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In Korea the widows are not permit
ted to remarry You cant hold them
Jn that way here
Kali now asserts that it is on good
terms with all tho world The banana
trade must be flourishing
An American duchess has secured a
divorce and resumed her maiden
same Doesnt this break a record
In case of doubt take your umbrel
la In case of doubt as to the owner
Bhipi of tho umbrella take it anyway
A man in Genrgia held his cotton
crop of 1900 bales and lost 30000
and he might have held the dough
A correspondent of a New Tori
paper wants tho aldermen to make
whistling in public a punishable act
A Chicago scientist claims o have
discovered that smoking causes con
sumption How about femalo con
Marconi now claims that he can talk
1700 miles Thats nothing We have
spellbinders down this way who can
talk 1700 hours
The New York Herald wants to
know what a school of fiction is
Too often a school of adversity for
tho unhappy reader
A newspaper poet has perpetrated
what he calls The Lay of the Hen
Hope is isnt as rotten as somo of
this newspaper verse
A Georgia woman claims to have
been cured of rheumatism by a stroke
of lightning It evidently did wonders
for her imagination also
jjho p1ayr o Boi1olla stopped a
panic In a theater Presumably the
audience lurned on tho orchestra In
stead of toward the exits
It is now said that skGelers are re
sponsible for consumption They are
certainly responsible for any amount
of profanity just at present
One man In Chicago has been travel
ing for thirtyseven years for the
samo firm and is still on the road
What a lot of stories ho has beard
b < That New York < man who dropped
jup6nbeing turned down for a
nVif 0Xu0Xw6Sldprobablv have
irojip6atE0dough lf
A Philadelphia contemporary recent
ly had an editorial on Where the Law
Reaches Men Down this way It
generally reaches as far as the pocket J
A New York girl recently discover
ed that her heart was on the wrong I
side Never mind It will doubtless be
on the inside of an engagement ring
somo day
An enterprising Boston Sunday
school 1ms its pupils given Instruction
In baseball wonder cow they man
age when the time comes to swear at
the umpire
Some of the South American repub
lics go on the theory that it is neces
sary to hold a revolution once In a
Tvhllo to remind tho outer world ol
their existence
Rev Newell Dwight Hillls declares
that In tho next generation It will be
considered vulgar to hpend money
It is now from old man Sages pecu
liar point of view
A South Carolina man Is worrying
himself over his failure to And out
whether or pot Shakespeare had a
library Didnt need any ho was a
whole library In himself
In Massachusetts a roan has been
awardedd 40000 for Injuries received
on a railroad which resulted In melan
cholia That railroad probably feels
somewhat melancholy too
The BostonHerald considers min
ority opinions useless The weight oi
evidence lies the other way The
fathers of the republic were at one
time Jn a very decided minority
Lady Curzons infant daughter cried
when it was held In the arms of Queen
Alexandra This will be terribly hu
mlllatlng to all good Americans who
iiope to become members of tho nobil
An eminent German scientist has
come to this country to Inlroduco a
new health cure It Is to be hoped that
he will try it first on that large class
of husky citizens who have both health
and money to burn
The announcement that angels were
seen to rise from a field In Kentucky
and float off Into space arouses a sus
picion that somo of the colonels liavo
been Indulging in the dangerous prac
tice of not taking their drinks straight
Detroit Free Press
Girls Its all right Judge Wcand
of Norristown Pa has ruled that a
girl has a perfect right to sit upon
tho lap of her lover that such sitting
is her perquisite of the courtship and
that If she chooses to exercise It It Is
nobodys business Come on
Hirer cHtRtM orcKniST acNTjiTccNccHfn h rnoNT view
An event of unusual interest to
Christian Scientists occurred at Con
cord N Ht July 17 An invitation
was sent to all Christian Scientists
to participate In the dedication of a
newly completed edifice which Is the
gift of Mrs Eddy to the members of
her homo church Many Christian
Scientists were present and special
trains were run from New York and
Boston Services wcro held at half
pest ten a m three in the after
noon and halfpast seven p m At
r ch of these a mnssagc from tho
leader was read
The cost of the building has exceed
ed 200000 of which Mrs Eddy con
tributed a large proportion Unsolic
ited donations from other Christian
Science churches swelled the original
estimate of fl20000 to the present
Tho architecture of the building is
Italian Gothic and the exterior Is of
rockfaced Concord granite The
stone tower is surmounted with a
lantern wbrh rises to a height of ICiJ
feet and forms a landmark to the
suirundlng country 0 designs
were prepared by Messrs Allen
Collins of Boston
The seating capacity of the audi
torium Is about one thousand and
the qunrted oak pews are a gift from
the six Christian Science churches of
Chicago The Interior decoration Is
quiet and attractive and on the walls
there arc several Bible Texts and quo
tations from tho Christian Science
text book
it hasalways been Mrs Eddys
wish that the home church should
represent tho labor and material of
Concord Itself This city is famous
for its granite quarries wHi pro
Mrs Mary Baker Eddy
ducc 1 hard bluish stone admirably
adapted to building purposes There
was therefore no question as to the
material to be used
Tho softer stones such as Indiana
limestone sandstone etc of which
so many of our churches are built
lend themselves readily to tho Intri
cate moldings and rich carving of
the northern Gothic as well as to tho
clear cut refinement of the renais
sance and modern French art Gran
ite can only be treated In broad sur
Authority Urges Starting of Another
Military Academy
Col Samuel E Tilman a professor
of sciences at the West Point military
academy has started a warm discus
sion in military circles oer his sug
gestion in the Journal of the Military
Service Institution that there should
be two academies for the education of
army officers He contends that the
old academy Is becoming overbur
dened with students and the curricu
lum overtaxed and It is thereby los
ing its value for thorough training
Military authorities hold that tho pres
ent service schools for artillery caval
ry submarine defense engineering
and so on are sufficient to meet all
demands and that the West Point In
stitution should be retained just as it
is where camaraderie and school loy
alty will bo developed In all Who mjoy
Its privileges
Charles Schwabs Successor
Charles M Schwabs successor In
the directorate of the United States
Steel conwratlon will probably be
one of Andrew Carnegies iKiys
Thomas Morrison of Pittsburg lit
is comparatively unknown in money
centers in New York but In the manu
facturing region he has the reputa
tion of being one or Hie brightest of
the coterie of > oung men developed
by Carnegie and Prick When the
split between these two magnates
came Mr Morrison allied himself with
Mr CarnCglc
fraii i sTiii ili SsWitoii jfl
faces and in rough full ornament re
Heved here and there by some careful
curving costly by reason of tho hard
ucss of the material
Tho southern Gothic although de
veloped from causes differing entire
ly from the northern has all the re
quircments necessary for the propei
treatment of granite as a building ma
tcriai This phase of architecture is
characteristic of most towns of north
crn Italy The churches arc for the
most part built of brick the mold
ings themselves being to a largo ex
tent composed of brick courses curi
ously arranged
These broad wall surfaces were a
protection against the blinding glare
of the Italian sub and developed in
contrast to the huge window areas oi
the Gothic under darker northern
skies Tho Btyle itself is the out
growth of the northern flohlc strag
gling Eouthward against the natural
stronghold of the romnncsque and
classic and imbuing the latter with a
few minor characteristics of Its own
sue as the pointed arch and the
Gothic vault
In the soetmd place the huge cam
paniles of the southern Gothic in a
broader and bolder treatment than
the northern symbolize one thought
which among others It was Mrs Ed j
dys desire to have associated with j
her church aspiration
No one who has seen tho beautiful
campanile of Giotto at Florence nor
the now destroyed tower at Venice
can fail to appreciate that sentiment
as expressed in their simple grace
and beauty of line The campanile at
Concord is possibly more In accord
nait 571 aiiu hasa laulurn ptq
portlonatcly higher and more mm
cato in design
The special granite used in tills
church was quarried within a few
miles of the church site The ashlar
may be technically described as split
rock face laid with original beds and
random tnd and original treatment
for granite The stones arc several
times greater in length than in height
the quoins being very large in com
parison with the wail proper The
trimmings of the church arc of the
same granite carefully tooled which
gives the stone a whiter tone than
the dark ashlar thercbj standing out
In s rong contrast
The new church has a central loca
tion near the state capltol the iiost
ofllco building and state library Tho
citizens of Concord arc justly proud
of the new building which forms a
handsome nddltlon to their fair city
Guard Means of Livelihood
Somo curious Insurance Is taken
oiit by professionals Kubollk the
violinist pays a yearly accident pre
mium of l i00 on his bow hand alone
on a 10000 policy If totally disabled
he wolil rocelve 50000 Paderew
skl the pianist pajs 4000 a year on
a 50oco polic > on his fingers Jo
seph Hoffman also bag his fingers
heavily Insured Not long ago llici
young pianist hurl his hands In a bl
Oclo tumble and recovered n cheek
for a large sum from mi accldfnt com
pany In Europe
j Paul Potter is at work on a new
play for Charles Frohraan
Ifadore Rush may star next season
under JohnC Fishers management
Odette Tyler May Vokes and Maud
Harrison arc the latest recruits to the
vaudeville stage
John T Kelly has returned to
fyaudcville after several years with
Weber and Fields
Mrs AV J 1a Moync lias been
engaged for The Two Orphans com
pany for next season
Wright Lorlmer contemplates send
ing out two companies or The Shcp
lferd King next season
Florence Daniels a cousin of Frank
Daniels recently made her debut at
a dramatic recital in tiie West
Tko rebuilt Iroquois Theater Chi
cago will be known as the Vaudeville
when it opens Sept 1 It is said
Ethel Barrymoro will begin Her en
gagement at tho Columbia theater in
San Francisco in Cousin Kate July
Ada Rchan is to star In Shake
spearean and Sheridan plays for five
years under the management of the
Shubcrt Brothers
Clyde Fitch lias sold his new play
Granny to Charles Frohraan Mrs
Gilbert is to make her farewell tonr
in it next season
It is said that Augustus Thomas
has decided to reside permanently in
England after his return hero soon
to settle his affairs
Marie Call III Is said to have signed
with Lewis Field for forty weeks as
the star of his new music hall next
season at a salary of 1200 a week
Edouard dc Res7ko is to sing in
that of he church at CrcniqnaH t 1
the Iatterrl casl f Ty
Claims Authorship ef Dixie
The lato Dan Eramctt the oldtime
minstrel has been generally credit
cd with the authorship of Dixie
Now his right and title Is being dis
puted It being claimed that Will S
Hays was the originator of the music
and the ords Hays has written
many popular songs It Is claimed
Hint Emmclt changed the words of
Dixie to suit himself and by sing
ing the song made it famous
Curious Coincidence Connected Witt
Woman Recently Released
The releaso from prison of Mrs
Ma > brick recalls n story told on tho
authority of E S Wllhird the English
actor According to the story there
was a sensational play in rehearsal at
one of the London theaters early In
the iOs Tho plot of the play was in
all essentials the plot of the May
brick tragfily Before pulling it In
the bill a prlvalo matinee was given
to wbteh critics actors and literary
folk were lnlted in the result the
play was condemned and never pro
duced but among tho audience at the
matinee the story goes wore Mrs
Maybrlck and tho tunn whose name
was mentioned In the case If the
story be true It furnishes one of the
most curious coincidences In the his
tory of crime since the leading case
of Hamlet vs The King of Denmark
me j4 H f fPfWlftlBIIgp
000 guarantee to give readings for one
season in the United States As this
refusal is final she ought now to be
left in peace with her family but it
is doubtful If she will be A 230000
ofTcr may now be looked for
Daniel Frohman has selected Mar
garet Illlngton to be leading woman
of his now Lyceum Theater stock
company next season Miss Illlngton
will make her first appearance In a
new play by Mr Plnero and be sup
ported by a firstclass company
There was a report that Richard
Mansfield had obtained the dramatic
rights to Tho Sea Wolf by Jack
London now running as a serial in
the Century Magazine Mr Mans
field denied the report and refused
to discuss his plans for next season
Two years hence when Sir Henry
Irving retires from the stage on the
completion of his fiftieth year upon
it he will make his exit in Tho
Bells in which he made his sensa
tional hit thirtytwo years ago as
Mathlas and in one night became
Henry W Savage has engaged for
a period of fire years as leading come
dian young Tom WhifTen son of tho
late comedian of the same name and
of Mrs Whlffenlbc wellknown ac
tress Mr WhifTen will open In Au
gust as KiRam the Sultan in The
Sultan of Sulu
When Miss Annie Irish makes her
debut on the vaudeville stage this
coming season she will not be sup
ported by J E Dodson her husband
The latter is to play Pierre In Tho
Two Orphans and later it is saiu
sixty concerts from Boston to San ho will produce The King of Beasts
Francisco under the management of
W F Pendleton and H ttSuow next
J E Doriton has bought the dra
matic rights to The King of Beasts
which he Intends to u e after his en
gagement with The Two Orphans
has cxplreifc
Beverly Sltgrenves denies that she
has signed for Tho Two Orphans
next season as eho has in view tho
principal womans part In a big New
York production
Richard Lovelace made a failure
in Iondon at the Kensington theater
where It was produced by its author
ljuircnce Irving Tlrts is the play
that E H Southern dlMiardcd after
a brief caon two years ago
Henry Jewett will support Viola
Allen as leading man nel season
Miss Allen Is to prodnre The Win
ters Tale In wlilcli Mr Jewett will
be seen as lxontw Mr Jewett was
with Virginia HuTned last year
Arnold Daly is In Iomion where
he has gone to consult George Ber
nard Shaw about the induction of
You Can Sever Tell which he will
produce next season Mr Daly will
visit Paris and Italy lnfore he re
Jessie Mill ward Is so well pleased
with the sketch A Queens Messen
ger which she is now playing In
vaudeville that she has commissioned
the author Hartley Manners to elab
orate It into n fouract play which sire
nill prodtieo later on
Josephine Cohan formerly of The
Four Cohans will hae tin principal
feirale role with Rogers Urothers
next season in tin ir new farce The
Rogers Brothers in Paris George
Cohan W r brother will be starred
lnIJtl4 Johnny Jone
Mary Anderson has refused a 200
for which he has bought the dramatic
Sir Henry Irving who completed
his season in London last week has
made known his intention of reviv
ing the old tragicomlc melodrama
Robert Macaire next season It Is
said by those who saw Irving in the
piece many years ago that he plays
the part with grim humor but that it
Is scarcely worthy his renown
Ola Humphrey has returned to Now
York She will visit friends in tho
country until the middle of August
Next season she will star in a new
play of the eighteenth century en
titled The Mask of a King of which
Edwin Mordant has secured the en
tire rights covering the United States
Canada England and Australia
Harrison Grey FIske has received
from Maurice Maeterlinck sketches
and photographs of several of tho
European productions of Monna
Vanna including those made in
Vienna Berlin Paris and Hamburg
Mr FisKo holds a contract with Mr
rights of Monna Vanna which is
Included In the list of productions an
nounced to be made with Mrs Flske
and the permanent company at the
Manhattan theater next season
There Is to be a new Hamlet Au
brey Bouclcault Is to play the part of
the Dane In Denver this summer dur
Ing his engagement as a stock actor
A London paper in making the an
nouncement of Mr Houcicaults in
tention says Mr Bouclcault an
nonnces that his version will be dlf
fcrunt from either of those played by
E H Sothorn or Forbes Robertson
This is a case where distance lends
seriousness if not enchantment to
the view
Jameson Lee Ffnncy has gono into
vaudeville and Is appearing at two
theaters In New Yf k His one act
play is called A Fighting Chance
and was written by Algernon Tassln
The principal character is a man who
through stress of misforuinc is com
polled to attempt robbery Entering
a room at a hotel he enconnters a
joung woman who gives no satisfac
tory acconnt of herself and ho Is led
to believe that she like himself is a
hotel thief The end of the sketch
clears her reputation and hints at his
reform Miss Katheryn Keys is play
ing the opposite role to Mr Finney
dfci JCM
Interesting Rails of Musician
Discovered In Paris
An Interesting relic of Liszt bu
been recovered at Parli At th Bg
of 13 he composed Don Sanctis th
libretto of which was written by The
aulon who in the course of his career
was the author of 250 pieces for the
stage and by De Ranee who Is not
known to have made any other effort
In dramatic literature After four per
formances Don Sancho retired into
the obscurity which befalls the major
ity of literary and musical efforts Th
MS was believed to have been d
Etroycd in tho flro at the Rue Lepel
letter but M Jean Chntavolne has
found the score in the Blbllothequo do
lOpera It fills two volumes and con
tains in all 837 pages Apparently
Don Sanche is not a Tery origins
production The music even of Liazt
at the age of 13 could hardly be more
than an echo Nor does the libretto
exhibit any great amount of novelty
for the theme is takon from a tale by
Florian who calls it Portuguese
Hows This
W ostr Oae Hundred Doftira Rewtrd tor tor
tus or Catvrb tun ciaaoc t > a cared t > x UiUV
CaUrxB Cure
F J CTIENEr COm Toledo O
We tte nndentxBCd > kaown r J Cnect
fortbeUlt 13 Teirtud txlteT mm perfectly brn
oreble Is til bnitaen tranucttont tod flsucunr
fcbto to carry out any obllcatluni nade oy bU firm
Walsiyo Kixvax ds Mian
Wboe le Drotsliti Tuledo O
nni Catarrn Cure Is takes Internally actios
directly upoa tLe blood and mucout turfacea of tb
yitem TeiilmonUliientfree Price 75 eeota per
bottle Sold by all Drnggfitt
Tate Uairt Family rule for conltptyca >
A shabbily dressed man wearing
pair of army trousers < was arrested
and fined in Straford England for
bringing discredit on his majesty
Wont Turn Loose
I Insist on saying that Hunts
Lightning Oil takes hold quicker and
lets go slower of aches pains and eon >
places than any linlment1 ever saw
It just wont turn loose till youre
I never have a UtUa ache but what
I slosh it on
And ere I get the bottle corked that
little ache is gone
C W Jackson
Marble Hill Mo
25 and GOc per bottle
Resembles a Pouter Pigeon In a Short
The Tibetan young man offashion
veers his pigtail like the Chinese
and would be lost without his native
girdle This Is a complete multum in
parvo at once his arsenal bis pips
rack and his treasury In it he car
ries all that Is really dear to his souL
The smart tailor of the locality makes
his great coat with huge bulging
breasts which he stuffs out with wool
balls of barley dough and other adds
and ends that are ne ceasary o LnaIf
noma d existence As ho walktrTfey
looks like a pouter plgeoa in a Abort
skirt He Is an Industrious person In
a way for he nlways carries a distaff
in his belt with his other weapons
and as he goes he spins upon it like
perambulating woolen mill
Floating Fire Engines
Propulsion of boats by Are enginM
ls not uncommon the jet of water bev
ing thrown Into the air and acting pre
cisely as a punt pole pressed against
the bottom of a shallow stream Some
floating fire engines were recently eant
out from London to Alexandria Ecypt
for work on very shallow canals and
those craft depended entirely upon th
handllng and maneuvering of the jet
of water for their propulsion
A rosary which would be a treasure
for the Thirteen club has been
brought home recently by a traveler in
Tibet It comes from Lhasa and Is >
formed of 113 rings made from the
skulls of 113 priests
Not a Bit of It
A mas who thought Ms race
run mado a food find that brought
aim back to perfect health
One year ago I was unable to per
form any labor and in fact I was tola
by my physicians that they could do
nothing further for me I was fast
sinking away for on attack of gri
had left my stomach > so weak it could
not digest any food sufficient to keep
me alive
There I was just wasting away
crowing thinner every day and weak
er really being snuffed out simply bo
cause I could not get any nourishment
from food
Then my sister got after me to
try GrapeNuts food which had done
much good for her and she finally per
suaded be and although no other food
bad done me tho least bit of good my
stomach handled the GrapeNuts from
the first and this food supplied the
nourishment I had needed In three
months I was so strong I moved from
Albany to San Francisco and now on
my three meal3 of GrapeNuta and
cream every day 1 am strong and vlj
orous and do fifteen hours work
I bclleie the sickest person in tie
world could do as I do eat tire
meals of nothing but GrapeNuts and
cream and soon be on their feet again
la the flush of best health like me
Not only am I In perfect physical
health again but my brain is stronger
and clearer than it ever was on ths
old diet I hope you will write to th
names I send you about GrapeNuta
for 1 want to seo my friends well and
Just think that a year ago I wa
dying but today although I am oior
B5 years of age moat people take m
to be less than 40 and I feel Just m
yot ng as I look Name given by Pos
turn Co Battle Creek Mich
Theres a reason
Iook for the little book Ti Road
to WeUvIUe la each pig
ifeyitfaefle iM
> v Of

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