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AT your poll tax that is
p j > duty 7pu owe your city county
tatesand nation Bay now
> kl tiyoPrvl Ycar resolution
rilB iyytiienj turnoverane w leaf
dfgluejit down ihard and fast
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tff f k t
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+ Vi Vf n
Take y > u heed pf
this As sure as you
llvethe producers are
the feeders and cloth
iers of the world
From indications many
will not
rVir > f vAnderson county people
i iifVABeable to vote noxtycar
I 1 Two days ago City Tax Col
t Elector Davis told the writer tbat
w V i Eve ry citizen should pay his
5 Lpoll taxi
ti ifyfttK
siliput Harinas healthi Sir
a catas
the dan
df fire
traps used for public gatherings
More Text Book Talk
By way of explanation in part
and to more fully express myself
upon our trouble in securing our
State adopted text books I pre
sent another letter upon this sub
The impression upon the minds
of some that another letter pub
lished a few weeks ago was an
attack on our local dealers or
agents js a wrong idea The
different dealers referred to
heretofore were only mentioned
iftt connection with letters re
ceived from our various book
concerns in which our local deal
ers were mentioned either as
agents or dealers who handled
our adopted books and in the
nominal mention of these dealers
we tried to distinguish clearly the
agent from the mere dealer
If a book dealer does not desire
to take an agency for a publishing
house for a special book or books
we have no objections but when
the public pays its officials to es
tablish a system of text books
and they transact their part as
best they can by selecting the
proper books and after they have
awarded publishing houses con
tracts to furnish books which to
them is a channell of wealth and
then when these companies after
contractsu rc closed fail to supply
the people with books Is when
the people begin to complain
It was a slack piece of legisla
tion that left it optionary with
the companies as to when to have
the books on the market Why
have we failed in so many instan
ccs to secure our books Failure
upon the part of companies to get
the book on the market answers
the question
r i V
Enteredin the Palestine Texas Postolllce as SecondClass Mail Matter
Published Every Afternoon Sunday Excepted
y v
t V
1 >
HAMILTON JR Editobs and Proprietors
= TELEPHONE < 4 44
The Hamilton Boys You Know
Among freomen
there should bo no
masters but Justice
and duty and lovecf
right and fellowman
ioniyriinetyfivc poll tar receipts
Y VhJMl been issued from his office up
> > iuj tolhatdate As the city voter must
ir IJeproyideid with both city and
ISiH County poll tax receipts
Sp Feb ithis looks bad
I w
fNextyear is going to be a gen
eral election year city county
state and nation and every man
> to vote
t iJ
jbT r T jf ° sensible man patriotic will
tJk 6 ° r is Matter but wil
i v
tVpay his poll tax as soon as pos
ftJFh I4bJe T e Jaw jrovi 68 that you
41 > cSn pay your poll tax now and
l jj yotfr othertaxes later
here were so many complaints
made as having failed to make
the exchange of the old for the
new book From the fact that
them was no authorized agent es
tablished in Palestine
The old law imposed a heavy
fine upon teachers using any but
the adopted book Had or if
such a law existed or exists many
of the teachers would have been
delayed from four to six weeks in
beginning their schools and by
using the old ones for a short
time wo managed to tide the difiir
cult while many children were
compelled to lose from four to
eight weeks for the want of books
The companies will suffer less
than the public by the delay for
behind them stands the great
State of Texas waiting for the
books which none but them can
furnish The company loses the
use of the price of the book for
two months while the little pupil
the future bulwark of our State
loses the two months of intelleo
tual training for a generation
Should not such u > administra
tion of justice be sufficient to
invalidate a contract of such
gravity as that upon which our
textbobk is based
It1 is imperative on our part to
tolerate such a iState of affairs no
r iJi l4hor i c have an Attorney
who from
nim holocaust reported
fif JfrbmfChicagoshould be a warn
X MBg tp all peoplewho frequent
in the Jhundreds
K ger
is paid our purscs aid
who will I believe come at the
call to our relief His address is
G Iv Bell Austin Texas When
we seek to buy a book or present
one under good condition for
exchange and fail in the first or
refused in the second it is ouiyihildren more or less and about
duty to advise him of the fact and
bother no more over the matter
lie will attend ns punctually as
business will permit to our com
We can avail ourselves of much
good in taking advantage of the
present inconvenience by estab
lishing a protest that will awaken
these text book contractors up to
the interest of the publics need
It is the States greatest pre
rogative or should be to hold the
interest of our pupils in the com
mon schools as paramount to all
others and not merely to inhancc
the wealth of these vast publish
ing houses J B Rose
A Philippine letter
Part of a letter written to Mr
W II Jenkins by his son in
the Philippine Islands
customs I will tell you something
more about them There was a
party went from here and they
tell some strange stories as to
what they saw The people in the
cnterior are much behind those
along the coast There arc a
great many ducks deer and other
game out in the mountains
While our men were out there
came up a great storm and they
went into the house of a Filipino
out of the rain and as it was meal
time he invited them to dine with
him aud they had fried monkey
for dinner and so the boys had to
There arc 1 few wild negroes
yet in the mountains and they
know nothing of civilization atall
They wear a > piece of cloth made
of cocoauut fabric around their
waists These negroes live as
dumb brutes you can find in the
high grass where they cat the ends
ii ii i ii
an American they almost break
their necks running I know this
to be true as we have two children
here that was captured in the
mountains when they were very
small and 3011 can see a great
difference in them and the other
people here these childrens hair
is as stiff as hogs bristle and stick
out every hair to itself the ex
prcssion on their faces resembles
thnt of crazj people as near as
can express it the look wild and
are vicious
I will now tell you something
of the civilized class If you hap
pen around when theare eating
they will insist upon your eating
with thorn and if you refuse
they are highly offended it is the
same while they arc drinking
They live chiefly on rice and fish
They arc vcr generous hearted
and will trust one another with
anything and when they buyanyS
thing on time they will pay every
time They have a great time
when one dies if he lias miuili
money the will keep him out of yr
the ground for 3 or JdaysrThere
is from 3 to 6 deaths amoiig them
every week and this is considered
a healthy place
There was thirtysix deaths from
cholera the first weqk wc wore
here and the disease wasconsjdercd
played out however there is none
here now Our eomninnd Iias
lost only one man sincewchiiyc
been here t
The people here dont makefany
pretentions towards fanning for
seven miles out all in theworld
they do is to fish and gather Hemp
bananas and cocoanitts VThere
is big money in the hemp business
if they would push it like Ameri
cans do their business
Their domestic animals consist
of ponies abo iit theSize dfayear
old colt a few razor back hogs
and caraboa l
< >
A hog is worth 8000 on foot
and fresh nlcat 50c per pound In
Manila >
They make the mostofr their
clothing from Flax You cansee
T ± iTj riiTj itnsp
day Such thiiigsas thci Chinese
merchants can smuggle through
are cheap chough in the stores
other things are very high t
Their household goodst as a
rule consists of a matting they
use for a bed a himp and forty
as many dogs and a few packages
of cigarettes They never have a
days ration ahead so when they
wnnt to move all thcyhave to do
is to call their dogs and pull outv
We arc in sight of avolcano
and sometimes it gets boistrous
and the people get in boats and
take to the high seas
The cotton grows on trees here
and there are two trees in sight
of our quarters
Youn Son
Ladles and Children Invited
All ladies and children who cannot
stand the shocking strain of laxative
syrups carthartics etc are invited to
try the famous Little Early Risers
They are different from all other pills
They do not purge the system Even
a double dose will not gripe weaken
or sicken many people call them the
Easy Pill V H H well Houston
Tex says nothing bsoer can be used
for constipation siiik headache etc
Bob Moore Lafayeue Ind says all
others iripe and sicken while De
Well as to the and their Wlt tUe Eariy R rs do their
work well and easy
Drue Store
Sold by Avenue
Do Tou Enjov Wnnt Ton Eatt
If you dont your fodd does not do
you much good Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure is the remedy that overy one
should take when tbere is any thing
wrong with the stomach Thero is
no way to maintain the health and
strength of mind and body except by
nourishment There is no way to
nourish except through the stomach
Tho stomach must be kept healthy
pure and sweet or tho strength will
let down and disease will set up No
appetite loss of strength nervous
ness headache constipation bad
breath sour riaingg rifting indiges
tion dyspepsia and all stomach trou
bles are quickly cured by the use of
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure Sold by Tho
Avenue Drug 8tore
A Coatlv Mistake
Blunders are comotlmes very ex
penslvo 0cc3tonally life itself is the
Erlce of a mistake but youll never
e wrong if you take Dr Kings Now
Life Pills for Dyspepsia Dizziness
Headache Liver or Bowel troubles
iThoyaro gentle yot thorough iSc
jWby after the books arrived of the grass aud at the sight of at Moore Ballews Drug Store
41 fe <
> S > < S > < e3 iS > 4 J S < y < s4 sW i4 < 4i4 < SWs >
The Southwest
is the new train between Kansas Cityand
Chicago Itruns via the new short line the
St Jaul
Electric lighted throughout The Southwest Lim
ited is a blaze of glory along the new r6ute Equip
ment includes compartment and standard sleepers
observationlibrary car dining car and coaches It
J arrives in the Heart of Chicago in time to connect
with all easten trains If you are going East it is
with more than SXP0O titles lm > c < l on the
latest census rcluru
New Biographical Dictionary
containing mimes orovcrlOUIOnntcworthy
persons with iiatlounlity occupation date
of relfm date cf Llrth deal li etc
fa cfl kw T HARRIS PhD LLD
United States Coitimls Ioncr of Education
New Plates
Rich BIndlncs
2300 Quarto Pages
5000 Illustrations
Ale > Ilblljll
Websters Colteelate Dictionary
w 1 y < iOMa r ir ScolslV ort nn < irhrases
nratcias In quality FCcoild < a 3 In ylie
ATwt la Pronunciation which affords a
pltitmiit nn1 InMntctive ovcnlnss enter
tainment Illustrated pamphlot also free
Publishers Springfield Mass
No appetite loss of strength
nervousness headache constipation
bad breath general debility sour ris
ings and catarrh of the stomach are
all das to indigestion Kodol cures
indigestion This new discovery repre
sents tho natural Juices of digestion
as they exist in a healthy stomach
combined with the greatest known tonic
and reconstructive properties Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure does not only euro In
digestion and dyspepsia but this famous
remedy cures all stomach troubles by
cleansing purifying sweetening and
strengthening the mucous membranes
lining the stomach
atves Health to the Sick and
Strength to the Wnk
Bottles ooJr J 100 Sbe boldls 2K times
lh tn l tin which sells for 50c
Prtjar by B C DeWitt Co Clilcio
For Sale by nil Druggists
worth your while to write for descriptive booklet
Commercial Agent
245 Main St Dallas
Southwestern Passenger Agent
907 Main St Kansas City
Leave Kansas City 555 p m arrive Chicago 855 a m
5 > s < < < < 4 > < < J i sj i > i > G i >
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Up to Date
A Dictionary of ENGLISH
The New and Enlarged
Edition Contains
25000 New Words
New Garcttcer of the World
All the choicest meats
constantly on hand at
With Stool and Scarf
ONLY 19850
When choosing a piano sold at a low lirice
it is wiso to buy frpm a reliable House
If you want a celebrated OhickerIng Sons or aGsb
ler piano oraKrell aKranlch Bach or an Emer
son or a Smith Barnes or one of the Royal Pianoav
write to us for catalogue and particulars oSr 8
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Meat MarKet
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please and you will get
satisfaction in our meats
Aenus A
Eureka Yard Dry wood for sale Cord
wood stove wood and heater wood
promptly delivered to any part of the
city Will certainly appreciate your pat
R E MORRIS Manager
t > 2Sfck
Telephone Four Four Four for Prlntine

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