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Snterod In the Palostine Toxae Postofflce SecondClass M II Matter
Published Every Afternoon Sunday Excepted
Take you hood or
this As sure as you
llvotho producers are
the feeders and cloth
iers of the world
1174 Henry II paid penance at the
tomb of the murdered Arch
bishop A Becket
1191 Acre taken by Richard I and
other Crusaders after two years
1537 Alrriagro defeated Alvarado at
177C British soldiers under Sir Wil
liam Howe landed on Staten
1804 Alexander Hamilton American
statesman died Born Jan 11
1812 Governor Hull of Michigan
made unsuccessful attempt to
capture Fort Maiden
1851 Louis Jacques Mandre Daguer
re pioneer of photography died
Born 1789
185C British forces evacuated the
18C3 Cincinnati proclaimed under
martial law
1890 Henry M Stanley and Miss Dor
othy Tennant married In West
minster Abbey
1892 An avalanche from Mount Blanc
destroyed villages and two hun
dred lives
1902 General Kitchener received an
ovation on his return to Eng
land from South Africa
1904 Fortyfive thousand employes of
the Chicago packing houses
went on strike
190C Alfred Dreyfus vindicated by
the French court of last resort
and restored to the French
A hundred years ago It was possi
ble for a man with an ordinary mind
and a fair education to obtain a work
ing knowledge of all the science and
arts Then the world began to spec
ialize and tills became Impossible
Yet fifty years ago while a man
might not have grasped a good work
ing knowledge of astronomy steam
engines and agricultural science to
gether gtill ho ro lhayefcent closo
track of the progress being made In
all scientific and industrial lines and
have had personal knowledge of each
center of activity
But fifty years more went by and
the industrial development today is
so vast and rapid that a man with a
mind like Platos or Herbert Spencers
couldnt even keep track of develop
ments as they are reflected in the
daily papers the magazines the scien
tific Journals the census statistics
It takes an active mind to keep track
of what is going on in even one in
dustry You step out of your little
shell of environment Into a Pullman
a hotel lobby or any place where
lines of acltvlty crisscross and in a
halfhour by merely keeping yom
ears open get an insight into enough
different channels of material pro
gress to make your own trifle of
knowledge seem hardly worth men
tioning in such company And still
you have only blundered on a uny
corner When any one asserts that
opportuntles are all gone In an Indus
trial cosmos like that it seems safe
to assume says the Saturday Evening
Post that he hasnt been around
much and that his assertion Is unit
ing more than generality a suspicion
based on few facts
The Palestine Board of Trade is
anxious to do everything possible to
assist the farmer in handling his cot
ton crop as well as all other crops
The board Is especially Interested in
the handling of the cotton crop Just
now because it is regarded as the
greatest money crop and the crop
over which more dissatisfaction In
handling lias been experienced in the
past than any of the other crops
grown and marketed
Palestine business people are not
unmindful of the fact that all true
wealth originates with the soli that
the whole commercial world Is de
pendent on the farmers And that to
please the farmers of the county Is to
gain their friendship and a mutual
advantage In buying and selling
The cotton business was handled In
a most satisfactory manner last year
and resulted in an increased business
for Palestine people Plans are now
making for an improvement over last
year and as a natural sequence Pal
estine merchants are going to do a
good business and fanners of the con
tlgiious territory are going to be
pleased at the outcome
No town In Texas Is making
more substantial progress than is Pal
estine There has been a great
amount of building done here within
the past two or three years and there
are a great number of houses now
building and many more to come In
fact never before In the citys history
has so much been done at one time
as now and the buildings that are in
course of completion or erection and
to he erected are more substantial
and modern In every essential
Palestine contractors haxe their
hands full and all the mechanics in
every line are exceedingly husy
There is no nine foot bed sheet law
g tij temMi aa
Tho Hamilton Boys Yon Know
Among freemen
there should be no
masters but Justice
and duty and love of
right and fellowman
In Texas After all that was said and
done and after all the Jokes cracked
on Texas because of this proposed leg
islation the bill was never enacted
notwithstanding all reports to the con
trary It was a good law and could
have been passed with credit to the
state but It did not pass
We pass up the pass
It is dry and dusty and dry
That farmer who Is diligently ap
plying cultural methods has no fears
of the boll weevil taking his crop
Now If the city council and the city
officers will only have the backbone
to enforce that sidewalk ordinance
When a mans business affairs be
gin to go wrong his wife thinks II is
because he doesnt follow her advlct
Palestine is very dry today Some
men with the liablt do not know what
to do with themselves with the sa
loons closed against them
There are hundreds of people In
Palestine who never dreamed they
would live to see Palestine under pro
hibition even for a period of twenty
The police force had Just as well
lay off for twenty days With the sa
loons all closed there will be nothing
doing There was almost nothing do
ing before
Just suppose now that that State
railroad should pass Palestine up
Wouldnt It jar you And that very
tiling may happen Great Influences
are at work to carry the road Crockett
There are Palestine people now buy
ing railroad tickets who never did
such a thing before In all their lives
A Herald man caught one habitual
passpacker in the very act of buying
a Uc2ct
The Abilene Reporter sends the
Herald a copy of its mammoth edition
issued some time since It Is one of
the biggest editions Issued in Texas
by a weekly paper and will do the
Abilene country great good
The Beaumont Journal is complain
ing at the scarcity of skilled labor in
that town There Is a great scarcity
of all kinds of labor here skilled and
unskilled It is a hard matter to get
done any sort of a Job from digging a
ditch to building a house
Palestine Elks will meet tho Tyler
Elks on the baseball diamond tomor
row afternoon and proceed to take a
fall out of them A big excursion
crowd is coining over with the Tyler
team Of course we will want to show
our visitors a good time but we do
not want to give them the game
The Rusk County News published
at Henderson and one of the best
weekly papers in Texas lias Just Is
sued an attractive special edition In
magazine form with an attractive
outside cover in colors The mechani
cal work is good and the writeups are
of Interest and value to Henderson
and Rusk county Suclt a paper is
worth a great deal to a town especial
ly when It Is controlled by such splen
did men as Messrs Harris and Alex
The Big Sandy Herald describes a
prevailing malady among a certain
class of people In the following unique
manner The big head Is a populiir
way of expressing a common and very
frequent ailment It arises from va
rious sources but the real foundation
is the lack of sense A little money
develops it In some people a few
good clothes gives It to others a lit
tle office where a chance y cived to
exercise a little authority Is often the
cause of it while others get It by hav
ing a little better Job than their a
sociatcs The truth Is no sensible
person gets the big head The men
who becomes stuck up and stiff necKid
from sources of any kind arc weak In
the Intellectual calibre
The new Alabama Senator John H
Bankhead Is a selfeducated faimr
who was wounded three times In the
Confederate army and later served
several terms In the state legislature
and was warden of the sttto peniten
tiary before being sent as a repre
sentative to congress
A Republican primary election will
bo held In Oregon next April for the
United Stitcs Senatorshlp Several
of tho party leaders are already
planing to enter the nice for the toga
among them being Frederick W Mill
key and H M Cake It is probable
that when the time arrives Governor
Chamberlain and exGovernor T T
Geer also will he found In the lists
The senatorial fight In North Da
kota may now be Bald to bo on with
Senator Hnnsbroiigh against the
field Senator Ilnusbrotigh has open
ed political headquarters in Fargo
and will put up a warm fight to be
his own successor Congressman
Marshall former Congressman M N
Johnson Justice Spalding of tho su
preme court former Governor Frank
White and several others are named
as possible opponents of Senator Hans
brough In the approaching contest
Senator Murray Crane of Massa
chusetts whose name has been men
tioned by some In connection with the
presidential nomination Is a man of
fine ancestry The Cranes have been
the foremost paper manufacturers of
tills country since the dawn of Amer
ican history when Mr Cranos great
grandfather built the first paper mill
at Dalton Mass
Holding a convention doesnt stop
its progress
Few people realize that their neigh
bors could be worse
Many a man who is fancy free
doesnt fancy his freedom
Woman Is more graceful than man
Is because she is
Men enjoy doing anything they
dont have to do for a living
Wise men miss a lot of real pleas
ure because they are not foolish
Men enjoy farming If they have
enough money to hire it done
If you want a woman to do a cer
tain thing get her to say she wont
Occasionally there Is a man wlsu
enough to think poetry without writ
ing It
The more a woman talks to a man
the less he Is Inclined to sit up and
take notice
Rather than not get into it at all a
woman is willing to get the short end
of an argument
Any man who is able to dodge un
happiness Is Just about as happy as It
is possible to be
It isnt difficult to size the average
man up but women are built so qucer
ly It is Impossible to get their actual
Years may come and years may go
but the time will never arrive when a
man will sit up and patch his wifes
clothes after she Is asleep in bed
Chicago News
Id rather be to grandpas house
Than any place I know
For grandpa says I am his boy
And grandpa loves me so
When I get down to grandpas house
You bet Ill make things hum
There wont be no one then to say
Now sonny stop that drum
Ill go barefooted In the grass
And do Just as I please
Ill paddle in mud puddles and
Ill climb the biggest trees
Ill slide down on tho banisters
Ill shin up every door
I wont be scolded when I track
Up grandmas kitchen floor
When I get down to grandpas house
Ill be a boy again
Folks aint afraid of freckles there
Nor bother bout the rain
Ill ride the horses bareback and
Ill walk on evry fences
No oneU scold me whenI ear
My pants thats finW > i
Id rather be to grandpas noffse
Because I have such fun
And Ill be awful sorry when
Vacation time Is done
Ill soon be down to grandpas house
And be a boy once more
Where 1 wont get no scolding when
I track up grandmas floor
New York Sun
New LIndell
W D Adair and wife Huntsvllle
Misses Katie and Louise Adair Hunts
vllle J G Ashford Huntsvllle J W
Farris Huntsvllle D M Love Cold
Springs A B Burk San Antonio K
R Claridge City Mrs W H Leek
Austin Mrs W Y Allen Austin
Will H Holmes St Louis J O
Matthews St Louis Ira S Heeler
Waco F C Stevens Chicago Nye
Jordan Traverse City Mich H E
Hanna College Station H B Cox
Dallas T J Harris City C S Sea
vers Neches L J Berryman Clly
D J Deem Spencer Ind C J Ro
gan Onaiaska Abe W Freyer Hous
ton H J Arlcdge Crockett W P
Stark Salmon J E Halyclow Cam
eron E D Selman Dallas H E
Clark St Louis G H Hlgginbotham
St Louis T F Robblns Austin C
B Casscll Dallas C A Standlfcr
Dallas Wm Bradburn Houston L
R Willis New Orleans J Ellison San
Antonio T C Williams Chicago B
A Owen Ixnelady M L Fuller
Waco J D Russell San Antonio Lee
B Wellman New York J E Ratcliff
Dallas T S Tarbutton City A A
Aldrlch Crockett Dr Bllllnglsley Ft
Worth R P Wcller Ft Worth C
A Curtis VIcksburg L OFarrell
San Antonio
G B Burhans Testifies After Four
G B Burhans of Carlisle Center N
Y writes About four years ago I
wrote you stating that I had been en
tirely cured of a severe kidney trouble
by taking less than two bottles of Fo
leys Kidney Cure It entirely stopped
the brick dust sediment and pain and
symptoms of kidney disease disappear
ed I am glad to say that I have
never had a return of any of those
symptoms during the four years that
have elapsed and I am evidently cured
to stay cured and heartily recom
mend Foleys Kidney Cure to any one
suffering from kidney or bladder trou
Avenue Drug Store
GOO oat sacks to pack Ice in
Palestine Ice Fuel Gin Co
Dont forget the payday sales cheap
for cash and If you wish time our
terms arc onethird down and thirty
and sixty days at a very little differ
ence to the cash prices All kinds of
furniture repairing packing and stor
Ing We have a largo stock of furnl
ture and coffins Phone 358
tf Morton Wyatt
Stimulation Without Irritation
That is the watchword That Is
what Orlno Laxative Fruit Syrup does
Cleanses and stimulates the bowels
without Irritation In any form
Avenue Drug Store
New Idon Magazines O Cents
Elks and Palestine Elks Play
at the Ball Park
Our oldtime baseball rivals Tyler
will be wltli us tomorrow for a
game They will arrive on a special
train at 405 accompanied by three
hundred loyal rooters The game will
take place at the old ball park as I
will be called at 5 oclock
The admission will be twentyrbe
cents to all and there being no en
closed park tickets will be sold on the
grounds and everyone attending the
game will be expected to buy a ticket
as the local Elks arc put to a very
heavy expense In bringing these dif
ferent games to Palestine and furnish
ing our city with some good ball
games and they depend entirely on
the receipts to defray this expense
Yours Truly
New Idea Paper Patterns lOo
New Idea Magazines and
New Idea Paper Patterns for August
Just Received
An Express Shipment Delivered Us Today
Samples in Muslin Underwear and Ladies Hosiery
and sorne good bargains offered the trade
until the Stock is Exhausted
Boys plain and blouse eiRdfc White Knee Pants 25c and 35c
Also Girls White Lawn Dresses age 2 to 7 years 50c up
Th Stor That Strai You Monj
Express Companies Are Complying
With AntiPass Law
Beaumont Texas July 11 Local
railroad officials of the lines over
which the Wells Fargo Express Com
pany operates are receiving notices
that all shipments for the railroads to
be shipped by express must be paid
for and that no D H bills of lading
will be made out The Pacific Ex
press Company and others did tho
same thing several days ago The of
ficials of the railroads had already
given notice to the express companies
that all service for them must be paid
for This is done in compliance with
the law recently passed by the Thir
tieth legislature and which goes Into
effect on July 12
With reference to eating houses
LVFcrg r ° ad3 the vario 3
transfer companies no more courtesies
the twelve Inning game in Marshall
last Saturday will twirl for Palestine
while Tommy Johnson tho oldtime
Tyler pitcher will be on the firing
line for Tyler
Mr Chas M Shepherd an umplro
of wide experience will refree the
fray Palestine has won every game
played this season so has Tyler and
this game will be a battle royal
Heres hoping we win
For Palestine and vicinity
Scattered showers tonight and Sat
Minimum temperature i4 maxi
mum temi > crature SS
Weather Conditions
Another low pressure area has ap
peared In Montana Tho low pressure
In Texas has disappeared The storm
center over the lakes yesterday has
moved to New England These condi
tions were the cause of general rains
over the Gulf Southern states Ohio
valley and Middle Atlantic states ii
the past 21 hours Dry conditions
rule in the West Northwest and the
Rocky Mountain states
The changes in temperature have
been unimportant and warm weather
continues over southern sections and
the Atlantic coast The extremes for
the entire country at 7 a m was 52
degrees In California and St degrees
in Southern Florida In Texas it
ranged from CC degrees in the Pan
handle to S2 degrees on the Gulf
Scattered showers are Indicated to
night and Saturday In the vicinity of
Offlclal in Charge
Ira W Kelley of Mansfield Pa
writes I was In i > oor health for two
years suffering from kidney and blad
der trouble and spent considerable
money consulting physicians without
obtaining any marked benefit but was
cured by Foleys Kidney Cure and I
desire to add my testimony that It may
be the cause of restoring the health of
others Refuse substitutes
Avenue Drug Store
will be extended but all must put up
the money alike It is the intention
of the railroad and express companies
to carry out the provisions of the anti
pass law to the letter
Quick Relief for Asthma Sufferers
Foleys Honey and Tar affords im
mediate relief to asthma sufferers in
the worst stages and If taken in time
will effect a cure
Avenue Drug Store
Are Being Anticipated With a Great
Deal of Pleasure
Palestine will be afforded on the af
ternoon of the 17th of this month the
privilege of seeing some very fine
horse races at the old fair grounds
northwest of the city QuUeanum
ber of good horses have beenellUutt
for contests and the occasion will af
ford a surprise to the man who has
not kept up with the horse herb
Some very fine animals are owned by
Palestine men The promoters of the
races extend a very special invitation
to ladies to attend and guarantee the
very best of order The outlook is
that a very large crowd will be pres
ent on the occasion The races start
promptly at 2 oclock on the afternoon
of the 17th
Business Change
We have bought the grocery stock
of W S McKlne on Lacy street and
will at all times keep a fresh stock or
groceries and country produce and
will be pleased to have you give us a
trial Respectfully
103t I L Abernathy Mgr
Phone C8 J B Huff the Tailor for
skirts to be called for cleaned press
ed repaired and delivered tf

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