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fesSifi 1 According to Andrew D White He
sas a
cites Recent Cases In New York
and Elsewhere
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Special to the Herald
Seattle Wash Aug 25 The thir
tyfirst annual meeting of the Ameri
can Bar Association was opened in
Oils city today and will conUnue until
Triday concluding Friday night with
the annual banquet at tiie New Wash
ington Hotel Between Oiree and
lour hundred members of the associa
tion and invited guests were present
at the opening A feature of Oie at
tendance was the large number of
disUnguished Canadian jurists pres
ent The hall In which the associa
tion met was tastefully decorated for
the occasion
The Session opened with addresses
of welcome delivered on behalf of the
state of Washington and city of Se
attle The exchange of greetings was
followed by the address of Uie presi
dent J M Dickinson of Chicago who
took as his subject Changes in Stat
ute Law The remainder of the ses
sion was occupied with the appoint
ment ot the usual committees and
oOier business of a routine character
For tonights session tiie program
includes a paper on National Pro
gression and the Increasing Responsi
bilities of Our National Judiciary to
be presented by Judge C H Hanford
of Oie TJnited States district court
and an address by Edgar H Fafrar
of Louisiana on The Extension of
Admiralty Jurisdiction by Judicial In
Tomorrow morning former United
States Senator George Turner of
Washington will deliver an address
and then will be received the reports
of tiie standing committees Tomor
row evening Frederick Bausman of
Seattle will present a paper on
iWhether Our Laws Are Responsible
for the Increase of Violent Crime
Thursday will be devoted entirely
to convention business and tiie fea
ture ot Friday mornings session will
be the election of officers
Among the men of note who are ex
pected to deliver addresses before
the association proper or before some
of Uie sectional meetings are Judge
Iton B Tarker of New York Presi
dent David Starr Jordan of Leland
Stanford Jr University Judge Si
meon E Baldwin of Connecticut Geo
Wi Kerchwey of Columbia Law
School Andrew A Bruce of the Uni
g gersityA ot North Dakota Robert S
Proving For Future Railroad
Timber Is Getting Scarce
Iowa and Karl von Lewlnski an emi
nent German lawyer
One of the most Important matters
which will be considered at the meet
ings will be the report of the special
committee appointed by the conven
tion at PorUand last year to suggest
remedies and draft proposed laws to
prevent delay and unnecessary cost in
litigation This report which un
doubtedly will be followed by a long
and lively discussion opens with a
statement that the existing evil which
seems most serious to the committee
is the disposition in many jurisdic
tions to dispose of appeals or writs or
error both in civil and criminal
cases upon technical grounds and
not to decide them upon the merits
The unrestricted right to a writ of
error m criminal cases is character
ized by the committee as a flagrant
abuse in judicial procedure These
writs the report adds are constant
ly sued out only for delay The pun
ishment of notorious criminals thus
is constantly being postponed in vio
lation of every principle of justice
This is especially flagrant in the su
ing out of writs of error from the
supreme court otthe United States to
review the decision of the highest
courts of criminal jurisdiction in the
several states We recommend that
no writ of error returnable in crimi
nal cases to the supreme court of
the United States should be allowed
unless a justice ot that court shall
certify that there is probable cause
to believe that the defendant was un
justly convicted
In support of this recommendation
the report of the committee quotes
an address of Andrew T > White In
which he stated that while murders
were increasing rapidly yet the pro
cedure against them was becoming
more and more ineffective and in the
light of recent cases in New York and
elsewhere was seen to be a farce
adding that he favored preventing ap
peals based on mere technical mat
tctsand upon errors of trial judges
In trifling laaUers of procedure and
the like which have nothing to do
with the question of guilt or
The Santa Fe system Is perfecting
plans for a forest of eucalyptus trees
in San Diego county California from
hich to obtain a steady supply of
vjies A ranch of 8000 acres
been purchased for this purpose
and as a start 600 acres will be plant1 Co will give you your money back
ed It is estimated that in eighteen
years the company will be able to
harvest from six to eight ties to a
tree and keep up tiie harvest there
after continually At present the
Santa Fe system uses about 3000000
ties annually In eighteen years the
company thinks it will be able to ob
tain from its forest 7000000 annually
The growing scarcity of timber suit
able for ties with a resultant increase
in their cost has led eleven roads
Including the Santa Fe to start for
ests Ten roads in the east have al
ready planted in their respective for
est sites thousands of catalpa black
locust red oak pin oak and chestnut
The Santa Fe has selected the
eucalyptus because of its rapid
growth and adaptability to the climate
of California New Mexico and Texas
Eucalyptus ties in Hawaii are said
to last fifteen years East of Albur
querque the Santa Fe is using Geor
gia pine At present both the Santa
Fe and Southern Pacific are using
many thousands of redwood ties on
the coast They are also getting oak
en ties from Japan Scientific Amer
Several Hundred Fire Fighters Con
gregate at Columbus O
Special to the Herald
Columbus O Aug 25 The first
session of the annual convention of
the International Association of Fire
Chiefs was held here today in the
Board of Trade auditorium The
gathering has brought together sev
eral hundred fire fighter from nearly
every important city of the United
States and Canada to consider ques
Plans to Break Up the Wool Trust
Will Be Discussed
Special to the Herald
Salt Lake City Utah Aug 25
Plans to break up the wool trust
will form the principal topics of dis
cussion at the annual convention of
the National Wool Growers Associa
tion which convened here today for a
three days session Many leading
wool growers are in attendance from
Wyoming Colorado Utah Washing
ton Arizona Montana Idaho and
other states
The growers believe that the prob
lem of giving them the control of the
industry and eliminating the middle
man and speculator can be solved by
the establishment of storage ware
houses in the chief wool growing cen
ters This plan has been placed in
operation on a small scale in St Paul
and Omaha and the results have been
highly satisfactory It is now pro
posed to inaugurate the scheme on a
large scale with the establishment
of large storage plants in Chicago
Denver Omaha Kansas City Minne
apolis and other market centers A
committee of the association has been
investigating the subject for several
months past and will report the re
sults of its labors to the present con
Tokio Exhibition Plans
Special to the Herald
San Francisco Cal Aug 25 F S
Loomis F J V Skiff and W A
Newcome members of the United
States commission to the Tokio expo
sition sail from San Francisco today
for Japan where they will study the
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liflnrrmi fiawi
ng has attracted several hundred
prominent representatives of life fire
lind accident companies in addition to
the commissioners of the different
states Many questions of live impor
tance to the insurance world are slat
ed for discussion Included in the
list aie the amortization of invest
ment securities taxation of insurance
companies the advisability of a uni
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ions for health and accident policies
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tlons calculated to improve or help
their organization Prominent among
the members of the association are
Chiefs Lauer of Columbus Reynolds
> t Augusta Tyson of Louisville Can
terbury of Minneapolis Archibald of
Cincinnati Quiglex of Syracuse Hig
gins of Albany McFall of Roanoke
Va and Mahoney of Erie Pa In
conjunctionwith the meeting there is
i large display of the latest improve
uents of file fighting apparatus and
ich day during the week there will
e practical demonstrations
Will You Continue to Suffer From Ca
tarrh In Face of This Testimony
plans obtain adequate space and
gather information as to the charac
ter of the exhibit which should be
sent by this government so that it
may be the largest and best display
ever sent by the United States to an
exhibition held in a foreign land
Winnipeg the Scene of the American
Public Health Association Meet
Special to the Herald
Winnipeg Man Aug 25i The
American Public Health Association
began its thirtysixth annual meeting
in this city today with a good attend
ance or delegates fiom all parts of
Canada and the United States The
program for the meeting extends
over four days The subjects to be
discussed Include typhoid sociology
of the Middle West the relation of
state and provincial boards to local
health officers housing problems the
extermination of rats methods of se
eming general vaccination measures
to promote the health of school chil
dren pure food legislation the hook
worm disease malarial fever and
health problems of the Canadian prov
inccs Mihvaukeo is an applicant for
the meeting of tho association to be
held next year
National Association of Insurance
Commissioners at Detroit
Special to the Herald
Detroit Mich Aug 25 The annual
convention of the National Association
of Insurance Commissioners which
began today at the Hotel Pontchar
train promises to mark an epoch in
tho history of insurance
> >
On September first the Met
ropolitan Hotel building will be
for rent Building in firstclass
order and a good location as
to business center Apply to
G W Burkitt Jr
Virginia Hibernians In Session
Special to the Horald
Portsmouth Va Aug 25 The an
nual convention of the Virginia divis
ion of the Ancient Ordet of Hiber
nians met in this city today and will
remain in session over tomorrow
Delegates and visitors are in attend
ance from ail over the state and ample
provision for their entertainment has
been made by the local organization
Scientists at PutInBay
Special to the Herald
PutInBay O Aug 25 The na
tional convention of the Astronomical
and Astrophysical Socie ty of America
opened its sessions at the Hotel Vic
Hodges Dry Goods Company
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price to make a clean sweep of summer wearables
tory today with Prof C S Howe of
Cleveland In the chair The meeting
will be in session three days during
which time there will be papers and
addresses on scientific topics by rep
resentatives of many leading univer
sities of America and Europe
Bids Wanted
In accordance with Sec 1C5 of
school laws of Texas sealed bids from
persons or corporations qualified un
der the law to act as treasurer for
Palestine Public Schools who offer
satisfactory bond as provided in said
section 1G5 will be received Said
bids should state the highest rate of
interest to be paid by said treasurer
on the average dally balances for
the privilege ot acting as such treas
urer Such bids should also name the
least rate of interest to be charged
on all ovedrafts if any Provided that
no commlssslons or fees shall be al
lowed for services as such treasurer
Said bids to be filed with C A Sterne
secretary of the Board of Trustees on
or before the 31st day of August 100S
The right is reserved to reject any
and all bids
By order of tho Board
W C Campbell
President Board of Trustees Palestine
Public Schools
C A Sterne Secretary 19llt
Special Fruit Sale
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Gutter work a specialty By Fenton
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It Will Help You
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investments Our properties are all
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able development Let us show you
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lot good neighborhood 55000 worth
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We have the best line of insurance
companies in the state
All of our rent houses are kept in the
best repair
We ReSilver
Cardui is a medicine that has been found to actj
upon the cause of most womens pains strengthen
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cause their work is too hard for them
It is not a pain killer but a true female
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Water Gnumr
The use of hand hose without a nozzle for any purpose whatever is
prohibited and in no case shall a nozzle larger than oneeighth inch
diameter be allowed and the use of which shallnot exceed four hours
per day and for no purpose other than as stated in the application and
for such use as payment is made
In no case shall any one be permitted to use water for sprinkling
streets or sidewalks unless special terms be made for same
Permits for sprinkling lawns will be issued fronuMay 1st to Novem
ber 1st not to exceed four hours in any one day nor at any other time
than between the hours of six and eight a m and five and eight p m
which shall constitute the season for sprinkling and for which the en
tire payment must be made in advance according to the season rates
In case of fire no hose shall be used other than for the fire and there
shall be no other use of water except as absolutely necessary so long as
the fire pressure is on
Any person violating any of the foregoing rules shall forfeit all pay
ments made and the supply of water shall be at once stopped without
any notice and shall not be again turned on without an extra charge of
100 for the trouble of turning off and on
The company reserves the right to make such amendments or alter
ations in these rules and regulations as in their judgment the protec
tion and preservation of the works shalldemand
The Palestine Water Works Co
Packing Hauling and storing Furniture a specialty
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We Pack Furniture
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Lower Floor
Temple Opera House
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A cS Jfemjfj Jt V
r sl
1 i

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