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Greek Peddler Sees No Justice In
American Laws Baby Rhino Is
> III Other Notes
New York March 7 There wasnt
a more digusted man in town
the other day than the Greek
peddler viho was fined in the police
court for selling flowers on the street
on Washingtons birthday without
having a license WJien he was in
formed In court that he had violated
the law the Greek became indignant
and gave drastic expression to his
contempt for a country called free
jwhere it was unlawful to sell flowers
on the birthday of the man who was
called the Father of his Country
J One of the New York theatrical
nianagers has inaugurated a new
method somewhat on the order of
t civil service examinations for select
f h actresses for his shows Hereto
s fore the selections were mostly made
at haphazard from the enormous num
ber of applicants That method proved
1 highly unsatisfactory Now every ap
t pficant is handed a printed slip con
taining some scene of the play to be
given and it depends upon the manner
In which they read and interpret the
lines whether they are placed upon
the list of successful applicants from
1 which vacancies in the casts are filled
The baby rhinoceros at the Bronx
Zoo has a severe cold in the head
Every person who was ever similarly
afflicted will be sure to sympathize
with the poor animal The patient
was put on a special diet and was
given enormous doses of cough medi
cine which it swallowed without pro
test It is hoped that the baby rhi
j r noceros will recover from its indispo
sition under the careful medical at
tention given to it Tlie illness of the
little rhinoceros caused considerable
annoyance to the other animals in
the building because they were kept
awake by the sneezes of the patient
which sounded like highpressure
steam escaping from a boiler
The publication of an alleged state
ment attributed to Mrs Alma Web
sterPowell one of the leading suf
frage advocates caused considerable
commotion among the suffragists and
suffragettes of New York the other
day It was alleged that Mrs Powell
had advised her sisters in the cause
of womans suffrage to bribe the leg
islators in Albany with kisses into
granting the women of the state the
Tight to vote In an open letter ad
dressed to one of the daily papers
Mrs Powell emphatically denied hav
Ing given this advice Many of the
suffragettes eager for new sensations
and experiences had welcomed the al
leged suggestion and are disappointed
over this denial Or course it was
merely a joke
Taxicabs have fallen into disrepute
through the firazen and impudent hold
up methods of many of the cab driv
ers The manner in which they over
charge their fares shows that they
have less conscience than trust presi
wvjtoits The other day a man took a
his home
icab to convey him from
Hooper street Brooklyn to Ter
Garden Manhattan where he in
ded to attend a ball The distance
about five or six miles When he
arrived at Terrace Garden the cabby
tried to collect a fare of 880 The
passenger refused to pay that exorbl
l jt v
Earl Carrington
Named as Successor of lord Mirito
Governor General of Canada
Earl Carringtou named as suecessoi
of the Earl of Minto as governor gen
eral of Ginuda is considered one ot
Great Britains ablest statesmen Hf
has been president of the board ol
agriculture and governor of New
Soutli Wales and has held other bigL
tant rate and the cab driver had him
anested The passenger was taken
before Magistrate Barlow of the
night court and the case was submit
ted to him The magistrate figured
out that 400 was all the cab driver
was entitled to and the prisoner was
perfectly willing to pay that much
Finding himself balked at his little
extortion game the cabby accepted
the 100 and the prisoner was re
The report from Pittsburg that the
warden of the Western Pennsylvania
penitentiary lias decided to give con
genial employment to a number of
artists confined in that institution
by putting them to work painting elab
orate frescoes upon the interior walls
of the prison building lias created
considerable interest among the men
and women who make the ameliora
tion of prison conditions their hobby
The plan is considered excellent from
i humanitarian standpoint and an ef
fort will be made to have the Pitts
burg example imitated in the various
penal and refoimatory institutions of
the state or New York It is believed
that even Harry Thaw might find his
confinement at Mntteawan less irk
some if his cell walls were decorated
with frescoes 1 presenting bathing
nymphs or dancing bayaderes Should
any one of the prisons or lunatic asy
lums lie shy of aitists to do the
work the defect could easily be rem
edied Theie are plenty of artists
of the impressionist kind who
ought to lie in prison in a lunatic
isylum or some other place for safe
Excursion rates via I O N R It
to Fort Worth and return account Fat
Stock and Horse Show March 1I1U
1910 Special low rates For full pai
ticulais see Agent I G N Hail
road 45td ltw
Carpenter mid general repair work
D T Michener phone 1001 221m
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Tub Dresses
Saturdays express brought us another shipment of beau
tiful lingerie dresses in white light blue pink lavender and
banana colors These dresses are richly trimmed with fine lace
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ever seen at these prices 875 7 6 550 and 9 475
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We have also received a shipment of Tub Dresses made of
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More New SKirts
This mornings express brought us a shipment of new skirt
in black and blue made of voiles chiffon panama and panama in
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and 298
Observant Reader Will Be Inclined to
Come to the Conclusion That He
Aided and Abetted Bad
Mr Peterson did not mind being
called a moralist In fact he was
raiher proud of the habit which he
sedulously cultivated of discoursing in
a high ethical tone about whatever
came to his notice Mrs Peterson a
silent hardworking woman listened
to her lords remarks faithfully ap
plauding and commenting at what she
thought were appropriate spots
One day Mr Peterson returned from
the village hot with righteous indigna
tion and overexertion
These people he said fanning
himself rapidly with a palm leaf
These people and their children 1
am almost glad we havent any chil
dren Maria for if we had Im sure
we should train them up to be just as
thoughtless and illmannered as the
rest of the world
What began Mrs Peterson In
her soft voice
Begging answered hef husband
Plain everyday begging And John
Lincolns son too The little rascal
I dont think hes six yet
He was five last May replied Mrs
Peterson with n readiness which
showed that although she herself had
no children her interest in her friends
offspring was keen
Anyway maintained Mr Peterson
hes old enough to know better This
was somewhat illogical seeing that
only a moment before a virtue had
been made of the lads youth How
ever Mr Peterson was a moralist
Hes old enough to know better
said Mr Peterson and he doesnt do
better This very morning for exam
ple he paused to emphasize again
t ae fact that it was today as if the
date made an important difference
this very morning I was passing by
John Lincolns house on Vernon street
and there in the front yard was his
son John junior playing with the
puppy No sooner did the boy ee me
than he said Please Mr Peterson
give me a cent
I am suprised that Sarah Lincolns
boy began Mrs Peterson
I am no t surprised at anything in
this world announced Mr Peterson
after the things Ive seen and heard
in my life I am disappointed So I
said to him What do you want with a
cent John And to this he replied
Buy something If any boy of mine
had I a boy were seen on the public
What did you say to him then
asked Mrs Peterson becoming a little
iinpatIentto get to the point of the
story as she had cakes in the oven
Why said Mr Peterson I hap
pened to have an extra cent in my
pocket and so I lectured him for sev
eral minutes on the crime of begging
Then you gave him the cent said
Mrs Peterson with an odd smile on
her lips
Her husband nodded I thought I
might as well Youths Companion
Woodmen Circle
Holly Giove Woodmen Ciicle No
2S will meet Tuesday Maich Stliat
70 oclock in K or P hall Initia
tion of candidates Members request
ed to lie on time Visiting soveieign
welcome Cleilc
See our special 2n00 new spring
suitings made up in any style yon
prefer Micbell Donaghue the Good
Tailors jjtr
Phone John Ormond for wood
Anthony Johnson had worked two
years as hired man for Laban Walker
Anthony s a good worker and has
money in the bank Why does he not
buy a farm cjf his own people asked
Anthony knew why So also did
pretty Rachel Walker It was for her
smiles and presence that Anthony con
tinued to toll for Laban Walker
Rachel knew that Anthony was in
love with her a month after he came
to work for her father In her heart
she rejoiced in his adoration But
like many good women she was some
thing ot a croquette and so when as
they were driving home from church
one day Anthony asked her to marry
him she smiled roguishly and said
Father want3 me to marry La
fayette Fraser
Anthony bit his lip and struck the
horse such a cut with the whip that
the animal jumped forward with a
suddenness that threatened to upset
the buggy
Fraser was a widower but he
owned more land than any one else
in the county Rachel had smiled on
him when he called especially when
Anthony could see her Fraser had
tried In vain to find out whether Walk
ers farm was mortgaged and had de
cided in the end that Rachel was a
good bargain even without money
Anthony drove along in silence after
Rachel had given him her answer
Finally when he could trust his voice
he said
Do you think you love him
Well why shouldnt I she asked
tossing her pretty head
Anthony was not skilled in the ma
neuvers of such situations and as he
was not a w oman he did not get by
intuition the gift of acting well under
such circumstances So he said no
more His heart was too full for ut
They soon reached home and he
helped her out of the buggy Then
without a word he drove to the barn
and put away the horse He changed
his clothes mechanically and did the
chores barely knowing what he was
That evening after Rachel had re
tired and when her father was dozinf
over the Farm Journal Anthony ap
proached him
My years up next week and then
I must leave he said
Whaf whats that exclaimed
Walker Didnt ye tell me just last
week that ye would stay another
year Yes i admitted Anthony but cir
cumstances have changed since then
NoTfinig Walker could say would
change his purpose and he went off
to bed where he passed a sleepless
night What mattered now the money
he had savedduring the years of toll
She for whom he had worked and
saved and planned great things for
the future was going to be anothers
He ought never to have hoped for her
he told himself He might have
known he was a fool to aspire to the
hand of such a girl
Rachel had been a little worried
during the night about her treatment
of Anthony He took me so awfully
seriously she reflected And then
she took 9 little tintype out of a box
and looked at It before she went down
stairs to get breakfast
Her father was there and he told
her of Anthonys determination She
was frightened She hurried back to
her room so her father would not see
the tears that welled up In her eyes
She had never dreamed that this
could come from her bit of coquet
That evening when Anthony came
in from doing the chores he heard his
name called In a low voice It was
You you didnt think I meant
what I said about Lafayette Fraser
did you Anthony she said her voice
Anthonys heart gave a great leap
of Joy
Oh Rachel do you can you mean
you care for me
Her eyes were cast down and she
was picking to pieces a flower She
looked up timidly at him and in the
half darkness he saw her slender
form Bway The next moment he held
her tight in his arms and her smiling
eyea were upturned happily to his
Society of Breakers
The Secret Society of Breakers is a
new organization in Atchison If a
woman receives a platter or any
other breakable article as a gift from
a friend and knows that to put It on
display where the donor expected it
to be put its ugliness will make a
wilderness of her once pretty home
jie drops a note to the Secret Society
of Breakers and this Is what follows
A member of the society makes a call
on the afflicted woman and while
there asks casually to see the wom
ans china she Is so Interested in
china she says She also says she is
clumsy and doesnt like to handle
dishes This clumsiness accounts for
It when the platter falls to the floor
and breaks It Is said of one woman
whose husband got her an ugly lamp
shade that she let It fall herself and
broke It without sending for one of
the S S of B This was a mistake
as her husband will always feel ag
grieved at her carelessness Atchison
The man who does his best will hold
his Job longer than the man who could
do better but doesnt
The session of parliament summoned by King Edward to meet In historic
Westminster Feb 15 Is expected to become memorable In the history of the
British empire Two of its leading figures are Herbert H Asquith the pre
mier and lender of the Liberal party which has been returned to power by
a majority if two and David LloydUeorge the chancellor of the exchequer
and the most prominent man of today in the British umpire The rejection
of LloydGeorges radical budget by the bouse of loids led to the recent
Spiring and Bummer Clothes
I am showing an unsurpassed line of the latest designs in
Foreign and Domestic Woolens
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it by first giving home factories employing home labor an opportunity
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Call on or Addraos
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Pilntlno Taxma
4 i

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