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Entered In the Palestine Texas Postofflce as SecondClass Mall Matter
W M AND H V HAMILTON JR Editors and Proprietors
The Hamilton Boys You Know
Any erroneous reflection upon the character standing or reputation of any
person firm or corporation which may appear in the columns of The Herald
will be gladly corrected upon it being brought to attention of the publishers
It Is Running
Is your subscription to this pa
per running out If so dont you
want to renew it and start the
year right
T jt O T O O O O T O j
For East Texas
Fair Saturday Sunday in >
creasing cloudiness probably >
rain and colder in northwest >
portion moderate southerly >
winds on the coast >
a < < < > > > > > > j < j
92 Vefcpurius aiscovered tne
of Rio it Janeiro
1755 The Connecticut Gazette the
first newspaper in Connecticut
was issued at New Haven
1776 Norfolk Va burned by the
1805 The Quebec Mercury founded
by Thomas Cary
1815 The British attacked New Or
leans <
1822 The first United States settlers
arrived in Texas
1877 Queen Victoria proclaimed em
press of India at Delhi
1896 Charles Melville Hays appoint
ed general manager of the
Grand Trunk railway
1899 Two cent postage came into
force in Canada
1901 Commonwealth of Australia in
augurated at Sydney
At the beginning of this new year
of 1910 conditions look most promis
ing in this section of the country
East Texas scored a big advantage
over most sections during the last half
of the year just closed and while
many sections were reporting partial
failures in their crops this section
was marketing a splendid crop at al
New Years Dag Ppogram
Lindley LaPonte
Introducing Latest HighClass Musical
Holding Up Wedding
Case of Lumbago
Sonnambulistic Hero
A Sweet Toothed Dog
Trieces Orchestra
Of Six Pieces Rendering Latest High
Class Numbers
TWO SHOWS 745 and 9 PM
ADMISSION 10 and 15 Cents
No Reserved Seats
most unheard of prices The result
has been to leave the section in a
most prosperous condition This is
not only true as a direct result but
the circumstance has also turned
many anxious eyes toward East Texas
and it is predicted that the next few
months will witness a great influx of
good people into East Texas This
will mean more farmers more lands
in cultivation and a more permanent
Present conditions with the high
prices on almost all necessities make
farm life more attractive and the
farmer Is becoming more and more
the most independent man in the
world In the first place he has been
able for some time now to command
top prices for all of his products and
yet he can get along with a smaller
store account than any of us An in
dustrious man cultivating his own
lands can come pretty near making
his living without having to buy over
the counter and while saving in this
way can produce for the market the
things that bring him good money
As to Palestine the outlook here
too is good The business people
have done a good business and are in
good shape for the coming year Our
people as a class are contented and
most all of us feel a deep interest in
the future of our town and are striv
ing to improve conditions
The Herald extends a word of good
hope and wishes for all a prosperous
and happy New Year
He has been a most careless oh
server of the trend of public senti
ment during the last few years who
has not observed the rapid crystal
zation of
In dayst not far back leading pro
fessional men those standing in the
front ranks of their various profes
sions could indulge in strong drink
to excess without loss of practice or
prestige but the same action now
would be visited by withdrawal of all
It has not been long since no rail
road manager pretended to interfere
with the conduct of his men in the
matter of going Into saloons and drink
ing but now there are many railroads
on which no engineer is allowed to
touch the lever of a locomotive who
has taken even one drink
This change In public sentiment
has been brought about in large meas
ure by economic reasons Science and
experience have proved the harmful
effect of the use of alcoholic liquors
in lessening the capacity of men for
hard and intelligent labor
It has long been the rule with many
of the largest benevolent organiza
tions that no liquor dealer or any
man connected in any way with the
sale of liquor can become a member
and now one of the greatest labor
organizations has put upon the liquor
business the seal of its condemna
tion This is a most significant mani
festation of the great change of sen
timent toward a question which in
one form or another is always to the
Unfortunately the laboring men
the wage earners of the United
States and indeed of all the world
have been the steadiest and most
profitable to the sellers patrons of
the saloon and they and their wives
and families have been the greatest
sufferers from the use of alcoholic
liquors and when such an organiza
tion as the United Mine Workers puts
the liquor traffic under the ban it
means much for the betterment of
social and economic conditions
The head of that great organiza
tion says In our constitution we
have a clause which forbids any mem
ber to sell intoxicants even at a pic
nic That is what we think of the
liquor traffic Because the liquor
traffic tends to enslave the people to
make them satisfied with improper
conditions to keep them ignorant
the leaders of the trades union move
ment are called upon to fight the sa
loon We believe that the trades
unions are doing more for the cause
of temperance than any other insti
tution in the world
When the membership of an order
composed of tens of thousands of in
telligent workmen put In the const
tion under which the work of the or
der Is done a prohibition against en
tering upon the business of liquor
selling more is then and there done
for the cause of temperance than
can be done by prohibitory laws
however rigid
Such action reveals that those who
so legislate have realized thoharmful
effect of indulgence in alcoholic
liquor and appreciate the evils which
flow from the traffic Deliberate ac
tion taken without excitement or
emotion will have farreaching and
longenduring effect Houston Chron
The plain fact is that drinking is
no longer the fashion For several
reasons it has dawned on many peo
ple that it is neither profitable nor
very respectable to drink and they
have cut it out Too many men
have found their employment hinges
on the ability to use intricate machin
ery and keep a clear head and they
have found that intoxicants do not
help In keeping a clear head As
the science of labor progresses as
more perfect machinery comes into
use and as better skill is demanded
liquor will grow less and less pop
ular until no man who hopes to take
a responsible standing in the profes
sions or the trades can afford to as
sociate with old barley corn
The real origin of the greatest fake
hero story ever told has come to light
in a scrap book owned by an old
resident of Washington according to
the Star
A group of revolutionary heroes
were standing before an old bar In
Washington and from the lips of each
there fell wqnderous stories of what
he had done in the shock of battle or
the frenzy of the charge Finally one
old fellow with long white whiskers
I was personally acquainted with
George Washington
I was lying behind the breast
works one day pumping lead into the
Britishers when I heard the patter of
a horses hoofs behind me Then
came a voice
Hi there You with the deadly
aim Look here a moment
I looked around and saluted recog
nizing General Washington and he
Whats your name
Hogan I said
JYour first name
Pat sir Pat Hogan
Well Pat he said gohome
Youre killing too many men
I think Id better get a fewmore
General I said Jdnd of anoloi
No he said jouve killed too
many Its slaughter And Pat dont
call me General call me George
Dr Cook may have faked all right
he may be an artist in his line but
the famented Pat Hogan was going
some before that bar In old Washing
ton when he turned loose his Call
me George story of the Father of
His Country Dallas Times Herald
For a city beautiful should be in all
of our New Year resolutions
The Herald has received many ex
pressions of good will and confidence
for a prosperous and happy New
Year We are glad to be alive and to
know that we are in the midst of
The editor of the Bryan Eagle says
he saw Halleys comet with his naked
eye the other night A mere trifle
we met men In Palestine last night
who were seeing three comets six
moons and a whole parade of stars
It is an ideal time for seeing things
From Dear Old Bill I sat up till
midnight last night waiting to get on
the water wagon when it came up
but I missed it and landed on a high
ball and another and another and
when I woke up this morning my
head hurt and my appetite called for
Ice and a wet towel Happy New
The law forbidding the manufacture
of intoxicating beverages within the
state of Tennessee went into effect at
midnight laht night and all of the
breweries and distilleries have shut
down The new law will be tested In
the courts Tills is one of the most
stringent prohibition laws ever enact
ed Some of the wet states stand a
show to get some of these enter
prises However it may he that none
will want to come to Texas for this
territory is considered very uncertain
to the whiskey industry And it may
prove to be
The Herald comes into the New
Year with the kindliest feeling for all
people Whatever criticism the Her
ald may indulge in with reference to
public nffails is based on a desire to
accomplish good and not as a means
of venting any personal spite This
paper does not believe in personal
journalism and tries to keep its col
umns free from anything that smacks
of personal attacks but on the other
hand it believes it is clearly within
its right and duty when It calls atten
tion to shortcomings in the public
service The Herald has opinions on
o Hij JStfe S tf
J 5 fSr Vi
Stock Taking Time
Is at Hand
The Model DESIRES to REDUCE its STOCK as much as
possible YOU CAN HELP us work this to an advantage and
profit yourself Its simple enoughall Suits Coats Skirts and
so you can rest assured youll get the BEST for LESS money
than you would pay ELSEWHERE
Remember Suits Coats Skirts
and Dresses at Big Reductions
most all live questions and has never
been timid about expressing them
Sometimes these opinions lead to a
difference of mind with some of the
best friends the paper has but the
assumption is made that all men are
broadmihded enough to grant the
right of opinion and expression to
others The policy of the past shall
characterize the work of the Herald
Labor organizations in Pennsylvania
have started a gubernatorial boom for
Congressman William B Wilson who
is well known as a labor leader
Indications point to the reelection
of U S Jackson as chairman of the
democratic central committee of In
diana when the committee meets this
The state of Maine may purchase
the old James G Blaine mansion in
Augustato be used as a residence for
the governor during the sessions of
the legislature The old place is one
of the historic landmarks of the
Maine capital
Congressman E J Hill who is said
to be slated as the candidate of the
insurgents for speaker of the next
congress against Uncle Joe Can
non has represented the Fourth Con
necticut district in the lower house
for the past fifteen years
Political rumor has entered another
candidate in the race for the seat of
the late Senator Johnson of North
Dakota The new entry is Edward
Engerud of Fargo a former judge of
the supreme court of North Dakota
Representative Philip P Campbell
of Kansas who Is expected to push
in the house the proposed investiga
tion of the sugar trust is a Canadian
by birth but has lived in Kansas
since lie was four years old He is
now serving his third term in con
Senators Cummins of Iowa Clapp
of Minnesota Brlstow of Kansas Nel
son of Minnesota and other insur
gent leaders have offered to take
the stump in aid of Senator La Fol
lette In the Wisconsin senators coin
ing campaign for re election
The Lincoln League of Indiana has
decided to hold its biennial meeting
in Columbus on February 12 Lin
colns birthday The principal address
at the meeting will be delivered by
Senator Albert J Beverldge ExCon
The Fashion Plate of Ladles Wear
up the fight until public
joins In demanding the very best that
money and talent can give In the ad
ministration of the city county and
state affairs Right now the Herald
is vitally interested in the question of
better streets for the city and it ex
pects to see these given to the city
during the present year
gressman James E Watson will also
be one of the speakers
It is reported that Congressman
Joseph Rhinock of the Sixth Ken
tucky district will quit politics at the
end of his present term in order to
devote his entire attention to his ex
tensive theatrical interests
James P Goodrich republican state
fin in nitliana nas reslgneTrEIs
position and the state committee will
meet early this month to elect his
successor As Senator Beveridge is
fn control of the patronage In his
state it is expected he will have the
choice of the new chairman No gov
ernor is to be elected in Indiana next
year but legislative tickets are to be
put up in every county
The following prominent persons
were born on this date
1730 Paul Revere
1730 Edmund Burke
1745 Anthony Wayne Mad
Phone No 1063
For Fruits of al kinds Fish and Oy
sters Vegetables of all kinds Deliv
ered to any part of the city free
My Oysters are the best to be had
Wm H Smith
1230 tf Next to Postoffice
Minstrel Comedy Co
A rehearsal of the Minstrel Com
edy company will be held tomorrow
afternoon at 230 and all members
are urged to be present
Will Stinnett Director
Hulls and Meal
We now have meal and hulls
sale Spot cash to everybody
Anderson County Cotton Oil Co
For Your
Early morning eyeopener
Breakfast bracer
Lunch lipsmacker
Dinner demitasse
Supper systemtoner
Good nil th time Sold everywhere
At the Congregational Church Rev
Layfield Will Make Three Ad
dresses Sunday
Bringing Men to Christ was Evan
gelist Layfields subject yesterday af
ton ijsrt
Bringing Children and Young People
to Christ These were the two mes
sages that all christians and espec
ially parents took to heart who
heard the evangelist deliver them
The meetings will continue through
out next week and the messages are
announced to be for the purpose of
helping others to be christians There
will be no meeting tonight
Tomorrow the evangelist will
preach three times at the church 11
a m 4 p m and 730 p m The
morning service will be in the inter
est of young people from six years old
and up and Mr Layfield has some
thing to be seen as well as heard in
the interest of parents and all young
1752BeTsyRoss maker of Stars andPe ° Ple At 4 ° ockJie will speak to
The Y C wiU
men only n
1767 Maria Edgworth novelist
1779 Edward Stanley bishop of Nor
1800 Francis Earl of Ellesmore
1800 Constantine Hering father of
homeopathy in American
1830 Tomaso Salvini Italian trage
1S34 Ludovic Halevy author
1856 Rev Frank W Gunsaulus
1S57 Stephen Brundigo Jr U S
congressman from Arkansas
the evangelist in this service No bet
ter preaching has been heard from
Palestine pulpits than the preaching
that Mr Layfield has done this week
Many christians have been edified and
prepared to do more valiant work In
bringing lost souls to the Savior who
died for them and rose again
The general public Is cordially in
vited to all of the meetings
Called Communication
Palestine January 1 1910
There will be a called communica
tion of Palestine Lodge A F A
M held in their lodge room at 7
oclock p m Work in M M degree
Members requested to attend Visit
ing brethren cordially invited Re
T O Moore W M
S P Allen Secretary
Big New Years Bill
The Lyric is still very popular with
the lovers of clean amusement and
last night a good crowd was present
at both shows The pictures were In
teresting Today the Lyric is glvin
a New Years matinee and tonight
two big bills will be given TiM
Lyric always pleases its patrons

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