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In the Palestine Texas Postoffice as SecondClass Mall Matter
W M AND H V HAMILTON JR Editors and Proprietors
The Hamilton BoyB You Know
Any erroneous reflection upon the character standing or reputation ot any
person firm or corporation which may appear In the columns of The Herald
will be gladly corrected upon it being brought to attention of the publishers
> > > > > > <
For Palestine and vicinity
Tonight and Tuesday fair
> cooler tonight
De Monts set sail irom Hacre
de Grace for Canada
Engagement between the Brit
ish and Americans at Hutchin
sons Island Georgia
William Eustis of Massachu
setts became secretary of war
Henry Clay of Kentucky be
came secretary of state
Jacques Philippe Villere second
governor of Louisiana died
Born April 28 1760
Daniel Webster delivered his
last great speech in the United
States senate
The Dominion Confederation
scheme rejected by New Brims1
The Roblin government sus
tained in the provincial elec
tions In Manitoba
The Italian general elections
resulted in a victory for the
At the present time there are four
gentlemenin the race for the gover
norship of Texas all democrats and
from fair reports all wellthought of
and respected by their home people
They differ in poljcies and on vital
questions of government but aside
from this defference all seem to be
men of honor andreasonable respecta
bility Their home people vouch for
this truth And yet the Houston Post
claiming to be democratic and ap
pointing Itself a leader and assuring
its readers that it will support tlfe
ticket nominated by the democratic
primaries is spending its days and
nights studying up contemptible in
vectives to hurl at at least two of
these men even after swearing Its
fealty to their party < and to their sup
port In case they are either made the
nominee for the high office of gover
nor The Post has already about ex
hausted the catalogue of vituperation
in its attacks on R V Davidson awl
It has lately opened its batteries of
slime on Cone Johnson In its Sun
day issue along side of a goodly lav
sermon It refers to the Tyler man
as a contestant with Judas Iscariot
And yet the Houston paper may have
to stipport this man for governor It
is pledged to do bo in case he is the
nominee There is no more bitter
paitisan paper in the country than
the Post and no > aper that loses its
bead more quickly and more complete
ly in the discussion of public ques
tions and public men With the Post
It Is either to worship a hero or scalp
an enemy Such journalistic practice
is disreputable and has a disgusting
effect on all fairminded men
TIip Houston Post and Col Jake
Wolters have undertaken to save the
personal liberty of Texas In other
words they are going to keep the sa
In a Refined Singing Dancing and
Talking Sketch Brimful of
Good Wholesome Comedy
Trieces Orchestra
Of Five Pieces Rendering the Latest
Musical Selections
TWO SHOW8 745 and 9 P M
ADMISSION 10 and 15 Cents
loon doing business if they can But
can they
Waco business men got together
the other day organized fighting
squads and went out to conquer a cot
ton palace They wanted about sev
entyfive thousand dollars for the en
terprise and within a remarkably
short time they got it That is the
way to build towns and unite and in
spire its people
Commissioner Colquitts most fer
vent prayer should be that he be
speedily delivered from some of his
fool friends These friends are get
ting him in the attitude before the
people that every move made by any
one is a conspiracy against Colquitts
race The governor recently intimat
ed that he might call an extra session
of the legislature at an early date and
iramedaitely the howl went up that it
was a move on the part of the gover
nor to defeat Colquitt This is part
of a political trick but it is one that
Isapt to work wrong as right Pray
Brother Colquitt pray
The weather certainly calls to a
man to get out in the cyien It sug
gests a variety of things to be done
To most men the first impulse is to
go fishing and it is hard to resist the
call to get out in the woodlands and
deposit a small can of bait by the side
of the young babbling brook Co
other men the call is to go out and
Inspect the wifes garden and offer
her encouraging words and tell her
how the young pea vines should be
stuck and all that And then there is
the incessant call to the city authori
ties to make hay while the sun
shines and build good gravel and
sand streets Spring time is the re
vival season of the universe and the
man who does not catch some of the
spirit had better see a doctor
This organization will furnish food
clothing or other necessities of life
to the destitute of Palestine after In
vestigation of theif needs
Report such cases to
Mrs E E Durham 602 Perry
street if in First Ward
Mrs W H Kingsbury 712 Murchi
son street if In Second Ward
Mrs Webb Wright Kolstad street
if in Third Ward
Mrs S A Taylor 445 Reagan
street if in Fourth Ward
Discarded clothing will be sent for
or received by Mrs Taylor or Mrs
The work is supported by voluntary
contributions Send checks to Treas
urer Mr J M Fulllnwlder
J C SILLIMAN President
J C OEHLER Vice Pres
Just Opened Today
New car fine yellow bananas 75c
and 1 a bunch at the car 2 dozen
for 25c If you want something good
and nice come at once for they wont
last long They are fine and will sell
rapidly ltf
Piles Cured In 6 to 14 Days
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to
cure any case of Itching Blind Bleed
ing or Protruding Piles In 6 to 14
days or money refunded DO cents
3500 Yard of Buff Orphingtons
Place your orders now for eggs 15
for 150 Call and see my birds 305
Palestine Ave Phone 380 W R
Crawford 22tf
Hulls and Meal
We now have meal and hulls for
Jale Spot cash to everybody
Anderson County Cotton Oil Co
Quality in which the Florsheim
Shoe will be found preeminent Ease
and comfort which is assured In a de
gree never before attained Win
Branagan Co 43t
Buy the Tantalum Light Globe
They give more light and consume
less cunent than others Silliman
Hardware Company 35t
The Henry Davis Market on Avenue
is now open for business The best
meat In town Telephone 1080 5tf
Phone 73 for good wood
vii s kJ f
Richardsons Wood Saw Phone 900
Doing Things
Differently 1
If only the Criswells were content
to live according to conventional rule
existence doubtless would bo much
smoother for them Also for others
It principally is others who rebel
against the Criswells cheerfully ec
centric method of conducting them
selves their household and their af
fairs in general because when things
go wrong the Criswells are never
botjiered nor upset having a childlike
and joyous Interest in whatever Is un
When a couple who have been mar
ried eight years get energetic enough
to go to a ball the usual method of
procedure after the dance is over is
for the masculine member to yawn
mutter wearily that he has to get up
at seven in the morning just the same
and why the dickens doesnt the taxi
get them home faster while hjs wife
says her head aches and somebody
elses gown was far prettierthanhers
and oh my but she is sleepy y
Not the Criswells however When
they reached their home shelter at
two oclock the other morning after
dancing since nine they surveyed one
another meditatively
Im starved said Mrs Criswell
Som I agreed Criswell
With one accord they made for the
kitchen When the light was switched
on anddisclosed a disguised and
startled mouse scurrying wildly for
shelter Mrs Criswell did not faint
Both she and her husband gurgled
Joyously She grabbed a broom Cris
well seized the poker
Probablythere is some costume ap
propriate for the pastime of killing
mice but whatever it may be it assured
ly is not trailing lavender satin and a
brand new dress suit Still the con
sciousness that they were inappropri
ately clothed had no deterring effect
on the Criswells A boiler factory in
full action was the only thing that
possibly could have mademore noise
than did they with broom poker over
turned chairs and falling dlshpans
Finally the intrude was dls
patohed and swept outdoors the Cris
wells repaired personal damages and
once more attempted a frugal lunch
They got It with some minor mishaps
Criswell knocked over a Jar of pre
serves and his wife In pulling out the
silver drawer pulled it too far spilling
a peck or so of table implements all
over the hardwood floor Still they
laughed so much that their troubles
more than paid for themselves
Just as Criswell pushed hlsj chair
hack from the table a joint of light
glittered at hlni from the library
Diving toward it he quickly emerged
with a large toy engine in his hands
Elmer said his wife T hate to
appear inquisitive but would you
mind telling me if you have quite lost
your senses Have you still at this
hour of the night such an insatiable
thirst for amusement that you have to
fall back on Tommys toy engine
Isnt a dinner party a dance a mouse
killing bee and a supper enough
Thats all right Minnie said
Criswell soothingly You know
youre Just as crazy over this fool
thing as I am and Its never worked
right since Tommy got it Christmas
and I dont know of a better time to
fix it
The engine was an affair run by
gas so the Criswells with much labor
got It attached to the gas fixture
Then on hands and knees they
watched it plunge madly across the
hardwood floor chugging in a very
businesslike manner It was while
they were thus occupied that a noise
interrupted them Raising their heads
from their absorbing occupation they
saw enter what Mrs Criswell after
ward said was the biggest policeman
she had ever In all her life beheld Be
hind was a policeman still bigger
who in turn was trailed by the biggest
policeman ot all They regarded the
two persons in evening garb with sus
Whatchu doln here demanded
the biggest policeman
Even the Criswells could see how
foolish and inadequate it sounded to
explain that they were running a
childs toy engine at three oclock In
the morning That was why they
were meek when they had to explain
the mousekilling in the kitchen and
the crash of silver In the diningroom
and why they insisted piteously in
stead of wrathfully that they lived
there and had a right to run toy en
gines In the middle of the night If
they wanted to It was not till Nora
and Mary the maids who roused
from slumber by the weird noises
downstairs had telephoned the police
station that there were burglars in
the house and their employers were
out peered in timorously that the
Criswells finally cleared themselves
of suspicion
We convinced those policemen
that we werent burglars Mrs Cris
well says but nothing In a thousand
years ever will convince them that we
arent lunatics and dangerous ones
at that
I dont care says Criswell com
fortably I think it was a very pleas
ant evening
Winning Pa Over
Angry Father Perhaps you didnt
throw that snowball through the win
dow young man but Ive a good mind
to thrash you on general principles
Johnnie If I kuew dead sure It
wouldnt hurt me as much there as on
some other places I wouldnt mind the
thrashln pa Bostoro Herald
a ii
sii itis il
More Special Arrivals
Handsome white lingerie dresses Select
gowns and beautiful suits
An all wool chiffon pan
ama skirt just as cut
and of spring and sum
mer weights in black
only worth 750 on
above days 595
In the Corn Club Movement Report
of the Meeting Held Saturday
Afternoon In the City Hall
The Anderson County Boys Corn
Club met at the city hall on Saturday
afternoon March 5 Mr W F Proc
tor special government agent for this
part of Texas addressed the boys on
how to plant and cultivate their corn
He said the ground should be well
Broken and harrowed at least once
two or three times is better and then
fertilized well with lot manure if suf
ficient can be had if not a high
grade commercial fertilizer should be
used say two to four hundred pounds
per acre mixed well with the soil lie
fore planting Two hundred pounds
of cotton seed meal and one hundred
pounds oxacid phosphate mixed well
give the best results on the average
uplands The planting seed should be
the very best type of local corn grown
in Anderson county The rows on up
lands should be from five to 7 feet
apart and left about 20 inches in the
drill The plat should be harrowed
just as the corn is coming up and
then if desired the first cultivation
after the harrowing should be some
deeper that it will stir the soil down
say tlnee inches and later it should
be cultivated very shallow with
sweeps or spring tooth harrows or
weeders Go over it every eight or
ten days When the corn is about
three feet high it should have a side
application of cotton seed meal of at
least one hundred pounds per acre
He then told the boys of other boys
wiio raised last year on one acre of
corn moie than their fathers did on
ten times the land
Then Mr Sterne on behalf of the
Board of Trade read the rules adopt
ed by the Board to govern the distri
bution of prizes He stated that the
Board of Trade had selected for one
piize a sold gold Waltham watch on
exhibition in the show window at the
Kolstad Jewelry Store a fine Win
chester rifle also on exhibition and
later a list of prizes will be published
including suits of clothes and various
valuable ai tides contributed by mer
chants and business men This pait
of the woik is not yet completed but
they expect to have about twenty
piizes Mr Bratton of the Bratton
Drug company was present and stated
that he would give 2500 in gold Mr
Geo A Wright said he would mix
fertilizer for every boy according to
whatever formula he desired and wait
until the ciop was made next fall
giving him the benefit of the lowest
cash pi ice without interest and the
boy who receives a prize shall have
his fertilizer free Mr Pioctor then
added that the Bankers Association
of the state of Texas orfers the boy
who receives first prize at theDallas
Fair a choice of three prizes First a
ten days trip to Washington and New
These will be displayed in addition to
our successful offerings of the two
specials below which we will
continue all next week
2 Big Specials 2
Out Guaranteed silk petticoats
with 9in silk dust ruffle and wide inall
colors especially priced SSOO
Ladies Ready to Wear Store
Court of the Louvre
Entrance to the Most Famous Art
Gallery of Paris
At the height of the Paris flood
grave fears were felt fur the noted
art gallerx of tlie Louvre whieliveoi >
tains many famous works of art In
eluding the Venus of Mllo Kortu
imiily tin tldnil fell before m > rlou <
dam Ui mis dime to the building ol
its contents
York City all expenses Pullman and
hotel bills paid second a year at the
A M College including his unl
foim third100 in gold Prizes Nos
2 and 3 to fall to the next boy after
the first one has made his choice
The Dallas Fair Association has of
fered the Boys Corn Clubs of the
state 10S0 in money distributed in
50 25 and 10 state sweepstakes
district sweepstakes and individual
Funderhurk then read the pioposed
The secretary Mr Tom Ftinder
burk then read the proposed consti
tution and bylaws submitted by the
committee and after a little discus
sion and a few changes it was
Prof Buck and Mr Walter Mclnnis
local government agent will endeavor1
this week to visit every school dis
trict in the county and enroll the
names of a gieat many boys in auxil
iary coin clubs The following names
were added Saturday Arthur Bascom
R R g Wade Butler H S Moddox
R R 7 Tommie Crisp R R S Mar
vin Kennedy R R S > Raymond
Fieck Palestine
The next meeting will be duly ani
nnunced and will take place after mid
summer when the corn is matured
perhaps in August Mr Proctor will
come back and bring with him Mr
Green a noted judge of good corn
and teach the contestants how to se
lect their best corn and prepare it for
exhibition This Is an important point
and one not to be neglected that An
derson county may loom up big at the
State Fair
Mrs Gerling Piesident
If you want good wood and want It
quick phonrf 73 7tf
Carpenter and general repair work
D T MIchener phone 1001 221m
A Statement of Facts Backed By a
V Strong Guarantee
We guarantee immediate and posi
tive relief to all sufferers from consti
pation In every case where our rem
edy fails to do thi3 we wlllsupply It
free Thats a frank statement of
facts and we want you to substantiate
them at our risk
Rexall Orderlies are a gentle ef
fective dependable and safe bowel
regulator strengthener and tonic
that are eaten like candy They re
establish natures functions in a quiet
easy way They do not cause any In
convenience griping or nausea They
are so pleasant to take and work so
easily that they may be taken by any
one at any time They thoroughly
tone up the whole system to healthy
activity They have a most beneficial
action upon the liver
Rexall Orderlies are unsurpassable
and ideal for the use of children old
folks and delicate persons We can
not too highly recommend them to all
sufferers from any form of constipa
tion and its attendant evils Thats
why we back our faith in them with
our promise of money back if they
do hot give entire satisfaction Two
sizes 12 tablets 10 cents and 3G tab
lets 25 cents Remember you can
obtain Rexall Remedies in Palestine
only at our stores The Rexall Stores
Bratton Drug Co either store Oak
or Spring streetT
Deeds Recorded
J I > and Katy Fitzgerald to Fan
nie Shields 42 conveys 2 acres ot
the J C Ogden survey
W J Watts to Mrs L J Belle
Watts 70 conveys 41 19 acres of
the C Rucker survey
Amos and h G Bonner to J W
Miles 400 conveys ISO acres ot the
V G Sanders survey
S A Buffington to Robert Harris
722 conveys lots 7 8 9 and 10
blocks 14 and 9 New Chicago
S A Buffington to Robert Harris
722 conveys lots 7 and S block 14
Section A and lots 9 and 10 block
9 Section B New Chicago
If you want to know the cost ot In
suring your live stock call on ma at
P H Hughes office or phone 509
F E Barnes 212t
Baking Powder
Best at Any

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