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A Case of f
Mistaken Identity
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The hurrying workaday crowd
made Broadway seem sober alien
Everybody In the car looked pinched
and tired and cold For the last few
minutes Olive Hastings had been
considering a subject unpleasantly
recurrent In her thoughts nowadays
Is Life Worth Living Then her eyes
Incurious lackluster roving along the
row opposite fell on a face
It was a face that she had not seen
more than a half dozen times all told
It was a face that she had not seen
once In the last two years But It was
the same face about which nightly
she wove her waking dreams And
It had all its old magic Her heart be
gan to leap her head to whirl her
blood quickened to racing speed
Praying that the emotional illumina
tion would not flare through her skin
she managed to follow up her recogni
tion with a bow and a smile
Lawrence Crane had arisen and was
coming toward her She made a place
v at her side In another instant her
hand was in his This is perfectly
charming she was saying
Its providential he announced
She felt his amused gaze beating
through her eyelashes Ive onlyt
been here a day or two and Ive
had it on jny mind to look you up
the first free evening Thats tonight
1 may add unless youre going to be
cruel to find another engagement
There was the old fascination in
his voice she noted them one by
one wellremembered tricks of inflec
tlpn it was distinctly a magnetic
Shewas trying to stay the quiver of
her lips But she had to hold the low
er one still with her teeth after she
had saidr Yes Illbe at home
How wonderful he was How hand
Borne It made hec dizzy to meet hi3
eyes in that longago visit to Helen
j Undeveloped silent awkward as she
was every word that he gave her
seemed a caress Now it was even
worse his Very presence was a vibra
tion his words were bliss
Was she dreaming Had the skies
fallen She tried to find something to
hold to Everything comes to him
who1 waits came uppermost in her
mfnd In stupid reiteration She won
s deredif that explained Next she was
conscious of being glad that she wore
Helenas gray dress It was the most
fbecp ming thing she had Heavens
KSfi pffilfPH1 have 5 een elen In Jt again
Rnd But
agalm men never remem
JJ VJ3K Helen reallyjiaye mar
fedjitfjajdesperate flirtation with
j iarieouslnjduring that week that the
Iwabothmet him for the first time and
Chls fllrtationi had actually lapped oyer
theannouncement0 Helens betroth
SPk l to another man The first thing
that had occurred to Olive when she
heard of Helens broken engagement
six months ago was that Lawrence
Grahe would renew his suit Eerhaps
lhet had and perhaps Helen haij re
fused hfuu She would not speak to
fciin of her she decided especially
now when there was a coolness be
tween herself and Helen
She ran from the car to the office
She raced up the four flights of stairs
10 elevator could hold her spirits
that morning Opening the door with
She Ran from the Car to the Office
Jerk she rushed in precipitating
herself into the arms of six feet of
the other sex about to rush out
My hands are up he said with
out further parley My moneys in
my inner coat pocket
She laughed and drew back
Im Merrlam the new partner
Touve got me roped thrown and tied
but dont mind me
She stared at him nonplused He
looked fresh young absolutely un
tamed and yet he might have been
30 His skin had been weatherbeat
en until It was a cheerful mahogany
He had big unabashed gray eyes as
Clear as a childs
Olive hung up her hat and jacket
and her hands played carelessly back
and forth overher hair Her cheeks
were still brilliant with excitement
Im ready to take any letters
she was beginning when the door
opened and the senior partner came
The elder man went out after a
little while and she was left to tete
atete with Merriam She had never
talked to any man in her life as she
tr w i p
talked to him But while she was chat
ting her swiftest laughing her merri
est and coquetting with him in the
way that seemed to be the natural
effervescence of her mood her heart
was beating to the single refrain
He is coming tonight
That night on her way home she
perpetrated the unheardof extrava
gance of buying a bunch of violets
and later ordering a fire in the parlor
After dinner she put on the one
frivolous gown she had afforded in
two years a soft rosepink crepe and
tucking the violets into her belt went
down to meet her guest
Gracious you are doing the thing
up brown he said irrelevantly once
gazing about the queer room with its
faded magnificence
Fortunately they had much to say
at first about the people in Worcester
who Crane acknowledged had given
him the time of his life in that pleas
ant week two years ago She could
tell him much for until their recent
estrangement Helen had kept her
well informed Faithful to her reso
lution however she did not mention
Helens name Nor did he When he
left it was with more than one admir
ing farewell glance at Olives flushed
and sparkling face
In the next two weeks she saw little
of Merrlam for he was sent on a
business trip into the middle of the
state But Crane came two nights
later skipped a night then three in
succession skipped a night then con
Olive was beginning to get over her
shyness Now occasionally she
beared to meet his eyes in a pyscholo
gical soultosoul conflict which he
often tacitly admitted to be a draw by
shifting his gaze
For the mostpart however he still
did the talking But even there she
was beginning to assert herself And
the drollness of her point of view the
swiftness of her retorts often left him
beggared of words Once or twice
she had carried joking warfare into
his very camp That last night their
intimacy had reached the point where
it allowed them to meditate an in
stant in silent wonder over a subtle
coincidence in taste He interrupted
it tp say carelessly Oh whats be
come of that little cousin of yours
that I met in Worcester
Olive knitted her brows for a con
sidering second Then an awful cer
tainty zigzagged through the crystal
of her happiness shattering it to a
million fragments
A little dark thing he went on
She was staying with you What is
the matter
Olive was staring stricken
Will you tell me what my name
is she asked stupidly
He laughed Helen Hastings of
She pulled herself together The
new laugh that he had helped her to
tfind in hersejf rippled out bravely
Now Ive got it she said in tri
umph From the first 1 wondered
how you happened to remember me so
well when you saw me so few times
And you made a mistake Im not
Helen Hastings Im the little dark
cousin that you speak of My father
died soon after I met you and I be
came a stenographer
Youre not Helen Hastings he
said stupidly
She nodded her head in assent
They tried to talk down the con
straint in the atmosphere but It
made long pauses between their re
He came again and after a long in
terval once more But his calls were
silent joyless on her part a little
too vivacious on his Then for a long
time she did not see him
The Sunday after his last call Mer
rlam appeared back from a success
ful trip He came into the room like
a seabreeze stinging her into a re
crudescence of her lost hilarity with
an impetuous onslaught of narrative
He insisted on taking her away for
the day When he left her she had
regained all her lately lost selfcon
She had little chance to lose it
again for in the next month he was
constantly with her
One Sunday two months later she
was surprised by a visit from Crane
She was at her very best with him
that day for his eyes had no more
effect upon her than a pair of pebbles
It was she who did the talking he
the listening Before he went he
startled her by an offer of marriage
In the moment In which she hunted
for words in which to refuse it she
wondered if Helen also had rejected
him He refused to accept her no
and left almost elated She felt now
she might he In possession of data
that would assure him of what her
own words evidently could not
As a matter of fact she had the
evidence that very night for Merriam
announced that the firm had decided
on sending him to Goldflelds the next
week Then he abruptly asked her to
marry him
She accepted
But there are some things I want
to tell you she said eying him cu
riously In the first place I didnt
get you quite honestly There was
another man once and I thought he
cared for me and so on the strength
of his admiration
Go on he said promptly
Well I feel it on my conscience to
tell you that joure getting an article
that isnt much in demand In all my
experience I never had but one pro
posal and
What do the bandarlog of this
town know about a real woman he
interrupted contemptuously Go on
And Ive never been kissed In my
Youre going to be kissed now
he said
Im glad I waited she admitted
after an interval
i TUFi >
pwj si This madajr
J hard for him to
tf bear the happy
golucky careless
ness which signal
Ized the manner
in which Mrs Denlot had always con
ducted his home affairs She entirely
ignored the virtues of system
Denlot recognized that this was par
tially his fault When they were first
married if he had set his foot down
armly he might have trained Ida In
the way she should go but she was
so dlsarmingly pretty and had sucha
way with her that he couldnt He
was helpless in her hands
After 15 years of married life he
still was helpless for Mrs Denlot still
had that disarming way When she
laughed at him and the corners of her
mouth turned upward and her eyes
sparkled Denlot never could remem
ber anything except that Ida certainly
was the prettiest woman he had ever
So he had lived in a series of con
fusions and kitchen upheavals and late
Getting the family off to their sum
mer home at the lake last year stuck
in Denlots mind as the very worst ex
perience of all It had been a night
mare There had been missing trunks
and lost tickets and keys left at home
and trains evaded and half garbed
children at the last minute enough
material for three full comedies of er
rors Ida had laughed through it all
even when hungry and tired they had
reached the cottage after nightfall
and on unpacking the hamper sup
r r
Denlot had no wish to be disagree
able Far from it He rather prided
himself on his
equable disposi
tion But he
plumed himself
also upon the sys
tematic dispatch
which marked his
transactions in
the business world
and contributed tp
iiissucce s3jg
up by a caterer had found It full of
Denlots shirts
The chief trouble however had
been over Kim the bulldog He was
missing that last day and they had to
go without him and it cost Denlot
ten dollars to hire a man to find him
and send him to the lake by express
This year Denlot announced a
week or so ago In his firmest manner
I myself am going to engineer the
removal of the Denlot family to their
summer home I am going to demon
strate to you Ida how easy it is to ac
complish a difficult task If you go at
It in the proper manner I know it is
no childs play to pack household
linen and trunks for three children
and ourselves and think of everything
but it can bo done Just leave it to
All right dear Mrs Denlot had
said cheerfully Im sure I dont
mind It w ill give me much more time
to make farewell calls
Not that Denlot proposed to do
everything with his own hands He
superintended the packing for three
evenings and he wrote notes to the
plumber and the gas company There
wont be a light left burning in the
basement all summer this time he
told himself grimly
He thought of everything
The first thing Denlot did that final
day was to conduct Kim the bulldog
Immediately after that animals break
fast to the empty garage the car
having been shipped on ahead He tied
Kim securely to a staple and shut the
door and locked it There he said
to the surprised and disconsolate Kim
thisJs the best thing yet You are
not going to run away and be missing
at the critical moment this year You
are going to be where I can lay hands
on you when I want you
Trunks were got off in correct order
jimd the checks safely stowed in Den
lolfsjpocket book Children dressed
and in perfect order were planted on
chalrjLand commanded not to stir on
Ppn ftMj Uvea
bUs wife as she
jer natty
nd Hublo oi confusion Do yo
wharfs stem does
Itl is perfectly wonderful dear
agreedMrs JJenlot enthusiastically
Denlot heaved a sigh of relief when
theyianded at last at the lake It
certainly was good to have a whole
week ahead of him to rest and absorb
the fresh green
ness with no wor
ries to distract
him He was glad
he was alive He
was glad to know
how to manage
things so well
Ne t day a tele
gram from Chica
go was sent from
the village out to
the Dehlots sum
mer home Denlot
was in tennis flan
nels when he got
it It was signed
by his netdoor
neighbor in Chicago and read
Kim howling in garage shows
teeth at me through window I cant
open lock Wouldnt if I could when
I consider teeth Come back at once
and get the beast
Denlot dropped his racket and stood
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