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Jones Dry Goods Co
10c Enfeiiery 10c
July 3rdWednesdayJuly 3rd
Large shipment of Embroideries bought practically a
year ago but were lost in transportation have reached
us There are beautiful patterns in new designs rang f
ing in width from five to twelve inches We will
place the entire line on sale Wednesday July 3rd at 8
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Special tothe Herald
London July C The news from Lis
bon this week has been o the gravest
character The situation has become
so acute indeed that London would
not be surprised to learn at any mo
ment that King Carlos has been forced
to leave Portugal and that a republic
had been pioclalmed at Lisbon Still
the fat and jolly King Carlos has
weathered many a storm during the
past few years and he may be able
to pull through the present crisis
But wlien the principal newspapers
of a monarchial country begin to hold
up their sovereign to public obloquy as
a manifest coward as a ridiculous
and useless dude and as an inca
pable fool and loudly demand that he
take his departure and make way for
the establishment of a republic the
only form of government consistent
human common sense
= nrovolu
the overthrow of the
irone as at
Peasantry Are Discontented
For a long time past there has been
growing discontent among the peas
antry due to the excessive and ever
increasing taxation to which they arc
subjected It is sate to say that they
will cheerfully welcome and submit to
any change of rulership no matter
what it is that will tend to alleviate
the crushing burden of imposts with
which they are at present literally
oierwhelmed As for the urban popu
lation it is republican to the very
core The chambers of commerce and
the chambers of manufacture the as
sociaUons of wine growers and wine
dealers the Industrial guilds the
hanking classes the legal and medical
professions the faculties and students
of tftjj various universities and col
leges nay even the very officers and
soldiers of the army particularly the
scientific branches of the latter are
nearly all openly professed foes of the
monarchy and acknowledged repub
licans who are firmly convinced that
Portugal will never recover her for
mer prosperity as well as her pres
tige among the nations of the uni
verse unless she adopts a form of
government that exercises a less
blighting influence upon the life of
the people than the deplorable rule
of the house of Braganza As for the
urban labor element it is almost
wholly socialistic
Carlos Not to Blame
Really Carlos Is not responsible for
tills state of affairs He Is a fat and
lazy fellow good natural and easy
going and probably would be happy
if he were well rid of his job provided
he received a good sized pension for
himself and family It lias always
been said that the political ideas of
King Carlos are liberal and progres
sive but unfortunately he lacks the
energy and courage of his convictions
His chief desire Is to worry himself
as little as possible about the condi
tion of public affairs He is extreme
ly fond of sport and plasure He is
a first rate shot can use his fists in
the most approved style Is an adept
both with the pencil and the brush
and Is a splendid swimmer and diver
His appetite Is proportionate to his
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kinds DewPolson
Pimples Ring
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ped Faces and
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Using Ifc
size and he is the biggest and fattest
of all the monarchs of Europe
Queen an Able Woman
Carlos Is said to be faithful to his
wife Gossips have it that he is in
too great fear of her not to be if he
were inclined otherwise Queen
Amelie is homely being largeboned
and tall with prominent features hut
she has a good deal of political sa
gacity more than any other perhaps
of the Orleans family Some of the
Orleanlsts say Uiat if she had been
born a man she would be King of
But she has a hard enough time of
It to keep her own throne She is
very fond of every kind of sport is
strong minded and smokes strong
cigars Yet she is domestic as she
3liows by occasionally making her
own dresses and she learned medl
ine in order to properly care for one
of her children who was suffering
Troni an Incurable illness Her strong
common sense has saved Portugal
from many a financial and political
crisis and she may be said to be the
real master of Portugal today
Fatality Pursues Braganzas
Such is the pair that rules Portu
gal But over them there seems to
hang the fatality that has pursued
Uie house for the last two generations
Queen Stephanies death in 18G0
rffiHRtf yTiavu beeu Hn o foul
play Don Joa died by poison as did
Prince Ferdinand Don Augustus and
King Luis were also poisoned but es
caped death although the latter never
recovered from Its effects and re
mained an invalid to the day of his
The traditions of the house of Por
ugal from first to last have not been
such as to make the people anxious
for a continuance of their rule That
a republic will be proclaimed at no
distant date is the prevailing belief
among Englishmen well acquainted
with the situation in Portugal
To Revive Life of the Middle Ages
Special to the Herald
Berlin July C At Elsenbach Uicrc
was opened today a notable festival
in celebration of the seven hundredth
anniversary of the Sangerkrieg on the
historical Wartburg and of the birth
of St Elizabeth of Elsenbach a cele
bration for which the Central states
of Germany have been preparing for
a year pasL
The festival is to last three days
during which time the life of the Mid
dle Ages Is to be followed out In clos
est detail The Inhabitants of the cas
tle will not only be clothed In thir
teenth century costumes but thou
sands of the inhabitants of Elsenbach
have agreed to follow Uie example
The days are to be devoted to con
tests of song while the evenings will
be given over to popular games and
the roasting of oxen One of the
most interesting events will be the
procession next Monday when the
townspeople in costume will march up
to the castle where they will be re
ceived by the Grand Duke of Saxc
Weimar and his court
Admiral Reiter Retires
Special to the Herald
Washington July C Bear Admiral
George C Reiter closed his active ca
ecr in the navy today having been
transferred to the retired list by op
aratlon of the law on account of age
Admiral Reiter comes from Pennsyl
vania and graduated from the United
Stntes naval academy In the class of
1SC5 He has seen service In many
parts of the world and during the
past five years has commanded the
battleship Wisconsin and served as a
member of the lighthouse board
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Special to the Herald
Washington July C With the
president settled at Oyster Bay and
the members of the cabinet and other
high officials scattered to their homes
throughout the country the National
capital has entered upon lis custom
ary period of midsummer dullness
Several large conventions will at
tract public attention during the week
The most important of these gather
ings will be the International Chris
tian Endeavor convention at Seattle
the golden jubilee convention ofMthe
National Educational AssociaUonjgat
Los Angeles and the trienntaltton
clave of the Knights Templar at Sara
King Edward and Queen Alexandra
will start Tuesday for a visit to Wes
and Ireland keep
awayfisSKEn landjLfor about
Several events of interest tt
of sport and athletics are scheduled
for the week The National amateur
golf championship will be played over
the links of the Euclid Golf Club at
Clet eland during the five days be
ginning Tuesday
The fourth annual jour of the Auto
mobile Association of America for the
Gliddcn and Hower trophies will start
from Cleveland njxt Wednesday and
will end at New York twp weeks later
The National Rifle Associations
meeting at Blsley will begin Monday
and continue until July 20 The con
testants will represent England Can
ada India Australia and other por
tions of the British Empire
Animal Took the Baby from Cradle
and Mutilated It
Guthrie Ok July 4 A savage bull
dog entered the home of Don Manning
at Durham last night and took from
the cradle and killed a 2yearold child
of Mr Mannings which had been left
asleep In the house by its mother The
father working nearby responded to
the childs crying but arrived too late
The child was horribly mutilated
Letter from Prof Bryan
Springfield Mo July J 1907
Messrs Hamilton Gentlemen Ac
cept my congratulations for your
manly and frank presentation of the
unfortunate conditions of Palestines
school question as presented in your
editorial of June 1C headed Solu
Springfield being my headquarters
I travel over a territory of 200 miles
radius I have made inquiry Into the
conditions here relative to the school
fund and school tax question
Lebanon Mo a town of 2500 inhab
itants levies 7 12 mills or 75c on 100
worth of taxable property Marsh
field 1500 inhabitants levies S mills
or SOc on 100 Springfield levies 10
mills or 1 on 100 Topeka Kan
levies 12 mills or 120 on the 100
None of the cities or towns that t
have visited levies less than 7 mills
or 70c on the 100
Palestine levies 2 12 mills or 25c
on the 100
How does this sound to those who
arc interested In Palestine her citi
zenship and the uplift of humanity In
With kindest personal regards I am
very truly R D Bryan
Episcopal Church Workers
Sieclal to the Herald
North Adams Mass July 0 The
fourth summer conference of Episco
pal church workers o > cncd here to
day to continue until July 21 The
conference Is held under the auspices
of the Seabury Society of New York
an organization named after tlio first
Episcopal bishop of America
Prominent among the speakers to
be heard at the session this jear arc
Bishop Tiittlc or Missouri Bishop Vin
ton or Western Massachusetts Bishop
Partridge of Japan Bishop McVickar
or Rhode Island George Foster Pea
Iwdy Rev Dr William C Brown or
Brazil Rev Dr E 11 Wellman or
Brooklyn and Rev Dr Randolph H
McKitn or Washington D C
Three Miners at Spring Valley III
Instantly Killed
Spring Valley III July 4 Three
men were hurled down the shaft of
the La Salle County Coal company
yesterday and were instantly killed
The shaft is 252 feet deep Four men
were descending In a cage with a load
of iron pipe when the chain broke
William Smart foreman of the crew
managed to save himself by grasping
the chain Hogan Johnson and Chas
Agnew were Liken out dead A long
Iron pipe was driven through the body
of Frank Bassalla nailing the body to
the wall of the mine 72 feet from the
bottom where the corpse hung sus
pended all night
Brushy Creek
Special to the Herald
Brushy Creek Texas July 1 We
have had timely rains in the greater
part of the county and the crop pros
pects have Improved but the boll wee
vil Is present in large numbers Some
seem to think that they are leaving
We would be glad indeed to bid him
goodbye and that he might never rc
There Is some sickness In the com
munity Uie measles whooping cough
and mumps prevail in and around
Jno M Herrington an old citizen
of this county died on Thursday June
20 and was buried the next day at
Olive Branch cemetery A large
crowd of relatives and friends were
prescnL He was 71 years old and
had come to this county about fifty
seven years ago He weqt to Virginia
early in 1SG1 where he remained until
the surrender of Appomattox H
then returned to his home and has
been here since that time He was a
good citizen and possessed a rigid
honesty that commended him to all
good men
Dr Shoemaker has gone on a visit
to his son in Hill county for rest and
in the interest of his health We hope
to sec him return soon with improved
On Thursday night June 27 we had
a considerable storm in this commu
nity wind rain and hall came down
in quantities Considerable timber
was blown downand the dwelling of
Will Warren a very worthy negro
was blown down destroying all the
furniture he had and came near kill
ing himself wire and baby They
were saved by Uie bedstead holding
the timbers of the building off them
Some of the roor or the building was
blown onto his buggy that was stand
ing near the house and in a manner
Jcstroyed iL The hall did conslder
lble damage to the Crops Mr Joiner
who lives about a mile south or Poy
nor had an exceptionally good crop
but the hail has about destroyed IL
Mr Pruitt had two acres or cantc
loupes that were about ready to be
ln shipping and they were all de
stroyed Several other crops were
damaged more or less
This part or Uie county is very well
esentcd at Uie Jacksonville nor
1 Miss Llzzlp Herrington Miss
bert Mills are from Brushy
Several from Frankston arc In attend
ance also The attendance is large
I understand that Prof Walter
Quick will teach the Brushy Creek
school as principal and Mrs Mallssie
Patterson as assistant Prof Jno
Oldham will teach the Pine Hill
chool Mrs Carrie Murphey will
teach the Elmtown school Miss Ethel
Atkinson will teach the Clear Springs
school near Pert
Benny Parmer who was born and
alscd here but now claims Palestine
is his home paid a visit to us not
ong ago coming on root until he
reached Joe Moffitts at old Fostcr
lllc he here conceived the Idea or
Idlng awhile and as Joe was asleep
tie did not wish to disturb him so he
caught up a mare and with her colt
ind a mule following he went on to
Poynor There ho decided that he
needed some medicine and not wish
ing to disturb the druggist Mr Rob
Olckcrson he managed to get into the
3tore taking such things as suited his
fancy He then returned by the same
oad that he had gone up At Brushy
Creek he stopped and went into the
drug store helping himself to jewelry
knives etc He left the mare he had
been riding hitched there and went
on At Mr Arthur Reeves he again
became weary and not having time to
sit down and rest he borrowed Mr
Reeves horse and rode it some dis
vance and abandoned iL The next
night after arriving in Palestine he
was apprehended by Deputy Sheriff
Ciambrell and he is now waiting for
his turn to go down the road Benny
may have intended this trip all as a
joke but ir so I am afraid that it will
let as a boomerang
On July 4 the Frankston people are
planning for a big day The Wood
men arc to give a barbecue and a
large crowd will be there That would
be a good place for a hungry editor to
> e and I would bet on Brother Yantis
being there and the Hamilton boys
might beprofitted by the visit
Frankston Is a good little town and
it is growing
The Baptist brethren arc having a
meeting at Frankston now Do not
know Just how long it will last
Mr Sam Beanl who has been post
master there ever since an office has
been there has resigned and Mr Gar
rett has been appointed in his stead
Mr Beard has many friends there
who regret to sec him give up the
office but he concluded that it would
be of benefit to his health for him to
get out on a rami
The saw mill industry seems to be
In a flourishing condition there
abouts Several new mills going up
and a new planer will soon be put in
operation by Mr Lacy who has bought
the output or several mills and con
templates building another soon In or
der to get work ror his planer
Win Foster IxkIkc No 312 located
at Frankston Installed officers or the
ensuing Masonic year on June 24 Dr
Lloyd district deputy grand master
was present
Mr B C Cely and his wife are on a
visit to relatives and friends in South
Carolina Mr Cely is thinking of re
tiring from the mercantile business
No more for mo lifes fitful dream
Bright vision vanishing away
My bark requires a deeper stream
My sinking soul a surer stay
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