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Houston Texas Mnrch 1G Tlio
most gruesome of all the horribletrag
edies that have occurred in and about
Houston was revealed at noon on
Wednesday when the decomposed
bodies of five human beings were dis
covered in a house at 1ZC Ashland
street Houston Heights Owing to
mutilation identification of the adults
was difficult hjit they were finally
identified as the bodies of Gustave
Schultz and his wife Alice Beele
Sclmltz their two small children and
Walter E Eichman Aboslute mys
tery surrounds the tragedy every
theory being exploded by countervail
ing evidence
Every circumstance goes to show
that the victims of the terrible trag
edy had been dead several days prob
ably since Friday night that being
the last time any of them were seen
alive When the door to the liouse
was burst open by Sheriff Anderson
the stench was unbearable and it was
necessary to open all the windows
from the outside before entrance
could be effected A swarm of flies
filled the room The curtains were
drawn and it was dark in the room
Entering the house whicji consists
of three rooms in a row all five of
the bodies were found piled together
in the middle room between two beds
The body which has been identified
ns that of Schultz the head of the
family was found underneath the
otherson the floor On top of him
was some foodsoiked hedclothing
The tiny feet of his little daughter
rested on this with her head on a
bod At liis feet in a crouching po
sition and holding the 4 > ody of her in
fant daughter to her breast was the
body of Mife Schultz The space be
tween the two beds was very narrow
I SI Js4S rig
PaleFaced Women
You ladies who have pale faces sallow complexions
dark circles under eyes drawn features and tired worn
out expressions you need a tonic °
The tonic you need is Cardui the womans tonic
It is the best tonic for women because its ingredients
are specifically adapted for womens needs Th ey act on
the womanly organs and help to give needed strength and
vitality to the wornout womanly frame
Cardui is a vegetable medicine It contains no min
erals no iron no potassium no lime no glycerin no dan
gerous or habitforming drugs of any kind
It is perfectly harmless and safe for young and old to use
Take P
J 43
The Womans Tonic
After my doctor had done all he said he could for me
writes Mrs Wm Hilliard of Mountainburg Ark I took Car
dui on the advice of a friend and it helped me so much
Before taking Cardui I had suffered from female
troubles for five years but since taking it I am in good health
I think there is some of the best advice in your book
that I ever saw Your druggist sells Cardui Try it
Write to Ladies Advisory Dept Chattanooga Medicine Co Chattanoosa Term
Cor Special Instructions and 64pase book Home Treatment for Women sent tree
Made at Houston Heights Two Men
a Woman and Two Children
Brutally Murdered
and the bodies were in reality all in
onegory heap Lying on his back
across the gruesome pile was the
body oLEichman
Only the body of Eichman was fully
dressed The body of Mrs Schultz
was almost nude and the children
were evidently murdered while asleep
The body of Schultz was partially un
The heads of the quintet had been
beaten in with some blunt instrument
but tliis instrument was not discover
i ed about the place and the officers
were forced to conclude that all five
had been muideied They had reason
to entertain the theory that one of
the men had perhaps mmdered the
others and then committed suicide un
til confronted with the absence of an
instrument of suicide All were ap
parently attacked in the same man
ner and with the same degree of fe
rocity The faces of the three adults
were terribly mutilated and the skulls
crushed in from the front The little
children were not so badly mutilated
the fiend in human form evidently con
tenting himself with one blow on the
skull of each a bloiv that crushed
the tender bones however
Do You Want to Build
Kind of a
Brick wood or cement block or any repairing on buidlings
If so call C S Maflltt He can make your plans and fur
nish money if you want to pay for work by the month or
year and will do the work cheap as can be done and guar
antee satisfaction I also hive some houses for sale also
one farm for sale
Phone 22G
Lyric Theatre Tonight
P 0 Box 23
Blacksmithing and wood work Special attention to horse
lnK Try a set of ° r shoes and your horse will he glad
WE DO IT NOW We are making a special price this
spring on steel tires and swindles and boxes for vehicles
Our Work Must Please You
Its the Shop in Old Town
Jim Redwme C
Plumbing ana Tinning
All kinds of repair tin and sheet iron work Stoves
repaired and set and flues
up cleaned out Give us
your work and have it done right
Shop Corner of Oakand John Streets
So you wont marry me
I do think it s a sin Jack for you
to insist when you know th sis my
first season and I have looked for
ward to at least two years more of
Very well Dorothy 1 wont say an
other word I trust your seasbns will
be bright and I will endeavor to do
lny best to make them so
Oh Jack you are a dear Well
not be sweetHearts for some time
well pretend were only chums
Dorothy Madden was considered the
prettiest girl in the state tall aind slen
der with laughing eyes auburn curls
and a chin and mouth that Were the
envy of all the girls around i
ColvMadden had at one time been
prominent in politics but aftef losing
his wife his health had failed and little
by little his immense fortune had dis
appeared It was quite a blow to the
family when they found they had only
their home and a few thousands left1
Jack Churchill was the heir of his
uncle RobeTt Vaughn the Michigan
millionaire and was much sought
Two gay seasons had passed Jack
did everything to make Dorothy have
a pleasant time The many late eve
nings dancing etc began to show on
Dorothy she was thinner her eyes
failed to have the brilliancy that at
one time made them so beautiful And
Jack had never in the entire two years
mentioned marriage to her
Col Madden seeing the change in
bis daughter and knowing that Jack
had not been to him to ask for Doro
thy supposed she was grieving Call
ing his daughter to him one morning
he said Dorothy does Jack seem to
be as attentive as ever or haveyou
lost your heart to another and refused
the boy You know my dear how
were situated Margaret is old enough
to come outi You were a year her
senior when you made your debut and
It isnt doing her justice You must
make up your mind to marry and give
your sister an opportunity I cannot
keep t vo daughters in society
Father said Dorothy two years
ago Jack asked1 me to marryTiira I
begged him to wait I hated to settle
down since then he has never men
tioned it but I will try to look my
prettiest tonight and see what I canr
While Dorothy and her father were
talking In the library Margaret was In
the summer house but not alone
Sweetheart though you havent
made your formal debut you can mar
ry me and well tour the continent and
youll have just as nice a UmTaifahy
of the debutantes
It was Jack who was pleading and
the girl he wanted this time was not
Dorothy but her younger sister
Well Jack dear said Margaret
guess youre right Dad hasnt the
money to keep us both in society and
Dorothy wont marry Come well go
to the house and tell them the news
There was quite a contrast between
the sisters Dorothy tall and fair
Margaret petite and dark with large
gray eyes and the beautiful Madden
Dorothy had just finished her talk
with her father when the door sud
denly opened and Jack and Margaret
hand in hand stood in the doorway
Father Col Madden called both
of them weve come to tell you con
tinued Jack were going to be mar
Col Madden tried to hide his sur
prise for he had thought it was Doro
thy not his little1 Margaret whom
Jack wanted
Margaret said her father you
couldnt have looked the world over
and have pleased me better Jack
he continued you can have her but
remember she is nothing but a child
Dorothy in the meanwhile was try
ing to control her feelings It seemed
as if her heart would break for she
loved Jack dearly
Were to be married on my birth
day said Margaret which is two
months from today
I am glad you have appointed an
early date said Dorothy fdr my ad
vice to you is not to be foolish like I
was and wait until it Is too late
Scattered Joss Worshipers
A peculiar accident happened at San
Francisco recently when an immense
box kite used for advertising pur
poses suspended high over the city
suddenly broke loose from its lofty
mooring and sailed with great con
fusion down into the heart of China
town It fell with a thundering crash
on the roof of a Chinese Josshouse
and Instantly its wire having crossed
several live wires there began a ter
rifying spluttering and flying of
sparks The whole building jarred
when the mighty kite struck the roof
and the fireworks that succeeded sent
terror to the hearts of priests and
worshipers who made a mad rush for
the street
Goose ThirtyTwo Years Old
John Henry Mattox whose home ii
In Goosepond distiict is possessor of
a goose 32 years old Its next birth
day comes in June The goose stands
a good chance of living quite u while
longer And doubtless Air Mattox
would not part with the fowl that has
been a member of his barnyard fam
ily for so long for any consideration
There Is also among his collection a
peafowl that if he lives to celebrate
Its next birthday will be 35 years old
Oglethorpe Echo
fe e AJ alC
Babyjim BabyTed
dy ana Kitty Kate
Why dent you marry one or the
other of us said Teddy Lord
Knows we have asked you often
enough at least I have
Thompson who had Invited Kate
and Teddy to share a homewardbound
journey in his automobile was busy
getting his machine under way Ted
dy Walton and Jim Thompson had
long been suitors for the hand of
Kitty Kate as dainty Katherine
Comstock had been quaintly nick
named by her friends
A goodnatured girl she was pret
ty and playful maybe thats why they
called her Kitty Kate
At any rate said Kitty Kate to
Teddy The reason I dont put one
or the other of you out of misery
is this Neither one of you babies
knows what he wants or why he wants
Thompson heard what Kitty Kate
said and he laughed Thats anoth
er one she handed Teddy he thought
then again
I guess It was handed me just as
well And the car was shooting
along now at a speed that was faster
than the ordinances allowed and
Thompson wasnt steering the car
very well either because he was try
ing to hear what Kitty Kate and Ted
dy were saying
Crash the car had run plump
into a big brewery wagon There was
a noise of rending wood and metal
When Thompson regained conscious
ness he was in a voom in a hospital
Teddy wasin the next cot to his own
She asked Thompson
Never touched her said Teddy
Good but you are a tough look
ing object said Thompson
A horse apiece said Teddy
Of course Kitty Kate came with a
great big bunch of American beauties
and oranges and cigars with crimson
bands on them which the doctor se
cretly threw under the bed Teddy
was not badly hurt and was taken
home It was different with Jim That
fractured leg of his was bound up
a rope attached to it and a bag of
sanfl held it in place over a pulley
A little child was brought in and
placed in the cot that had been occu
pied by Teddy Poor little thing
thought Thompson
Night came on Thompson hadfal
len asleep a fitful sleep awakened by
an unending annoying repetition of
a phrase Mamma dwink please give
baby dwink
He looked over at the child Mam
ma dwink she repeated
By youll have It kid said big
Jim Thompson He felt the rope that
bound his incased leg to he foot of
the bed pulled himself across the
iron table and reached the next cot
The pain was fierce
Here old man he said to the
baby handing her a cup take a
drink The baby put her lips to it
and cried Mamma I want a
dwink There was nothing in the
cup D It exclaimed big Jim
I drank that water myself I forgot
It was a real hell for Jim to strug
gle hack to bed but he didnt mind
he heard but the childs voice Mam
ma a dwink but it had sung away
vanished forever
They took Jim home two days after
It was weeks before he could hobble
on crutches His first visit was to
Kitty Kate I want you to marry
me he said
Have you forgotten she said soft
ly about the baby that crie3 for a
drink that it does not need
Ah he replied they told you of
that incident of the hospital I did not
know It was known but I suppose I
spoke of it in my delirium Poor kid
I couldnt even reach the button to
call the nurse I was all in Kitty
Kate all in or that kid would have
had that drink but what has that to
do with you or me or
Oh Jim said Kitty Kate it made
me decide It made me take one of
two big babies Baby Jim or Baby
Teddy and Im going to take Baby
Jim and Babby Teddy says that if I
couldnt take him hed rather see ma
have Baby Jim than any one else
A Mill Worth Seeing
Some of the local admirers of Joe
Grim the Italian pugilist of Altoona
have been telling a new story on him
lately It Is a wellknown fact that
Joe will fight most anybody who
comes along and that he is absolutely
fearless He pays no attention what
ever to class and he appears to regard
almost every new name that he hears
as that of a fighter he ought to meet
Not long ago they were arranging a
tight for Joe in Altoona and there
was some bickering over the percent
ages Finally it was pointed out to
Joe that Altoona was a good show
Why Maxlne Elliott played to a
4000 house here the other night
said one of the fight promoters
Quick as a flash Joe snapped back
Ill fight that Max Elliott too
Pittsburg GazetteTimes
Foolish Question of Queen
Queen Amelia was out in her tour
ing car lately when she lost her way
They got from one country road Into
another without getting their bear
ings or meeting anyone Finally they
met a countryman and the chauffeur
hailed him and asked the way The
man looked at the magnificent car
and then at the company and then
gave a smile of great shrewdness
Just as If you didnt know he
W s w yW f t
and we can
A lady from Minnesota writes
As a result of using Danderine my hair
is close to five feet in length
Beautiful Hair at Small Cost
troubles like many other diseases have
HAIR wrongly diagnosed and altogether mis
understood The hair itself is not the thing to
be treated for the reason that it is simply a product
of the scalp and wholly dependent upon its action
The scalp is the very soil in which the hair is pro
duced nurtured and rown and it alone should
receie the attention if results are to be expected
It would do no earthly good to treat the stem of a
plant with a view of making it grow and become
more beautiful the soil in which the plant grows
must be attended to Therefore ths scalp in which
the h nr grows muit receive the attention if you ara
to expect it to grow and bedome more beautiful
Loss of hair is caused by the scalp drying up
or losing its supply of moisturdor nutriment when
baldness occurs the scalp lias simply lost alt its
nourishment leaving nothing for the hair to feed
upon a plant or even a tree would die under similar
The natural thing to do in either case is to feed
and replenish the soil or scalp as the case maybe
and your crop will grow and multiply as nature
intended it should
Knowltons Danderine has a most wonder
ful effect upon the hair glands and tissues of the
scalp It is the only remedy for the hair ever
discovered that is similar to the natural hair
foods or liquids of the scalp
It penetrates the pores quickly and the hair
soon shows the effects of its wonderfully exhilar
ating and lifeproducing qualities
One 25cent bottle is enough to convince you of
its great worth as a hair growing and hair beauti
fying remedy tcy it and see for yourself
NOW at all druggists In three sizes
25c 50c and 100 per bottle
FREE To show how quickly Danderine
acts we wilt send a large sam
ple free by return mail to anyone who
sends this free coupon to the
with their name and address and 10c
in silver or stamps to pay postage
EASTElt comes early this spring so it is up to you to
order that EASTER suit early Get ready for ari early
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Tipper GllbPeafh
Merchant Taiors
Cor Oak and John Streets The Red Front
I Lead in ll > e Frtxit Business
In Palestine
Others Try to Foliow
But I Control Selling More Than All Others Combined
And Can Sell Cheap
Fruits Are Always Fresh
Tho Original l riut Man
We have just received
very substantial and nice finish We also have six
White sewing machines at closeout prices Call
and investigate or phone 358
We are preparer to furnish Abstracts of Title to any and all lands and
town lots in Anderson county at reasonable prices Fifteen years ex
perience in the Abstract business
Accurate reliable and responsible work guaranteed
1 Office with the District Clerk and County Treasurer in the court house
For the present phone No Iti7 where orders may be left for abstract
work which will receive prompt attention We also write xdeeds and
other instruments and take acknowledgments etc
Yours to serve
Should you need Cotton Ginning Cane Grinding Saw Mill or other
Machinery or repairs for same it matters not by whom made Dilleys
can save you time trouble or money perhaps all if you will consult
desirious of Anderson
them You are building up County give proof of
it by iirst giving home factories employing home labor an opportunity
to serve you and then all things being equal give them tho preference
Cnll otm or Adclrvs
Flttlni Txao
> n
3 gf

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