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J 4
Government ownership of railroads
is so monstrous a proposal that no
democrat of the old school will take
to it readily yet the Idea of the state
constructing and operating one trunk
Jtne from side to side or end to end in
order to experiment in freight and
passenger rate reductions is so alto
gether a different proposition that we
feel It Tvould be in order to try it on
and lo that end we suggest that the
states short line now under course
of 6nstiuction Jlrom Rusk to Pales
t lae ie tendedtin both directions to
sa rEaIestiheto the coast and
te DotSonly
j > 7SBBdjwfttb cros s or otherwise cod
r V in direcf cbntact with every trunk
line ot Toad within the confines of
the state
If this were done there would be no
difficulty in experimenting in all ways
that could be desired as to railway
charges of every species and charac
ter and the state authorities could
soon know how practical or how im
practicable any proposed scheme or
change in rates either passenger or
j freight might be and the people
could expect to get relief whenever it
is feasible for them to have iL
It is to be presumed that a state ex
perimental railroad of the kind men
tioned could be and would be manag
ed as economically and at the same
time as efficiently as any other first
class trunk line and this would at
once open the way to the fullest dem
onstration of the righteousness or un
Pulled the Hole
In After Them
Up to about 1SG9 the Mammoth Cavo
of Kentucky was widely advertised by
its owner But the owner died that
year and left the cave to thirteen heirs
scattered over the country The lucky
thirteen devoted themselves to dreams
of spending the big income which the
cave had been earning for many years
because It had been advertised But
they forgot to keep up the advertising
Now the cave Is visited by compara
tively few persons Instead of by many
thousands annually as In the days
when it was advertised
But the great cave conveys n lesson
lo every business man If you quit
advertising your place will be ignored
by the public even more than Mam
moth Cave is Ignored because you are
not even a natural curiosity
See the point
tr JS
< SVJmr <
Entered In the Palestine Texas Postoffice as SecondClass Mall Matter
Editor and Proprietors
444 =
The Hamilton Boys You Know
Any erroneous reflection upon the character standing or reputation of
any person firmor corporation which may appear in the columns of The
Herald will be gladly corrected upon it being brought to the attention of
the publishers
1572 St Bartholomews Massacre
1759 William Wilberforce who led
the agitation that resulted in
the abolition of slavery in the
British colonies bom in Hull
Died in London July 29 1833
1S14 The city of Washington burn
ed by the British
1S29 Warfare between Colombia and
Eeru ended
1S35 Sir John Gosford Earl of Col
borne sworn in as governor of
1837 Adolf Wilbrant celebrated Ger
man playwright and novelist
OSn Republic of Liberia inaugurat
1857 Beginning of a financial panic
in the United States which cul
minated in an almost entire
suspension of the banks
1SG0 Victoria railway bridge at Mon
treal opened by the Prince of
1S97 Congress Of Salvador adopted
the gold standard
righteousness ofi any given or suggest
ed change in railway traffic
For Instance we could soon know
whether a two cents per mile passen
ger fare is helpful or hurtful to the
state and we could soon likewise de
termine whether a certain reduction
in freight rates on some specific com
modity would or not Impoverish or
enrich the railway system
Such a railroad extending from
somewhere up about Paris by Rusk
and Huntsville the two penitentiary
towns of the state to Corpus Christi
or Brownsville would catch every
trunk line we believe in the state
with the exception of the Orient road
By the means of this experimental
or demonstration road many vexed
and knotty problems In railroading
could be quite easily determined and
nobody would be seriously injured
Then such a railroad would be ser
viceable to the state otherwise We
believe it should by all means be built
and put into operation
It would soon take every unjust bur
den if there be any off the backs of
the people so far as the railroads
have had any connection with putting
burdens on their backs
Just for the purpose of experiment
ing and demonstrating railroading
and changes in railroading we would
be extremely gratified to see the
plan tested as we herein respectfully
Should the state for any reason tire
of operating such a railroad it would
have no trouble in finding a pur
chaser for a line of that character
and through the country that suggest
ed road would traverse could be
easily1 enough sold at a handsome
profit to its builder and original own
Hence we say the state should com
bust 4 3tatesman
the staM HHPin all
of Its deparmffrnim CTee labor
just as other roads are operated The
Herald has always opposed govern
ment ownership because it would put
too much patronage In the hands of
politicians and we do not believe
good results would come from such
power If the state wants to make
the experiment and will operate under
the same laws and conditions of
other roads using only free labor pay
ing standard wages etc It would be
a test as between government owner
ship and individual ownership under
government control
There will likely be a few more
favorable bpportunities to build side
walks Get busy and prepare against
the winter
Start this week by donating your
dollar or more to the democratic na
tional campaign fund The money is
needed right now
It is time for Palestine merchants
to start their fall business campaign
Call up the advertising man for the
Weekly Herald and select a good
space in this good medium
Just a few nights like last night
with the resulting mud and we will
be fully able to appreciate the good
sidewalks built by progressive citi
zens this summer There should be
more such walks and possibly the
contrast this winter will make others
get busy
The Herald will move into its new
home the last of this week nothing
preventing and will then have a nice
home to invite its friends to The
Silliman building where the Herald
is to bo located in the future is one
of the most modern houses in the
city light and airy
A regular ground soaking tank fill
ing rain fell here last night and this
morning It was of great value to the
water works people and others who
have reservoirs to fill and has put
the ground in good shape for fall
gardening but it is doubtful if it is of
any benefit to cotton
It is not likely that Attorney Gen
eral Davidson will find time to go on
the stump for the national ticket He
could not leave his duties to defend
his own record and the people com
mended him for IL The fact that the
national committee thinks well of
Davidson will help the ticket in Texas
The steam roller continuesSto roll
down heie in Texas The latest indi
cation that it is busy is in thdfact
that Attorney General Davidson hag
been solicited by the democratic na
tional committee to make speeches
for the ticket out of the state So far
none of the leaders who wentij to
Denver have been recognized orvfcallr
ed on for help by the nationals com
mittee Must be a reason and itcan
hardly be laid at Haskells door thls
time There is food for thought here
all right
An exchange figures it that Gover
nor Campbells two terms in office
will cost him 40000 over and above
his salary and wants to know where
is the profit Governor Campbell had
an ambition to be governor of his
state and if he is willing to pay the
cost to satisfy this ambition we can
not see why others should worry
about it It is a great honor to be
a governor and if a man has the
price and wants to pay the cost he
gets full return in honor if he makes
a good governor
Some of the machine papers and
organs of the state are setting up a
great howl about a few independent
papers butting into the discussions of
the democratic party Mighty bad
but when you stop and consider that
this is a free country it is really not
such a breach of ethics after all Pub
lic men and public questions aie al
ways subject to discussion and ac
cording to our understanding of the
fitness of things an independent paper
or a republican paper has a perfect
right to discuss affairs in Texas
even democratic party affairs In
fact sometimes we are almost per
suaded that these independent criti
cisms are good for the democratic
party just as much so as are the dis
cussions of the republican tariff and
other republican measures It will
be a very unfortunate day in any
country when free discussion is de
nied >
Republicans of New HampshlreJwill
meet in convention in Concord ion
September 17 to name candldatesifor
the state offices to be filled at the
November election J
Charles H Keating of MansfleldO
has been appointed assistantdlrector
of the republican speaker jbureaUj
and has been placejLJjiBBBBWCfhe
work at
cretary Wilson of the deparHB
of agriculture and SecretarytStcausof
the department of commerc and
labor will speak In Vermont this
week in the Interest of the republican
state ticket in that state f
The boom ot John B Stanchfield for
the democratic nomination for gover
nor of New York has been revived
It Is said that the choice of Mr
Stanchfield would be satisfactory alike
to Mr Bryan to Chairman Mack and
to Leader Murphy of Tammany Hall
Eight American born Chinese citi
zens of Los Angeles have formed a
Bryan and Kern Cluh The club
It is said will work to have the Chi
nese voters throughout California
support the national democratic tick
et at the November election
Martin W Littleton former Bor
ough president of Brooklyn and who
was the leading counsel for Harry K
Thaw in his second trial is being dis
Complete line of medium and
high grade Corsets Models for
every figure and a corsetier to
guarantee a fit
cussed as a possible candidate for the
democratic nomination for governor
of New York
Judge John I Worthington republi
can candidate for governor of Arkan
sas is stumping the state In a vigor
ous fashion
An enthusiastic woman suffrage
campaign has been inaugurated In Ok
lahoma and it will be actively main
tained until the election in November
The prime director of the movement
is Mrs Katherlne Biggers of Chicka
sha president of the Oklahoma Suf
fragette Association
GeOrge W Cromer former con
gressman from the Eighth Indiana
district has been appointed at the
head of a labor bureau established
bytthe republican state central com
fltodiana tjsxsald that a
io carry on the works of this bureau
r The official notification of the can
gj2feigjtf < s dr
Ladies OuterGarment Shop
Next Door to
Gas Office
THE proprietor is now in the Markets
and with special care is selecting the
latestand smartest styles in suits
skirts dinner and evening gowns also sep
arate wraps of all descriptions that will be
shown in the fashionable emporiums this
Our Millinery
Will be given more attention than ever
Our high standard and exclusive patterns
in Street and Dress Hats will be selected
with the greatest care and be of much
interest to our high and medium classtiade
The Model
didates on the independence party
ticket is planned to be held within the
next week or ten days The notifica
tion of Thomas L HIsgen candidate
for president will take place at his
home in West Springfield Mass and
that oj John Temple Graves candi
date for vice president will take
place It is said in Georgia
Adlai E Stevenson former vice
president of the United States and
candidate on the democratic ticket
for governor of Illinois is 73 years
old Despite his years he is still vig
orous and active and his friends ex
pect him to make a winning race
against Governor Deneen Mr Stev
enson declares that whether elected
or not it will be the last time he will
be a candidate for public office
Special Fruit Sale v
J Today andi morrowg Wm Smith
the rlglrialJfrurKman wIlliofferrCall
fornia grapes at lOca pound bananas
at 15c per dozen and California ap
ples pears and plums at inviting
M oPKatto fu j jJ ± 4Sre nJtvVtllg
prices Be sure and get some ot this
fruit Come this evening or tomor
row while the fruit is fresh 242i
An Appreciated Compliment
Mr E R Smith local correspond
ent for the Houston Chronicle hands
the Herald the following neat compli
ment In the Sunday issue ot that pa
per and we acknowledge our appre
The Daily Herald will move into
its new building next week This will v
be one of the best equipped newspaper
offices in Texas for the size of the j
town and the Hamilton boys the own
ers of the Herald have made a sue
cess in this city which has been a
newspaper graveyard heretofore
They have conducted a fair independ u
ent paper but have always expressed
their opinions on all public questions
The Herald fs accredit to Palestine
and Andergon connty g < T
1 Buy your buggleT nd harness ot
W 0 Vandlver He has a splendldw >
stock at the very closet pricea tf T
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And all the discomforts of a constant fire in your Stove or Gas
Range by using one of our Electric Irons
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