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Entered In the Palestine Texas Postofflce as SecondClass Mall Matter
W M AND H V HAMILTON JR Editors and Proprietors
The Hamilton Boya You Know
Any erroneous reflection upon the character standing or reputation of any
person firm or corporation which may appear in the columns of The Herald
will he gladly corrected upon it helng brought to attention of the publishers
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< For Palestine and vicinity
Tonight and Saturday fair >
> weather
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1497 Second patent granted to John
Cabot by Henry VII of England
to make a western voyage of
1G93 Nearly two thousand persons
killed by earthquake in Sicily
1783 Final cessation of hostilities
between the United States and
Great Britain
1831 Baron Aylmer entered upon his
term of office as governor of
1835 Edward D White became gov
ernor of Louisiana
18G1 The government of the Con
federate states of America or
ganized at Montgomery Ala
1874 Coomasie captured by a British
force under Lord Wolesley
1876 Manitoba abolished the legisla
tve council
1S98 Thomas A Osborne v former
governor of Kansas died
Where most American people fall
down is in not recognizing their gov
ernment in city county state and
nation as part of their business and of
their own concern Most of us are
content to regard it as a matter set
aside belonging to and responsible
from the men who happen to be in
authority by our vote or by the vote
of other men over our protest And
that is not true Take the case of
e clty government not specifically
here in Palestine but in any town
and what does the average taxpaying
citizen know about the government
about what is actually needed or
what is actually being done Prec
ious little It comes election time
the average man goes to the polls and
votes for some man he happens to
like and in nine cases out of ten the
voter never stops to figure as a busi
ness proposition whether his choice
is a capable man for the place or
not but votes for him because he
happens to be friendly to him or un
friendly to his opponent This is
true to a large extent and then is it
any wonder that often the govern
ment is not conducted with business
decision and system The govern
ment Is a great business undertaking
just as running your store factory or
shop only vastly more important be
cause it effects more people and
every man who lives under the gov
ernment is a stockholder and has a
stockholders rights and responsibili
ties The viewpoint as to government
is so warped that in some cases the
servant of the people actually gets of
fended if his masters the public
offer him suggestions or criticises
his acts However wise an official
head is he cannot at all times think
the clearest way but is entitled to
and should have the support and loy
Mayneand Mayne
Introducing Latest Songs and Dances
Good Wardrobe and Clean Comedy
Trleces Orchestra
Of Five Pieces Rendering the Latest
Musical Selections
TWO SHOWS 745 and 9 P M
ADMISSION 10 and 15 Cents
No Reserved Seats
At 4 OClock
Hoy bringing largest Irish Potato to
Theatre will receive a solid
silver prize
alty and backing of those in whose in
terests he works or if it happens that
he is not that kind of a worker he
should be held up to criticism and re
lieved of his commission and power
We cannot delude ourselves with the
thought that it is not our affair for
it is all of our affair and we as peo
ple of a government are responsible
always and all the time for the kind
of government we get It is our job
our organization our business and we
can make it good or not as we give
ourselves to the work
Here is the final test Comes now
news from Fort Worth the city that
opens the gate into the vast western
empire of Texas the city where in
the bygone days the panther laid his
feet at the brink of the Trinity the
city whose newspapers boost West
Texas as the garden spot of the world
where opportunity commits assault
upon the wayfarer and clubs him in
to a competence we say comes now
news of what That one of these
same newspaper men has quit the
business and come to East Texas and
bought a farm Could more be said
Jveed more be said I love you West
Texas but oh you East Texas
K is on every mante back it is over
him when he sleeps under him when
he walks about in his home it comes
on the winter wind to whisper fear in
the consumptives ear it fixes the
degree of warmth in the coat of the
laborer it decides whether or not
country children may plow their way
to school in warm rubber boots with
warm mittens on their hands it is
chiefly responsible for the discouraged
wistfulness of the mother faces that
haunt our clothing stores at Christ
mas time in fact it dominates the
pocketbook Richard Washburn Child
in Everybodys Magazine
This is the introduction to one of
the most illuminating articles that has
appeared on the tariff in a long time
at least among such articles as have
been designed to instruct the average
reader or consumer on the iniquities
of the tariff system
The woolen schedule is boldly de
clared by Mr Child to be the work of
one man the head of the woolen trust
whose potential agents were those
leaders in congress who determined
just what the tariff should be It
was designed by this man to give the
power of extortion to all the manufac
turers in the trust and to discrimi
nate not only against the consumer
but also against the trusts chief com
petitors the cajded wool manufactur
ers The latter can no longer make
cheap clothing out of cheap material
even if they desire to do so for the
reason that schedule K is so framed
as to put exorbitant duties on the raw
materials so used and which must be
impoited in large quantities to meet
the demand
And these things have been accom
plished by bold and defiant provisions
carried out by the willing agents of
the tiust in congress and by trickeiy
jugglery and deception intended to
deceive the country and even such
members of congress as are not ex
perts in tariffmaking In a policy
that reeks with injustice the duty is
the same on cloth or clothing that
contains a small percentage of wool
as on cloth or clothing that is all
wool By the same arrangement fur
niture that bears a bit of wool in its
upholstering fabric rubber boots that
have a little wool in their lining cot
ton coats that have woolen collars
all bear the duty of all wool
The extoition made possible and
exercised under the powers given to
the woolen trust by this schedule is
ail indefensible burden on every fam
ily or Individual of small or moderate
means It affects the cost of all
kinds of wearing apparel of bedding
Also all kinds of shoemak
> Ing and repairing I can
> save you money on your
shoe bill See me 401
Main St Opposite Red
wines Restaurant
< > < > > > < > < < > <
Most Famous of Actresses
Sarah Bernhardt Who Is tcft Ap
pear In Vaudeville
It was announced recently that aft
er many years of objection Sarah
Bernhardt the famous Frenchwoman
considered the worlds leading actress
would appear in vaudeville In London
next fall Mine Bernhardt was iborn
i Paris in 1S44
of floor covering It has a vital re
lation to the health the very life of
the people
And this imposition is all the more
criminal for the reason that a vast
proportion of the clothing or material
made in whole or in part of wool
must be imported because even with
this enormous protection to the wool
growers which of course is largely
absorbed by the tiust the sheep in
dustry has not developed to a suffi
cient extent to supply the domestic
demand Mr Child declares that all
the wool grown in this country if
represented in clothing would servs
only to furnish each person with a
very short pair of knickerbockers
And was this schedule the work of
the present congress the product of
the extra session Not at all It is
the old Dingley schedule Its iniqui
ties have been known for years The
crime of the present congress was not
in making this schedule but in not
correcting its atrocious injustices
But the woolen trust is the master of
congress as at present organized The
trust agreed several months before
the tariff session that it would jit
ask for higher duties but that Jt
would insist on the old scheduleUfct
knew what it was doing it knew It
men it knew their power its deci
sion prevailed
And the people pay this trust a
tribute as cruel and shameless in the
exaction as ever was imposed by an
cient monarchs and by many too
many accepted as meekly as was the
thraldom of the hereditary serfs of
old Kansas City Star
Well the weather man missed his
bet on the freeze last night but it
was some cool
We are whipping the beef trust to a
frazzle and really cod fish and po
tatoes are not so bad jf you once
make up jour mind to it
That new fire hall will rid us of
an eye sore and the site now occu
pied by the old barn should be made
a park and put to more valuable use
Palestine owns a big street roller
but it has not worked any for a very
long time It looks capable of helping
to do some good work on the streets
The man who failed or refused to
pay his poll tax is already repentant
but in this case repentance will avail
him nothing The candidates will
have none of him and his conversa
tion is simply sounding brass
Up to the present count It looks
very much as though Col Rankin had
put it up to Col Colquitt to prove his
adoration of Senator Bailey If Col
Colquitt cannot piovo his case it is
going to be a case of hard luck
Watch the fight
The south will become truly pros
perous when southern money is put
into southern factories to work our
raw mateiial into the finished pro
duct As it is now we produce the
raw and buy it back in the finish pay
ing the other fellow the profit
Plans are matuiing to launch the
East Texas Development Congress in
Nacogdoches dm ing the meeting of
the East Texas editors in that city in
the spring It is a good movement
and should be backed up by the busi
ness organizations of this section
East Texas needs and must have pub
The man to get the advantage of
the present high prices is the one
who is a producer This is true
whether it be in the factory or in the
field The man who makes Iron gets
his price the man who makes sugar
gets his price and the man who
grows the feed and the cloth fabric
j iia 2s 5w
One large assortment of Jabots Middy Stocks
Ties Bows etc arrived by yesterdays
Express and await your pleasure
Other Arrivals
Beautiful Dainty Spring Waists in French Lawn Mull
Lingerie and Lace effect each a gem of quality and style
Coronet Braids Pins Hair Goods and a Guaranteed Bar
rett See this in all late sizes and colors
can get his price if he will make him
self independent enough to sell when
he pleases and not on a forced mar
ket The man who sells his surplus
can name his price and sell when
most favorable but the man who
sells of necessity cannot be so dis
criminating about when and at what
We hear a great deal these days on
the subject of what is music There
are different viewpoints to be sure
There is the technical expertness that
only artists can understand and appre
ciate and that a singer can range
from one extreme note to the other is
considered a marvel by such appre
ciative ones But to most of us music
means that ability with harmony that
can draw from us a kindred sentiment
making us laugh or cry with the
spirit of the music And of this kind
of musicians there are exceedingly
few So few that some people never
hgnrrpal music la our varied career
we remember to have heard but some
three or four musicians in all of our
Many people coming to this section
from the thickly populated sections of
the country where every foot of land
is of value are at a loss to under
stand why so much of the land here
is out of cultivation and in many in
stances a wholly wrong conclusion is
reached People brought up to appre
ciate the value of land often conclude
that this land is of no value or else
It would not be idle The fault is not
in the lands but due to the fact that
we have not the population to take
up and cultivate these lands The
government survey in this county
shows this land to be of a very high
grade and when the people come to
cultivate it it will yield abundantly
And that is what East Texas wants to
bring about the getting together of
the people and this land
The Herald would be pleased to
keep in touch with the Boys Corn
Club movement in this county It is
a most valuable undertaking to the
county arid the boys are expected to
show the older men how they should
have been raising corn all of these
kj j
The Fashion Plate of Ladles Wear
Geo W
leaching influence cannot be cstimat
ed Corsicana Sun
j Ja F Brook architect and engi
gineer Room 25 Link Building U
You want a good cigar
Well you eai have luxury
flavor mildness content in
a Geo Wl Childs for five
cents <
Generousty Good
years There is no real good reason
why Anderson county should not pro
duce a surplus of corn and be a seller
instead of a buyer Get busy boys
and lets have more corn and better
corn Palestine Herald
All over the state Boys Corn Grow
ers clubs are being organized show
ing there is a general interest being
taken in them This interest comes
largely from the fact that where the
boys have been organized the results
have been most satisfactory dnd the
boys greatly encouraged It is a
schooling In which every boy should
be enlisted for its value and far
If You Want to Buy Your Meata
from the most sanitary Bhop in the
city all you have to do is to Just
phone 145 The Old Town MarKet
and you will get strictly clean meata
of best quality at reasonable rates
Prompt delivery all over city Spec
ial attention to C O D orders Dont
forget Phone No 145
J G Scarborough Prop
Most housekeepers are using K C
Baking Powder these days A single
trial shows it to be a great Improve
ment over the oldstyle Baking Pow
ders and a fine economy In any
household K C costs less works
Agents for the famous 5A Horse
Blankets H Schmidt Co 7tt
Some special bargains
in Real Estate
One house on North Jackson street 5 rooms with hall brick chimney One acre of ground in lot
125000 easy payments Would cost more money to build the house than we are asking for the entire
Three beautiful lots on Cedar stieet part of Dr H R Links homestead lots 75x160 feet Price
55000 each
The entire property of A C Green consisting of more than 500 lots ranging in price from 12500 to
50000 each
A new 5room house which has never been occupied on the corner of Kolstad and Johns streets This
is a very desirable place close in at a reasonable price
100 acre farm practically all in cultivation 2 small houses living water on place rented this year for
standing rent that will pay 10 per cent on the investment 1 14 miles from Court House
One 2story brick building nicely located a bargain
Cone Barrett
Palestine NatI Bank Building Phone 298 Palestine

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