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Is the Object of the Government Ar
guments Heard After Three
Years of Examination
Herald Special
Philadelphia Pa Feb 21 After
nearly three years spent in the exam
ination of witnesses for both sides the
suit instituted by the government in
1907 to break up the alleged anthra
cite coal trust came up for argument
in the United States circuit court to
day The principal defendants in the
suit are the Central Tailroad of New
Jersey Xiehigh Valley Railroad com
pany Reading company Philadelphia
and Reading Railway company Phila
delphia and Reading Coal and Iron
company Delaware Lackawanna and
Western Railroad company New
York Susquehanna and Western Rail
road company Erie Railroad com
pany Pennsylvania Coal company
Temple Iron company Lehigh and
Wilkesbarre Coal company and New
Tork Susquehanna and Western Coal
It Is the contention of the govern
ment that the defendants are parties
to a general combination and con
spiracy which stifles competition and
obstructs trade and commerce among
the states in anthracite coal It asks
the court to restrain and enjoin the
alleged monopoly and to further en
join the defendants from carrying out
the contract with the socalled inde
pendent companies by which the lat
ter turn over their product to the
larger companies for sixtyfive per
cent of the tidewater selling price
Some Advice Against the Use of
Harsh Purgatives and Physics
A doctors first question when con
sulted by a patient is Are your bow
els regular He knows that 9S per
cent of illness is attended with in
active bowels and torpid liver This
condition poisons the system with
waste matter and causes accumulation
of gases which must be removed
through the bowels before health can
be restored
Salts ordinary pills and cathartics
may be truly likened to dynamite1
Through their harsh Irritating action
they force a psasage through the bow
o M > if > ef ftInand damage to the
delicate intestinal structure which
weakens the whole system and at
best only produces temoprary relief
The repeated use of such treatments
ytlTPPR Phmtile irrltsHm nf the efai
riaTaens i
ach and bowels dries ana
their tissues deadens their nerves
stiffens their muscles and generally
brings about an injurious habit which
sometimes has almost if not fatal
We have a pleasant and safe rem
edy for constipation and bowel dis
orders in general We are so certain
of its great curative value that we
promise to return the purchasers
money in every case where it fails to
produce entire satisfaction This rem
edy is called Rexall Orderlies We
urge you to try them at our entire
risk Rexall Orderlies are eaten like
candy they act quietly and have a
soothing strengthening healing reg
ulative Influence on the entire intes
tinal tract They do not purge gripe
cause nausea flatulence excessive
looseness diarrhoea or other annoy
ing effects and they may be taken at
any time without Inconvenience
Rexall Orderlies overcome the drug
ging habit and safely remedy consti
pation and associate ailments wheth
er acute or chronic except in surgical
cases They afe especially good for
children weak persons or old folks
Price 3G tables 25 cents and 12 tab
lets 10 cents Remember you can ob
tain Rexall Remedies in Palestine
only at our stores The Rexall Stores
Bratton Drug Co either store Oak or
Spring street
South Carolinas First Conference Be
ing Held at Columbia
Herald Special
Columbia S C Feb 21 South
Carolinas first conference on the
o > v
Also all kinds ot shoeraak
ing and repairing I can
save you money on your
shoe bill See me 401
Main SL Opposite Red
wines RestauranL
Painter and Paper Hanger
Work guaranteed firstclass and done
properly Let me estimate on
your job
Telephone 486
conservation of health began in this
city today with a good attendance of
medical men health officers and
others interes ted in the welfare of
the state and its people The confer
ence is to last two days and will be
devoted to the formulation of a pro
gram for the education of tne people
in regard to public health and the ef
tBma gpeclaL1
ficient administration of the sanita Topeka > KaS > Peb 21 Topeka is
Hon and other laws liav
quarantine today tne mecca for ieadlng dem0cra ts
ing to do with the public health from all parts of the state > wno have
Subjects to be discussed during the
two days session include the treat
ment of tuberculosis the legal pow
ers and responsibilities of health offi
cers the economic loss to the state
from preventable disease and the re
generation of child life In the south
through modern research methods ap
plied to education and labor Meth
ods for the eradication of malaria and
the hookworm disease will also re
ceive attention
Get HemRoid Under Money
Back Guarantee
Blind piles protroduing piles itch
ing piles are cured with equal suc
cess by the guaranteed internal rem
edy Dr Leonhardts HemRoid The
guarantee is so broad that it costs you
nothing if you get no benefit Dont
waste anjT more time with salves sup
positories or other outside treatment
Attackthe cause
HemRoid 1 Tor large bottle last
ing 24 days at Bratton Drug Co Pal
estine Texas Dr Leonhardt Co Sta
tion B Buffalo N Y Props Write
for booklet
Indemnify Wright Brothers
New York Feb 19 Wealthy men
10 cases mens work shoes single sole all solid leather sizes 6 to lfli worth 175 our special price
this lot only SI 4H per pair
20 dozen ladies white lawn waists handsomely made up with embroidery andlace 125 value we bought
them to sell at 100 but we offer this lot at only 89c each See show window
12 dozen one gross mens white cotton flannel gloves just the thing to work in They are worth 12 l2c
we offer this lot at only 8c per pair
300 Datra ladies mercerized hose assorted colors in green lavendar pink gray etc all of which have
been so popular this season We wouldnt overcharge you very much if wishoulcf ask you a quarter a pair
they are good values at 20c Our special price this lot 2 pairs for 2Sc We want you to see these
of the country interested in aeronau
tics are now being asked to contribute
to a large fund which is to be used
as a bond to indemnify the Wright
brothers and allow Paulhan to con
tinue his flights in the United States
Efforts will at once be made by Paul
bans lawyers to lift the temporary in
junction recently obtained by the
Wrights but meanwhile it is proposed
to put up a bond sufficient to cover
all that would be realized through
the Frenchmans flights and let him
continue with the fulfillment of his
engagements in various cities
Read This
Jacksonville Texas This Is to cer
tify that my wife was cured of kid
ney and bladder trouble In 1895 by
the use of one bottle of Halls Texas
Wonder and I can cheerfully recom
mend It to others suffering In same
manner A M Duke
Sold by J R Hearne Co
I G N Receivership
Houston Texas Feb 19 Judge T
J Freeman receiver of the Interna
tional Great Northern will leave
on Sunday morning for New York on
business connected with the termina
tion of the receivership of the road
Judge Freeman declined to give any
of the details ot the proposed reor
ganization of the road but admitted
that it was reorganization matters
that called him to New York and
there are good reasons for believing
that the receivership will be speedily
Hicks Capudlne Cures Sick Headache
Also Nervous Headache Travelers
Headache and aches from Grip Stom
ach Trouble or Female troubles Try
Capudlne Its liquid effects Imme
diately Sold by druggist
JatsACD ZijxSSi ij lluia ± LAi
Gathering at Topeka For Purpose of
Attending Committee Meeting
and Washington Banquet
gathered here forthe double purpose
of attending todays meeting of the
state central committee and the
Washington birthday banquet tomor
row The conference of the leaders is
regarded as important in view of
the preparations already on foot for
the coming campaign
Harmony is the watchword of the
Kansas democrats just at present
They expect to profit by existing dis
sensions among the republicans and
have strong hopes of electing a part
if not all of their state ticket next
fall All indications at present point
to the selection of State Senator
Hodges of Olathe as the candidate for
governor The state central commit
tee is to elect a chairman and secre
tary and also choose a national com
mitteeman to fill the place left vacant
by the removal of John H Atwood
from the state k
Case of William and Aime Houle Was
Called For Trial Today >
Herald Fppclal
Montreal Feb 21 The case of
William and Aime Houle charged
with murder was called for trial at
Valleyfield today Tiie crime o
which the brothers are accused was
committed nearly a year ago The
victim Domina Pelletier was a broth
erinlaw of the accused men Owing
to family troubles Mrs Pelletier had
left her home and was living with the
brothers This led to bad feeling be
tween Pelletier and the Houle broth
ers and frequent qminels took place
Pelletier was shot early one morning
last April as lie was entering his
stable Investigation led to the ar
rest and indictment of the Houle
brothers on the charge ot murder
Richest Boy In America Celebrates
His Tenth Birthday
Heralil Specloll
Newport R I Feb 21 Master
John Nicholas Brown who is reputed
to he the richest boy in America cel
ebrated his tenth birthday today
Master Blown lives with his mother
Mis John Nicholas Brown at Harbour
Court oh Halidon Hill He is being
educated by private tutors and during
the last suinmer traveled extensively
in Km ope Since his last birthday his
millions have been added to by an
inheritance from his grandmother the
late Mrs John Carter ill own who
died last March leaving an estate
valued at 4u000000
Handsome Wreath Was Placed on His
Grave By Baron Klkuchi
Heralil Special
New Brunswick N J Feb 21
Baron Dalroku Kikuchi president of
the Imperial University of Kioto to
day visited the grave of Dr David
Murray in Elmwood cemetery and
placed thereon a handsome wreath as
a token of appreciation of Dr Mur
rays efforts in establishing the pres
ent educational system in Japan Dr
Murray who was a well known Ameri
can educator and at one time secre
tary of regents of New York Univer
sity went to Japan in 187C and be
came superintendent of education
During the three years he remained
in Tokio he organized a system of ed
ucation closely modeled after that in
vogue in the United States
That Is What They Say About Them
In Palestine and It Is There
fore Reliable
Another evidence Pales
v proof more
tine testimony to swell the long list
of local people who endorse the old
Quaker remedy Doans Kidney Pills
Read < this convincing endorsement of
that remarkable preparation
Mrs W B Rose 12 Fulton street
Palestine Texas says
Since using Doans Kidney Pills I
have enjoyed good health and I there
fore glady recommend this remedy
For a longtime I was rarely free from
backache and I knew that thhs was
caused by disordered kidneys as the
secretions from these organs were ir
regular in passage I was also subject
to spells of dizziness and pain in the
back and tbp parts of my head Upon
taking Doans Kidney Pills proem ed
from the Bratton Drug Co my trou
bles soon disappeared I firmly be
lieve that this preparation will prove
ofT equal benefit to others
For sale by all dealers Price 50
cents FosterMllburn Co Buffalo
New York sole agents for the United
States Remember the name Doans
and take no other
Of Merchandise bought under the market which we ofl er our customers at a
Saving of From 10 to 2p Per Cent
25 pieces genuine American prints in two colors only tan figured and blue figured both of which have
been very popular this season they are worth 7c our special price thialot only 10 yards for
3000 yards of dress gingham a well known brand and a fine assortment of patterns cheap on todays
market at 12 l2c our special price this lot only 10c per yard look these up
29 dozen mens union made overalls in pin check about half are with aprohs and about half made on pants
style with belts these are regular 100 garments but at the price theyare at today they are worth 110
They gave us a SPECIAL PRICE if we would clean up the lot on tWsstylci our special price only 89c per
pair Donaovgtod hM SBTSRiru aDutonTiunarea tBBffMU
on 3d floor
39c per garment mr i
4 cases 36 pairs to casesladies vici kid shoes patent kid tips sizesTrSg Endecott Johnson make 150
value our special price this lot only 139 per pair f
One lot mens satin calf blucher shoes sizes 6 to 10 200 value our spjecial price this lot only ti
lellef domes In Two Minutes Com
plete Cure In Few Weeks
iDont go on hawking yourself sick
fery morning Its cruel its harm
1 and its unnecessary
jlf after breathing Hyomei the wou
you are not rid of vile
tarrh you can have your money
No stomach dosing just take the
tie hard rubber pocket inhaler that
mes with each outfit and pour into
a few drops of Hyomei Breathe it
pordlng to directions In two min
is it will relieve you of that stuffed
feeling Use it a few minutes
fry day and in a few weeks you
1 be entirely fiee from catarrh
Ireathlng Hyomei is a very pleas
and ceitain way to kill catarrh
jet an outfit today it costs
0 its woith 1000 to any catarrh
t erer For sale by druggists every
ire and by Bratton Drug Co who
ranteos it to cine catarrh cioup
jjlis colds sore throat and bron
is An extra bottle of Hyomei
Id if needed costs but 50c as
little hard rubber Inhaler you get
outfit will last a lifetime
Cures Indigestion
relieves stomach misery sour stom
telchingand cures all stomach dis
iir money back Largo box of tab
0 cents Druggists in al towns
audlne For Inat Headache
I last night Headache and ner
Vhis morning Hicks Capudlne i
Jie thing to ltyou for business
C the head braces the nerves
A At drug atorea
EASTER comes early this spring so it Jis up to you to
order that EASTER suit early Get ready for an early
Spring Call and see our new 3500 select samples All
of the new gray shades tans blues and the latest
fashion plates Fashions that will appeal to young men
and old They are uptotheminute and prices are low
Call in and convince yourself You can save money on
a suit by buying from us
Tippen Gllkreath
Merchant Tailors
Cor Oak and John Streets The Red Front
100000 Accident Policy for 34c with cash pur
chases or paid on account to the amount of 500
Jnilly paid up for one year Ask us about it and set
you a coupon
L IDershy
I will provide you with the money necessary
iurnish plans and specifications to meet your
wishes supervise the erection and completion of
your house you to repay this outlay in month
ly installments like rent Call on me and inves
tigate this proposition
25 Link Bldg
Jim Redwme Co
Plumbing ana Tinning
All kinds of repair tin and sheet iron work Stoves
repaired and set up and flues cleaned out Give us
your work and have it done right
Shop Corner of Oak and John Streets
Made Any Time Day or
Night Kain or Shine
RING 329
< iifcg li
The successor ot Clifford 1inilior as chiet forester of the United States la
Henry S Graves wlio bus been director of the forestry school of Yale uni
versity since 1UH0 lie was r < iruierlj associated In the government service
with Air Iliiilmt and it was tlnoiijb the recommendation of the latter that
Mr iii > was selected to lieid the Vale school Mr Graves Is known In
Kurope us neli us in America as an authority on trees as he has made ex
tensive observations ot the methods ot scientific forest preservation and use
tolloued on tne other side Mr Graves was born at Maiietta O in 1871 and
was undiluted Irom Vale In ISSI2
bfe l
> P

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