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Called For Trial In the District Court
at Hillsboro Today Convicts
Will Testify
tHerald Special
Hillsboro Texas Feb 7 The case
of Major T E Durham assistant su
perintendent of Texas penitentiaries
Tvho is charged with being responsi
ble for the death ot a coloied convict
on the Steiner Valley convict farm
in this county was called for trial in
the district court today More than
fifty witnesses among them a num
ber of convicts have been summoned
to testify The case of Major Durham
has attracted widespread attention
and has given considerable impetus
to the movement for the reform of the
penal system in Texas
Ordinary Cathartics and Pills and
Harsh Physic Cause Distress
ing Complaints
You cannot be overcareful in the
selection of medicine for children
Only the veiy gentlest bowel medicine
should eer be given except in emer
gency cases Ordinary pills cathar
tics and purgatives are apt to do
more harm than good They cause
griping nausea and other distressing
aftereffects that are frequently health
destroying and a lifelasting annoy
We personally recommend and guar
antee Rexall Orderlies as the safest
and most dependable remedy for con
stipation and associate bowel dis
orders We have such absolute faith
in the virtiies of this remedy that we
sell it on our guarantee of money
back In every instance where it fails
to give entire satisfaction and we
urge all in need ot such medicine to
try it at our risk
Rexall Oiderlies contain an entire
ly new ingredient which is odorless
tasteless and colorless As an active
agent it embraces the valuable quali
ties of the best known intestinal reg
ulator tonics
Rexall Orderlies are eaten like
candy They are particularly prompt
and agreeable in action may he taken
at any time day or night do not
cause diarrhoea nausea griping ex
cessive looseness or other undesir
able effects They have a very natu
ral action upon the glands and or
gans with which they come in con
tact act as a positive and regulative
tonic upon the relaxed muscular coat
of the bowel and its dry mucous lln
iffgf remove irritation overcome
weakness tone and strengthen the
rv tlv
> crn kokwaix to
Our Silent
Oyster Salesman
This is the cleanly white and
blue poicelaiu Sealshipticase
from which we sell SEAL
SHIPT OYSTERS at our store
No ice or water ever touches
the oysters
It is the final step in the
Sealshipt System which makes
it possible for us to furnisli our
customeis with oysters which
taste exactly the s > ame heie as
when eaten on the shjre They
are firm tempting delicious
morsels of sea food
Have the tang of the sea
You will bo surprised when
you bee Sealshipt Oysters More
sui prised and delighted when
you taste them
In buying Sealshipt Oysters
remember that theie is no
llquoi nothing hut solid
meat The liquor is what
spoils common oysters It is
melted lailioad ice
If you ordinarily buy oysters
by the quart get only a pint of
Come into our store and seo
our silent salesman While here
ask for a copy of our book
Seaside Oyster Dishes It
gives many slime leclpes
nerves and muscles and restore the
bowels and associate organs to more
vigorous and healthy activity
Rexall Orderlies completely relieve
constipation except when of a surgi
cal character They also tend to
overcome the necesstiy of constantly
taking laxatives to keep the bowels in
normal condition
There is really no medicine for tills
purpose so good as Rexall Orderlies
especially for children aged and deli
Negro Fiends to Die
Herald Specal >
Kansas City Mo Feb 7 Prepara
tions have been completed at the
county jail for the execution tomorrow
of John Williams and George Rey
nolds the two negroes recently coa
victed of assaulting Mrs W H Jack
son More than one thousand applica
tions have been received for permis
sion to see the execution among the
applicants being Mrs Vera Henry
mother of Mrs Jackson No women
will be permitted to witness the hang
ing however and it will he made as
private as possible >
Notice is hereby given that the
County Commissioners Court of An
derson county will at 10 oclock a m
February 14 1910 receive from any
banking corporation association or in
dividual banker desiring to be selected
as the County Depository of Ander
son county a sealed proposal stating
the county including the school
founds for the terra between the date
of such bid and the next regular time
for the selection of a depository Feb
ruary 1911 Said bill shall be a
companied by a certified check of
300as a guarantee of good faith on
the part of the bidder and that if his
bid should be accepted he will enter
into the bond provided by law
Witness my hand this the 24th day
of January A D lulO
O C Funderhurk
County Judge Anderson County
Texas 124tf
Waco Municipal Campaign
Herald Special
Waco Texas Feb 7 One of the
hottest municipal campaigns in the
history of Waco ended today Tomor
iow a primary election will be held
for the selection of a complete ticket
of city officials Interest centers
chiefly in the contest for ma > or be
tween H B Mistrot and J W Rig
Motts Nervine Pill
The great iron and tonic restorative
for men and women produces strength
and vitality builds up the system and
renews the normal vigor For sale by
druggists or by mail 100 per box C
boxes for 500 Williams Manufac
turing Co Props Cleveland O
For sale by Bratton Drug Co
Piles Cured In 6 to 14 Days
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to
cure any case of Itching Blind Bleed
ing or Protruding Piles in C to 14
days or money refunded 60 cents
Officers and Promoters of the Old
Mexican Land and Industrial
Company Before Court
Herald Special ty
Bloomington 111 Feb 7 Much In
terest is displajed in the suit against >
the officers and promoters of the 01d Daiy Becoming Less Wearisome
Many In Palestine
cate persons They are prepared m Mcxican Laml anJ Industrial coml
form in two sizes of
jpany > which was caed for trjal
12 tablets 10 cents and 36 tablets 25 ReaJ
the couMy court today >
cents Remember you can obtain Rex
all Remedies In Palestine only at
our stores The Rexall Stores Brat
ton Drug Co either store Oak or
Spring street
estate mining properties and rights
of great value near the village of
Villadama Monterey in Mexico are
involved in the case
The defendants who are charged
with unlawful investments and fraud
ulent misappropriations of money ot
the company are Frederick C Fair
banks of Pasadena Cal son of for
mer Vice Piesident Charles W Fair
banks Luther Fairbanks brother of
Charles and Loriston Fairbanks a
nephew The stockholders of the com
pany who allege they were defraude d
out of 130000 are the complainants
in the case
Sam Langford vs Jim
u <
Start of sixday bicycle race in First
Regiment Armory Newark N J
Paul Moore vs Johnny Daly ten
rounds in New York < J
Annual tournament of the 22Calibre
Rifle League of the U S begins in
Second annual speed skating races at
Perth Ontario
Flynn ten
the largest ahd best assorted
stock in all departments fori
coming season to show
rons we have ever had
Watch This Spacer
Yours very truly
Hodges Dry Goods Co
the rate of interest that said banking
corporation association or individual
banker offers to pay on the funds of
rounds at Los Angeles
Art Edmunds vs Einle Sunberg at
Winnipeg for featherweight wrest
ling championship
Annual bonspiel of Manitoba Curling
Association opens in Winnipeg
Opening of ice race meeting ot Duf
ferin Driving Ciub at Toronto
New England indoor ice skating cham
pionships at Boston
Annual St Valentines golf tourna
ment staits at Pinehurst X C
Opening of annual show of West
minster Kennel Club in New York
Annual schedule meeting of New Eng
land League of baseball clubs at
Annual tournament of International
Bowling Association opens in St
Annual tournament of Northwestern
Wliist Association opens in Minne
Racquet championship tournament for
Gold Racquet staits at Tuxedo
Pirk N Y
Eastern amateur outdoor skating
championships at Newburg N Y
Snowshoe and skating championships
of Montreal Amateur Athletic Asso
Ski tournament at Stillwater Minn
Annual indoor invitation meet of the
Boston Athletic Association
Indoor meet of the Richmond College
Athletic Association Richmond Va
If You Want to Buy Your Meats
from the most sanitary shop in the
city all you have to do is to Just
phone 145 The Old Town Market
and you will set strictly clean meats
of best quality at reasonable rates
Prompt delivery all over city Spec
ial attention to C O D orders Dont
forget Phone No 145
V J G Scarborough Prop
t With a back that aches all day
j With rest disturbed at night
i Annoying urinary disorders
T Tis a weary indeed
MDoans Kidney Pills diive weari
npss away
Are endorsed by Palestine citizens
Mrs W J Rogers living at 509
Reagan street Palestine Texas says
JVor over a year kidney trouble an
noyed me My back pained me a
g eat deal and I had considerable dif
fj ulty in voiding the kidney secre
ti ins A few months ago when Doans
K dney Pills were advertised I pro
cired a box from the Bratton Drug
C i and used them according to di
rt ctlons They did me a great deal
o good and I have no hesitancy in
recommending them
iJiTor sale by all dealers Price 50
etats FosterMil burn Co Buffalo N
Y sole agents for the United States
Remember the name Doans and
tike no other
Capudlne For 1 iat Headache
iput last night Headache and ner
vals this morning Hicks Capudine
just the thing to fit you for business
Chars the head braces the nerves
Ty It At drug stores
l Nr
Opening new goods bought py
Mr D M Hodges in the Eastgl
em markets We will have
Ore Who Knows Recommends a Rem
edy to Anxious Mothers
My little boy who is four years old
had suffered a lot with croup On
semral occasions we thought he was
After trying all the old time rem
edies and most of the new I came
hofae one night at midnight and my
wife said The boy has the croup
again suppose you get a bottle of
Hyomei More junk I said but
wetwill circulate our money so they
all will get some
I hastened to an all night ding
stotre brought it home In five min
ute he was breathing easier In fit
ted i minutes he was sound asleep It
bro e the croup so quickly it scaled
Anyone wishing to cure the croup
of a child I hope will give Hyomei a
Wishing you the best of success
whicji j ou surely deserve I lcmain
Jos E Clark 201 fith St S E
Washington D C Oct 7 1909
Hyomei is a lemaikably effecthe
remedy in case of croup and it should
be in every home where there is a
crouny child Full instructions how
to aire croup comes witli each out
Cofnplete Hyomei outfit including
inhaler costs 100 at druggists every
where and at Bratton Drug Co It is
guarsinteed to cure catarrh coughs
coldsl and sore throat
Cures cutarrhor mit ey back Just
breathe it in Oompleto ontlit including
nliiilLrl Eitrtt bottled GOc Dru gists
liJW HilWi w WHCT W Ba Wgw WBmtflMMJ
A > 4
The Modern Way
We are well equipped to do your cleaning
and pressing We Frenchdry clean and
steam press every thing Clothing that are
preessed with our steam presser are perfect
ly sanitary We are well equipped to do all
kinds of alteration for ladies and gentle
men Just phone 535 and our delivery
boy will call for and deliver your clothes
Tippers Gilhreaih
Merchant Tailors
The Red Front in front of Grand Leader
Made Any Time Day or
Night Rain Shine
rINQ 329
NATIVE nrrantdGi Julcelor
s1 < uchBoh
Old Port Wine3years
years old SUM per gal WpImS 15 f fS7 WDB
> tlneOldblaokberryWina beCliretsioai per j l
f m have taken Drst premlumBf ar 6t Those wlneg
Hr tonlo for many years add ouVnnd 8UI
T > eryrespect Joes found an ° rR ntI oed 2 ° P eJneT
ne olty free otoharra netJollreredto any part ot
W B WRIGHT piDw r Strt
ri J 4 3
it u3 <
to have careless workmen
install imperfect plumbing
materials in your home
store or shop so many
things are apt to happen to
make such damage that re
pairing and replacing will
cost far more than the dif
ference in < ost between
fi st class and secon i class
plumbing See us about
the high class kind
STORE Cor N Jackson and Lacy Sts
Is the place for Staple and Fancy Groceries in
cluding full line of Fruits CaTTdiesftfnd NutEr
Keeps all popular brands of Tobacco and Cigars
688 For Prompt
C P Rii C E
Eat anytling you want if youve got the money
CIrirette soap per case S350
SUch 50 pound box 225
Brn per sack i BO
LhOs per sack 60
If you want ancy groceries in sufficient quanti
ties to ast a mocking bird 2 meals
11 save you money
J C PRICE Grocer
Jim Reiwine Co
Plumbit ano Tinning
All kinds of repair tiiand sheet iron work Stoves
repaired and set up al flues cleaned out Give us
your work anhave it done right
Shop Corner of Ok and John Streets
> a

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