remedy than yours and I
make no mistake when I say that my health
is better now than it ever was in my life
and I owe it to you and your remedy It
has been twelve years sinco I was cured by
your treatment
For full particulars address Dr B M
Woolley 207 Lowndes Bldg Atlanta Gu
Rtpana Tabnlea the bent
re in
pepla medicine ever made A
ft hundred mllllune of tbem h T
I been old In the United Stile
tlnfile year Constipation newt
licit headache dlzzlners bad
breath aore throat and every 111
from a dLortiered
stomach ere relievedI or cared by Rlpana Tabulea
Il enT n relief lthln twenty mla
tee The Arecent packare enough lot ojilnarr
ceaslone All druggtae aelt them
Send for our 42nd Anntveraary Hook on Fmt
mUc > ntalnlnE nearly 10 UluitraUuasof mechan
ical moTementa and Taluable law polnla for Inven
tors and manufacture alio an Intemtlng Hat of
kxrentlosa FREE Dont wait write TODAY
Patent Lawyers Washington D C
I quick
r 30 to 6V > days Trial treatment free
I Dr HHGreens Sons Box 8 Atlanta Ga
Elite Matrimonial Journal 7aE
Marry toyuur adrani ace s mom h 1 Oc ur Sc per copy
with phutoa XUU rua Co PO 1U Uatmora Sti
PATFNTSthat photect
r V 72p Book Mailed Frea
K 4 A B UCEY Patent Attji WethlnntonD C
PHPIP HAIRTONIClljMeieeentrrea
iLfcir r r nlylf iifa < rtorrafierSOd Ta
a Beat triarw0raxrjD t llaM Azi
fliK RAW FURS wanted
For London January Rala OtoMam Mmirat Mink
Fiona ItMCoan lint othr Ilirhxt e h prion paid
Writ A1 Urkhlrdl Umim i 24 CIUU O
When Answering Advertisements
Kindly Mention This Paper
WKth YrltKt All Uit JAIS
t Cough Byron TaatcsOooo 1
tn lima Sold by drurelsta
Miss Muriel Armitage 36 Greenwood
Ave Detroit Mich District Organiior
of the Royal Templars of Temperance
in a recent letter says
I think that a woman naturally
shrinks from making her troubles public
but restored health has meant so much
to me that I feel for tho sake of other
suffering women it is my duty to tell
what Pcrana has dono for me
I suffered for fivo years with uterine
irregularities which brought on hysteria
and made me a physical wreck I tried
doctors from tho different schools ol
medicine but without any perccptibla
change in my condition In my despair
I called on an old nurse who advised mo
to try Peruna and promised good re
sults if I would persist and take it reg
ularly I thought this was the least I
could do and procured a bottle I knew
as soon as I begin taking it that it was
affecting mo differently from anything
I had used before and so I kept on tak
ing it 1 kept this up for six months
and steadily gained strength and health
and when I bad used fifteen bottles I
considered myself entirely cured I am
a grateful happy woman today
Miss Muriel Armitage
Peruna cures catarrh of the pelvic
organs with the samo surety as it cures
catarrh of the head Peruna has bo
como renowned as a positive cure for
female ailments simply because the ail
ments aro mostly due to catarrh Ca
tarrh is the cause of the trouble
Peruna cures the catarrh The symp
toms disappear
greatest exhaustion This is a very com
mon sight and is almost always due to pel
vic catarrh
It is worse than foolish for so many
women to suffer ear after year with a dis
ease that can be permanently cured
Peruna cures catarrh permanently It
cures old chronic cases as well as a slight
attack tho only difference being in the
length of time that it should be taken to
effect a cure
If you do not derive prompt and satisfac
tory results from the uso of Peruna writo
at once to Dr Hartman giving a full state
ment ol your case and ho will be pleased
to give you his valuable advice gratis
Address Dr Hartman President of Tha
Hartman Sanitarium Columbus Ohio
IHothors you may rely upon
Or OaEdweEIs
It keeps the babyo littlo bow
els cpol and regular cures
Wind Colic and helps them to
grow strong and hoarty Spe
cial directions for the babies
on each bottlo EabcL Your
druggist soils it
Whenover a man gees about howl
Ing that the whole press Is persistent
ly lying about him It Is always safe
to set him down as an lmposter or a
rascal who Is not getting a lick amiss
A fine vestibule train Is coming
Are you ready to get aboard If not
there is a freight coming on behind
If you are not ready then you may
Young people the same la true In
life If you are prepared and ready
with a good practical business educa
you may take the vestibule train
where you will bo surrounded with
the comforts of life If you are not
ready you may take tho slow bumpy
freight or walk on behind with a lit
tle bundle of clothes tied up In a rag
and swung over your shoulder
Now begin In time take a thorough
practical course In bookkeeping ana
Ehorthand In Tyler Coll ego and bo
prepared to rldo In the vestibule
train surrounded by tho luxuries of
Write for free catalogue address
Tyler College Department B Tyler
A shell from a twelve Inch gun
makes Its flight of nine miles in forty
two seconds
Tho time of tho losing horse Isnt
money to the man who bets on him
Insist en Getting It
Some proera any they dont keep De
fiance Stnrcb because they hare a atok to
band ot 12 t b and which thav know
cannot be od to a customer wbo baa on t
oseJ tho 10 ox pkg Duflanco Btarch for
couio money
It Is an easy matter to Interest some
lawyers In a case of champagne
Mother Gray Sweet rovrflera for Children
Successfully used by Mother Gravntirsf
In the Childrens Home in New York curt
CouHtlpation Fevcrlshness Had Stomach
Teething Diwrders move nnd repilnte tht
BowcMand Destroy Worms OrerSOOOOto
tlrnonlil Atnll DrugrMs K a Sample
FitEE Addrc A Olmsted LcKoyNy
Fresh air and sunshine aro two oj
tho worst enemies that old ago has
Music hath charms to soothe tho
Ravage breast but Simmons Cough
Syrup soothes any breast If same be
nffllcted with Colds Coughs and like
troubles Guaranteed Price 25 and
CO cents
A Chicago girl nearly klllcda masher
the other day Stepped on It probably
Those Who Have Tried It
wfil Daa no other Daflanc Cold Water
Etorrh baa no equal la Quantity or Qual
ity 16 oz < or 10 centa Olhar braxda con
tain only U ox
The centaur never wont anywhere
except on horsback
Fold summor tjowns nnd placo
In scented cedar chest
Tho screen door waist and skirt
The hose and all the rest
Hunt mndly through the house
Ior fur nnd heavy wraps
Shake mothballs from the folds
And Und tho winter caps
Brine on the thread and cloth
The sctvliiR girl and shears
Get busy with the stuff
And spurn your hubbys sneers
The tlmo of year has come
When you must spend n lot
for when you come out new
Your clothes must touch the spot
How can I Joke nnd sins
Of this light verses make
When even note my nur c
Is flattened like a pan cake
Tour eagles for a hat
Twelve dollars for some braid
live extra tells nt ten
How can I stand the raid
Six twenties for the silk
A couple more for shoes
Ko wonder that a man
Is cross and eels the bluest
So fold the sowns and lace
Put filmy things away
Just spend and sew nnd rip
And I tho bill will pay
3 3
Blngs Wife
When Dings awoke nlong about 2 In
ho morning tho beloved wife of his
josom wa3 sitting bolt upright In bed
Uasplng her robe do nult affectionate
y In the front portion
Blngs better hal was llkcwlso
nooning a song Into which she was
jvidently putting her whole soul To
Blngs listening oar the refrain seemed
begin with Oh Oh In the lower
eglster and run the scale spasmodlc
Uly to an O h O h
rcscendo that bespoke masterful
Accompanying this was a rocking
rhythmic swinging of the body to and
ro In utter oblivion to loosened slats
followedby a more affectionate hug
ging of the robe de nuit at the afore
said region
Now a few nights prior Blngs and
lis wife had called on a friend a phy
Be careful of your fruit and vege
tables these days cautioned the man
of medicine There seems to be
much Illness resultant of eating over
ripe tomatoes melons etc At this
time cf year thero Is too much acid In
When Blngs saw thosr ripe luscious
appetizing tomatoes on the table at
bis dinner the night previous to the
2 oclock referred to above ho men
tally remarked
The madam hps evidently forgot
ten what doc said about tomatoes
but being a wise man he twanged no
Therefore when Blngs was awak
ened by his wifes extraordinary move
ments of affection for her slumber
robe he knew whereof she suffered
He found the whisky bottle after
bumping his big toe against the sharp
edge of the mission tabic and as ho
handed her a hot one with a lump of
sugar In It ho protested mildly
Well dear I hoped you would re
member what tho doctor told you
about tomatoes out of season
Oh fudge she ejaculated bc
twcn Ohs It wasnt that at all
Well gee whiz retaliated Blngs
vindictively things have come to a
pretty pass when a respectable woman
will sit up at 2 oclock in the morning
rock the bed like a cockleboat In a
storm hug her night robe as a ship
wrecked sailor hugs a spar and sing
Just for a drink of whisky
At last reports no proceedings for
divorce have started but there Is a
cold distrait chilliness In the atmos
phere of their fiat and the family
barometer prognosticates storm
5 5 5
Very Exclusive
They do strange things out In Wash
ington sometimes At Harrington two
bachelor chums went visiting and
while absont one of them renouncing
bohcmianlsm and celibacy was se
cretly married The bride and groom
reached home first and retired In tho
bachelor apartments which the two
chums had occupied in common In
the night tho remaining bachelor re
turned and entering prepared for rest
Hearing his friend peacefully sleeping
he decided to get into bed without a
light The results were somewhat ex
citing but after the fire brigade had
responded and the town marshal had
calmed the excited neighborhood the
bride and groom continued to be so
cxcluslvo the bachelor had to hunt
another couch on which to court Mor
pheus that night Now what do you
think of that
Goingson In the Country
A country editor writes of the wed
ding of Charlc9 Schappcrkoettcr and
Miss Tilda Skowby nnd says Mr and
Mrs Schappcrkoctter were admired
by nil who knew them If this be
true and thero is so valid reason to
doubt It Mr and Mrs Pi Line must
have been loved for themselves alone
for surely their names were a severe j
test of friendship I
O Henry has a good Christmas story
In AInslccs for December A Chap
arral Christmas Gift shows a slight
departure from this talented writers
usual produce 1 e the introduction of
a love clement though it Is slight We
have been taught to expect goad
things from him and he has yet to dis
appoint us
It seems strange that a man whom
Europe honors as the greatest living
painter of sacred subjects should be
practically unknown In America and
bo little appreciated in England that
the magazines have as yet left him
wholly unexploltcd Everybodys Mag
azine for December gives the Ameri
can public their first glimpse of Eu
gene Burnands work with an interest
ing acocunt of his simple hardworking
life among the peasants of bis well
loved Swiss village His paintings
show a deep sense of the power and
mystery of certain Bible scenes and a
strongly religious treatment that Is
nevertheless modern America should
learn to know his work better
The Christmas Century will have
the ninth of Timothy Coles wood en
gravings of Old Spanish Masters very
appropriately in detail from Tho Ado
ration of the Shepherds by Murlllo
The original Is in the museum at Se
The greater number of tho clergy
of the Church of England have not
enough to cat and drink hundreds of
them arc clothed In secondhand gar
ments sent to a charitable society and
many of them have no fuel by means
of which to keep themselves warm
An Old Field Weed
Many seeing that old field weed tho
mullein stalk never consider tho pood it is
accomplish in curinc lung troubles It
in Taylors Cherokee Remedy of
weet Gum and Mullein the finest known
remedy for coughs croup colds and con
At druggists 25c COc and fLOO a
Homcopathlsts are said to have
discovered a certain remedy for sea
sickness in apomorphia a very small
dose of which taken once an honr In
water will remove the qualms
Some splesdld specimens of tur
quolre stones aro being found In the
mines on tho Upper King river Victo
ria Australia
price by addressing
Milbum Co Buffalo
are found on every American
farm where there is a live
boy Lew Club loaded with
black powder Nitro Club
and Arrow loaded with any
smokeless powder They are
Duck Killers
Catalogue tree
The Union AWallicCartrldzeCo
Agency 313 Broadway
me to stoop or straighten nml
if I sat down for any length of
time it was hard for me to
arise I took two boxes of
Doans Kidney Pills nnd the
dull disagreeablo aching left
This company after testing Liquozone
two years in the most difficult Rerm
diaeascs paid S100000 for the United
Stales rights That is by far tho highest
price ever paid for similar rights on any
tci cntifiic discovery
Wc publish this fact to show you the
value of Liquozone The most worthless
pioduct may have great claims made
about it but men dont pay a price like
that save for a discovery of remarLable
north to humanity
Kills Inside Germs
Liquozone alone kills germs in the body
without killing the tissues too It is so
certain that we publish oa every bottle
an offer of SI000 for a disease germ that it
cannot kill Liquozone destroys at once
md forever the cause of any Rcrm disease
And there is no other way to do it
Any drug that kills germ is a poison to
jrou and it cannot be taken internally
Liquozone alone can attack a trouble
that is caused by inside germs and it
lures diseases which medicine never
Liquid Oxygen
Liqnozone is simply liquid oxygen no
Irugs no alcohol in it It is the discovery
if Panli the great German cheraiit who
pent 20 years on it His object was to
jot such an excess of oxygen ia staple
Liver and
Blood Syrup
Dont treat your family like a lot of
paupers even If charity does begin
at home
About the only establishment that
makes money without advertising is
tho mint
yiaa 1 alia an tfjay
II B McCarver of 201
Chcrrr Street Portland Ore
gon ins > cctor of freight cars
for the Transcontinental Com
pany says I used Doans
Kidney Pills for backache and
other symptoms of kidney
trouble which had annoyed me
for months I think a cold
was responsible for the whole
trouble It seemed to settle in
mv kidneys Doans Kidney
Pills rooted it out It is several
months since I used them and
up to date there has been no
recurrence of the trouble
form into the blood that no germ could
live in any membrane or tissue
Liqnozone docs that Oxygen is Na
tures greatest tonic the very source
of vitality Its effects are exhilarating
purifying vitalizing Nothing else in the
world is so good for you But germs are
vegetables and this excess of oxygen
the very life of an animal is deadly to
vegetable matter
We spend 14 days ia making each
bottle of Liquozone but the result is
liquid oxygen a product which will cure
diseases which no medical skill can cure
without it It is now employed in every
Treat hospital and indorsed by every
medical authority the norlJ over
Germ Diseases
These arc the known germ diseases
All that medicine cando for these troubles
is to help Nature evercome the germs
and such results are indirect and un
certain Liquozone kills the germs
wherever they are and the results are in
evitable Bv destroying the rause of the
trouble it invariably ends the disease
and forever
Abac esa Anemia
Illood Poison
llrichts Disease
Bowel Trcubles
Cooihs Colds
Colic Croup
Catarrh Cancer
Djscaurr DUrthea
Hay Ferer Influenza
Kidney Diseases
La Grippe
Liver troublea
Malaria Neuralrla
Many Heart Troubles
Piles Pneumonia
Pleurisy Cuinsy
Skin Disasaa
T t > l Vtf r e < n irefHi rtftaJLi
taB rttt NlUUl WMdE aTT 4ri1lc
mt EaiEA Btotraply Cw ajAy rWJcav XX
TJfefuL Tellable AttntctiTO lasting
Tie New r lit Iqa Has 13000 Sow Words
How Oazoiteer of tha VotW
Hew Biographical Dictionary
B90 r r 004 niostntWu Bleb SMlmg
Vlj Mot GIra Samo Oao This Useful Prettatf
F R E E A To s t la Pronunciation
laatrocUv and taUruialA tor tl vto UaBj
lilK ntod v mpU t aba fr
a O MSBETAK CO PnbUihara
Springflald Ilass u 8 A
rtrr vr i coLLanrnrs Ttrsrj
A mbstitutaforand superior to mustard or any
other platter and mil not blister tba > moat
delicata akin Tha painalUyinc and enradra
qualities ot thia article aro wonderful It will
atop tho toothache at once and reliero haad
aeha and sciatica We recommend It aa tha beat
and aafeat external counterirritant known alto
H as an external remedy for pains in tha cheat
and atomach and all rheumatic neuralgia and
i aouty complaints A trial wdl prove what wa
j claim for it and it will ba found to bfl Invalu
able in tha household Many peopla Bay It Is
tha best of all your preparations Frioa IS
cents at all druf cists or other dealers or by
sendinf this amount to ns in postaa stamps wa
i will send yon a tube by mail No article should
ba accepted by tho public unless tha naa
carries our label asotherwiseitisnotgenuiaa
17 bute Street New Yoar Citt
on Jewelry and Watchci aio yoa 2SjC Sesdfor
FREE Cault cue and teeure a bunrtln for yoaraetf
andlrlenils CAHB02IEIAIIOMD COnSyracni HI
u S ° 2 Sf ThoBiDson7 Eye Watof
Its the shots that hit that count Winchester
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges in all calibeis hit that is
they shoot accurately and strike a good hard pene
trating blow This is the kind of cartridges you will get
if you insist on having the timetried Winchester make
Kidsey ComnaiSTS Dia
betes Hriglits Disease Inflam
mation of the Kidneys Dropsy
swelling of the limbs or body
incessant pains in the back or
liLADDnn TrocmES In
flammation of the bladder in
flamed passages pain in passing
urine Incontinence of urine too
much or too little urine
Uric Acid Troubles
Rheumatism Gravel Gout
Gall Stones Lumbago
Nerve Troubles Neural
gia 8ciatlca Nervous Collapse
Sleeplessness Melancholia
JIany other disorders are
cauted directly or indirectly
by faulty kidney action anil
can be reaclictl anil cured bv
Doans Kidney Pills Tins
remedy has ctirrd every com
plaint recorded above nnd over
00000 testimonials prove its
surprising merit
60 cents per box of all deal
ers or mailed on
Wk IT Neighbors the well
known Jeweler of West lliiin
Street Wytheville Va eays
Some fotirycarsngoan attack
of grip settled in my back and
I have suffered off and on ever
ince with a dull heavy aching
across the small of my back
always more severe In the
morning It was difficult for
3Irs GEORQE WALiaci Jr
of Elmim N T wife ol
George Wallace broker of
West Water Street nnd living
at 607 Baldwin Street saysi
In March 18071 was cured
of kidney and bladder trouble
by Doans Kidney Pills My
physician said at that time that
my life could be aved only
bv an operation Night after
night I had been kept awaka
for hours at a time with ter
rible pain In my back and tha
secretions from tho kidneys
were in as bad a state as pos
sible I suffered with hemor
rhages frequently and was la
a weak state Four boxes ot
Doana Kidney Pills cured me
and I now gladly reendorsa tht
remedy because during tht
time which has since elapsed
nearly seven years I hare nevei
had the slightest sign of
return of the trouble
For Liquozone Yet We Give You a 50c Bottle Free
Dandruff Dropay
Ecrema Erysipelas
Fevera Gall Stonea
Goitre Gout
Gonorrhea Gleet
Stomach Tronalea
Throat Troubles
Tumors Ulcers
Womena Diseasea
All diseases that begin with ferei all inian >
mation all catarrh all contagious diseasea al
the results of impure or poisoned blood
la nervous debility Liquoione acts as vita
Iter accomplishing what no dress can do
50c Bottle Free
If yon need Liqnozone and have nevei
tried it please send us this coupon Wa
will then mail you an order on your local
drugg st for a fullsize bottle and we will
pay your drusgist ourselves for it This
is our free gift made to convince yob ta
show you what Liquozone is and what il
can do In justice to yourself pleas
accept it today for it places you under
no obligation whatever
Liquozone costs 50c and JL
for this offer may not appear Drain Fill out
the blanks and mail It to the Liquid Oaona
Co 221CT E Kimio SL Chicago
My disease Is
1 have never tried Liquexone but It yon will
supply me with n iOc bottle Ires I Trill take it
OlTf full addrew write plalnry
Any physician or h apitalnot yet using Liquo
ione will ba gladly supplied tar a test

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