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East Texas
Tennessee Man TeMs of Strange
Pranks Credited to the Power of
the Wind
Cyclones are not what they used to
be in the old days complained Col
A M Hughes of Columbia Tenn
while talking in Washington of the
recent storm that swept his home
The cyclone which devastated parts
of Tennessee a couple of weeks ago
killed a large number of persons just
how many probably never will be
known But I havent heard of any
freaks perpetrated by the storm
Houses were blown down and people
were crushed to death but the storm
seemed to spare nothing In its path
Ten years ago when the town of
Columbia was visited by the cyclone
which tore up a large part of that
section of the state about 1G lives
were lost In and about the town Aft
er the storm had subsided reports of
its peculiar antics began to come In
On a nearby farm a bouse which had
been constructed in a more than usu
ally substantial manner was absolute
ly twisted and ground to pieces The
bricks were hammered apart and the
timbers were twisted into kindling
wood Yet within 100 yards a flimsy
shack which Was used as a chicken
house was left untouched A man
of any strength at all could have
pushed it overvwith his shoulder
On another farm a large tree was
found transfixed by a beam carried
from a house
The timber had been shot through
the tree as neatly as an arrow through
a tin target Why the beam was not
shattered to splinters by the terrible
impact no one could tell But the
perforated tree with the captive tim
ber stood there to prove he story
JThe entrance of the government
arsenal at Columbia was guarded by
an immense stone pillar on either
side The storm confined its attention
to these pillars They were literally
torn from the ground and broken to
piebes Cyclones of these dajs just
go around killing people without do
jg a single interesting stunt
New Way of Sleeping
In a recent paper Dr Johannes
MenliHilty proposes to abandon the
generally customary position of the
body during sleep and instead to place
the feet higher than the head He
says that this habit Is easily acquired
by successively lowering and discard
ing the pillows and bolster and finally
by gradually raising Ihe footend of
the bed to eight Inches He points
out in support ofhis theory which he
has tested by many years personal
experience that by this position of
the body during rest at night the cir
culation will be stimulated and im
proved and better nutrition of both
brain and nerves will thereby be at
tained Theauthor remarks that the
objection to giving up the hitherto
generally adopted manner of reposing
during sleep which has always proved
adequate and beneficial for an un
wonted and not yet generally tried
position may be met by the assertion
that the still customary posture with
the head raised by one or two pil
lows and a bolster has not yet been
examined for its advantages and short
comings else It would readily have
been perceived that it is not only Ir
rational but in circumstances also
injurious and moreover that It does
not afford the same benefits as the po
sition here advocated with the feet
higher than the head
Finished Work Here
The insurance men Messrs Jones
and Hanes engaged in making in
spections etc to formulate a report
on which Palestines insuiance rate
will be based hae finished their
work and go today to Corsicana
where they will engage in the same
work It will likely be some time be
fore the Palestine rate will be arrived
at i
Insure your live stock with a com
pany that will protect you See P E
Barnes at P H Hughes office
A Lenoir Lady After Two WeeKs
Grinding Labor Feels
Better Than Ever
Lenoir N C I am not tired at all
and am stouter than I have ever been
writes Mrs Kale Waters of Lenoir N C
although 1 have just finished a two
weeks wash I lay my strength to
Cardui the womans tonic I have taken
a lot of it and I can never praise it
enough for what it has done for me I
can never thank you enough for the ad
vice you gave me to take Cardui for
since taking it I look so well and am
stout as a mule
You are urged to take Cardui that gen
tle vegetable tonic for weak women Its
use will strengthen and build up your S s
tem relieve or prevent headache back
ache and the ailments of weak women
It will surely help you as it has helped
thousands of others in the past 50 years
N B Write to Ladles Advisory Dept Chatta
nooza Medicine Co Chattanooga Tenn for Special
Instructions and 64paee book Home Treatment
tor Women tut in plain wrapper on requttt
Vlows of Statesmen of EarlleJ Day
as to thei West Are Simply
Ludicrous t
It is hard for us of the present day
to realize that there ever w sa time
when the size and importamTe of the
United States was so little under ttoa
that grants of land were given to in
dividuals deeding all the land from
Virginia west and all the lands west
of the Mississippi river between cer
tain northern and southern bound
aries for small sums of money or in
recognition of some service to the
existing government >
And still later not more than a
century ago two of the mostproduc
tive sections of our great country were t
thought to be entirely worthless
In referring to the Oregon country
north of the Columbia liver Daniel
Webster wrote I believe Oregon to
be a poor country no way important
to England and of little use to the
United States
On the same subject Senator Duffy
said on the floor of the senate that be
would not give a pinch of snuff for
the whole country as an agricultural
proposition and with mock gravity
concluded his arraignment with I
thank God for having placed the
Rocky mountains there At ithat
time that mountain range was flpeined
At the conclusion of the Mexican
war when New Mexico and California
which tract includes what Is now Arl
zona were ceded to the United States
as part of the indemnity Daniel Web
ster referred to them as a barren
waste a desert of plain and moun
tain a region of savages and wild
beasts deserts of shiftingsands and
whirlwinds of dust of cactus and
prairie dogs
I have never heard of anything
and I cannot conceive anything more
ridiculous in itself more absurd and
more affrontive to all sober judgment
than the cry that we are getting in
demnity by the acquisition of New
Mexico and California I hold that
they are not worth a dollar
And all this pessimism was ex
pressed by the big men of the nation
but a few years ago What would
those men think of these states now
Mrs Charles Dickens
In his account of a dinner at the
Thackerays Mr Bigelow throws a
curious light on the subject of the
trouble between Charles Dickens and
his wife He describes the latter as
not a handsome woman though
stout hearty and matronly there
was something a little doubtful about
her eye and I thought her endowed
with a temper that might be very
violent when roused though not eas
ily rousable Mrs CaulfieldHoId ma
that a Miss Teman I thinkthat is
the name was the source of the diffi
culty between Mrs Dickens aefi her
husband She played in private the
atricals with Dickens and he sent her
a portrait in a brooch which met with
an accident requiring it to be sent to
the jewelers to be mended The
jeweler noticing Mr Dickens Initials
sent itto his house Mrs Dickens
sister who had always been in love
with him and was jealous of Miss
Teman told Mrs Dickens of the
brooch and she mounted her husband
with coinb and brush This no doubt
was Mrs Dickens version in the
main Bookman
Lumber for Autos Expensive
Southern poplar and ash enter into
the construction of the best automo
bile bodies and It is not very easy to
buy the wood without paying an ex
orbitant price for it said a manu
facturer Why poplar that should
be about 75 a thousand is now about
125 the stuff having been pretty
well cornered and the makers who
did not look out for themselves have
to pay the difference
Anticipating a certain contract I
went south and bought 1000000 feet
of it and after that it did not make
much difference whether I landed the
job I could have sold the lumber at
about 50000 profit and never touched
it but I am using it now
Al kinds of lumber that enter
Into the automobile have advanced In
price remarkably and where the end
is to be I cannot say
The Substance of Things Hoped For
In the New York City Home for the
Aged a deaf old gentleman wasjnak
Ing application preparatory to becom
ing an Inmate As is the usual pro
cedure he was questioned as to age
income nationality and religion He
seamed to be able to get through with
the first three questions but when
asked his religion he stared blankly
at the superintendent
The doctors and orderlies of the
home went through a series of shouts
and explanatory gestures but with
out success As a last resort one of
the doctors dropped on his knees and
with hands upraised to heaven tried
to illustrate what they meant by re
lion A gleam of intelligence came
over the good mans face and he ex
claimed joyously Tammany Hall
Success Magazine
Parkkeeper Theres a pair of fine
kids playing on the grass Are they
n V
Lady Yes
Parkkeeper Then youll just give
me jour name please mum Nobody
is allow ed on the grass
More Meant
She Dont you think it is silly In
young people to sit holding hands
He absently Well that depends
altogether on whether they hold win
ning cards
fa nitAWliMfca ffJ
About this latter assertion Siegel
had his doubts but binco Watterson
insisted that he be examined this of
fice was proceeded with To his sur
piise Siegel found that the man was
physically peifect and an effort is
now being made to see whether the
weight limits cannot be stietched a
little in older that Watteison may
Attention Daughters
The John H Reagan Chapter
Daughters of the Confederacy will
meet Tuesday afternoon March 15 at
oclock and hold memorial services
in celebrating Texas Hemes Day
Veterans Daughters andfriends are
coidially invited to be present
Mrs Hittie Johnson
Piesident John H Reagan Chapter
v Eggs For Setting
Rhode Island Red and Plymouth
Rock 14 for 73c J AV Jones 1 12
miles south of town 122t
If yuu want good wood and want it
onick nhon t 7tf
Herald want ads are result brlng
ers three Hues three tlmps 2 > c
Times Flight Turned Backward
SAGE and sulphur
Made Her Look Twenty Years Younger
State of Nfw York 1
County of Monroe J
Nancy A Herrick being duly sworn deposes and says When
I was a girl I had a head of heavj long dark brown hair which
was the emy of my schoolmates and which attracted the atten
tion and remarks of strangers As I grew older my hair com
menced to come out Just a little at first but gradually more and
more and then began to turn gray I was induced by the many
good repprts I had heard of Wjeth s Sage and Sulphur Hair
Remedy to try a bottle My hair was quiteThin and gray when
I began using Sage and Sulphur and jou can imagine my satis
factionwhen I found that it was fast coming back to its natural
condition being thicker darker and more glossy than it had been
for a long time I continued to use Sage and Sulphur and my
hair is now as heavj dark and smooth as when I was a girl of
sixteen It is now four jears since I commenced using Sage and
Sulphur and my hair is still in splendid condition
Sworn lope fare me this LtOi
Rochester N Y
Preserve Your Youth and Beauty by Using
visit h s
t It IsvPure Safe And Reliable
It Is NotSticky Oily Or Greasy
An E4egant Refreshing Dressing
It Makes The Hair Soft And Glossy
It Quickly Removes Dandruff
K F de d And Gray Hair To Natural Colo
It Stops Hair Falling And Makes The Hair Grow
It Will Make You Look Years Younger
50c and 1
II Your Druggist Does Not Keep It
Send Us The Price In Stamps And
We Will Send Yon A Large Bottle
fespress Prepaid
74 Corllandt St
For Sale and Recommended By SVIotSey Drug Company
Found to Be In Trim For the United
States Navy
Herald Special
San Antonio Texas March 12
When Geoige T Watterson 22 jears
ot age six feet six inches tall awl
weighing 350 pounds net put in ap
pearance at the local naval recruiting
station and asked to be enlisted for
service in the United States navy
Frank R Siegel the officer in charge
nearly fainted Reading of the legu
lations had no effect upon the huskj
one he was going to enlist and sure
ly the matter ot surplus avoirdupois
was not a seiious matter since he
Was phjsicallv fit eery other wry
have the honor of being one of Uncle
Sams tars Watteison thinks that J
with the advent lof 112000 ton battlei Believes He Has Located the Famousr
ships men of Mis type will be needed
to keep the things from being under
Park of Emperor Moctezuma
Herald SpeclaLj
San Antonfo Texas March 12 Ac
cording to a dispatch in the Mexico
Daily Record Dr Guillermo Tellez
pne of3Ieicos best known archeolo
gists has discovered the famous bo
tanical and pleasure garden of Moc
tezuma I emperdr of the Aztecs Its
site is located near the ancient town
of Oaxtepec in Morelos a location
that seems to correspond with rec
ords of the garden in Aztec and an
ciem Spanish documents Dr Tellez
made his discovery through the pres t
ence there of plants and trees not
known in other parts of Mexico which
seem to be the survivors of thQ won
derful collection of exotic flora that
had been gathered there by the Aztec
monarchs Steel bearing Aztec in
scriptions were found nearby The
garden in ancient times was situated
in the Indian kingdom of Oaxtepec
one of Mdctezumns vassal states
To Kill Fleas Chicken Lice Ticks on Guttle or Dogs and all Other In
sects Such as Bed Bugs Water BugsCockroaches Etc or Money Refunded
Bratton Drug Co
Motley Drug Co
ji L i Jelka Jifeteaa

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