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On the Wage Question Outlined In a
Pamphlet Issued In New
York Today
Herald Special
New York Feb 25 Representa
tives of the eastern railroads issued
today a pamphlet which gives the
railrpads side of the wage question
The reason for this is the recent ac
tion of the trainmen and conductors
in demanding higher pay and shorter
hours The principal subjects dis
cussed in the pamphlet are the de
crease in freight and passenger rates
the increase in the cost of operation
and the wages of railroad employes
as compared with the wages paid in
other industries
The position of the railroad is that
in the face of a steady decline in
rates and a steady v advance in the
cost of operation they are not able
to grant general wage increases in
addition to those already made There
were general increases in the latter
part of 190G and the early part of
1907 and there was no subsequent de
crease in the wage rate on railroads
as there was in other industries at
the time of the 1907 panic
A statement by Martin A Knapp
chairman of the Interstate Commerce
Commissions in the Annals of the
American Academy of Political and
Social Science July 1908 is quoted
Mr Knapp said Partly because of
the strength of railway labor organi
zation which for the most part has
been prudently managed by astute
and able leaders the general scale
of wages in railway service has been
materially higher than in correspond
ing private pursuits I congratulate
our railway friends and the country
at large that means have been de
Tised for carrying this great industry
over this critical period without at
tempting a reduction in wages of rail
way employes
While freight rates have declined
year by year the price of everything
a railroad buys has gone up Thus
the railroads have not contributed to
the rise in prices but have suffered
seriously from it Fuel is one ex
ample of how expenses have increas
ed While the freight traffic increased
148 per cent between 1897 and 1907
on all the railroads in the United
States and the passenger traffic in
creased 12G per cent the cost of fuel
for locomotives increased 207 per cent
Rails lumber pipe cement glass
all structural materials show similar
The price of labor has moved up
Avard along with all other prices pe
riodical advances in wages having
been made by the railroads The
average yearly earnings of railroai
employes including laborers accord
ing to the latest report issued by the
Interstate Commerce Commission
amounts to C41 The average yearly
earnings of trainmen including en
ginemen firemen and conductors on
tfilT easter railroads according to the
same report are 90S Skilled work
ingmen in other industries according
to the report of the Massachusetts
State Labor Bureau earned the fol
lowing amounts in 1907
Boots and shoes 5G430
Carpeting 45709
Cotton goods 44232
Machines and machinery JG1312
Metals and Metallic goods r > G939
Leather 52032
Paper 49722
Woolen goods 4G395
Seventy other industries 57883
Springfield Gets Convention
Peoria III Feb 25 Springfield
was awarded the 1911 convention of
the United Mine Workers of Illinois
in the state convention today The
vote stood Springfield 197 Peoria
A Lady of Pizarro Tells Story of
Awful Suffering That Cardui
Finally Relieved
Pizarro Va I suffered for several
years writes Mrs Dorma A Smith
with that awful backache and the bear
ing down sensations so fully described
in book
I tried doctors and other medicines
and found little relief until i was induced
to try Wine of Cardui when 1 found in
stant relief and today I can heartily
recommend Cardui to all suffering women
and thnk there is no other as good
In some instances Cardui gives instant
relief in others it may take a little time
But in all cases of female trouble Cardui
can be depended on to be of benefit as
it is a specific remedy for women and
acts in a curative way on the womanly
As a general Ionic for women to build
up your strength improve your appe
tite bring back rosy cheeks and make
you look and feel young and happy
nothing you can find will do so much for
you as Cardui
Your druggist has it
N R Write to Ladies Advisory Dept Chitt
nooga Medicine Co Chattinooet Term tor Special
Instruction and64pue book Home Treatmea
lot wornrn teat ia puis wiacsei oateautsL
23 East St Louis IS The operators
announced today they were ready to
meet the miners in joint state con
A company in Seguin will develop
water power in the Guadalupe river
Sixty sections of school land were
sold by the state at an average price
of 750 per acre
It is believed that an extensive
trade in bogus Texas land titles is
carried on in Chicago and other north
ern cities
A republican meeting at San An
tonio will try and displace Cecil Lyon
as distributor of federal patronage in
The state treasury isin a flush con
dition The balance amounts to over
Confederate pensions will be de
creased during the next quarter
The House estate of Houston may
be managed by a Chicago concern
Read This
Jacksonville Teras This Is to cer
tify that my wife was cured of kid
ney and bladder trouble in 1895 by
the use of one bottle of Halls Texas
Wonder and I can cheerfully recom
mend it to others suffering in same
manner A M Duke
Soldby J R Hearne Co
Mooney Improving
San Antonio Texas Feb 24 The
condition of T H Mooney assistant
superintendent of the Galveston Har
risburg San Antonio railroad in
jured in the wreck Wednesday night
is reported much improved today Un
less complications ensue he will re
WW fffm
Visit of Ruler of Bulgaria to Czarof
Russia Revives Interest In the
Near Eastern Question
fHerald Specal
Vienna Feb 2G A slight revival of
interest in the Near Eastern question
has been occasioned this week by the
visit of Czar Ferdinand of Bulgaria to
Czar Nicholas of Russia Political
rumors are always rife when poten
tates travel though as a matter of
fact but little importance should h j
attachesd to their visits for history
shows that international relations are
never seriously affected by these of
ficial courtesies
Of all the soverigns of Europe the
journeyings of the Bulgarian ruler
certainly should attract the least at
tention for he is nearly always on
the go Though comparatively young
in years today by the bye is his
fortyninth birthday Ferdinand has
probably traveled more extensively
than any other European rulerrSome
thirty years ago he visited the United
States and later made a voyage of
exploration into the unknown regions
of South America During the first
few years that followed his election
as prince of Bulgaria his frequent
journeys to the capital of Europe in
volved such expense and kept rhim
away from Sofia so much that for a
time his popularity among his own
people suffered
It Is but natural that on his present
tour of the courts of Europe theflrst
he has made since Bulgaria succeeded
in throwing off the suzerainty of the
Porte Ferdinand should elect to makei
the Russia court his first objective
Z l t
Herald Special
Washington D C Fob 2C The
progress of the Beef Trust inquiry
the BallingerPincliot investigation
the efforts of President Tnft to get
his railroad bill through congress un
amended the situation in Nicaragua
and the proceedings of the British
pailiament these are among the sub
jects that promise to continue as
staple topics of news and discussion
during the week The president is
scheduled for one public address dur
ing the week to he delivered Monday
night at a dinner of the University
Club in this city
Charles R lleike secretary of the
American Sugar Refining company
and alleged to be the man higher up
in the customs duties frauds will be
placed on trial in New York on In
dictments charging him with other
employes of the company with con
spiracy to defraud the government by
underweighing imports of sugar
F Auguste Heinze the copper king
and financier is to be placed on trial
in New York on the two indictments
still pending against him for alleged
misapplication of funds of the Mer
cantile National Bank
Many of the leading educators of
Ihe country will gather in Indianapolis
for the annual convention of the de
partment of superintendence of the
National Educational Association
Senator Beveridge and other speak
ers of national leputation have prom
ised to address the meeting
The Roman Catholic church
throughout the world will unite Wed
nesday in celebrating the centenary
of the birth of the late Pope Leo
XIII Especially notable will be the
commemoration in Rome in which
the pope the cardinals and many emi
nent prelates of the church from all
parts of the world will participate
The trade war agreement between
Canada and Germany which has been
on since Canada gave Great Britain a
preference in 1897 and which led Can
ada to impose a surtax of 33 13 per
cent against German goods in 1908
will come to a defenite end Tuesday
when the provisional trado agreement
recently concluded by Canada and
Germany will come into effect The
new agreement is a farreaching one
and is expected to lead to a great ex
tension of trade between the two
A Serious Spell
Oh my I am so sick Why whats
wrong now Oh Ive been down to
the butcher shop today and it makes
me sick to see the kind of shop Ive
been eating meats from Now you
can avoid being so sick by buying
Sash and Hair Bow Ribbons
In magnificent variety and at Prices which we
believe will not only interest you but
will surprise and delight you
We believe this is by far the Biggest Shipment of Ribbons ever brought
to Palestine at one time in dollars and cents it runs into the hundreds in
quality they are superb in patterns they are beautiful in price they are as
tonishing some come in short pieces Hair Bow Lengths and will be
sold only by the piece some come in full pieces of which you may buy as
much or as little as you choose These will be placed on sale Tuesday
morning March i See show window foryaluegjrand don t forget the date
One lot short hair bow lengths width up to 5
inches sale price only 5c a piece
One lot longer hair bow lengths width up to 5
inches sale price only 10c a piece
One lot longer hair bow lengths width up to 5
inches sale price only 15c a piece
One lot short sash lengths width up to 5 inches
sale price only 20c a piece
In addition to ribbons we will place on sale 105
dozen ladies full bleach vests full taped neck and
sleeves at only 8c per garment or C for only 45c
Full pieces values 35c to 43c sale price only
25c per yard <
8 dozen mens genuine Guyot suspenders you
know the price is never less than 5Uc this is a little
lot which we picked up under the market on sale
Tuesday at only 29c per pair
15 pieces table oil cloth white and marble best
quality but sold as mill seconds which means there
may be 2 or 3 short lengths in a roll or that the sel
vage has been rolled Its worth a quarter on sale
Tuesday at only 14 12 per yard
Hodges Dry Goods Company
Rev J C Oehler Will Speak to Men
on Sunday Afternoon
Rev J C Oehler will speak at the
mens service at the Y M C A to
morrow afternoon at 4 oclock On
account of other important meetings
and unavoidable circumstances these
services have been sidetracked for
several Sundays but we hope to have
a full attendance tomorrow Come out
and bring your friends with you
This organization will furnish food
clothing or other necessities of life
to the destitute of Palestine after in
vestigation of their needs
Report such cases to
Mrs E E Durham C02 Perry
street if in First Ward
Mrs W H Kingsbury 712 Murcht
son street if In Second Ward
Airs Webb Wright Kolstad street
if In Third Ward
Mrs S A Taylor 445 Reagan
street if In Fourth Ward
Discarded clothing will be sent for
or received by Mrs Taylor or Mrs
The work Is supported by voluntary
contributions Send checks to Treas
urer Mr J M Fullinwider
J C SILLIMAN President
J C OEHLER Vice Pres
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Tablets Druggists refund money it it
fails to cure E W GROVES signa
ture is on each box 25 cents
Phone Johnny Ormond ton wood
point Russia acting through motives
not wholly unselfish was the first of
the powers to recognize Ferdinand as
a fullfledged and Independent sov
ereign In order to induce Russia to
recognize his claims as an independ
ent sovereign Ferdinand aroused the
resentment of AustriaHungary by
violating solemn promises which he
had made to the Vienna government
in connection with the conclusion of
a treaty of comnieice and also of
fended the religious sentiment of the
greater part of Europe by causing his
eldest bpy Prince Boris to be con
verted fiom Catholicism to the Rus
sian church
your meats from the Old Town Mar
ket the cleaneast meats and most
sanitary shop in the city Phone No
145 127lm
Many People Have a Simple Way of
Stopping It
It was Dr Sangerbond of Paris
who first discovered that dandruff and
falling hair were caused by a microbe
And now that Parisian Sage the
remedy that kills the dandruff germ
Is sold in every town in America the
clean people of this country have
awakened to the fact that dandruff is
unnecessary that falling hair and
itching scalp can be quickly stopped
and that people who use Parisian Sage
will never grow bald
To every reader of the Herald who
wishes to eradicate disgusting dand
ruff stop falling hair and have an im
maculately clean scalp free from Itch
iness we make this offer
We will return your money without
red tape If Parisian Sage does not
banish dandruff stop falling hair and
itching scalp in two weeks
Parisian Sage is sold by druggists
everywhere for 50 cents a large bot
tle It is an Ideal daintily perfumed
hair dressing free from grease and
stickiness and will cause hair to grow
lustrous and luxuriant Sold and guar
anteed by Bratton Drug Co Mail or
ders filled charges prepaid by Girouv
Mfg Co Buffalo N Y
Mrs Francis Koegi 41 W Jessa
mine street St Paul Minn on Nov
1C 1909 wrote I have used several
hair tonics but there is none that can
compare witljuParisian Sage It cured
my falllng hair and dandruff and it
does not only cure those troubles but
Is the best hair grower in the world
is the latest thing in the clubwomens world The term
originated in Springlield Mo wherejhe original uoosterettes have just held
tt meeting with a view to the organization and spread of the Womens Missouri
Development association The leader of the women who wear proudly the
title Buouerettes For Missouri is Mrs John H Curran a prominent society
woman of St Louis
The 27th of March is
TIE 19
EASTER comes early this spring so it is up to you to
order that EASTER suit early Get ready for an early
Spring Call and see our new 3500 select samples All
of the new gray shades tans blues and the latest
fashion plates Fashions that will appeal to young men
and old They are uptotheminute and prices are low
Call in and convince yourself Youcan save money bn
a suit by buying from us
Tippen Gilbsreath
Merchant Tailors
Cor Oak and John Streets The Red Front
BMM fffillfl
STORE Cor N Jackson and Lacy Sts
Is the place for Staple and Fancy Groceries in
cluding full line of Fruits Candies and Nuts
Keeps all popular brands of Tobacco and Cigars
Call Up 6B For Prompt
Jim Redwine Co
Plumbing ana Tinning
All kinds of repair tin and sheet iron work Stoves
repaired and set up and flues cleaned out Give us
your work and have it done right
Shop Corner of Oak and John Streets
Made AnyTime Day or
Night Kain or Shine
4kOY Wfekfu i
RING 329
r f
> 45
> M

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