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Copyright 1909 by Associated Literary
Ethel dont you go up to the
house said the moonfaced woman
coming out on the porch of the farm
house Twill only harrow your feet
° It seems like shirking to let you
go for me said Ethel Sturgis but I
do dread to see the familiar things
Ill go to town and get that new
auctioneer and drive him to your
house to tag the things Tomorrow
Ill go to the auction and finish the
business and you wont have to go
You have been so kind to us Mrs
Lake said Ethel wistfully as the
comely goodnatured woman slapped
the reins oer the broadbacked horse
and drove down the road
Then the girl returned to the house
and vigorously applied herself to
household tasks She dared not be
idle long enough to think and remem
ber It was two years since she and
her father had left the little town
in the east and bought the farm that
was to bring them prosperity Things
had gone very wrong from the start
A cloudburst the Hessian fiy her fath
ers illness and the failure of a bank
brought about the loss of the farm
All they had left was a fortyacre
piece Their household goods were to
be auctioned on the morrow to enable
them to buy the stock and implements
for their little remnant of land Their
kind hearted neighbor had invited
them to remain at her house while
the sale was in progress and she in
sisted that they continue to accept
her hospitality during the construction
of the little cabin her father purposes
to build on the forty
Toward evening Mrs Lake returned
from her expedition
We got them all tagged Ethel
she said cheerfully That auctioneers
a dandy I got him interested in your
pa telling him what chunks your bad
luck had come in
Ethel winced She knew her neigh
bors propensity for talking over
things and she felt that she would
e rather realize less from the sale than
have her private affairs discussed with
a stranger
If only you could have brought
yourself continued the loquacious
Rode Toward the Forty
woman to have taken Austin Hobert
Hes Just wild over you
I wouldnt marry a man for those
reasons said Ethel
Well he isnt o bad looking One
eye Just a mite off and his legs arent
quite true but you cant have every
thing Sometimes I think you have
had a love affair and been crossed
Ethel to let such a fine chance go by
The girl smiled faintly
I told the auctioneer about you and
how you helped your pa and kept his
spirits up and he said you must be
Ethel wondered vaguely If she had
confided in him regarding Austin Ho
bert also It doesnt matter though
she thought sadly Nothing does
The next day when Mrs Lake re
turned from the auction she was in a
state of Jubilance and excitement
Oh Ethel the things brought twice
what your pa thought they would
Here Mr Sturgis the auctioneer sent
you this check
Walter Sturgis took the check and
glanced at it eagerly His face flushed
and he looked curiously at his daugh
How much is it father asked
Ethel extending her hand for the
But he had stowed the check care
fully away In his pocket and naming
the amount he left the room
Oh she exclaimed thankfully
that will buy the implements a team
a cow wagon two hogs and some
chickens Who bid in the things Mrs
Lake Were th e neighbors all there
Yes and lot of town folks What
do you think brought the most
Why I suppose fathers bedroom
set It Is a real mahogany you know
No sir it was your little writing
My desk Who bought It Why
was It bid up
Austin Hobert was bound to have
It but a fellow from town got It He
bid 1 a war that you could see hed
keep bidding till kingdom come so
Austin finally quit
What sort of a looking man was
he asked EtheL
Oh a fat pudgy homely man
Probably some secondhand deal
Maybe and he boughtyall the best
things All your parlor and bedroom
things all the very things you would
have chosen
I am glad a stranger got them It
would make me feel queer to go in to
call on the neighbors and see them
using our things
Early the next morning Mr Sturgis
went to town He came back looking
more cheerful over his purchases than
he had looked in months Ethel was
left alone veiy often during the next
week Mrs Lake taking advantage of
having some one to leave in charge of
the house One afternoon Mr Sturgis
asked Ethel to go over to the forty
and select a site for their cabin He
declined to accompany her as he had
to go to town Mrs Lake was in the
midst of bread making so Ethel sad
died a horse and rode toward the
forty Suddenly a disagreeable
thought struck her
If Mrs Lake has sent Austin over
here to see me Ill never forgive her
She rode slowly with her eyes glued
to the horses mane wondering if she
bad been wise to reject Austins love
and protection She didnt raise her
eyes until she turned In at the forty
Then she stared in amazement Here
stood a trim little house with a neat
broad porch and blinds
This is what Mrs Lake and father
have been so mysterious over she
thought with sudden enlightenment
But how could it have been built in
so short a time
She dismounted and went up the
steps A card lay on the steps and
some advertising matter Oh I see
One of those portable houses I won
red if the door is open
It was and with its opening came
another surprise Here were all her
household goods arranged as they had
been in the old house She passed
through the living oom dining room
kitchen and then into her fathers bed
rocm She opened the last door All
her personal things were here and
many more beautiful new furnishings
What did it mean Then she grew
faint She knew Austin Had he
dared She could not take them un
She heard a knock at the door and
she felt that It was the decision of her
lite awaiting her Could she A mo
ment elapsed before she summoned
courage to open the door
On the threshold stood a tall lithe
limbed man
Will she said faintly
He clasped her to him
It took you two years to forgive
she murmured reproachfully
Dearest I got your note only ten
days ago It was in the secret drawer
to your desk You forgot to mail It
How could I But how did you
come by it
I am the new auctioneer I didnt
know you lived In these parts till Mrs
Lake took me to tag your things She
told me how you would miss your
desk and I made up my mind to bid it
in Casually I opened a secret drawer
and found the letter I had all the
things bid In The next day your
father came to see me and we fixed
up this surprise
Then these things are yours
No ours We are going to live here
with your father
Will did Mrs Lake know too
Yes she was our right hand man
I have misjudged her I never
dreamed she could keep a secret
The Worst Laundrymen
The distinction of being the worst
class of washerwomen all the world
over belongs it is said to washermen
the dhobles of India The methods
of the dhobie are far from gentle He
collects the clothes and dumps them
into a trough of soap and water and
vigorously jumps up and down on
them changing the water now and
then Next he goes to the nearest
washing pool and there he really gets
to work He seizes a garment well
soaked whirls it around his head and
bangs it on a hard flat stone Off
flies a button Another soak another
whirl and a bang follow and another
button gone When sufficient damage
Is done the garment Is clean and
ready to be repaired All of which
bounds precisely like the operations
we believe our best things have gone
through when we get them back from
the wash
Pity TIs Tl True v
They looked across the room at a
pretty young woman who was din
ing animatedly with a handsome young
Isnt that Mrs K she asked
Yes said he
And is that her husband asked
No said he She came here to
dine probably because she thinks It is
an out oftheway place where nobody
will see her but there Is no place in
Chicago so out of the way that a
handsome young woman who Is dining
with a handsome young man who Is
not her husband will not be seen by
somebody who knows her or him or
both of them
Is there a place in the world
asked she
Probably not he answered Chi
cago Inter Ocean
Not Guilty
It was 4 a in and Bilking crept
softly into the house and removed his
shoes but as he tiptoed up the stairs
one of the treads gave a loud creak
Is that you John demanded Mrs
Bilking from above
No my love replied Bilking Its
the stairs
Under the River
Under the ooze and slime of the
river bed far beneath the hulls of the
great ships that lay at anchor in th
middle of the stream ODonovan and
Healy fought out their quarrel
ODonovan had taken Kates photo
graph from his overalls ostentatiously
and kissed it looking the while insult
ingly toward his former friend and
conquered rival in the fight for the
girls favor Then he had laid by his
overalls again and squared nig naked
shoulders to the spade This was the
Instant when Healy sprang on him
from behind as a panther springs
They had no knives and they oould
only cling to one another and batter
each others faces with their fists
They fought alone within the narrow
airtight zone out of the sight and
hearing of the rest of the gang
In front of them the great shield
fitted snugly into the tunnel which it
had made and all around oozed the
gray slime kept from overwhelming
them only by the force of the com
pressed air a wall that wavered under
the pressure sometimes seeming to
advance and then to recede again and
filtering into small waves that colled
round their feet as they stumbled
backward and forward in that wild
At length the fight was over Healy
tripped over the car tracks and a mo
ment later ODonovan had flung him
face downward Into the muddy pool
He stood over him with his fist
clinched his face distorted and the
muscles leaping at every movement
under the bronzed skin But Healy
lay there moaning faintly He had
been worsted
Suddenly faint shouts were heard
from the midst of the tunnel and the
muffled ringing of the alarm bell
ODonovan looked round in panic
The walls were advancing walls ot
slimy graygreen oozeviscid clammy
and foul walls of river mud that wav
ered and broke and trembled as the
feeble power of the compressed air
retained them and then swept for
ward in a shuddering tidal wave
With one yell of horror ODonovan
leaped forward toward the safety of
the tunnel He ran on and on blindly
no longer a reasoning thing but as
animal driven by desperate Instinct
Then far in the distance the faint light
of a bulb burst en his eyes aed distant
cries became audible And then re
called to himself suddenly be stopped
He turned each way resolutely Beads
of sweat rolled down his cheeks and
he clasped his hands in anguish He
breathed a prayer I
Then he went hack Swiftly is he
had fled he rap ankledeep tlrough
the soft mud that sucked atTrje ieeC
striding and leaping over the granite
piles and excavations it desperate
haste to reach the comrade whom he
had abandoned And now the hiss oC
the mud tide resounded in dreadful
gurgles through the hoUoy tunnel
He was not an instait too soon
The walls were closlnj together
spurting before them leng lavalike
streams of slime waistceep around
him And Healy was stnding hard
agaitfst the shield clingii toit with
both hands held as in a vise by the
ODonovan caught his enemy byj
the arms and heaved Hif broad baclc
strained and cracked bereath the ef
fort And slowly very slotjy the mud
yielded its victim Inix by inch
ODonovan dragged hint leaving a
wide furrow that instanly closed in
behind him drawing lis halfcon
scious adversary toward he shelter of
the tunnel
With a roar like distant thunder the
walls leaped together anc a big wave
came rolling down on than It bat
tered against the roof beXnd them as
they ran deluging themwith liquid
grime and ooze it reared behind
them but taster still the hurried to
wards safety until at 1st they fell
exhausted at the tunnel otrance and
willing h nds hauled ttem > up the
shaft together
When ODonovan opeEd his eyes
and heard himself calle a hero he
surprised himself by brsfiing into
tears Then he staggerdUo his feet
and went over to Healy
Tae this he saM paging a thin
piece of cardboard Insto Is hand Its
you she loves Tim Sjut and I lied
to yez
Writers Lean Dys
Victor Hugo was at ih time of his
death the wealthiest o nineteenth
century authors In his punger days
however he knew the jngs of pov
erty as after a quarntlwith his fa
ther Gen Hugot he aim his brother
had their allowances sipped We
made 160 last us for iSmonths One
chop would serve for unch three
days in succession on he first day
we would eat the Vean n the second
day the fat and on thbjrd day we
would suck the heme T discovered
a place In the QuartctrLatin where
for 15 sous 13 cents sv obtained a
four course dinner a ItOe of wine
1 and as much bread 3sre liked For
another sou we obtainthe sweetest
of smiles from the nitty girl who
looked after ust Tldii regime does
1 not appear to ltave srioad Hugos dl
I gestion for at the tg of 83 ha
t cracked nuts with lilts eetth and ate
oranges as some ifjojat eat apples
peel and all i
Take You r OMce
Church If a nuin mts to have
disagreeable things s ifaabtout him he
should run for art e
Gotham Or disci erneworth polcj
Yonkirs Statesmjan l
s <
rjSry aai
9 J J <
Grace Methodist Chuch
The morning service Sunday will be
given to a report of the Lavmens Mis
sionary convention in Houston and
the evening service to The Responsi
bility of Woman These will be
mixed services but we especiallj de
sire the men to be present at the
morning hour
Other services at the usml hour
H Howard Davis Pjstor
Sacred Heart Church
First mass 7 a m
Second mass 10 a m followed Ik
Sunday school at 9 a m
On week days dining the time il
work on church is being done uiri
every morning at C a in
B Lee Fjstoi
Centenary Methodist Church
Sunday school Io0 a m
Preaching at 11 a m and 7i p m
Junior League 3 p m
Senior League G30 p m
Prayer meeting Wednesday 7 < >
p m
A cordial invitation to all of these
J Kilgore Histni
Avenue Baptist Church
Usual services tomorrow
Sunday school at 94F a in
Preaching at 11 a m
Sunday school and pleaching < ii
Green street Mission at 3 p ni
B Y P U at C45 p in
Evangelistic services at 731 p m
Eveiy one invited
A D Spaikman Pjstor
Presbyterian Church
Sabbath school 930 a in
Sunday school teachers meeting ii
G30 p m
Westminster League service 1530
p m
Evening worship 730 oclock
Midweek service Wednesday 7 <
p m
Strangers and all otheis are cm
dially invited to worship with us ul
all the services of the house of God
J C Oehler Pastor
St Philips Church
Third Sunday In Lent
Seivice and sermon 11 a m
Seivice and sermon 730 n m
AH seats free
We cordially invite jou to worship
with us
J W Sykes Hector
PIrst Congregational Church
Services will be as follows
Sunday 945 a m Sunday school
Sunday 11 a m and 730 p m the
pastor will preach
Moining subject The Influence of
Eening subject A New Tongue
Special music at both sen ices Fa
mous Gospel Hymns are exclusively
used at the nislit seivice under the
leadership of Miss Mary E Copeland
Sunday 230 p m the Junior En
deavor Society will meet
Sunday 630 p m Senior Endeavor
Wednesday 8 p in pi aver service
followed by choir practice
The pastor and members coidially
welcome all strangers and visitors to
each service
Allan Crahtree Pastor
Christian Church
930 a in Sunday school
Pleaching by lie pastor at 11 a in
and 730 p m
Morning subject Womans Influ
Evening subject The Hidden Life
Special music Solo by Miss Teamer
Prayer meeting Wednesday at 745
p m
Ladies will he lenuested to lemovo
hats at evening service
You are invited to worship with us
L D Anderson Pastor
Christian Science
Sunday at 11 a m
Wednesday at 8 p m
Public invited All are welcomed
Opera House corner Avenue A am
Houston streeL
A Serious Spell
Oh my I am so sick Why whafs
wrong now Oh Ive been down to
the butcher shop today and it makes
me sick to see the Kind of shop Vvt
been eating meats from Now yon
can avoid being so sick by buying
your meats from the Old Town Mar
ket the cleaneast meats and most
sanitary shop In the city Phone No
145 127lm
Read Thin
Jacksonville Texas This Is tocer
tify that my wife was cured of kid
uey and bladder trouble In 1895 by
the use ot one bottle of Halls Texas
Wonder and I can cheerfully recom
mend it to others suffering In same
manner A M Duke
Bold by J R Hearno Co
Phone 22G
omplete Plans Specifications and
Supervision Water Works Sani
tary Sewerage Street Paving and
lingation Engineering
25 Link Buildinjr
Birds and Eggs for Sale
a m a
408 Oak St
Palestine Texas
Ho You Wan to Build any
Kind of a Building
Brick wood or cement block or any repairing on buidlings
If so cail C S Maffitt He can make your plans and fur
nish mi n y if jou want to pnj for work by the month or
year ai d will do the work cheap as tan be done and guar
antee satisfaction I alto hive fome houses for sale also
oni fai m for sale
u mmm
P 0 Box 23
Pi ices According to Quality
Breeder Of
S C Brown Leghorn Chickens
Bred to Lay
Agent for METAL MOTHERSr Incubator
Simplest and Best K
Telephone 7 67 Prices Mountain
Ladies and gentlemens furnishing goods I rm
n iw open for business showng a new lire of
Spring hats for ladies and children in trimrffi
or untrimmed Also gentlemens furnishing
goods I kindly ask my old customers fnd
also new ones to come and see me e
Next dodr to Hooker Co Grocers
100000 Accident Policy for 34c with cash pur
1 chases or paid on account to the amount of 500
Fully paid up for one year Ask us about it and get
you a coupon
WyattB Mclnnis Oenby
Should you need Cotton Ginning Cine Grinding Saw Hill or othfci
Machinery or icpairs for same it matters not by whom made Dilieys
can save you time trouble or money perhaps all if yoi will consult
them You are desirious of building up Anderson County give proof of
it by first giving home factories employing home abor an opportunity
to serve you and then ill things being equil jive I hem the preference
C ll i n or Ad < 4 woaa
iSle Son
1 > t > T jc i
Own Your Own Nome
I will provide you with the money necessary
furnish plans and specifications to meet your
wishes supervise theerection and completion of
your house you to repa this outlay in month
lyinstallments like rent Call on me and inves
tigate this proposition
25 Link Bldg
There is Onffy One
BiPQm QuininB9
That is
LbmbHv Brm Quinine
Always remember the full name Look J flTf ff
for this Ch
signatuio on every box 25c J jAj y

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