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to = P 1 t It
845 Organization enrollment
committees etc
1 Address SupL W F Davis outline of InsU
tute work
2 Reading Mrs Lena Gambrell Miss Pearl
Moore Miss Lena Pierce
3 Spelling in Primary Grades Miss Kate Con
erly Miss Arllla Bratz
4 Drawing Mrs Gherling Miss Florence Pickle
Miss Cilia Fitzgerald
Noon Recess
l30 RolI Call
L Introductory Lessons to U S History Miss
Laura Emerson Miss Etta Turrentine
2 Teaching Numbers in the Primary Grades
Miss Kate Vickery Miss Lizzie Herrington Mr J
S Hathcock
3 How to Assign a Lesson Miss Ida Anding
Mr Roy Thompson TMr S W Wolf
roll call mem
845 Invocation
ory gems from Bible
L How to Study a Lesson Mr
Miss Kate Grigsby
2 How to Conduct a Recitation Miss Roxana
Power Mr R E Rollins Mr H R Walters Mr T
C Rhodes
3 Arithmetic in the Primary Grades Miss Annie
Halcomb Miss Zeffie Childress Miss Anna Scar
Noon Recess
130 Roll Call
1 Talk on Methods and Management
Anderson County Teachers
Palestine Texas September
711 1908
1 The week Institute for white teachers will con
vene S45 a m September 7th and adjourn 430 p
m September 11th 1908
2 The Institute Law will he enforced to the let
ter to be a bona fide participant each teacher must
do the work assigned according to his ability the
tardy the indifferent the timeseryer will receive
no pay for attendance and no teachers contract
will be approved who is wilfully absent from the In
stitute while if his work is faithfully done his
rights will be protected under the law
3 Where several are given the same subject the
first one named is to lead the others to follow in
the order given at the end of the discussion of any
subject by the ones who haveit > assigned tothem
the Institute is expected to take it up and to discuss
it in a general way for a few minutes
4 All teachers should he provided with a set of
the NEW TEXT BOOKS note book tablet and pen
ciL Come prepared to give and to get the most from
the Institute possible and thus be better prepared
for school duties this coming term
5 One period each day will be given to Methods
and Management as applied to teaching in the RU
RAL SCHOOLS Some one of practical experience
Will be selected each day for this feature Let each
one come prepared on the subject
6 The proposed Constitutional Amendment will
receive due consideration during the week we de
sire that every teacher be properly informed on this
subject and to reflect the same in his school district
before November 1908
7 JJ1trustee s parents and friends of education
ari3 Tco rdIally Invited to attend the sessions of the Inv
T v Utute tbitake tpart In the discussions and to help
JnspirleSthe iLfeactiers
with more zeal for their
noMe5c lllBg
C S Garrison
2 A Proper Regard for the Laws of Health Miss
Annie Mays Miss Dora Agnes Unger Mr W D
3 Ill Effects of the Use of Narcotics Miss Carrie
Jenkins Miss Florence Day Mr Tate McCain Mr
Sam Denson
4 The Practical Parts of Grammar Miss Bertha
Starr Miss Mary Brown Mr Roy Thompson Mr J
D Campbell
S45 Invocation roll call mem
ory gems from reading
1 Composition in Lower Grades Mrs C S Gar
rison Mrs Lula Sadler
2 Arithmetic in the Intermediate Grades Miss
Delia Seat Mr J t Oldham Miss Minnie Starr
3 School Law Mr W Y Lacy Mr W D Thor
nall Mr Thos Gatlin
Noon Recess
130 Roll Call
1 Talk on Methods and Managament
2 Uniform Grading In School Miss
Starr Miss Kate Conerly Mr F E Rollins
3 Agriculture Miss Mary Brown Mr C S
4 Proposed Amendment
J Holland Mr Sam Denson
S45 Invocation
ory gem Shakespeare
1 Spelling in the Intermediate Grades Mr J Lf
Styner Miss Annie Mays Miss Meddie Murray Miss Zj
Mamio Lee Ramsour
2 Geography in the Intermediate Grades Miss
Ruby Gilmore Miss Noami Harper Miss Plorabel S
3 Teaching the Federal Constitution Miss Car
rie Hassell Mrs Carrie Murphy Mr S B Harton
Noon Recess
130 Roll Call T
1 Talk on Methods and Management r
j > v 15S f
Gar ej
Mr J E Rose Mr W
> V
roll call mem5 <
2 Geography in the Grammar Grades Misses V
Agnes Unger Myrtle Herrlngton Ruby Day HazeHfv
3 Teaching the State Constitution Misses Ldt
tie Denson Florabel DuPuy Minnie Starr T sjl
4 The Effects of the InterColonial Wars Mr C
S Garrison Mr J E Rose and W C Quick jjf
845 Invocation
v Jem
roll call memgp
ory gems Herbert Spencer or Horace Mann 1
1 Spelling in the Grammar Grades Misses1 WiP5
lie Moore Jettie Hutcherson Lizzie Herrlngton
2 The History of Today Mrs H R
Miss Mlople Starr and Mr T L Colwe
2 Singing in School Miss Florabel DuPuy Miss r
Lillie Williams Mr Guy Thompson Mrs Cilia Fitz 4
gerald r v
3 How to Improve Our Profession Messrs W i
F Davi3 Thos Gatlin F E Rollins S
4 Report of Committees Selecting Date forNext P
5 Gloria Song All the Institute
Messrs C S Garrison J E Rose 7
Mrs Lula Sadler Miss Mary Brown
W F Davis County Superintendent
Program Committee
County Superintendent
r c
v i
The Evening Sessions of the Institute as follows
Monday evening September 7th 8 oclock Court
House Work of the Committee on Course of Study
report the first three grades the entire Institute as
committee of the whole to assist the committee
with the view of adopting a course of study for An
derson county assigning the proper amount of work
in each grade from the recently adopted text books
Refreshments at close
Wednesday evening session 8 oclock Court
House Work of same committee on Course of Study
including fourth fifth and sixth grades Perhaps
we may finish the report at this meeting if not
Friday evening will be used In the same way We
shall make an effort to have some efficient work
from other than home talent during these sessions
State Board of Education
Governor T M Campbell Chairman L T Da
shlell Secretary of State J W Stephens Comptrol
ler Superintendent R B Cousins Secretary
State Department of Education
R B Cousins Superintendent F M Martin Chief
State Board of Examiners
Dr W H Bruce Chairman Denton Dr W S
Sutton Austin SupL S M N Marrs Secretary Ter
rell G P Putnam El Paso Supt Ben Stafford
Mineola Supt T R Day Henderson Supt P W
Horn Houston
County Board of Examiners
Mr H R Walters Chairman Montalba R F D
No 2 Miss Mary Brown Secretary Frankston Mr
R C T Jacobs Palestine
Number of scholastics in Anderson county 190S
and 1909 7243
Amount of appropriation per capital from state
Amount of appropriation from county 23c
Very respectfully
9 A
Look at This List
First Prize Pony and Cart 30000
Bought of the Michigan Bug
gy Company Kalamazoo Mich
Second Prize Childs Piano 15000
This is a real piano equal In
finish and tone to the best
class of instruments It has
been bought of the Barnes Mu l
sic Store and Is fully guaran
teed by them and will last a
Third Prize for boys Due
Bill on Doyle Bros 1000
Good for anything in this fur
nishing store
Fourth Prize for girls Due
On any Palestine Dry Goods
Fifth Prize Lawn Swing
Can be seen at Swanns
Sixth Prize Doll value
This beautiful doll is on exhi
bition at Bonds Bargain
P6nyandCart Popular yotlng CoiP
test will be conducted on strictly hrinr1
est business principles with perfect
Justice and fairness to all concerned
2 Prizes The first prize shall be
a Shetland Pony and Cart Other val
uable and useful prizes will be given
Pony and Cart valued at J300
3 Candidates Any > white girl or
boy under Fifteen Years of Age who
lives in Palestine Is eligible to a
place in the contest The most pop
ular girl or boy is the one who shall
receive the most votes to her or him
shall be awarded the Shetland Pony
and Cart
4 Classes of Votes The votes aro
issued in coupons of the following de
New One Month Subscriptions 100
votes for GO cents
3Months Subscriptions 500 votes
for 5150
6Months Subscriptions 1500 votes
for 5300
12Months Subscriptions 4000
votes for 5600 >
Right is reserved to offer addition
al classes of votes
AT 4a P ft
At the Stroke of the
No Ballots Received
After That Hour
Names of Contestants will be print
ed in order according to standing and
the amount of their votes published
regularly after first count is made
Votes will not be allowed on sub
scriptions at less than regular price
of the paper
No employe of this paper shall be
a candidate or work in favor of any
Votes once deposited in ballot box
cannot be transferred to another
No Contestant will be allowed to
take more than one of the Extra
Special Frizes that we may offer from
time to time
The publishers are not to tell whom
any one votes for except in case of
alleged error or irregularity
Each contestant Is requested to
send us a cabinet size photograph for
publication as soon as convenient
Make up your mind who you want
to vote for before coming to the of
fice as the editors will positively not
decide the matter for you
All Coupons should bo placed in en
velopes with names of Contestants
written plainly thereon
An Awarding Committee of three
of the best business men are to be
appointed to make final count and
award prizes
Contest to run not less than 90
days the date of closing will be an
nounced about thirty days in ad
Each contestant will be paid 10
per cent on all business turned in
W > Q
The Greaser
By Phil Stmma
The blistering sun pelted with Its
fire the shanties of Santa Rosa by the
Rio Pecos Already the Bar Q
bunch had started on their wild Satur
day drunk the broncho rack outside
Miguels 40rod emporium being A
tangle of restless pony flesh
Far up the shadowy valley broad
and arid developed a speck which
enveloped In a cloud of alkali grew
rapidly bigger
A slender figure white with dust
tumbled off a staggering horse and
dashed up to the door then through
Huh Its only Jose Pimas the
Greaser the men exclaimed con
Perhaps some of you gentlemen
can tell me the news of Escalon
my home said Jose turning his boy
ish face toward the men
No replied Tarna the Swede a
malicious twinkle in his eye nothing
except that Gloria your sister ran off
with Onovas the murderer
Joses hand flashed to I1I3 holster
but he replied quietly
I know that
Did you know Tarna went on
that the committee will string him
up at noon today for killing Gonzales
and robbing him
Then its true Joses da t face
went ashen
True as gospel Onovas Is a goner
at 12 oclock
Men cried Jose addressing tn e
crowd my horse Is done for Its
100 miles to Escalon and I must get
there by noon Ive got to get there
Heres 5100 In gold for a broncho
There was a dsrisive laughfrom the
Who wants your gold Tarna
sneered f Whove you been sticking
up for it eh
Take 2007its f Gloria Joe
pleaded 1
Tarna moved threateningly but
Jose darted through the door
The Jeering cowboys followed
Tarna In the lead At thethreshold
he yelled and sprang Into the open
Hes on my hoss
Tamas gun was In his hand but
ho was too slow Jose wheeled i and
fired as he dashed away and Tarna
The1 telephone one man shouted
The Greaser go through Sablnal
20 miles this side of Escalon Well
head him off the dog
At Corral Blanca Jose swapped
steedswith litUedifflcidtyXorhe
his own tired animal and rrnu chj gofd 5
In exchange t ftC V M JT
Poor lltilasist e rjhe kept mur
muring to himself as hV rodel Again
and again he exchanged steeds for
money even if bloody and stolen will
buy almost anythihg
An hour anil a J d before noon
with it fresh pony > der him he sight
ed Sablnal In front of a group of
frasae buildings 50 or more men from
the ranches bunched themselves
against his coming
It was too late to turn back now
Like the wind he was upon them Ha
answered their shouts by drawing his
Colts and flattening hl3 thin body
upon the horsea back
Like the Red sea opened before the
Israelites the mob parted and be
tween the human walls Jose darted
like a bird A fusillade followed a
bullet grazing his temple and covering
his face with blood He fired back as
he loped away
At last Escalon In the main streets
the regular Saturday crowds ha3 gath
ered from the ranches Jose knew
what it meant today The sun was
straight overhead and Joses brain
reeled frightfully but his eyes wero
not too dim to see the rude gallows
erected by the committee fora publics
execution a lesson to all outlaws
A few hundred feet away now Josa
descried the erect form of Onovas
good Onovas mounted on the scaffold
his hands tied behind his back Her
arms about his heck Gloria stood by
him weeping
For the murder of the commit
teeman began but a commotion in
the crowd stopped hlm
Jose hit face dirty caked with dust
and blood reeled up the steps
It was not Onovas senor he
cried faintly staggering and falling
to his knees it was I senor I who
killed Gonzales See tossing a hand
ful of gold at the committeemans
feet see theres the gold I did it
The rope was fastened about his
neck the law was avenged
HldlngPlacet of Diamonds
If the Regent diamond as shown tn
the Louvre in Paris is only a model
in paste and thereal stone is hidden
away It Is a case of history repeat
ing itself for in 1797 when the Re
gent diamond was pawned for house
furniture to Vandenberg a banker of
Amsterdam and he was remonstrated
with upon the danger of exhibiting it
to the public he replied The Re
gent that is in the glass case Is a
sham the real Regent Is In my wifea
Unconscious Truth
Dont you ever go to Mme Chiffon
for your gowns Inquired one society
girl of another
No indeed emphatically replied
the other If I went to that woman
and she made a gown to suit my fig
ur Id bate at
fe rgJfft > fggj
v v = r
5 l
a nam

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