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government shall be perfected and all
Sermon by
Pastor Brooklyn
Norfolk Va Feb 13 Are the words
J of our texf true Is It possible that
the true religion of the Bible deuiauds
nothing more of us than Is expressed
In this text What about the Jew
ish Law What about its sinoffering
its burntoffering its thankofferings
What about the ten commandments
What about the digest of those com
mandments approved by our Lord Je
bus Thou shall love the Lord thy
God with all thy heart with all thy
mind with all thy being with all thy
strength and thou shalt love thy
neighbor as thyself What about
Church attendance What about our
responsibilities to our families To the
Churdi To the poor What about
study of the Bible to know Gods will
What about our responsibility for the
heathen What about baptism and
the Lords supper
Indirectly dear brethren all the
matters included in our questions and
many more are Included incidentally in
the provisions of our text Sometimes
a whole sermon is preached in a few
words No one will dispute the rea
8onableness of the Divine requirement
f as stated in our text Our Creator
could not justly or with selfrespect
ask less than this of his creatures who
would enjoy his favor The interests
a of all demand that these principles
should be required of every creature
permitted the enjoyment of Divine fa
vor to the extent of eternal life Who
ever fails to come up to these condi
tions would thus evidence his un
Tvorthlness of life eternal his pro
longed existence would merely be a
prosperiug of sin and a menace to the
happiness and righteousness of others
But flow let us see the scope of this
Divine requirement whose justice we
have already acknowledged We note
the natural division of our text into
1 Doing Justly
2 Loving mercy
3 Walking humbly
The requirement of justice In all our
dealings with our fellows commends
Itself to every rational mind It in
cludes the whole Law of God A
rlef statement of that Law which
had our Lords approval reads Thou
Bhalt love the Lord thy God with all
thy heart and all thy mind all thy
being and all thy strength and thou
shait iove tByneighbor as thyself On
these two propositions hang all the
Law and the Prophets It is but just
that we should recognize our Creator
as first that we should glorify the
One who gave us our being and all
the blessings that come therewith
that we should be obedient to his
righteous requirements that make for
our own happiness and that of others
It Is also but right that we should
recognize the rights of others as we
would have them recognize our rights
The Golden Rule is the barest of jus
tice Not a hairs breadth less would
come within the requirements of our
text Do Justly Come then let us
reason together How many of us
do justly In all of lifes affairs in our
relationship to our Cod and to our
Begin at home Let each one criti
cise his words and his deeds toward
his parents toward his children to
ward his brothers tow at d his sisters
toward husband toward wife Do
we In all of our relationships of life
treat these who are so near and so
dear to us according to the standards
of justice according to the Golden
Rule Do we do toward thorn as we
would have thpm do toward us If
not after making a beginning with
the Lord striving to render to him
our homage and obedience let us close
ly scrutinize every wotd every act af
the home life and sec to what extent
these can be improved upon and made
more nearly just The majority of
people we feel sure will be surprised
to know how unjust they have been
toward those who are of the very
nearest and dearest of tleshly relation
Follow the matter up and consider
the Justice or injustice of your woids
and deeds in dully life with your
neighbors and daily associates Do jou
Invariably speak to them In the same
words and with the same tone and
gesture that you would approve if they
were In your place and you in theirs
In matters of business do you drive a
closer bargain with them than you
would think Just for them to make
1 with you Or on the other baud do
you ask of them higher prices for the
services or materials jou furnish them
than you would consider Just and right
if you were the purchaser and they
the venders Do you watch your
chickens that they do not commit dep
redatlous upon your neighbors garden
as carefully as you would wish our
neighbor to watch his chickens as re
spects your garden if you had one
Do you blow no more tobacco smoke
in the face of your neighbor than you
would like to have him blow lu your
face Are you as careful about wip
ing your feet when entering his house
as you would like him to be when en
tering your house Do you treat all
nipn women children and animals as
kindly as gently as properly every
way as you think would be just and
right If you were In their place and
± ty in yours Do you speak as kind
Text What Doth Thy God Require of
Thee but to Do Justly and to Love Mercy
nd to Walk Humbly With Thy God
Micah vi 8
ooO o
ly of your neighbors as you would
have the ui speak of you Or do you
hold up their imperfections to ridicule
as you would like to have them hold
up yours Do you guard your tongue
so that you speak only things you
would think proper for your neighbor
to speak respecting you if you changed
Simple Justice Nothing More
Do you not begiu to see dear friends
that what God requires of us is much
beyond what the majority have been
rendering Do you stand appalled and
tell me that it would be impossible to
live fully up to that standard I agree
with you And St Paul agrees say
ing We cannot do the things whicli
we would The Scriptures again
agree and declare There is none
righteous no not one All have sin
ued and come short of the glory of
What shall we do Shall we say
that because we are unable to live up
to our own conceptions and stand
ards of justice we will make no at
tempt to do so but abandon those
standards entirely God forbid We
are weak enough and imperfect enough
as it is To ignore our best Ideals of
justice would be to take off all the
brakes and permit the downward tend
encies of pur depraved natures to go
rapidly from bad to worse to carry us
further and further from God and the
standards of character which he ap
proves We can surely be content to
do nothing less than our very best to
live up to our own ideals and to raise
those ideals as nearly as possible to
the Divine standard
What Would Be the Use7
Suppose we do our very best dally
to measure up to our highest concep
tions of our Godgiven ideals and
standards would God accept of this
and count us worthy of his favor and
of eternal life Surely not The Law
of the Lord Is perfect Justice Is
Justice Not the hearer of a law not
the wellwishing receives the reward
but the doer the obedient Here then
we And ourselves in difficulty With
our hearts our minds we approve
Gods Law and desire to be obedient
to him but tiud as St Paul says that
many things we wish to do we fail
to accomplish and many of the tilings
we do not wish to do we cannot avoid
Wi cannot do the things that we
would We approve the excellent de
mands of Gods Law We disapprove
the Imperfections of our own flesh
Like St Paul we cry out O wretch
ed man that I am who shall deliver
me from this dead body this body
that is imperfect through Inherited
sin and weaknesses With our minds
we serve Gods Law and approve it
but wlth our bodies we come short
What Is our hope Uow shall we be
delivered Can we prevail upon God
i to change the reasonable requirement
I of our text so that it shall read What
doth God require of me but to will
justly and do Imperfectly We can
not hope for such a change In the
Divine Law Are we then hopeless as
respects Divine approval and eternal
life Romans vii 1724
The Gift of God Is Eternal Life
In our moment of perplexity we
hear Gods message speaking peace
through Jesus Christ our Lord The
message of peace is that what we
could not do for ourselves In the way
of lifting ourselves up to Divine ap
proval God has provided shall be done
for us through our Lord Jesus Christ
Our failure to keep the Law marks us
as unworthy of eternal life and
worthy of the wages of sin noteter
nal torment but death God in mercy
concluded to ofter us eternal life as a
gift because of our not actually tiierit
1 ing it under his legal requirements
Thus we read The wages of sin is
death but the gift of God is eternal
life through Jesus Christ our Lotd
Romans vl 23 What we could not
obtain legally under the Divine re
i quireinents God proffers to us as a
gift But tlie gifi is a conditional one
as expressed lu the words through
Jesus Christ our Lord Only those
who accept Jesus Christ as the Way
the Truth and the Life may have
Gods gift of eternal life Hence it
will be seen that It Is wholly a mistake
to suppose that the Iieathcu at home
or abroad can get eternal life the gift
of God in Ignorance of Christ All the
Scriptures conlirm this and declare not
only that we cannot save ourselves by
obedience to the terms of Gods Law
hut that there Is none other name un
der heaven given among men whereby
we must be > aved through faith In
his name through faith In his blood
Acts lv 12
But how Is this done justly and
why does God so limit his gift of eter
nal life
Gods Law represents himself and
cannot change He cannot require less
than perfection To do so would be to
fill the Universe to all eternity with
depraved ami Imperfect beings God
has a higher plan than this and de
clares As the heavens are higher than
the earth so are my ways higher than
your ways Isaiah lv Oi He explains
that his ultimate purpose is that there
shall be no imperfect creature In all
his Universe All whose hearts are
loyal to him and the principles of his
others shall he destroyed in the Second
Death Thus eventually every knee
shall bow and every tongue confess to
the glory of God Then every creature
which is in heaven and on the earth
and under the earth shall be heard
saying Blessing and honor and glory
and power be unto him that sittetb
upon the throne and unto the Lamb
forever Revelation v 13
You Are Bought With a Price
Possibly God could have arranged
some other way of dealing with sin
and sinners which would not have re
quired the death of Jesus as the Ran
som price the purchase price the re
demption price for sinners But the
fact that this method was adopted by
our great Creator assures us that no
other method would have been so
wise so just so beneficial No other
method would have so fully demon
strated Gods Wisdom Justice Love
and Power
In brief then Gods arrangement Is
that all of his human creatures shall
have opportunity of full return to har
mony with himself provided they wish
to do so provided tlieir hearts their
wills are fully responsive to the letter
and spirit of his Law the require
ments set forth in our text God has
provided in Jesus for the satisfaction
of Divine Justice as respects all of the
condemned race who desire to return
to his favor
We agree with all the orthodox
creeds of Christendom that only re
pentance from sin and an endeavor to
put it away from our thoughts and
words and deeds combined with faith
in the Redeemers sacritice and a full
consecration ot heart and life to do
the Fathers will nothing short of
this attainment will gain the salvation
which God is now holding out to man
kind To such the Apostle explains that
the righteousness the full demands of
the Law of God his full requirement
is fulfilled in us who are walking not
after the flesh but after the Spirit
Romans viii 4 From the moment of
our consecration and begetting of the
holy Spirit God deals with this class
as with sons He trains them In the
School of Christ disciplining chasten
ing proving them testing the sincerity
of their consecration Vows and the
loyalty of their hearts To those who
prove faithful the great reward is
promised glory h6nor immortality
joIntheirshi1 with the Lord Jesus
Christ in his Millennial Kingdom and
its work of bles sing all the families of
the earth Galatians Hi 20 Revelation
III 21
Our dhaqrecment with all orthodox
creeds Is in respect to what shall be
done with the uusaintly with those
who do not present themselves to God
and who are not begotten again of
the holy Spirit Our creeds of the
dark ages misrepresented the teach
ings of the Bible in respect to these
and told us that they are all to he con
signed for hundreds or thousands of
years to Purgatory or for all eternity
in hell torment Not such is the teach
ing of Gods Word but the very re
verse as we have previously shown
The Scriptures do not declare In thee
and In thy Seed shall all the families
of the earth be damned but the re
verso of this that they shall all be
blessed All the sinblind eyes shall be
opened All the deaf ears of Ignorance
shall be unstopped For the blest
thousands years of Christs reign the
worlds uplifting or resurrection will
proceed while the knowledge of the
glory of God shall till the whole earth
The angels on the plains of Bethlehem
did not declare to the shepherds Fear
greatly for behold we bring you bad
tidings of great misery which shall be
unto all people Their message was
the reverse of this Fear not behold
we bring you imoil tidimjs ot great joy
which shall be unto all people Luke
11 10 God who had a due time for
calling natural Israel and who had
also a due time for calling spiritual
Israel has a due time for making
known the riches of his grace to the
nonelect world of mankind And the
elect of spiritual Israel and of nat
ural Israel are to be the channels of
this Divine grace and mercy which
during the Millennial Age will flow
as a river of salvation to which all
mankind will be invited to coine and
drink freely
Love Mercy and Walk Humbly
It may astonish some that God re
quires even more than Justice which
Is his legal staudaid In his permis
sion of sin and Its wage of death he
has shown the sinner his own mercy
or love And it is for the sinners ben
efit and for the good ot all tltil God
requires that all who will have the
full benefit of his mercy shall be re
quired to cultivate this iiercy quality
in their own hearts As the sinner
attempts to conform his life to the
perfect standard and finds himself un
able to keep Gods Law and obliged to
come for meiey to the Thione of
Grace he is liiiortued Unit he can have
that mercy only upon condition that
he will exercise similar mercy towaid
those who trespass against him his
Ideals and Intelests
Humility Is a quality very necessary
to every creature Pride Is a toe
which besets nut merely the weak and
imperfect but u hlch overcame the
great angel oi light Lucifer and trans
formed him from a faithful servant of
Jehovah Into Satan the Adwifary of
God We are glad therefore that Dl
vine Wisdom requires humility as one
of the conditions of our acceptance
with him This requirement assures
us of the security of the Divlie Em
pire against all treason In thefutute
for none will be admitted tothe eter
nal life conditions either now u In the
Millennial Age except the humble
Let us hearken then to the hssoti of
our text and conclude with tie words
nf the Apostle Humble yotrselves
therefore uuder the mighty hand of
God that he may exalt you in due
time I Peter v GJ
uBga > feffcfe u
Shipment of Boys Suits
How about your little boy does he need some wash suits
for Spring We have just received a freight shipment of lit
tle fellows wash suits containing some mighty pretty styles
in solid white or colors also some striped and checked effects
The prices are reasonable and it will pay you to select
a few suits now range of prices 235 down to 50c
Shipment of Mew Corsets
Get one of those new Royal Worcester corsets they are just
the thing you will need with your spring dress Style No
413 for average figure high bust long skirt with soft back
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Ion soft back these two styles are the best ones
for Spring and retail at i 100
Other styles at 150 100 69c and
Business of City Schools Was Trans
acted Schools Are In Splen
did Condition
The school hoard met last evening
at the Board of Trade rooms to trans
act the regular business for the city
schools There were present Trus
tees F C Eason C A Sterne C F
McWhorter W M Hamilton Super
intendent Walker King and Principal
R D Bryan
After the reading and approving of
the minutes of the previous meeting a
report was heard from the superin
tendent covering a period of six
weeks The enrollment was shown to
be 1889 of whom 1275 are white
The enrollment is about one hundred
more than at the same time last ses
sion The increase would undoubted
lXijnuchgreater but from the fact
that the crowded condition of the
schools has precluded the admittance
of many pay pupils that were hereto
fore admitted As a consequence at
least three private schools have
sprung up and are flourishing on chil
dren that otherwise would be in the
city schools
Secretary Sterne made a report for
the treasurer showing the financial
condition as satisfactory
Other committee reportsv were
Bills and accounts that had been
properly o k d were ordered paid
Communications were also read and
acted upon
Superintendent King and Principal
Bryan of the Second Ward school
made a report on the badly crowded
condition of that school with recom
mendations that additional room be
The committees on buildings and
grounds and supplies were instructed
to make the necessary arrangements
to relieve the situation This one
feature of the schools is a matter of
much concern to the trustees teach
ers and others interested and relief
must come soon through additional
buildings Never perhaps in the
history of the schools was more room
needed as now Many of the rooms
in the different buildings are so over
crowded that the best work cnanot be
accomplished and the work of the
school is carried on to great disad
The question has been brought up
as to the right of the trustees to au
thorize the purchase of auxiliary read
ers etc for the advancement of the
children The following opinion from
the attorney general of the state set
tles the matter and sustains the trus
tees and Superintendent King in ef
forts to give the children additional
reading matter and thus give new
interest and broader scope to the
work of the schools
The trustees of the schools of the
state have a right to adopt any text
book they may see proper to adopt
as supplementary hooks supplement
ing those prescribed by the state text
hook board
Preliminary Games of the Bowling
Club Now In Progress
The first game of the Bowling Club
was played last night on the Y M
C A alleys Eacli team is to play
every other team one game before the
regular schedule begins The Tigers
consisting of Messrs Ray Fox Car
ter Wiley and Norris played the
Cubs consisting of Messrs Heafer
Ballew Tarbutton Allen and Kol
stad last night The score follows
Tigers 544 Cubs 507 A number of
these men have never bowled before
and when we take this into considera
tion we can easily realize that there
is a lot of good material in the club
that can be developed into splendid
The Wildcats will play the Bronchos
tonight Watch their progress A
contract was let this morning for re
pairs on the alleys and they will be
in good shape by tonight
A number of the delegates to the
Laymens convention will leave for
Houston tomorrow night on No 5
The remainder will go down Friday
morning Reporter
Published By Authority of the Secre
tary of Agriculture
For Palestine and vicinity
Tonight fair preceded by rain or
snow much colder cold wave with
temperature 15 to 25 degrees Thurs
day fair
For East Texas Tonight fair pre
ceded by rain in southeast and rain
or snow in southwest and northeast
portions much colder cold wave
except in northwest portion temper
ature will be 12 to 25 degrees over
vthe interior and 2G to 32 degrees near
tlie coast Thursday fair colder in
south portion brisk to high north
west winds
Weather Conditions
The storm that was over Nebraska
yesteiday morning lias moved east
ward to tlie New England states It
has caused high winds in portion of
tiie Mississippi valley and has been
attended by rain or snow in the Cen
tral states the lake region and por
tions of the Rocky mountain region
Intense anticyclonic conditions pre
vail over the western portion of the
country and the weather is decidedly
I colder in that section
T R Taylor
Official in Charge
For Tax Assessor
Mr Chas J Grainger at the solici
tation of numerous business people
has determined to run for tlie office
of assessor of ta es of Anderson coun
ty subject to the action of tlie demo
cratic party
Mr Grainger is a business man well
qualified for the office because he
has an vintimate knowledge ot land
values etc and is a careful and pains
taking man who will give the office
the closest and best attention
His announcement will he found in
tlie proper column of the Herald
Opens San Antonio Studio
The Herald has received a card
from Miss Marie Cronin announcing
the opening of hor art studio in San
Antonio The announcement follows
Miss Cronin announces the opening
of her studio Oils watercolors and
miniatures Especial attention to
portraits Thursday or by appoint
ment any day after I p m Miss
Cronins many Palestine friends
while regieiting that fortune did not
keep her in tlieir midst to do her life
work wish for her abundant success
and fame in her new home Miss
Cronin is an aitist ot whom all Texas
should he proud
The Henry Davis Market on Avenue
A is now open for business The best
meat in town Telephone 10S0 5tf
ilfcjaS jafcMkafcaai
Shipment of New Hosiery
How about your hosiery are you getting good wear out of them We have
just received a shipment of ladies and childrens hose The kind
that wear well and are all priced reasonable at 50c 25c 15c and lOc
Want You to Come to Their School
Tea Tomorrow Afternoon at the
Home of Mr and Mrs Lyne
The pupils of the Fourth Ward
public school are In the contest to
win tha one hundred dollar prize of
fered by Mr G E Dilley for the best
kept and most attractive school
grounds and to further their work
they are going to be the beneficiaries
of a tea to be given at the home of
Mrs Will Lyne on Reagan street to
morrow afternoon from 3 to 5 oclock
All children and mothers and aunts
and grownups are invited to come
and enjoy the event and help to pro
vide funds to beautify the school
grounds Admission 15 cents and a
good time assured This is a worthy
cause and the friends of the school
should make it a big financial suc
Curious to state prejudice keeps
us out of more good things than does
lack of opportunity
We often pass by an article of merit
because the price is low The same
article at double the price would find
us eager to try it K C Baking Pow
der sells for onethird the price of the
Raking Powders controlled by the
Yet K C is guaranteed the Best
Baking Powder at any price
The ladies ot this city who have
seen w hat K C Baking Powder will do
prefer it to any other They are only
too glad to save their money and get
a better article Its the difference
hetween Trust prices and those of
i fair honest competition
I A 25 ounce can of KC Baking
I Powder for 25 cents and your money
returned if you dont like It better
Musical Entertainment
On Tuesday afternoon Feb 22 at
the city hall a musical entertainment
will be given for the benefit ot the
High School The sum ot fifty dol
lars is already on hand for the pur
chase of a stereopticon and the stu
dents are anxious to raise the rest
of tlie sum necessary for this purpose
An attractive program has been ar
ranged Some of the best musicians
of the city have kindly consented to
take part and the students hope that
their friends will come out and help
them A small admission of twenty
five cents win be charged at the door
The Very Newest
It Is now time to see about your
stationery for the coming year The
Herald has anticipated your wants
and in addition to the already splen
did equipment the very newest type
faces for stationery printing have been
added If you want something modern
and that will look good to you and
your correspondents let us print H
New Home For Sale
The new bungalow I have just com
pleted on corner ot Kolstad and John
streets will be left open for in
spection from 9 a ni to G p m on
Wednesday Thursday and Friday All
prospective purchasers Invited to ex
amine It Phone me at 298 or 531
lC2t A C Green
Read This
Jacksonville Texas This Is tocer
tify that my wife was cured ot kid
ney and bladder trouble In 1895 by
the use of one bottle of Halls Texa3
Wonder and I can cheerfully recom
mend it to others suffering in same
manner A Ml Duke
Sold by J R Hearne Co

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