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Old Story as RewrittenBy a Little
Girl In Third Grade at Third
Ward School Good Work
By Marie Grimes
Rip Van Winkle was a man who
loved children Nothing pleased him
any better than to play with the vil
lage children He was very good but
was as lazy as he was good Mrs Van
Winkle often got angry with Rip be
cause he was lazy Also she disliked
Rips dog Schneider because he was
good for nothing too The fences on
their farm near Catskill mountains
were falling down and his children
wore rags His wife often scolded
but Rip shrugged his shoulders and
paid no attention One day he went
up the mountains with his dog and
his gun hunting He lay down in the
shade of a tree to rest when he heard
a distant voice calling Rip Van
Winkle Rip Van Winkle He rose
and stared about him but he saw
nothing He thought he was dream
ing but again he heard the voice
As he gazed he made out a small man
toiling over the rocks on the moun
tain with a keg on his shoulder The
man made a sign for Rip to help him
Rip hastened to take the keg from
the man After going a small distance
up the mountain he saw on a level
place some more little nien playing
ninepins At once they began to
drink from the keg When they were
through Rip took a drink Soon he
grew bolder and took another drink
Then he became dizzj and was soon
fast asleep When he awoke he felt
for his gun and found one that was
falling apart He thought the little
men had taken his and put the old one
there as a joke He said I must
have stayed out here all night What
nill my wife say As he arose he
he found that he was quite stiff
He walked to where he lived but he
saw no one he knew He appeared to
be quite an old man Some people
asked him his name Rip Van Win
kle said he Why said they
you must be dreaming Rip Van
Winkle left here twenty years ago
Mrs Van Winkle died ten years ago
When the people of the mountain
hear thunder they say it is little
mountain men playing ninepins
A Medicine That Does Not Cost Any
tning Unless It Gives Satisfac
tory Relief
tj If you suffer from constipationv in
any form whatever acute or chronic
we will guarantee to supply you medi
cine that we honestly believe will ef
fect permanent relief If taken with
regularity and according to directions
Following the big business
enjoyed before and dur
ing Christmas week I de
sire to return my sincere
thanks to my many custo
mers and to wish for
them continued prosperity
happiness and wealth In
the future I will endeavor
to serve you as in the
past to the very best of
my ability and with the
best of everything for the
table With best wishes
for the New Year I am
The Grocer
We greet all our friends and pat
rons with whom we have done
business or with whom we expect
to do business wishing each ad
every one the fullest measure of
prosperity and individual pleasure
during the coming year It has
been an honor to have served you
the past year and to you we pay
Our aim is to so conduct our
selves that we may retain the
food will and respect which you
ave so cheerfully given us
With heartiest wishes for a
happy and profitable New Year
aygg r sjgfe J
for a reasonable length of time
Should the medicine fail to benefit
you to your entire satisfaction we
promise that it shall cost you nothing
No other remedy can be compared
with Rexall Orderlies for the easy
pleasant and successful treatment of
constipation The active medicinal
ingredient of this remedy which is
odorless tasteless and colorless is
an entirely new discovery Combined
with other valuable ingredients it
and agreeable action They do not
cause griping or any disagreeable ef
fect or inconvenience and may be
taken at any time day or night
We particularly recommend Rexall
Orderlies for children and for delicate
or aged persons because they do not
contain anything injurious Unlike
other preparations they do not create
a habit but instead they overcome
the habits acquired through the use
of ordinary laxatives cathartics and
harsh physic and remove the causes
of constipation or Irregular bowel ac
tion that are not of surgical variety
We want you to try Rexall Orderlies
at our risk We know of nothing that
will do you so much good They are
prepared in tablet form in two sizes
3G tablets 25 cents and 12 tablets 10
cents Remember you can obtain
Rexall Remedies in Palestine only at
our stores The Rexall Stores Brat
ton Drug Co either store Oak or
Spring street
To the Public
I wish to announce to my friends
and others that I have accepted the
position of city salesman and collector
i imflfti iiitilai Bfci
Has Attracted to Los AngelesAvia
tion Meet Many Daring and Skill
ful Air Navigators
Herald Special j
Los Angeles Cal Jan 10 Today
ushered in the greatest aviatlonlmeet
ever held in America if not in the
forms a preparation which is incomj
worI For ten days some three score
parable as a perfect bowel regulator I of neroplnneSi baii0ons anddirigibles
intestinal invigorator and strengthen j represeiltlnB almost every known type
Rexall Orderlies eaten like
er are of air craft > nnj t0 be geen n a erles
candy and are notable for their gentle The
of contests arranged under au
spices of the California Aviation So
ciety The scene of the meet Is the
great Dominguez ranch near Comp
ton and within easy access of this
city It is estimated that nearly 100
000 persons journeyed to the field to
day to witness the opening events on
the ten days program
A prize list exceeding 75000 has
attracted to the meet many of the
most daring and skillful air navigators
of America and Europe Among the
number are Glenn H Curtiss who
captured the areoplane honors in the
great meet at Rheims last summer
Clifford B Harmon with the balloon
New York which holds the United
States duration record Louis JBerg
doll of Philadelphia who has entered
a Blorolt monoplane Dick Ferris with
the balloon America Louis Paul
ham the celebrated French aeronaut J
and Roy Knabenshue and Lincoln
Beachey of Toledo two of the pio
neers in the field ol digirible balloons
In addition to these there are other
pilots not so well known including a
half dozen from Los Angeles and
others from San Francisco San Diego
and thirty days will be considered
cash and those not paying their prem
iums In thirty days after the date of
the policies must pay G per cent in
terest on the amount of the premium
or the policies will be canceled and
returned to the company Failure of
the agent to complywith this sub
jects him to the full penalty of the
J W Ozment
Fire Insurance Agent
Palestine Texas 123110t
To Keep Cars at Every Station An
Important Ruling
San Antonio Texas Jan 8 That
railroads in Texas are not obliged to
keep freight and cattle cars at every
station is the substance of a decision
of the Fourth Court of Civil Appeals
in the case of the Galveston Harris
blirg San Antonio railroad vs R
E Word The court rules that the fur
nishing of cars within a reasonable
time was the extent of a railroads ob
ligation under the law
Word a wealthy sheep rancher
brought suit in a lower court for fail
ure of the company to have cars in
readiness at Del Rio on October 31
for the transportation of sheep to
Fort Worth The cars were not
placed at his disposal until Novem
ber G Damages to the amount of
2500 were claimed by him for the
shrinkage of his stock and deprecia
tion in value Of this sum the jury
awarded him 153450 Appeal was
taken by the railroad It was found
by the court that due diligence to se
cure the cars had been exercised
The action of the court in this case
will have a wholesome effect through
Monday morning January 3rd we will place
on sale the BIGGEST VALUES in em
broideries we have evershown The price
will be 10c and 15c the widthup to 15 inches
Also we make a special showing of fine
> embroideries in edges flourjj dli
See the values in our show windows
Yours very truly
Hodges Dry Goods Co
Our great muslin underwear sale will be
January 14th We will show you the
grandest assortment of underwear ever
brought to Palestine The prices will be
Hodges prices
for the Singer Sewing Machine com
pany In the city of Palestine and will
be pleased to receive your patronage
assuring you in advance that you will
always receive courteous and just
treatment from me No better or
more serviceable machines are made
than those offered by me My head
quarters are at the company office on
Main street
Yours for business
5Gt T O Moore
Piles Piles Piles
Williams Indian Pile Ointment will
cure Blind Bleeding and Itching Piles
It absorbs the tumors allays itching
at once acts as a poultice gives In
stant relief Williams Indian Pile
Ointment is prepared for Piles and
Itching Sold by druggists mall 50c
and 100 Williams Manufacturing
Co Props Cleveland O
For sale by Bratton Drug Co
The Very Newest
It Is now time to see about your
stationery for the coming year The
Herald has anticipated your wants
and in addition to the already splen
did equipment the very newest type
faces for stationery printing have been
added If you want something modern
and that will look good to you and
your correspondents let us print It
Read This
Jacksonville Texas This Is to cer
tify that my wife was cured of kid
ney and bladder trouble In 1895 by
the use of one bottle of Halls Texa3
Wonder and I can cheerfully recom
mend it to others suffering in same
manner A M Duke
Sold by J R Hearne Co
Order your suit now See MIchell
Donagbue the good tailors 2tf
s v
Cincinnati New York Philadelphia out the state and the precedent es
St Louis San 1
Jose and several other
New law for doing fire Insurance
business in the state of Texas goes
into effect January 1st 1910
State Fire Rating Board law fire
insurance company prescribing condi
tions for transacting business in the
state of Texas
Senate Bill No 25 legislature of the
state of Texas
Section 13 Any fire insurance com
pany director or officer thereof or
any agent or person acting for or em
ployed by any such company who
alone or in conjunction with any cor
poration company or person shall
wilfully suffer or permit to be done
any act matter or thing prohibited or
declared to be unlawful by this act
or who shall wilfully omit or fall to
do any act matter or thing required
to be done by this act or shall cause
or wilfully suffer or permit any act
matter or thing described by this act
not to be done or shall be guilty of
any wilful infraction of this act shall
be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor
and shall upon conviction thereof be
punished by a fine not to exceed
10000 for each offense provided
that if the offense for which any per
son shall be convicted as aforesaid
shall be an unlawful discrimination
such person shall be punished by a
fine not exceeding 10000 or by im
prisonment in the county jail for a
term not exceeding ninety days or by
both such fine and imprisonment
All fire insurance companies are
refusing to extend credit to any as
sured for the premiums on policies
therefore I am compelled under the
laws to do business on a cash basis
tabllshed will eliminate in the future
a great deal of similar litigation
Juries of the lower courts have in the
past 1 been very liberal in awarding
damages in similar cases
You can stop a cough or a cold as
if by magic by just breathing sooth
ing healing Hyomei over the sore
raw andinflamed membrane
This is from a man who knows
Mrs Mager and myself have used
your Inhaler faithfully whenever need
ed and It has always given instant re
lief and saved us from many severe
colds The above is voluntarily given
and If in your estimation its use as a
testimonial would help to get others
to use it I will gladly have you do so
as we consider it a wonderful discov
ery and recommend It whenever op
portunity presents itself F W
Mager Contracting Freight Agent C
H D Ity Co Cincinnati Ohio
October 22 1909
Dont fool with stomach nostrums
try magical Hyomei at once It le
Heves a stuffed up head in two min
A complete Hyomei outfit including
Inhaler and one bottle of Hyomei
costs only 100 at druggists every
where and at Bratton Drug Co It is
guaranteed to cure catarrh croup
coughs colds sore throat and bron
chitis or money hack Extra bottles
of Hyomei if afterward needed cost
but 50 cents
Cures Indigestion
It relieves stomach misery sour stom
ach belching and cures nil stomach dis
ease or money back Largo box of tab
lets CO cents Druggists m all towns
9 7 zSnx i i
> > i
LL > < j i f
U >
Have it done right
Who doit right
lliu Baruuess VitUKliun morganatic wife or the late King Leopold lost
little rime in getting out of Belgium after the kings death The fact that
she was about the only one of his household
present during his last Illness
aroused the people who had lonK held her In eontrmpt to the point of hostile
demonstration and she took her two small boys and went to her chateau
near Monte Carlo She will obtain a large share of Leopolds fortune through
his will Leopold himself gave her the title of baroness She was the
daughter of a French Innkeeper i
Country Ribbon Cane
1000 gallons per gallon
500 dozen Clipper tomatoes doz
Jim Redwine
Plumbing and Tinning
J C PRICE Grocer
After a good Christmas trade wishes to
thank his many friends and patrons for
their liberal support and state that his
stock has been replenished with goods of
Quality an
Quick delivery or no sale
Phone 688
All kinds of repair tin and sheet iron work Stoves
repaired and set up and flues cleaned out Give us
your work and have it done right
Shop Corner of Oak and John Streets
UufsrmsntQil GrftpaJalcoforCommon
Ion Parpoies and SlcK Chtobar >
Old Port Wine 3 yoars old JlEOpet al Sherry Wine 1
years oldlE0 per gal Good Table Claret 100 per gal
Fine Old Blaokberry Wine bestfln the market Those wines
have taken first premiums In Dallas Houston and San An
tonio for many years and are guaranteed to be pure in6T
ery respect Jugs found and wtnet delivered to any part of
he olty tree otoharre
112 D w x Street

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