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v jj r
eminent was their ideal In the fear
of God and to preserve their Inalien
able right to life liberty and the par
suit of happiness they fought the
good fight and laid the foundation for
Hie greatestand freest government
that has ever appeared in the com
bined plans of genius and patriotic
In a few years thereafter measured
by the life of states and nations
Texas insplied by the same motives
determined to be free and by valor
and privations theretorforc unsur
passed In the history 6t warfare
Texas was freed from Mexican despot
ism and in due time took her proud
place in the sisterhood of states
Those old heroes those who fought
our first great battles civil and mili
tary gave to us Imperial Texas free
and independent with a government
of the people for the people ant by
the people Let Texans remember
that we are charged with the duty of
preserving and transmltliig this1
sacred heritage to our children
The greatness and the possibilities
of our State under Just laws and good
government stagger the most vivid
Imagination In area in climate In
live stock in mineral resources In
lumber in fertility of soil In quantity
qaullty and variety of products Texas
stands without a rival We can If we
will be the most Independent people
on the face of the earth independent
In education agriculture commerce
manufacutre finance and transporta
tion If we do not prosper and if in
the exercise of our sovereign will we
do not assert our power and provide
frfjj fe nien withi
jprope s guaa ni nTwtraTfSilt7
Time For Action Now at Hand
That the time for action is at hand
no student of history will deny In sub
stance I have said before and I now
repeat that there is cause for com
plaint and apprehension in Texas and
throughout the country No thought
ful patriotic citizen will deny this
statement More than onehalf the
wealth of our country is owned by a
fraction of our people too small for
accurate estimate sometimes stated
at less than one per cent Great for
tunes are growing greater and the
poor are growing in numbers Monop
olies and Trusts are flourishing every
where The railroad trust the beef
trust the lumber trust the oil trust
the steel trust and hundreds of other
trusts arc preying upon the people of
Texas and of the Union and are thriv
ing under the protection of political
trusts with which our country is
cursed today They rob the people
and defy our laws The Railroad free
pass Is King overcapitalized and In
solvent corporations are bleeding the
people Incompetency and corruption
stalk in high places and Illegal com
binations organized for plunder im
poverish the people and degrade the
State Corrupt lobbyists infest the
Capitols of the States and at Wash
ington Corporate power is the re
cipient of governmental advantages
With money
not accorded the citizen
and favors selfish interests arc doml
nating elections and conventions
shaping legislation escaping taxation
and either under the forms of law or
In violation of law they lob labor of
Its reward and impoverish the pro
ducer and consumer These condi
tions appeal to an intelligent and lib
erty loving people and admonish them
that eternal vigilance Is the price of
The coriodlug Influence or graft Is
eating its way Into the affairs of the
people Gmft In business graft in
politics graft in everything shocks
honest men the world over Hardly
a day passes that we are not regaled
b the newspapers with an exposure
of either the petty grafter or the
grand grafter The grafter is a thief
The boodler is a thief Tlitse polite
names were doubtless invented for
well appearing gentry who had been
trusted and who were caught robbing
and stealing Machine iwlltics is a
forerunner of graft Machine and
corporate rule breeds lioodlers and
grafters Honest government will
take the grafter and the boodler from
liigh places and send thorn to jail
along with the petty thief Until re
cently we have not hoard of gratt In
official life in Texas The charge
that there Is graft going on In Texas
Is now being freely made and having
been made I promise if elected Gover
nor to use all the power and in
fluence of that office to secure an ef
fective Investigation It is hut just
both to the people and those in au
thority that such Investigation be
had If the charges are found to be
true the guilty should not only he
If we have good government if by driven from office but should be pun
ished like all other criminals If no
true then we would rejoice In tlij
fact that Texas Is clean Texas
should be kepi clean If the peoplg sgurlng appropriate and all import
control their government elect theii
officers and see to it that they pfr
form their duties falthfullly the
Texas can always be kept clean Th
honest officer Is never a grafter 8
course The efficient officer is ney r
n grafter Therefore efficiency and
honesty should be sought and main
talned In the public service us th
first requisite
While here as everywhere orgali
izod corporate power is seeking 7t
fasten Its iron hold upon the peopl
government while the trusts ate forcj
Ing their merciless shackles upon thj
Industry and energies of the patriotic
people of tills commonwealth nnd
stifling Individual effort while th
unconscionable nnd unscrupulous aJfiS
machine politics is plotting and plan
ning for a government of the corpoT
tions for the coriwmtlons nnd by uf
corporations still there are Ihdlcf
tions that the sleeping giant ui
peoples power Is again astir Th
whole people of Texas are again man
ifesting a disposition to take an nj
tlve and firm hand in public affair
that present evil tendencies may
My fellowcitizens in the face
these conditions we are told by tfin
part of the press dominated by
corporations and by those In lea
wllh the special privilege class
corporate lawbreakers that there
no Issues of commanding importa
In this campaign Indeed many w
moaning people have listened toijj
slrfii song until they believe and
saying thnt there are no question
moment now calling for settlement
this country If you point out
evils lurking in the way of good
ernment and suggest a remedy
are stigmatized as the patron ofj
ancient prejudice and as a d
Democratic Duty and Platform
Democrats have the right and It
their duty to txpress their views
all the questions involving goodjgoy
ernment and they can discuss tijglS
differences without peril to Ihejn
standing in their party and Shia
should be freely and fearlessly dona
to the end that the integrity offoug
great party be maintained andlljatj
our government whose foundations
are embedded in its undying p rtHa
ciples of liberty and law may llvefofj
bless freemen forever The wfllHoiji
Democrats should be written Intujcs
platform nnd those who fall to stand
by that announcement of principles
should never again hold your comntlsB
sion in an office of trust If traca
elected to office and his best Ifitjllfa
L forth
gence and energies are not put
in an effort to execute the wUj
Democrats as thus expressedfi
ihould be exposed anjl drive
jjiBwlr When we assail
our principles we are not warring
our country but seeking to protec
When we denounce a traitor to c
party we are not warring against
party but seeking to save It jSfom
those who would betray It Into the
hands of Its enemies If mistakes
are made within the party then Demi
ocrats can In safety point out Ube
mistakes of Democrats In officeand
honest men will mend their ways
There is little hope however fortlie
man who breaks faith with the pep
pie by wilfully violating his pledges
or for th6 man who Ignores the MC
pllcit instructions of the people yslt
Democrats seeking Democratic naiul
nation will not agree In advanceto
carry out your platform demandsIto
the best of their ability defeat thcrijj
There are many Issues demanding
attention There are many seriqns
problems with which we should tlijal
now and we should not bo entrappdir
into a discussion of false lssuesg6H
of questions having no legitimate
place In the domain of party politics
And this reminds me of the effortTdf
the field marshals of the corpofrgl
tions and the trusts to use prohibition1
and local option as a decoy Inthfal
Prohibition J
On all suitable occasions I hava
stated that I look upon prohibitions
a moral question rather than pollUcajl
and as having no appropriate placjnl
a contest for political prefermentindt
I still hold to that view Even ifpo
litical and suitable to political discus
sion I know of no one urging State
prohibition at this time and therefore
tan see no chance for any such issue
and iii IxiiH for Its agitation Iahi
opposed to lugging the prohibition
linstion into this campaign and I am
opposed to conniittlng the people pf
Texas unnlernbl > for or against
State prohibition or any other i > ollcy
that they may see proper to consider
hereafter in dealing with the llqudr
question t > I
I cnl option is an established pblr
icy of our State I anticipate no ef
forl and would not endorse any prpW
iisitlou to Impair the elllciency of the
local option laws No such proposi
tion has been made nor will be sif
riousl made hence local option119
not an issue I believe that when any
count > or subdivision thereof adopts
local option the law should be en
forced If the laws are not strong
enough to give full forte and expres
sion to the will of the people as Indi
cated by their ballots then it Is their
right to have the laws strengthened
All men who endorse and are will
ing to uphold the right of local self
government are agreed u on this
point and theiefore I see no oppor
tunity for any legitimate Issue Involv
ing that undisputed light of the peo
ple Now that no one may suggest
that I am seeking to dodge responsi
bility for my own Individual action
iiKii this question In the past I Will
say that I voted for the proMMed con
stitutional amendment in 1SS7 nnd
have always voted for local option < jn
m > home county This question bws
no appropriate place in this cam
imign It is not an Issue nnd the
Democrats of Texas should not pur
mil selfish Interests to wedge it into
this cnmiwign The scheme should
deceive no one They have beon Un
firing in their efforts to enkindle Into
lame the passions of the people over
frohlbltlon for the sole purpose of ob
lit issues I will not be drawn from
V purpose to discuss questions now
Tressing for attention
Issues and Policies
5i believe in a public policy and In a
gnstom of laws that will amply facil
itate business progress nnd promote
wholesome development of our re
tirees Our agricultural and com
mercial Interests our mineral and
nanufacturiug possibilities our live
SJpck interests and other and varied
Industrial enterprises should be given
ample opportunities for legitimate
Sjrogress and prosperity Nepotism
should be effectually prohibited by
aw The freedom of the press should
jemaintained that the truth may al
jvnys be published without risk
The unfortunate insane now suffer
TFg In county Jails should he provided
for by additions to the asylums nnd
jlfoVlsion should be made in advance
that this inhumane spectacle will
meyer again lie witnessed In Texas
ftTlio people want a blanket primary
Bljjctlon law It is right and they
oud have it In the freedom nnd
Trity of the ballot lies the hope of
Jgpd government and every safe
guard gives greater security to
the elective franchise and limits the
portunltles of the political mani >
ilator should meet with universal
npiwrt The machine must sur
lender to the people They mean
uslness In Texas and If I mistake
it they will enforce reforms that will
Fe dound to the good of Texas and
ifjftnlsh an example to the entire coun
try The ballot of a patriot though
ifalllng as gently as the snow flake
tpm the heavens carries consterna
tion Into the ranks of the enemies of
Ifpnest government and Its force and
Integrity should be guarded and pro
KThe Texas National Guard the
States Militia should be suitably
maintained and provision therefor
Should be made in all respects in
Keeping with public interest nnd the
algnlty of tfte State
H Uphold the Consltutlon
E Life liberty and the pursuit of hap
piness are the inalienable rights of
man for the preservation and protec
tion of which constitutional govern
ment was wrung from tyranny and
established In Texas
I Our constitution is the foundation
npon which our governmental struc
ture stands nnd in the faithful observ
ance of Its terms rests the liberty of
the citizen nnd the blessings of pop
nlar government Trample upon it3
mandates and free government will
soon become a reminiscence So
that its terms may remain inviolate
Jgrery man who takes office in Texas
swears that he will support the con
liltutlon If I am honored by election
ertior thocofistijur
bo observed and obeyed If
ou want a Governor who will shut
Is eyes to violation of the constitu
tion either by public officers or or
ganized plunderers then dont vote
for me No legislative scheme of
doubtful propriety or about which
hangs even n doubt of Its constitu
tionality will ever be fastened upon
the people either by my approval or
by my silence
Enforce the taws
Obedience to the constitution and
laws is the first element of good cit
izenship A rigid enforcement of all
the laws is essential to the sdcial well
being and demanded as the only safe
guarantee of lire liberty and prosper
ity All laws can be enforced and
should be enforced fearlessly impar
tially and without respect to persons
The high and the low the trust mag
nate nnd the crnp shooter should all
come under the law and answer for
their crimes All officers charged
with the enforcement of the law
should be selected with a view to
their esjieclal fitness for such posi
tions nnd then they should be held
to strict accountability for the man
ner In which their duties are per
formed To say that the laws cannot
be enforced Is to admit that we are
mot capable of self government If
a law Is wholesome enforce It in the
Interest of society If a law is un
wholesome nnd oppressive then en
force It and It will be as it should
be the more speedily repealed That
our lawabiding citizenship is growing
Impatient and restless at the laws de
lays and the uncertainty of punish
ment for crime cannot be denied
dlscontent must be conceded There
is too much machinery In our criminal
trials too much literature and too
many refinements in the courts
charge to the Jury ntul too many
loopholes through which criminals
may escape Too many corners
around which he may dodge and de
feat the law Especiull > Is this true
of trials or murder cases To illus
trate a lire has been taken the slajer
Is indicted by the grand Jury his case
Is called for trial every good citizen
who Is exempt rrom jury service
under the multitude or exemptions
claims his exemption and those hav
ing excuses which address them
selves to the courts discretion are al
usually excused and then a Jury Is
mpanellcd in the usual way to try
he case The witnesses are called
ind the Intiodiictlon or testimony be
gins In what are known us had
ases witueHiies whose testlmonv
inilil be heard in twenty minutes are
wmetlmes kept iqion tlie witness
tnnd for days the trial draas along
rcsohing Itself into a game or points
Inallj the testimony Is closed the ar
gument to the court and the jury Is
concluded the judge reads his charge
and heie the most Intelligent citizen
Is often made to woudei how any
man is ever convicted and punished demands this much
for crime how It 1st Mwsihle tor n
Juror not schooled in the technicali
ties of our Criminal Code and
Code of Criminal Procedure to ever
measure the guilt or innocence or the
accused by the complex rules and
fine spun distinctions now required to
bo given the jury as the law or the
case It Is no wonder that so many
r t JVjt JIR g G
Opening His Campaign For Go rnor of Texas at Athens Today
Special to the Herald
Athens Texas April 21 Following
Is the full text of Hon Thos M
Campbells speech delivered In this
city today opening his campaign for
Governor of Texas
I am here today upon the invitation
of the people of Athens and Hender
son County to formally open my
campaign for the Democratic nomina
tion for the ofllce of Governor
With grateful appreciation I ac
cepted that Invitation and I must now
be permitted to acknowledge the
honor you do me by your presence at
tills time Since announcing my in
tention to become a candidate for
Governor have been honored with
many invitations to address the peo
ple on public questions I have ac
cepted as many of these invitations
as was practicable and I have taken
occasion heretofore to discuss some
of the questions which will necessar
ily enter into the contest now opening
before us With the people I have
been free to express my views I
have always spoken candidly frankly
and without any sort of reservation
I shall today without qualifying any
proposition heretofore laid down and
without modifying any doctrine here
tofore announced undertake a faith
ful discussion of conditions and of
issues which I deem most important
and which should in my opinion re
ceive the attention of the people of
Texas in the present campaign
This Is San Jacinto Day a day made
memorable by the triumph of liberty
over tyranny on San Jacintos bloody
field The time Is opportune and the
day appropriate for beginning over
again the tight for Texas Indeed no
man should seek the high office of
Governor of this State without ac
quainting the leople with his position
on all governmental questions with
which lie may have to deal This he
should do in an open and candid way
He should stand face to face with
the people He should make known
his plans and policies This I shall
attempt to do If I am right it the
stand I take meets with the approval
af my countrymen then I have just
tmd for expecting that my cause
will lbe made their cause If I am
wrong or if J am actuated by un
worUiv jmoUves then J ideserve Ade
State I am willing to stand or fall
The good of Texas and the welfare
Of the people should be the supreme
aim of every voter
Those who would debauch popular
government in this country and make
it the Instrument of avarice and
greed who would make our constitu
tion the toy and the plaything of
monopoly our laws the hiding places
of trusts and the shield of grafters
and those who would make Texas
only a breeding ground for more mil
lionaires and more paupers will
with money and with all the arts of
machine effrontery and corporate
cunning oppose my candidacy They
will seek and are now seeking to ob
scure important issues They will n
they can divert public attention from
every proposition to checkmate their
schemes of rapacity and pluuder If
they succeed in their efforts to de
ceive the people and conceal the
truth they can elect men of their
choice dominate legislation control
Texas defy our laws and continue to
exploit our people
Citizenships Rights and Duties
The people have the right to elect
their public servants without dicta
tion from either the corporations or
the political manipulators It is the
duty of the citizen to exercise tills
right in the interest of good govern
ment and with an intelligent regard
for his own interest and for the wel
fare of all the people
Ever right enjojed carries with It
a corresponding obligation We
should not only perform those duties
in the observance of which happy
homes are made and maintained we
should not only educate our children
and provide for those dependent upon
us but we should study our duty to
our government and to our fellow
man Every good citizen should take
au interest in politics We should
perform our political duty thnt good
government may be secured and per
petuated When the people fail to
support good measiiies and sound
governmental policies and when they
refues to uphold men who will en
force them when they fail to ote
their honest convictions when they
neglect to have their will registered
at the ballot box then they cease to
rule and popular government is a
failure With us the people constitute
the true source of all political jiower
and our theory of government con
templates that every law and every
governmental policy should be found
ed on their authority formulated In
their Interest and enforced for their
just laws prosperity and public hap
piness Is promoted the voters deserve
the credit if on the other hand we
have bad government If the law Is
ignored and crime holds high carnival
if avarice and greed should ride
booted and spurred over 6ur cher
ished Institutions and freedom per
ishes from the earth forever then the
blame rests upon those who fall to
sound the alarm as well as upon the
voters who fall to exercise their
power in the lessons of patriotism
When our forefathers struck from
this country the shackles of Dritisli
tyranny when they broke the bonds
thnt bound them freedom industrial
as well as political freedom was their
hope and inspriation Popular gov
juries either disagree or return ver
dicts of not guilty They cant over
come these obstacles In the way of
justice It is no wonder that so many
cases are reversed by the higher
court and that human life is regarded
as too cheap In Texas The trial
courts are not always at fault the
jurors are not always to blame he
main fault is in the system Men
charged with crime should have the
fill1 benefit of a fair and Impartial
trial They should be tested by the
simplest rules of common sense nnd
justice Tl ey should be tried upon
the law and tnc facts and not Ly
taigled nnd technical rules which are
not always understood and correctly
apnlled even by the lawyers and
judges themselves
Now then I would suggest the fol
lowing remedies
1st Ennct a law further limiting
jury exemptions and defining and lim
iting the causes for which the trial
judge may in the exercise of his dis
cretion grant excuses to men drawn
for Jury service
2nd Prescribe by statute a com
mon sense form of charge for the
Jury In every criminal case of the
grade of felony Let such charge em
brace only the nature of the accusa
tion and a copy of the Statutes appli
cable to the offense charged and to
the facts of the case Such form for
Instructions to juries in criminal
cases would expedite trials furnish
ample protection to the Innocent dis
continue the practice of appealing
everything and present probably
more than half the reversals and new
trials all of which Is helping to de
reat Justice and entailing a tremen
dous expense upon the counties nnd
the State
Trial of Civil Actions
As In criminal cases probably more
than halt the civil suits tri d and ap
pealed are reversed and remnnded on
account or errors In the courts
charge to the jury This Is unjust to
those who are forced to Invoke the
aid of the courts of justice to redress
wrongs and to secure their rights
Those who seek this remedy for
wrongs suffered and injuries sus
tained should not be thus delayed or
loaded with Intolerable burdens in the
way of costs It also results in un
necessary burdens upon the tax pay
ers The expense Incurred by the
counties for juries In second trials
and in some cas ° s are tried more than
twice is something enormous and
looking to a remedy I would urge and
if elected Governor I will recom
mend to the legislature the enact
ment of a law requiring trial judges
to prepare their Instructions to the
iurles in civil cases and submit the
same to counsel on both sides before
the argument begins and by such
statute provide further that all spec
ial charges shall be prepared sub
mitted to opposing counsel and de
livered to the Judge before the main
ahargrfs read thBltir itlnd thajg
all exceptions to thecourvsi charge
shall he taken and noted at that time
and that all errors in the charge not
then assigned and again pointed out
in motion for new trial shall be con
sidered waived and shall not be con
sidered grounds tor reversal unless
fundamental This reform would
meet the ends or justice and relieve
the higher courts or many appeal
cases with which the dockets or those
courts are now unnecessarily bur
dened Delays and heavy costs to
litigants to the counties and to the
State would be saved
Expenditures and Business Methods
AH expenditures or the peoples
money should be restricted to the ab
solute necessities or the government
honestly efficiently and economically
administered This should not be
taken as an idle marshaling or words
but as the affirmance or a sound gov
ernmental principle to be faithfully
kept and enforced by those who are
entrusted with power and charged
with the duties of public office Those
seeking public office should give
this pledge nnd keep the with
A wise and capable administration
of public affairs the efficient manage
ment and care of our eleemosynary
and other State Institutions demand
not only wholesome policies but the
faithful application of sound business
principles Efficiency honesty and
fitness for the position should be or
controlling importance in making ap
pointments to places in the public
service Duslness methods ami less
political Intrigue furnish the true
snfegaurd against excessive taxation
the only effective check against ex
That there Is Just ground for such travagance waste graft and corrup
tlon and furnish the only escape from
embarrassing deficiencies and bank
ruptcy Give the peoples govern
ment a chance to do business in a
business way
Department of Agriculture and Hor
I favor the creation nnd mainten
ance by tlie State of a distinct Agri
cultural and Horticultural Depart
ment to be devoted exclusively to
those growing Interests Such a < le
nartinent wisely and efficiently ad
ministered is essential to the Intelli
gent promotion and progressive de
velopment of these the most import
mt factors In our States growth and
irosperity This can be accomplished
vltliout additional expense to the pco
mil sane business methods
Employment of State Convicts
Those who are convicted of crime
mil condemned to serve at hard labor
or their offense should be required to
work of course and they should be
untie seirsustainlng They should
receive suitable care and huninne
rentment Enlightened civilization
mil ever > consideration or humanity
such useless ex
> enses In other directions as would Iar for U ° nora and nte ectal de
> e dictated by Democratic policies ivelopment and the material prosper
Self preservation and the general up
The object or the law in punishing
lawbreakers bv confinement at haul
labor is two fold first to suppress
crime and second to reform the or
fentler They should not be used to
enrich individuals or corporations
The present system or leasing and
otherwise emplojlng convicts In com
petition with the farmers and wage
earners of Texas should be abolished
I believe that they can be profitably
employed upon the public roads and
I favor legislation to that end The
need oT better public roads is becom
ing more important and it is Idle to
say that our statesmanship Is un
equal to the task of providing an ef
fective system or working public
roads with convict labor Good roads
enhance the value of farms make
life in tlie country more attractive
and increase the trade of the towns
and cities Those confined within
the walls should be employed in the
manufacture of goods in competition
with the trusts They should never
be used to drive Tree labor rrom the
mines the ractories and farms of
Texas It should be the policy or our
State to take them out or competition
with the tree and honest toller who
loves the law and obeys It
Public Health
The health or the people and the
physical wellbeing is a question or
tremendous import Measures or pro
tection against disease and all just
measures having for its object the
promotion of the science of medicine
and surgery and the protection or the
public against incompetency should
receive suitable legislation and execu
tive sanction Provision should also
be made for relieving our border coun
ties from the heavy expense incident
to maintaining and enforcing quaran
tine at State lines The people or
these counties should not have laid
upon them so much or this burden
AH the people are benefitted and a
just policy would more properly dis
tribute the expense A case ot yel
low rever In Newton County in Gray
son County in Webb El Paso Bowie
or any other border county Is just as
important to all Texas as a case Of
yellow rever In Travis County A
danger threatening the entire State
should be the concern or all the peo
Farmers Union
Cooperation in legitimate pursuits
is praiseworthy and should receive
commendation As I understand the
Farmers Union It Is founded in tlie
broadest principles or patriotism and
fraternity It has for Us objects co
operation and educational principles
looking to tlie protection or the tarm
er the promotion or agricultural In
terests and the weliare of all the peo
ple Indeed the Tanners constitute
the great reserve force In every
emergency They supported the
strong right arm of the immortal
Hogg when he wrote the Railroad
Commission law and the Stock and
Bond law The Grange and the Al
liance did much good The Farmers
Union has by battling with the or
ganized speculators and other profit
takers saved millions of dollars to
tlie toilers on the farm and is des
tined to save many more They ma
terially aidedin securing the passage
l fgrniftjmeasures enacted
asttle nsTflatttre
lifting of mankind are inherent In
these organizations
It Is true that there may have been
isolated cases where menjbers of
Uibor Unions and even local divisions
of such organizations have departed
from the law and the principles or
the institution Itself and have trans
gressed the Inw ot the land still such
cases arise not Trom any vice In the
principles or the organization but
from those imperfections which na
ture attaches to every human con
cern and it no more proves the Im
policy or unlawfulness of such organ
izations than the commission of sin
by a professor of religion and a mem
ber or the church would show that
the teachings of Holy Writ are false
tKe suJatttreJiniown as tnc
Love Williams and Kennedy bills
and If the Union should fail In every
thing else its membership deserves
the gratitude of the people of Texas
for the part it took in establishing
that principle of taxation in this
State I do not understand that the
Farmers Union Is a political organi
zation It has no political platform
nominates no candidates for office
but the members are free to act on
all public questions They owe a
duty to their government which it Is
believed they will always perform as
they see It nothwithsranding the
solicitude or certain political and cor
poration selfappointed advisers who
seem alarmed lest they get into poli
tics The Farmers Union has a wor
thy mission to perform and every
good man nnd woman should bid them
God speed The farmer demands a
fair deal and good government and
he is right
Capital and the Unions
The respective obligations ot the
employer and employe should curtail
no right incident to the broadest in
dependence and freedom There
should be no conflict between capital
and labor These two important fac
tors in the worlds economy should
move in harmony each representing
the rights of the other and both hav
ing due regard for the general wel
In promoting legitimate business
enterprises capital may organize and
when within the law that right cannot
be denied When worklngraen law
Tully organize for the sake ot labors
dignity and to promote the interest
or those who toll such organization
Is fair in Its inception and purpose
It Is loosely charged sometimes that
labor organizations the Farmers
Union and other agricultural associa
tions arc trusts In no sense can this
be true A trust In its very nature is
unlawful Its purposes are contrary
to law contrary to the general good
and antagonistic to the principles of
Treo government Its original and In
herent intent is to destroy competi
tion to establish monopoly and to
extinguish Individual ambition and
effort Without such purpose the
trust would not be created as there
would be no reason for Its existence
It is per se unlawful nnd contrary to
public policy Not so with Labor and
Farmers Unions and other agricul
tural associations Their purposes
Sat w

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