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El Paso Are Charged
M Fore C C
Rathbone Sisters
lie Ratlibone Sisters will meet on
Tuesday morning July 31 at 820 in
K of P hall The officers and de
gree staff are requested to be pres
Mrs C C Johns M 13 C
i For Palestine and Vicinity
3 Partly cloudy tonight and Tuesday
tSVHnimum temperature 72 maxi
ijnum S8
abnormally low over
gThe pressure is
Ee entirecountry with a storm ccn
Jliav over tlie St l iwrence valley and
Now England whose trough extends
Ssouth over the South Atlantic stati s
l > has caused showers in New England
andsouth to tlie East Gulf coast It
training tills morning In Massaclm
jUflyGeorgia and on the Texas coast
rains exceeding one inch Is
f fpOrted in Georgia Alabama and
Massachusetts Next the rain fell
Jiveih of the Mississippi river
Hlgli temperature rules over the
> J rUiwostern states and lower leni
fpjfature in the central Rocky Moun
rijn states Tlie extremes at 7 a m
> 4S degrees in Nevada and XO dc
1 greus in Florida More or less cloudy
Jpathee 1b indicated for tonight and
jpfu Osday In the vicinity of Palpstine
Offlnlal in Charge
And Basket Picnics at Stricklands
Park August 3rd and 4th
local Gun Club Is very busy
preparations for the biggest
shoots and basket picnics
off in this section at
> Park on the 3rd and 4lh
Filth This event will last
y25 Shooters will be here from
all over the state Like many other
of the best things In the world that
this good old town Is gifted with Is
We have just returned from the Markets Our Third Trip this Season which we found
necessary on account of the Tremendously Heavy Business we have enjoyed and as this
is the winding up of the Summer Season for the Jobber and Wholesalers they were glad
of the opportunity of offering to us some Exceedingly Tempting Prices It will
not be many weeks before Our Fall Goods will begin to come in too so we must
dispose of this big lot of stuff before that time They Must Go and They Must Go Quick
Remember This Sale Commences Saturday SVIorning
July 21st Closes Tuesday flight July 3ist
60 Pieces Figured Lawn good quality pretty pat
terns and fast colors worth oc our Groat Under
Price Sale per yard only 3 l2c
200 Pieces full standard Calicoes all the colors
hlues grays reds sheotings etc worth today
G l2c Our Great Under Price Sale per yard
only 34c
Big lot Lawns Bitistes Etc in all the beautiful
patterns worth 12 l2c to 15c Our Great Under
Price Sale per yard only 10c
About 15 pieces Lawns and Batistes good line of
patterns all pretty goods worth 10c Our Great
Under Price Sale per yard 7c
2 Great gross Safety Pins shield end sizes largo
small and medium the regular 5o kind Our Great
Under Price Sale per dozen only lc
One lot Handkerchiefs plain white hemstitched
not quite the full size but worth 4c to 5c Our
Great Under Price Sale half dozen only 10c
5 or 6 Dozen Ladies Belts assorted qualities in
leather tinscl and silk worth
Great Under
Better lot Ladies Belts worth 25c each now each
only 10c
TJetborlotB6ltr worth 35c and 25c now each
only 19c
40 or 50 Ladies White Longerie and Dotted Swiss
Waists handsomely made up worth S150 to 200
Our Great Under Price Sale each only 119
About 4000 yards Embroideries in Swisses Ham
burgs and Nainsooks all brand new just received
but bought at the tail end of the season prices and
will be sold the same way See them
One lot Black Rubber Dressing Combs good heavy
quality worth 20c Our Great Under Price Sale
each only 10c
3 or 4 Hundred Pairs of Ladies heavy gray mixed
I lose always worth 10c Our Great Under Price
Sale per pair only 7c
No 5112 Young Mens Suits gray check worsted
very nobby were 1400 Our Great Under Price
Sale only 10 95
wash embroided
15c to 50c but slightly soiled Our
Price Sale each only
tlie gun club grounds at tlie Strick
land Park We say the best and tlie
expert shooters say the very best In
the world
Why do yon know the worlds host
record clay pigeon shoot was made on
theBc grounds three years ago
Now lets all turn out on the 3rd
and 1th or August and encourage our
boys for they are i portion or our
mostworthy citizens of our town and
remember tlie plans are completed Tor
a big basket picnic with plenty ot
barbecued meat and choice refresh
ments on the grounds Now Ihere
will be several hundred visitors here
throughout Tesas and several drum
mers and traveling men from other
These people are not paupers nor
will you find any moss hanging on
them Give yourself a shake and lot
the dingy brown fall and our streets
will be crowded with good peoplo
These two days outing to see skilled
gunners besides the other attractions
will be a pleasure to you your wire
and your children and as It Is in the
hands that nothing will be slighted
strict satisfaction is guaranteed
Gun Club and Park Management
County Executive Committee
Palestine Texas July 20 1900
To the Members of the Anderson Coun
Notlce to Members of the Farmers
Union of Anderson County
The members of the Farmers Union
of Anderson county are requested to
meet at City Hall In Palestine Tues
day July 31 19013 at 1000 a in All
members should show their unionism
on that day by being present at the
meeting as wo will have some busi
ness before us that will need the atten
tion of every working member In the
County Secy
i ridrty
No 8041 Young Mens Blue Serge doublebreast
ed Suits were 1250 Our Groat Under Price Sale
only 995
No 5418 Mens doublebreasted Blue Serge Suits
were S00 Our Great Under Price Sale only 689
No 7GG1 Mens gray plaid Tropical Worsted
Suits very genteel worth 1050 Our Great Under
Price Sale only S1245
No 7807 Mens gray Tropical Worsted Suits
one of our best worth S22 50 Our Great Under
Price Sate only 16 95
No 71500 Mens gray 3pieco Suits very good
worth 1000 Our Great Under Price Sale on
ly 8 75
No 9299 Mens light gray Tropical Worsted
Suits splendid quality worth 1750 Our Great
Under Price Sale only 13 45
Ladies Vici Blucher Oxfords Gibson tics were
250 Our Great Under Price Sale per pair S197
Ladies Gun metal Calf Oxfords wcltsole splendid
for walking were S3 00 Our great Under Price
Sale per pair only 197
Ladies Patent Blucher Oxfords very neat were
250 Our Great Under Price Sale per pair 197
Ladie Tnn Blucher Oxfords wcltsole extra good
were 2 50 Our Great Under Price Sale per pair
only 175
Misses Patent Oxfords sizes 8 12 to 11 were
135 Our Great Under Price Sale per pair 97c
Misses Patent Oxfords sizes 1112 to 1 were 150
to 175 Our Great Under Price Sale per pair
only 110
Mens Vici Blucher BaN sizes G to 11 were 200
Our Great Under Price Sale per pair only 149
Mens Box Calf Blucher Bals sizes 6 to 11 were
2 00 Our Great Under Price Sale per pair 1 49
Mens Vici Oxfords sizes 6 to 10 were 200 Our
Great Under Price Sale per pair only 165
New shipment of J E Tilts Famous Shoes for
Men just received in high and lowcuts We can
lit ou
a BM mmjm
ty Democratic Executive Commit
Uy authority vested in mo by law
I hereby call the County Democratic
Executive Committee of Anderson
County to convene at the court house
at 0 oclock a m on the Itli day of
August 1900 for the puriiose of can
vassing the result of the primary elec
tion to be held July 2Sth and to tran
sact such other business as may prop
erly come before the meting All
mcinliers are urged to be on hand
promptly In order that the meeting
may not materially couflict with the
county convention to be held on the
same day
County Chairman
News Item
The Port Worth Ueuver City Kali
way Company iiopularly known as
Tlie Denver Road announces that
effective June first It will establish a
new through sleeping car lino between
Lafayette La and Denver Colo the
routing ot same to be via the lines of
tlie Southern Pacific Company be
tween Lafayette and Houston the H
T C road between Houston and
Fort Worth and Tlie Deliver Road
between Fort Worth and Denver This
Is a new feature In favor ot tlie satis
factory accommodation of a constantly
increasing tourist business to Colo
rado and will undoubtedly serve with
favor and tend to increase such tourist
business from Louisiana and Southern
Texas points also from points in
Central Texas along the line ot the
H T C road
In addition to tlie foregoing an
nouncement is made that double daily
train service will be again established
via the F W D C Ry through to
Denver about June 1st and that in
all likelihood a third train will be
placed in service for the accommoda
tion of local business between Fort
Worth and Quanih Texas
With the inauguration of this third
train It is understood the schedules of
the through Colorado traln3 will be
materially quickened or shortened
i ic6i
since tho local train referred to will
make it possible to cut out a number
of stops en route which have been
necessary to tho through trains dur
ing former seasons
A A Gllsson
General Passenger Agt
At Beautiful Lake Cliff July 20th to
August 3rd Advantages
It offers fifteen days of Ideal outing
and intellectual recreation It pre
sents educational advantages In the
following stiulies Piiysical culture
ProL IL L Weston director Instru
mental Music ProL R P Conrad in
structor Oratory and Literature Prof
Frank S tox Instructor Story Tell
ing Miss Mary Howell Wilson In
structor Kindergarten Mrs Sey
mour Cooking School Miss Lena
Bum pas In charge
Also appearances of the following
celebrities have been engaged some
appear several times Mr Frederick
Warde CapL Richmond P Hobson
Hon Champ Clark Hon Eugene V
Debs Dr Richard Whiting of Canada
Hon R Q Hall the Famous Oaks
Male Quartet ot Iowa Dr S A Steel
Prof Frank S Fox A M Ph D
Ethel Marea Surface Rabbi Leon Har
ian Antonio Texas July zo iuu
ent in charge of the local United
Sjites secret serv i Jjburenu returned
rusterday morning from El Paso
here he has been for the last few
days investigating the case of men
narged with passing counterfeit
oney and raising currency to a high
redenomination Tlie men involved
aTJexlcans They were bound over
ending action of the grand jury
sPedro Aguilero one of the men
harged with passing a 1 bill raised
The bill Is in possession of the
ecret Ervlcc agent and represents
Tmiewhat of a crude attempt at that
7nd Rf defrauding Tlie only change
ade in the apperance of the bill
Ss caused by the placing of the fig
cut from a 5 bill over each
fsstamped on the lower piece of
leurxjgncy A moments inspection
yvSufSUreveal the fraud even if the
pnjgteOne silver dollar upon which
fhnnge was attempted wore not
int to designate the real value
Imulfo Cardenas the other Mexi
rcharged with liaving In posses
Confederate 50 note one coun
rfeit Mexican dollar coin one coun
terfeit American dollar coin and with
lassing a counterfeit American dollar
Card of Thanks
To the Democracy of Precinct No 1
Anderson County
I take this method ot thanking those
jcho so loyally supported me I hope
ver In tlie future to so conduct my
jelf as to Tetain the confidence yon
JMaced In me and so long as I am a
fltfefln of old Anderson county
gaBlatlne to do my whole duty at
Simfs and under all circumstances as
nan and a gentleman and to those
juJjSvoted against me Twill say I
Bfflno malice against you I hope
pourfchoice for the position I aspired
itojjfelll serve this people as they dc
ro Very respectfully
j lt Tom M Britton
y Ben Jackson Thankful
I want to heartily and sincerely
thank the voters of Anderson county
for the nice vote you gave me on July
28 And I want to ask every voter in
Anderson county to kindly consider
my caseagain and on Saturday Aug
gjcotoevout and if you can give
support In tills the second
kgalnst my opponent John
It will appreciate your sujv
Is race more than I can tell
prove my appreciation by
tlie office right and as It
puld be run
Tours Anxious to Serve
Ben D Jackson
Candidate for Tax Assessor
Idw It
Ivanhoe Knights
are urged to be on hand early tonight
Wo have work in tlie third rank All
njg rank team are re
nibers of third
qtiled to bo on hand without fail
Scjpvisltlng Knights cordially Invited
rison Col IL W X Ham Dr Geo W
Truett Dr Homer T Wilson Father
Hayes Prof Montaville Flowers Mr
Gustave Peterson Fred Emerson
Brooks Dr Eugene May Edwin L
Brush ProL W B Patty Dr A L
Peterman Prof R L Weston Crls
well McDanlels Band Prof Richard
P Conrad Miss Mary Howell Wilson
Miss Elizabeth Frierson Crawford
and many others yet to be engaged
Tents will be furnished camping par
ties at very reasonable rates for en
tire session or any part thereof
This Chautauqua costing nearly
5000 will be presented In an Im
mense tent 40 sessions Excursions
on all railroads Sundays free Sea
son tickets 300 Single admission
25 cents
It Should Up Marked For Hie Lati
tude lu Which It Standi
In an old shop in lower New York a
man keeis up his trade of dial making
Tlie dials square octagonal or circu
lar are hand chased They do not re
ceive a high polish and any acciden
tal effect of weather stain or other
tone of time is carefully preserved
If not skillfully added Ihese dials
titled with the gnomon or stylus are
then artfully slipped into the show
windows or uptown curiosity shops
among a selected debris of Sheffield
plate prism candlesticks Inlaid tea
caddies aud old blue plates
A visitor to one ot these shops asked
How old is that brass dial over there
Its all hand work isnt it
Its all hand work said the proprie
tor whom we will call Truthful James
I can testify to that for I know the
man whose hands made it Its about
a mouth old if you want to know
Youre like lots of other people you
want an old Scjtch or Efclish dial
Dont you know it would be iwelo3S if
you found it for practical purposes
Excuse me but havent you > ver stud
ied geography and heard of latitude
A dial oiisht to be marked out seien
UHcaPy for the exact latitude in which
It Is to be set up So unless yon strike
the same parallel in the states that the <
dial left In England it will fell lies
from morning tlU night Youd be sur
prised how many people pick up a dial
that strikes their fancy which perhaps
stood In the garden of an old Virginia
estate intending to hurry It off to the
big grounds of some place in Minneso
ta or theyll snatch at some quaint
dial from New England with the idea
of rigging it up In Texas
More people would make the same
blunder except that many havent
caught on to dials Too bad Nothing
is prettier than a simple dial at the
crosswnys of tlon paths or by a
fountain or on a tcrrncejir at tlie en
trance of a pergola or wr a rustic
seat or arlMj Iou > dont j hire
a head ganteBcV and two assistants m
keep a sundial Marble platforms and
pedestals are very grand but unless
youre running a big Italian garden
with clipped hedges and yews and
statues something simple is what you
want Tlie dial will keep just as good
time once its cugraved right if its
mounted on a tree stump with Ivy
planted round it or on a bowlder or on
the coping of an old disused well or on
a column of cobbles mortared together
or on top of the old hitching post that
tho family doesnt use In these auto
mobile days but doesnt want to root
up and throw away
Youd be surprised at the ingenuity
of some people said Truthful James
who himself seemed of ingenious bent
I mean people who havent much
money to spend and are fond of their
own old stuff for associations sake
Theyre the ones who get effects with
a piece of junk a lump of sentiment
and a pocket of small change that cant
be bought with a blank check Ive
known people who used an old mill
stone to set the dial on or who laid a
slab over an old stone garden urn or
who saved the capitals from pillars on
a house being torn down or who even
riggeifvup a standard from tlie bricks
of a chrmney on an old homestead that
had meant a lot to them One family
made a sort of cairn out of a geology
collection some ancestor hud formed
Another took a llag pole fertile gnomon
and laid out a dial with pebbles iu the
grass around the pole
No It doesnt require any skill to set
up the dial Get the noon mark for the
guomou on several days nick it on the
slab and then set tlie dial In a bed of
cement There you are New York
The Lnnndry Auction
Ever go to a laundrymans auc
tion asked the man who was sorting
bundles You can got bargains there
sometimes Here are fortyeight pack
age < that will be sent to the auction
eer tomorrow One bundle is labeled
W Toblotz No address Will cull
Now I wonder what has become of W
Joblotz who had no address and prom
ised to call What has become of the
owners of these fortyseven imckagcs
Some of tlie things thrown on our
hands are very line and as good as
new Just look at that pile of hand
kerchiefs and those shirt waists and
collars and cuffs It has been more
than a year since they were left here
All unclaimed packages are kept a
year or more then they are sent
round to a general receiving stntion
to be disposed of at auction New
York Sim
Keep your system in perfect order
and you will have health even in the
most sickly seasons The occasional
use of Prickly Ash Biters will Insure
vigor and regularity in all the vital
organs Bratton Drug Co special
Lacy Sadler The Grocers have
the biggest stock and the most select
goods 12tf

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