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Social Pleasures Will Give Place to
a Season of Fasting and Prayer
Effect In rtew York
Herald Special
New York Feb 9 Today Ash
Wednesday marks the beginning of
Lent when social pleasures are sup
posed to give place to a season of fast
ing and prayer So far as New York
is concerned the social season lias
been on the wane for several weeks
many of the notable contributors to
the winters entertainment having al
ready taken their departures for the
south the Pacific coast or Europe
For thosewho remain in town how
ever the Lenten period does not nec
essarily mean sackcloth and ashes
Dinners operas bridge parties and
sewing classes varied by numerous
concerts and other entertainments for
charity with a few very small and
private dances thrown in comprise
the usual iliveisions for the peniten
tial period
This is the time when society wo
men remaining in town rest and re
cuperate after their winter of gaiety
and get themselves in good condition
for spring travels and summer dissi
pations Lectures are a daily diet
Art literature politics history and
hygiene are discussed to the mental
and physical improvement of the lis
tener It is a harvest time for teach
ers of various arts Riding lessons
form a part of the program during
Lent while sinking fancy dancing
fencing swimming ice skating and
gymnastics all are practiced by the
fashionable young women of society
who as a matter of fact enjoy these
occupations as a contrast to their
more conventional life of the winter
Nor is the religious aspect of Lent
wholly lost sight of in the metropo
lis The period is especially observed
in all the Catholic and Episcopal
churches where elaborate services
are hold on Ash Wednesday Holy
Week Good Friday Palm Sunday
ending with a grand triumphant ser
vice on Easter Sunday
A Message From a Famous Beauty
Specialist to Women Lacking In
Energy and Vitality
Thousands of women vainly attempt
to improve their complexions and to
remove blackheads crows feet and
other blemishes through the use of
cosmetics This treatment fails be
cause the trouble lies far deeper than
the skin They are suffering from im
pure and impoverished blood This
Our Silent
Oyster Salesman
This is the cleanly white and
blue porcelain Sealshipticase
from which we sell SEAL
SHIPT OYSTERS at our store
No ice or water ever touches
the oysters
It is the final step in the
Sealshipt System which makes
it possible for us to furnish our
customers with oysters which
taste exactly the same here as
when eaten on the shore They
are firm tempting delicious
morsels of sea food
Have the tang of the sea
You will be surprised wh < > n
yon see Sealshipt Oysters More
8Ui prised and delighted when
you taste them
In buying Sealshipt Oysters
remember that there is no
llquot nothing but solid
meat The Hquor is what
spoils common oysters It is
melted railroad ice
If you ordinarily buy oysters
by the quart get only a pint of
Come into our store and vsee
our silent salesman While here
ask fdr a copy of our book
Seaside Oyster Dishes It
gives many shore recipes
condition is in many cases due to a
catarrhal condition of the whole sys
tem which finds its expression in sal
low muddy complexion darkcircled
eyes general weakness of the system
and perhaps most plainly in the weep
ing of mucous membranes that is
commonly called catarrh
In fact this whole tendency is prop
erly speaking catarrh Banish this
catarrh and the complexion will
clear as if by magic eyes will bright
en faces become rosy and shoulders
erect Perfect beauty goes only with
perfect health and perfect health for
women can only be obtained through
one certain treatment that which
will cure catarrh
Mme Swift New York the famous
beauty specialist known throughout
the world and an accepted authority
on all relating thereto states that the
one positive and permanent relief for
catarrh is Rexall MucuTone Here is
her letter
I can strongly endorse the claims
made for Rexall MucuTone as a cure
for systemic catarrh Its tonic effects
are remarkable It builds up the
strength and restores vitality If wo
men who are tired and run down
lacking in energy and vitality will
use Rexall MucuTone they will
praise as I do the strengthening and
healing qualities
Rexall MucuTone works through
the blood acting thus upon the mu
cous cells the congestion and in
flammation of which causes local ca
tarrh This remedy causes poison to
he expelled from the system and the
blood is purified and revitalized Thus
the natural functions of the mucous i
cells are restored and the membranes
are cleansed and made strong We
know that Rexall MucuTone does re
lieve catarrh We positively guaran
Alleged That Road Has Refused to
Provide Protection For Employes
Austin Texas Feb 7 Joseph S
Myers head of the Bureau of Labor
Statistics today called uponjthe coun
ty attorney of McLennan county to
proceed against the International and
Great Northern Railway1 company for
failure to comply with the act of the
last legislatme requiring receivers to
provide sheds over car repair tracks
for the protection of the repairers It
is charged by Mr Myers that the In
ternational and Great Northern has
violated the law at Mart where it
has division shops The law says that
such piotection shall be Jafforded
where five or more men are employed
in lepairing cars K
Mr Myers has also given informa
tion that the Cotton Belt hasiviolated
the same law in failing to provide
shelter for car repairers at Waco
Mr Myers is inclined to thinkUhat the
International and Great Northern has
wilfully refused to obey the law for
the purpose of furnishing a case to
test the constitutionality of the law
Pat Neff is county attorney at
Waco His cases may furnish the
litigation which will determine the
status of the car repair shedsflaw of
the Thirtyfirst legislature j
a cough that has been hanging on
for over two months by taking Bal
lards Horehouiid Syrup If you have
a cough dont wait stop it at once
witli this wonderful remedy Splen
did for coughs colds on chestfinflu
enza bronchitis and pulmonary trou
bles Piice 2 c 50c and 100 Sold
by J D Smullen Co I
sota Wisconsin and Michigan The
piogram compiises twelve events for
each of which handsome prizes and
trophies have been offered
Read This
Jacksonville Texas This is to cer
tify that my wife was cured of kid
ney and bladder trouble in 1895 by
the use of one bottle of Halls Texas
Wonder and I can cheerfully recom
mend it to others suffering In same
manner A M Duke
Sold bv J R Hearnp Co
Blind Man Eloquent
fHerald Special
Bellefontaine O Feb 9 Judge
William H West popularly known as
the blind man eloquent was eighty
five years old today Judge West
formerly was one of the best known
public men of Ohio He wrote the
first republican editorial ever publish
ed in this state and served in the
legislature as attorney general and
on the bench He is best remembered
by the country at large for his elo
quent speech placing Blaines name
before the republican national con
vention in 1SS4 He is the only sur
viving member of the Ohio delegation
which supported Abraham Lincoln
for president
Piles Cured In 6 to 14 Days
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to
cure any case of Itching Blind Bleed
ing or Protruding Piles in C to 14
days or money refunded 50 rents
Golf Tournament at Pinehurst
Pinehurst N C Feb 9 One of the
biggest golfing events of the winter
season at Pinehurst opened at thev
Country Club today and will continue
through the remainder of the week
Hodges Dry Goods Cos
Special For Three Days
Saturday9 Monday and Tuesday
While Mr D M Hodges was in the markets making his spring puachases he closed
out many lots of good merchandise decidedly under market value and we intend to give
our patrons the benefit of his successful buying
50 bolts Amoskeag dress ging
ham standard quality beautiful
colors 12 l2c value special 7 Oc
5 bolts Pekin stripe dress
goods colors tan new blue brown
and raisen 25c value special
per yard 15c
10 bolts Princess madras
splendid for shirts and shirt
waists fast colors neat patterns
15c value special yard 10c
36 pair mens pants assorted
patterns and good rangs of sizes
good serviceable pants dark
colors regular 200 and 250
values choice S175
About 50 pair mens work pants
strong and durable good looking
colors assorted sizes splendidly
made special S150
Big lineof mens sample sus
penders at just about half price
100 pairs mens work shoes all
leather jegujar 175 quality
jjRadalyfcTy St 45
Special values in ladies new
250 quality special SI 95
200 quality special 750
150 quality special 95c
Just received shipment of the Famous Crown pants in serges grays
and fancy from 250 to S500
Yours very truly
Hodges Dry Goods Co
tee to refund the money paid us for
this remedy in every case where the
user is dissatisfied It is a builder of
vigorous health and a creator of good
complexions Price 50 cents and 1
per bottle Mail orders filled It
may be obtained only at our stores
The Rexall Stores Bratton Drug Co
either store Oak or Spring street
New York Bench Show Opens
Herald Special
New York Feb 9 The barks
bays and yelps of thiee thousand
dogs representing every breed known I
to the fancier resounded today
through Madison Square Garden
where the thirtyfourth annual show
of the Westminster Kennel Club was
opened under promising auspices The
Boston terriers and French bulldogs
have the largest numerical representa
tion this year Other breeds that at
tracted attention among the early
visitors were the Yorkshire and Mal
tese terriers Japanese and Pekinese
spaniels toy poodles and Chihuahuas
Airedale terriers English Goidon and
Irish setters Russian woolhounds
American and English foxhounds
bloodhounds St Bernards and Great
Danes collies daschunds and beagles
The judging began as soon as the
exhibition opened today and will con
tinue until the close Saturday night
Piled Pilrsl Piles
Williams Indian Pile Ointment will
cure Blind Bleeding and Itching Piles
It absorbs the tumors allays Itching
it once acts as a poultice glveB Id
Uant relief Williams Indian PIk
Ointment Is prepared for Piles and
itching Sold by druggists mail EOi
ind 100 Williams Manufacturing
Co Props Cleveland O
For sale by Bratton Drug Co
Rlcnardsons Wood Saw Phone 900
International Will Promote the Culti
vation of Broom Corn
Austin Texas Feb 7 The rail
loads aie interested in the cultivation
of broom coin in Texas and are vol
unteering expeit assistance in the de
velopment of the industry where it
may be needed The bioom corn crop
last year was a failure and a number
of broom factoiies notably that of
the State Institute for the Blind
were closed on account of exhausted
supply of bioom corn The price
soared to 00 a ton and even at that
figtue orders went begging The In
ternational and Gieat Noithern rail
road lias written the secretary of the
Austin Business League that the road
will promote the cultivation of the
coin if local interests will provide
the opportunity
Thats the way > on feel about the
limus when you have a hacking
cough Its foolishness to let it go
on and ti list to luck to get over it
when Ballnids Iloreliouud Syrup will
stop the rnuqli and heal the lungs
Price 2 c 50e and 100 per bottle
Sold bv J D Smullen Co
Winnipegs Big Bonspiel
Herald Snwlall
Winnipeg Man Feb The twen
tysecond annual bonspiel under the
auspices of the Manitoba Curling As
sociation opened lieie today and will
continue for ten das It promises to
be the most inteiesting event of its
kind that this section has seen in
years if ever equaled before Sev
eral hundred cm lei s aie here to take
part They repiesent clubs in Mani
toba and the western provinces in
Ontario and Quebec and In llinne
It is the sixth annual St Valentines
touranment and it has attracted this
year a large number of well known
players from Chicago Philadelphia
New England and the Metropolitan
Relief Comes In Two Minutes Com
plete Cure In Few Weeks
Dont go on hawking yourself sick
every morning its cruel Its harm
ful and its unnecessary
If after breathing Hyomei the won
derworker you are not rid fit vile
catarrh you can have your money
No stomach dosing just take the
little hard rubber pocket inhaler that
comes with each outfit and pour Into
it a few drops of Ilyomei Bieathe it
according to directions In two min
utes it will relieve you of that stuffed
up feeling Use it a few minutes
every day and in a few weeks you
will be entirely fiee from catarrh
Breathing Ilyomei is i very pleas
ant and certain way to kill catarrh
Get an outfit today it costs only
100 its woith 1000 to any catarrh
sufferer For sale by druggists every
where and by Bratton Drug Co who
guarantees it to cure catarrh cioup
coughs colds soie throat and bron
chitis An extra bottle of Hyomei
liquid if needed costs hut 50c as
the little hard i ubber inhaler you get
with outfit will last a lifetime
Cures indigestion
It relieves stomfich misery sour Btom
ach belchingjifTid cures all stomach dis
ease or inougy back Large box of tab
let CO ceflfte Druggists la al1 towns
Friends Every Year
Well soon count you among them
Its just a matter of time More and
more housewives are giving up the old
style highpriced Trustmade Baking
Powders Thousands are turning to
Guaranteed nnder
all Pare Food
One trial does it Youll never go back
Speak to your grocer Lighter sweeter
baking or money refunded Far bet
ter Costs much less You wont
believe it till you try for your
25 Oxracea for 23 Ceota
jaques Mfg Co
to have careless workmen
install imperfect plumbing
materials in your home
store or shop so many
things are apt to happen to
make such damage that re
pairing and replacing will
cost far more than the dif
ference in cost between
first class and second class
plumbing See us about
the high class kind
STORE Cor N Jackson and Lacy Sts
Is the place for Staple and Fancy Groceries in
cluding full line of Fruits Candies and Nuts
Keeps all popular brands of Tobacco and Cigars
Call Up 688 For Prompt
r 1
Eat anything you want if youve got the money
Clarirette soap per case S3 BO
Starch 50 pound box 22S
Bran per sack i ao
Chops per sack 160
If you want fancy groceries in sufficient quanti
ties to last a mocking bird 2 meals
will save you money
J C PRICE Grocer
Jim Redwine Co
Plumbing ana Tinning
All kinds of repair tin and sheet iron work Stoves
repaired and set up and flues cleaned out Give us
your work and have it done right
Shop Corner of Oak and John Streets
Made Any Time Day or
Night Kain or Shine
RINQ 329
Vnfsrmanttd Grap Juic lorCommun
Ion Purpom sad lick Chambn i
Old Port Wine 3 years old llEO pei al Sherry Wine I
lUDawar Stroat
< i
> I

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