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World s Fair a
ouis 1904
Some Remarkable Facts About St Louis Worlds Fair
participation of foreign nations alone at St Louis cost more than the entire PanAmerican Exposition
position at Buffalo The best products of every country are selected and labeled for exhibition
and a visit to these exhibits from au educational standpoint is equal to a trip around the world
The State buildings and exhibits
at St Louis cost nearly as much as
the entire Paris Exhibition of 1900
and will give the visitor a better idea
of each State in the Union than the
ordinary traveler could achieve in a
The St Louis Worlds Fair is
twice as large as the Columbian
Exhibition at Chicago and larger
than the Chicago Paris and Buffalo
expositions combined
The Pike at the St Louis Worlds
Fair is the most wonderful aggrega
tion of buildings peoples and
amusements which any people in
history ever have beheld
St Louis is in itself one of the
most interesting cities in the United
States There are more hotel and
boardinghouse accommodations in
St Louis at present than any city
in America possibly could furnish
with rates as low as any one can ask
or as high as the most wealthy pa
tron can afford according to tastes
and purses
Railroad rates to and from St
Louis during the Worlds Fair are
the lowest ever given in connection
with such an enterprise
People of more races are to be
seen on the streets of St Louis and
The east and west Cascades smaller series of water falls separated from the main Cascade by em
broidery gardens in concave settings were in the keeping of Isadore Konti a sculptor who delights in ex
pressing the simpler pleasures and more joyous notes of life The designation of the east Cascade as the
Fountain of the Pacific and the west Cascade as the Fountain of the Atlantic furnished an imaginative basis
for the most fanciful treatment The east Cascade i therefore dominated by the spirit of the Pacific a
group showing the airy figure of a graceful girl floating in space and attended by an albatross the winged
genius of that calm waste Sportive Cupids surround the base of the pedestal In the spirit of the Atlantic
a spirited figure of a youth stands in the clouds with upraised arm controlling the tempestuous ocean Vigor
and power with the grace of young manhood stamp the composition At his feet soars the eagle king of
birds typifying the restless and turbulent nature of the Atlantic Both groups surmount globes from which
gush the waters of the Cascades Other ideas associated with the same themes are presented in the series of
groups extending down the water leaps to the Grand Basin Babes and dolphins gambol along the dancing
waters girls with sea gulls and boys worrying bear cubs all ride on the rushing flood as it tumbles to the
great pool
Amid these sylvan scenes it was fitting that colossal female figures partly nude should be seated on
mammoth pedestals at regular intervals before the Colonnade of States which ties the whole composition
These heroic statues were emblematic of the states and territories developed from the Louisiana domain
Lavish sculpture of the same generous proportions was used to encrust the ornate exterior of the Hall of
Festivals The Triumph of Music and Art an heroic theme by Philip Martini embellishes the grand
entrance Apollo is borne in a chariot drawn by a merry rout of Muses Bacch mtes and Fauns Music by
August Lukemann and Dance by Michael Tenetti are fine groups flanking the same entrance
A cluster of pearls found in Sharks Bay West Australia valued at 100000 whiah consists of about
150 pearls iu a solid cluster is shown at the fair
inside the Worlds Fair grounds today than may be seen in London
politan capitals of the Old World
Weather Bureau records show that sunstrokes are fewer in St
The Texas Building
THE TEXAS PAVILION the symbol of Texas a fivepointed star surmounted by a dome whose
best pointis onehundred and thirtytwo 132 feet from the ground line Between the ext e I
r soTitliTSaris wtftefidred and seventeen feeC Tlfe ext i are r S ano
building is two stories inheight Running up in a graceful curve from the secoriH story is a hip r
convexed roof gathered at the base of the dome which rises thirtyfive feet from the topmost points of
the roof There are of course ten walls and at the junction of each pair of walls is an entrance show
ing some fine architectural decoration The entrances are approached by a flight of steps twentyeight
feet long furnished with buttresses and at each end there are ornamental electric light fixtures The
Paris or Vienna the great cosmo
Louis than during the same summer
period in New York ChicagoWash
ington Cincinnati Pittsburg or
Kansas City The nights are al
ways cool and comfortable and even
in midsummer there are few very
hot days
Every man woman and child who
fails to visit St Louis and the
Worlds Fair will miss the greatest
achievement of ancient mediaeval
or modern times
It is conceded by acute observers
that this the greatest of all exposi
tions will be the last great exposi
tion within the lives of the present
generation This is the one oppor
tunity of your life Are you going
to miss it
Typifying the agricultural re
sources of each State a large map
covering six acres with cinder
walks marking the boundary lines
shows the visitors at the Worlds
Fair the growing crops of the nation
as they are adapted to the various
Texas with its enormous area is
represented with cotton through the
central section corn and wheat in
the northern part of the State range
grass in the cattle belt and rice
fields along the southern coast
Every State is similarly marked
entrances are vestibuled using columns and a large arch at each entrance which are highly decorated
lis plan of ornamentation is carried out also in the balance of the building using pilasters and < arjchess
icch which arc windows ira jigsrorfiiall a afcB
first and secondstory windows are panels upon which to inscribe the names of distinguished Texans
One of the most striking features of architecture is the plan of columns and porches at the extreme
points of the star There are two columns at every point and these are intended to signify the five great
industries of Texas These bear some inscription indicative of them And supported by these columns
above the cornice on paneled bases are statuary representing Texas heroes
Festival Hall and Cascades
HALL is made conspicuous and distinctive with the largest dome on earth The Chief
FESTIVAL of the Exposition adopted the dome roof three massive entrance arches and a bottle
shaped pylon for features of the great Palace of Transportation This same mind employed plain
heavy piers on the Palace of Agriculture and demonstrated the architectural possibilities of the farm
house gable in the Forestry Fish and Game buildings
The artistic sense finds further pleasing variety in the Tudor Gothic of the dozen permanent red
granite buildings which form part of the Worlds Fair settlement These buildings were crowning
achievements of Philadelphia architects
Musical Plunging Waters
of the largest artificial cascades in the world make their twenty plunges with 90000 gallons
THREE every minute from the foundations of Festival Hall and the twin kiosks into the basin
that sparkles below with its mirror expanse of GOO feet H A MacNeils grand Fountain of
Liberty Jormed the allegorical veil before the portal of the Hall of Festivals Liberty dominating from
a serene height the outstretched figures of genius and inspiration is flanked by male figures typifying
physical strength bestriding fabled sea horses From this colossal group issue the waters of the main
cascade Mounted on pedestals attending the successive leaps of the joyous flood are heroic examples of
the same sculptors groups symbolizing the birth and progress of liberty and civilization x
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