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Aa Exciting Adventure With a Maori
Mr Becke the author of Notes
From My South Sea Log tells of his
tutor who seemed to him the most
heroic man In the world because he
had been through the first Maori war
and because of an adventure which
there befell him and which Is given as
Poor Guy such was the tutors name
was a lieutenant and he and two
companies were captured by the
Maoris They were taken Inside the
Stockade and the chief taking up one
of the captured seamens cutlasses felt
Its edge and then fixed his keen eyes
oa the young officers face
I shall not harm these two men of
yours he said slowly They shall go
safely back to your lines If lie
paused and a grim smile distorted hi
tattooed face
If what asked Guy calmly
If you will stretch out your right
hand so that I may cut It off at the
wrist swiftly no further harm shall
come to you and you too shall go
Will you keep your word
Aye I Te Atua Wera am no liar
Guy nodded quietly took off his coat
and held out his left hand
Strike he said
The chief again smiled Thou art
as cunning as thou art brave I said
the right hand
Guy let fall his left and extended his
right arm Te Atua Wera stepped
back a pace raised the cutlass and
struck the point of it into the ground
Then he bent forward and gravely
rubbed noses with Guy
Go he said but come back no
more So Guy and the two sailors
were allowed to return to Despards
lines unharmed
Dnlln Tiot Irish
Those who are not Irishmen some
times trespass on IrMi property A
French cure preaching about sudden
death said Thus It is with us we go
to bed well and get up stone dead
An old French lawyer writing of an
estate he had Just bought added There
Is a chapel upon it in which my wife
and I wish to bo buried if God spares
our lives
A merchant who died suddenly left
In his bureau a letter to one of his cor
respondents which he had not sealed
His clerk seeing It necessary to send
the letter wrote at the bottom Since
writing the above I have died
A Sentiment mid nn Antosrrnph
A certain young lady eo the story
runs wrote to F Marlon Crawford
the novelist requesting that he send
her a bit of sentiment and his auto
graph The reply was
Dear Miss A When you request a fa
vor that is of Interest only to yourself
please Inclose a two cent stamp Theres
your sentiment and heres your auto
Wert wl
A Simple Precaution
Landlady of country Inn on the eve
of a popular holiday to her daughter
who Is kneading the dough for a cake
Itcsel youd better put n couple of
eggs and a bit of butter Into the cake
It looks as If we were going to have a
Rtorm and If the townsfolk dont stir
out tomorrow we shall have to eat It
ourselves From the German
Language Is a solemn tiling It
grows out of life out of Its agonies
and ecstasies Its wants and Its weari
ness Every language is n temple in
which the poul of those who speak It Is
nshrlnod O W Holmes
Feminine Flnefme
Duffer My wife got a liver out of
rat today wllh one happy remark
Puffer Lets have It Duffer She told
our boy Willie that she was his nearest
relative but that I was his closest
Indianapolis Star
Every day Is a nev life every sun
rise but a now birth Jonlou
Antluultr uf Soup
Soap Is not a modern Invention It is
twice mentioned In the Bible first In
Jeremiah and again In Mnlachl His
tory tells us that more than 2000 years
ago the Gutils manufactured It by
combining beech tree ashes with goats
fat Some years ngo a soap lwllers
shop was discovered In Pompeii hnv
lug been burled beneath the terrible
rain of ashes that fell upon that city
In 79 A D The soap found In the shop
had not lost nil of Its efficacy although
It had been burled 1810 years At the
time that Pompeii was destroyed the
soapmaklng business was carried on
In several of the Italian cities Pliny
the elder speaks of soap and hays that
because Its price wus so high many
substitutes were used among them a
kind of glutinous earth nud fine sand
mixed In the Juice of certain plant
that made lather As early as 700
A D there were many soap factories
In both Italy and Spain and nlxjut 7 K1
A D the Phoenicians Introduced tK
business Into France the first factories
being established at Marseilles
Foree of llnlilt
One time n Jail reporter was sent to
report a wedding He began his report
by saying
The ioutleiuniHl man ate a hearty
breakfast of ham and eggs Chicago
Fitrorlte Mimical InntrunientN
The burglars the lute the colds
the harp the aurisfs the drum the
card fiends the trumpet the apothe
carys the viol the mathematicians
the triangle Life
Acre once meant any field It Is
still used with this significance by the
Germans who speak of Gods acre al
luding to the cemetery
Our trade for the past two weeks has be mTrernendous rounding out on
Saturday into one of the Biggest Days Jaipur Business History but what
we have done while it pleases and gratifies us immensely does not
wholly satisfy We want to do bet better for ourselves and
better for our customers Our customers shall always have
J Our first thought Better Service and Better Values
Simple Way to Cure Catarrh by Hy
omei Without Stomach Dosing
It Is the height of folly to dose the
stomach with Internal medicines to
cure nasal catarrh It cannot be
cured except the catarrhal germs that
are present In the nose throat nud
lungs have first been killed
The soothing air of Ilyomel heals
the smarting and raw membrane of
the air passages In the nose throat
and lungs Kills off the catanhnl
germs and rids the system of the last
traces of cutnrth
The complete Iljomel outfit con
feists of u haul rubber inhaler which
can be cnrrled in the puree or vest
pocket a medicine dropper and a bot
tle of Ilyomel and costs one dollar
while extra bottles can lie obtained
for 50 cents
limit on Drug Co positively gtiHran
tees a cure when Ilyomel is used In
accordance with the simple dliuctions
on tho package or they will refund
the money This ceitalnly shows
their faith and belief in the virtues of
ClerkCarrier Examination
It Is announced that civil service
examinations will be held in this city
a1 n Tiriftiii in limit nwijlrfai
= For One WeeMVe Offer
25 pieces 10 yard Calico Dress Patterns best cloth
We have never sold them for less than G5c 71 Q o
our special price this week a pattern only HrOll
10 dozen Ladies Cambric H S Embroidered
Handkerchiefs worth 19c our special
price this week each only
10 dozen Childrens Cambric H V Underwaists
splendid little garments all sizes our spec
ial price each only
50 pieces Yals and Torchon Laces assorted widths
values up to 10c our special price this week r
per yard only j j
25 pieces American and Standard Sheeting Prints
worth today 512 our special price this n
week per yard only 4211
10 dozen Ladies Wash Embroidered Collars just
the thing for the warmer weather vc make I r
a low price of each 35 25 19 and Oil
ft fth AA
lust received Ladies White Embroidered Parasols
all beauties You should have one of them
at from 350 down to
Ladies Long Lice Mitts are going to be GOOD
now that tho weather is getting more settled IT
rX9s aiMhein at 100 and at 0U C
lu u TTriiempTato taking a trip remember we caiT
fit you out with a Trunk Suit Case or Traveling
Bug in tne best all leather ones or the cheaper
grades to Buit
5 dozen Child and Misses Ribbed Seamless Vests
slightly soiled worth 5 to 10c our special
price this week each only
GO dozen Mens good weight closely knitted Gray
Socks splendid wearers worth 10c our spe
cial price per pair only
40 dozen Mens Balbriggan Undershirts and Draw
ers shirts with pearl buttons silk stitched OETn
drawers double seated per garment fcOll
BalBriggan Undershirts splendid quality worth
ISclfourspecial price per garment QQn
= Yours Veryfljnulyy
them a
705 40 doz Mens Combed Yarn Gauze Under
JBirw and Drawer one of our prettiest and beat
mbers worth 75c our special prico only
iozen Boys Knee Pants all wool worsted and
imorcs sizes from 4 to 15 splendid val
jour special price per pair only
743G Childs Gray Worsted 2piece Suits
A to 7 years our special price per
Suit only
EK j G580 Childs Gray Worsted 2piece Suits
better quality with belt our special price fl ff
IpjgSuit only TrillU
IN511002 One lot Boys DoubleBreasted 2pieco
luifa ages 8 to 15 good service our spe
KJaftprico per Suit only
Ng54024 Mens extra size Gray Worsted Suits
4fipiendid wearers these run up to 155 or ffl
pur special price per Suit only I UaUU
rong lino or Mens Suits in Blacks and Fancy
iWoritcds evory ono guaranteed to give satisfac
S gexuth qui j
you want a nobby suit one of the newest
jours Great values ranging in price rtrt Efl
j alG50 1750 and ZZiOU
L2M Mens White Imported Madras Shirts as
5jas can be our speial price I JTfl
jeacB OU
33g a8Bortment Mens Dress Shirts made up in tho
ffija tyles none better our special price I ff
Sallies Pink Blue Brown Gray and White Can
Wa gxfords at our special price per pair ft QP
i 000 and 1250
Hodges Dry GooSs Company
on May 7 for the position of clerk
carrier In the post otlice service For
application blanks and all other In
formation call at the local post of
Learn the Cause of Dally Woes and
End Them
When the back aches and throbs
When houseworl Is a torture
When night brings no rest or sleep
When urinary dlorders set in
Womens lot is a weary one
There Is a way to escape these
Donas Kidney Pills cure such ills
Hints cued women hoio in Palestine
This is one Palestines womans tes
Mrs M C IIHIyer formerly resid
ing In Palestine at 405 X Suiitnoro
all out says There was a constant
soreness across my back and when
stooping or exerting myself the piiin
became very sharp If I took cold It
always settled in my kidneys causing
extra pain and annoyance I tried dif
ferent remedies but none brought
permanent results or I would not have
gouu to the Iiralton Drug Co s store
for Doans Kidney Piiin In a very
short time the remedy drove the pain
awayihgOUibr members of my family
have SsHsDoans Kidney Ilils re
cclvinnltha greatest benefits Doans
KidnoJlRfilB In my case acted as rep
Tnd I heartily recommend
fery opportunity as the best
filgrer used
For TsaldXby all dealers Price 50
cents < BBo3terMIlburn Co Buffalo
New YorlcyiBole agents for the United
llemember the name Doans and
take noToip or
Post Office Notice
SaturiHyjthe 21st San Jacinto day
being aijhoilday this olllce will be
open In allfdepartments from S30 to
10 a m Jji
The cUjIi carriers will make their
usual morning delivery but none in
thO ovonfnK The rural carriers will
make tliijirfiisuul rounds
Very respectfully
Thos Hall Postmaster
Observes Arbor Day
Spring III April 20 Pursuant
to the jirofiTnninUoii of oOvernor De
hecn todXwas quite generally olt
scrved ajflffrbor Day throughout tho
state Special exercises were held
in the pdMgschools followed by the
planting octrees and shrubs In the
school grounds and along public high
Improve Your Stock
By breeding to maze Duke the finest
bred horse In the county Will stand
this season on the F M McCutchcn
farm seven miles west of Palestine
on the West Point road Terms 10
cash with return privileges In tills
horse you get all the desired quali
ties Strong nerves long life and
pure blood Cdw tf
Painters Notice
All the > olnters or Palestine will
call and meet at the Masonic hall on
Saturday evening at 8 oclock to form
some kind of organization The ob
ject of tills meeting is to form a paint
ers union and by so doing obtain
the full wage
P C McDermont
Is your farm property Insured
against lire Act at once and pro
tect same for a trilling sum by secur
ing a Fire Insurance Policy with
Wright Kendall agents Palestine
Texas Will loan money on good
farm property a29 wtf
The Herald sells engraved station
The State of Texas County of An
deson District Court April Term
A D 190C
To the Sheriff or any Constable ot
Andorson County Greeting
Affidavit having been made aB re
ojiiistd byi law you arc hereby Oom
ma ndedto summon the he rs ofSk A
J Mays deceased by making publi
cation of this Citation once in each
week for eight successive weeks pre
vious to the return day nereof in
some newspaper publisned in your
county itthere be a newspaper pub
lished therein but if not then In any
newspaper published In tne third Ju
dicial district but If there be no
newspaper published in the said Ju
dicial district then in a newspaper
published in the nearest district to
said 3rd Judicial district to appear at
next regular term of the District
Court ot Anderson County to ho
holdcn at the court house thereof In
1alestlne on thd 5th Monday in April
A D 190C the same being the 20th
day of April A D 1906 in a suit
numbered on the docket of said court
No 7410 then and there to answer
the petition of E A Curtis plaintiff
filed In said Court on the 27th day
of February A D 190C against the
heirs ot S A J Mays deceased Sion
L McCain Dena Stamps Wm F
Stamps J J Hamilton L A Hamil
ton Thos Green Cressie Mayuard
C J Maynard Wm Matthews and
Lula Matthews defendants and al
leging in substance as follows towlt
That plaintiff had acquired title to
43 79100 acres of tho survey ot land
in Anderson county Texas patented
to the heirs of S A J Mays deceased
by patent recorded In volume L p
202 Anderson County Deed Records
under the five and ten years statutes
of limitation and further alleging that
on Feby 12th 1906 plaintiff was in
the lawful possession as owner in fee
simple of said 45 79100 acres of laud
that the nature ot the claim of de
fendants heira of S A J Mayes to
the land is as the patentees thereof
but that prior to July 13th 1855 J
J Pluson had acquired all tho title
and Interest ot defendant cut of S
A J Mays in said land and that
plaintiff has a regular chain ot title
to the laud under j J Pinson That
the remaining defendants assert a
claim to the land as heirs of Flora
Jane McCain but that plaintiff has ac
quired their interest under deeds ex
ecuted by their authority as well as
by limitations That on Feby 12th
1906 the defendants unlawfully en
tered upon and dispossessed plaintiff
of said laud and withhold from plain
tiff the possession thereof to his great
damage Plaintiff prays for Judgment
for the title and possession of tho
land and for all costs and for gen
eral relief
Herein fall not but have beforo
said Court at its aforesaid April term
this writ with your return thereon
showing how you have executed the
Witness J F Brown Clerk ot the
District Court of Anderson County
Given under my hand and the seal
of said Court at office In Palestine
this the 2b ih day ot February A D
1906 J F Brown
Clerk District Court Anderson Co
> i
Some are born great some have
greatness thrust upon them others ad
vertise The merchant who sits down
and waits for business to come to him
will find himself among the left over
basitage when the Empire State ex
press of business success pulls out
IluNlneni nacccKi nctili three thinsa
knowledge iiuxli mid Rood nilier
Advertising isnt an art Its jnst ap
plied common sense Advertising is
naturally a creative force Since It
has been applied to modern commerce
there have been created dozens of com
modities and branches of trade tbaf
did not exist before Its advent The
5000000000 spent annually Iik this
country for publicity has set many
hundreds of millions of dollars running
Into wholly new channels
DiikItiik In nnrfnre In n en p n
hard coiiNlmit llchl to the flninli
AillertlKliil Ik the baaln i > mans
moat modern moit effective iTeapon
Once In awhile we hear some old fel
low sayfhg I have never adertised
and am still doing business at the old
stand He means that he is doing
business at the old standstill M I
Corey In Ketaller and Advertiser
The moat anccemiful merchant In
thin town mdvertUe reKuInrly In this
paper The moral la obvloua

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