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Entered In the Palestine Texas Postofflce as SecondClass Mall Matter
W M AND H V HAMILTON JR Edltore and Proprietors
The Hamilton Boys You Know
Any erroneous reflection upon the character standing or reputation of any
person firm or corporation which may appear in the columns of The Herald
will be gladly corrected upon it being brought to attention of the publishers
For Palestine and vicinity
> Tonight and Saturady gen >
erally fair warmer tonight
> < > > >
1581 A charter fof an American col
ony was granted by Queen
Elizabeth to Sir Walter Raleigh
1714 Matthew Griswold governor of
Connecticut 1784Sfi born in
Lyme Conn Died there April
28 1799
1797 John Winebrenner founder of
The Church of God born in
Maryland Died in Harrisburg
Pa Sep t IS 1SG0
1807 Abolition of the slave trade in
the British Empire
1818 Henry Lee a famous soldier of
the American Revolution died
at Cumberland Island Ga
Born in Virginia Jan 29 175G
185G Coles Bashford became gover
nor of Wisconsin
18G2 Beaufort N C occupied by
federal troops
18C4 Confederates under Gen For
rest captured Paducah Ky
1870 Pallium conferred upon the
Most Rev John Joseph Lynch
first archbishop of Toronto
1S92 The British and French govern
ments renewed the modus
Vivendi respecting the New
foundland lobster fisheries
1897 Opening of the second session
of the Eighth Parliament of
1909 Crown Prince George of Servia
renounced succession to the
Palestine should send a representa
tion to Nacogdoches on April 15th and
lGth at which time an East Texas in
dustrial congress will be formed in
connection with the meeting of the
East Texas Press Association This
movement is a good one and every
town in the East Texas belt should
be represented Tyler has appointed
a big delegation to go over and other
towns are doing likewise The idea
Is to get together to boost East Texas
and send out advertising to other
parts of the world This plan has
been adopted in South Texas and the
results speak for themselves By co
operation a much larger territory can
be covered at less expense and the
East Texas country can be brought to
the public attention The very best
section of Texas has never been boost
ed as it should be and it is the object
of the promoters of this meeting to
remedy this matter and see that East
Texas is properly presented
f ems f
In His Wonderful Psycological Tests
and Demonstrations Amusing
Entertaining Instructive
Feature Film
Trieoes Orchestra
Of Five Pieces Rendering the Latest
Musical Selections
TWO SHOWS 745 and 9 P M
PRICES 10 and 15 Cents
No Reserved Seats
Watch For Something Big at the Lyric
Next Week
Men who make newspapers some
times believe that their profession is
an exacting one They are wrong It
is the simplest calling Making a
newspaper is an easy trick Anybody
can do it
A lawyer with only a diploma and
a brass sign who would lose a suit
even if the other side were ready to
confess judgment will tell you how
to run a newspaper A physician who
would send his patient to the morgue
before the prescription has been filled
will know all the fine points of makin
a newspaper An actor who never
earned any other plaudit than a soft
tomato will give instructions in hand
ling the worlds news Any old lady
who knows enough to get off a street
car backward has positive opinions on
the press Even a society person who
never paid anything but a call or
made anythingbut a visit or did any
thing but a tailor knows how stupid
those men are who write stories
edit copy wrestle with heads that
wont fit and get the paper out on
One reason for the universality of
perfection in this trade among those
who do not work at it is that every
body has been employed in it It is
a most unusual thing to meet a man
who when the occasion seems ripe
will not say I used to be a newspaper
man myself Every time a man
works his country editor for puff on
the strength of a big pumpkin he
graduates in journalism When he
writes a piece for The Squash
County Clarion about a most enjoy
able entertainment he completes his
postgraduate course in newspaper
work and when he writes a communi
cation on both sides of the paper to
the editor he becomes a thirtythird
degree member of the Tribe of Scribes
That so many men have abandoned
literature for the law medicine and
other easy walks of life simply shows
that many men would rather fail in
one thing than another Washington
The garden sass is coming along
and helps to cut down the feed bill
The Houston business men agreed
that Palestine looked good to them
Sure it did Palestine looks good to
Cone Johnson has almost the entire
support of his Tyler neighbors for
governor and the two or three fel
lows up there opposing him must be
terribly lonesome
Palestine people are interested in
the success of the Boys Corn Club
and will watch the progress of the
movement with keen interest This
work promises lo bring about a revo
lution in the corn business of this
Barney Oldfield broke two more rec
ords at Daytona Fla in bis big auto
Some of these days Barney is going
to run into kingdom come where
mere will be neither gasoline nor
chauffeurs Its a bet at odds with
death and Barney is bound to lose
Some of the Texas exchanges com
ment that Col George Burkitt of
Houston has submitted a street cat
line proposition to Palestine AW
would have these In other editois
Know that Col George belongs to Pal
estine hut is only headquartering in
Houston for business leasons at the
piesent time
We suppose the suggestion will do
no good hut it is a doubleriveted
cinch that Palestine should have a
ball park and a ball team for the sum
mer Baseball is a good clean sport
and there are few people who do not
enjoy a good ball game Besides the
summer is very long unless theie is a
little play mixed in
To a man with a small telescope
and looking on from a long distance
it looks very much as though your
Uncle Too Cannon still owns the
house committee on rules Eveiy man
on the lepublican side of the commit
tee is a standpatter and is ready to
feed out of Uncle Joes hand The
victory of the insurgents seemed to
have swtmk
The Times Herald always finds lt
Member cf Parliament Who Mar
ried Mary Burns of New Y > <
self in excellent company The Pal
estine Daily Herald says
The Herald believes Representa
tive Buileson made a bad break when
he moed that the speaker of the
house be removed and a new speaker
elected The fight had been made
against Cannonism and not against
Cannon and Burleson forced the re
publican insurgents to vote with the
regulars on the question The fight
should have bean stopped when Can
nonism got its death blow
Norris led the insurgents and flip
resolution calling for the resignation
of Speaker Cannon should have pome
from the insurgent camp But it ts
all over now and Uncle Joe is as
jaunty as ever ami is making the best
of it He accepted that vote of vin
dication as meekly as a roaring lion
on the warpath For a seventythree
yearold he is the wonder of the
American political world Dallas
Times Herald
Every bright aspiring girl or boy
in Palestine or vicinity to enter the
Palestine School of Business We
hold both day and eveningjessjgrjS
Day session begins at 830 a m and
closes at 4 p mevening session be
gins at 730 and closes at 930 p m
Monthly payments leceived and re
sults guaranteed There is nothing
in which so small a sum could be in
vested and so large a dividend se
cured It will prove a permanent in
vestment and it cannot be lost spent
or destioyed There are but few pa
rents financially able to leave their
son or daughter 10000 but there are
few but that can give them a busi
ness training that will enable tiorn
to earn more per annum than the in
terest on that sum Call at the school
Colley Building and talk the matter
over with us or call phone 1077 and
we will make a date and call and see
you Respectfully
Palestine School of Rpslness
Mary A Scaibrongh wife of L D
Scarbrough died at their home in
Kaufman Match 15th 1910 after a
long illness which began with the
measules She was hoin in Anderson
county Texas on the Gth day of April
1S73 She was baptized into the
Church of Chiist at the age of four
teen years and at fifteen was mar
ried to L D Scaibrongh She was
the mother of eight children six of
them and her husband surviving her
From eaily womanhood her life was
one of christian service and sacrifice
She was a woman of strong convic
tions sound in the christian faith en
deavoring to be ti ue to her Lord care
ful for the happiness of her husband
and always looking out with heait and
life thought and action for the spir
itual welfaie of her childien When
in the wisdom of God she had sacii
ficeil served and suffeted enough
and she leceived the summons to for
ever lay aside her caies and labors
and to enter into His lest she was
ready and peacefully she fell asleep
in Jesus D B Mizell
A better light than you are now
getting without a cent being added
onto your electric light bill at the end
of the month Sounds pietty good
doesnt it Its the Sterling Light
Globe You can get them at Brat
tons 19Gt
William Hamilton the Saturday
Evening Post Boy wants your order
for the Post every week Phone 472
and he will do the rest 22tf
Dont forget to buy your meats from
the Old Town Market the best money
can buy Phone No 145 311lm
Knlgbts of the Maccabees will meet
every second and fourth Saturday
nights In each month 827U
says We cannot destroy drink n ° r
the appetite for it we cannot sue
cessfnlly prohibit drink He goes on
to say You might as well adopt the J
policy of making man honest by de
stroying property If you destroy
the rights of pioperty then you make
it possible for the strong to acquiie
property through force I do not
see where the illustrations correspond
at all When our children are Small
we try to teach them not to handle
nor tear up things but we find we
have to put temptation ont of leach
the same applies to man The major
ity of men are onlygrownup children
and cannot withstand temptation sq
I see where it is very necessary to rp
move all temptations I will admit
some few men will have drink at any
cost but the workman who has to
wait for payday will have more to
take home to his family and less to
pay at saloons There is the little
town of Mineola prohibition benefited
or at least many families have homes
today they would never have bad if
the town had not gone dry I met
people theie a few years after the pro
hibition election that I had known
befoie who never had garments suit
able to attend church before the elec
tion and I had to ask who they were
the change had been so great and all
other dry towns are benefited in the
same way I believe with persistency
faith and prayer on the part of the
women of this land this huge evil
can be dealt with as an offense
against law and private morals The
storms of life are lessened by our
love of God and the nearer we live to
Him the lighter our burdens seem
Next to God man holleves in the
goodness and purity of woman Ho
believes that God does and will hear
her prayers and when she comes to
him In his haunts of sin in her pur
ity and faith and asks God to touch
bis heart and change his will and
power God does touch and change
him May Palestine jet ho a Holy
City is my prayer
List of letters lemaining In the
postoffice at Palestine Texas for
the week ending March 22 1910 Per
sons calling for any of this mail will
please say ADVERTISED and give
date A charge of one cent will be
made on each piece of mail so ad
Geo W Burkitt Jr
Ladies List
Mrs Lizzie Broughtpu Miss Annie j
Ben Mrs Mary Claves MIsb Jonnle
1K f S rS Sir X as
Easter Lingerie Dresses
We are showing the most beautiful
assortment of new Nets and Lin
gerie over Silk Slips and all colors
Dresses that were 3500 values at
2950 3o 00 values at 2450
2500 values at 19 75 2250
values at 1795 and others as low
as 375
Attractive Waists
One special lot of over twenty
different patterns values up to
150 for 98 cents
Others in Pure Linen Tailored
effect and fine Lingerie ranging in
prices 5oo 450 3 95 3 75 2 50
200 and 125
Official Letters
G F Atwood Henry Clairborne
Mrs Etoila Chnpuitn Beatrice Fisher
C H Murphy Cottrell Moore Chris
tian Miller Alfred Monison V E
Thornton Sarah White
Mens List
Sugar Arnold R L Armstead John
Burrel Robert Byird Bud Croker
Wi W Cloon H C Calloway D
Doronby Bob DeLacy Hy Eiabolt
Fremon Ellis Peat Canes S S Hill
G H Hall Einest Hatchet Halt Hen
derson J S Hanks Milt Henry Wal
ter P Koes U S Livingston Byron
Morchead Cottrell Moore Isa Mich
auv J H McNeil Genie MeGilreth
Henry Pace Thomas Quinn Louis
Rich Ed Rix 2 H A Reins Ed
Simmon R P Stell J E Swanson
Charlie Traynor Robbie Thornton
W J Wilson E J Whitcomb Rev
E D Ward T E Wiggies Mooie
Auto Repairing
C A Piyor offers bis services to au
tomobile owners Repairs of all kinds
made engines regulated parts fitted
etc Work is guaranteed firstclass
Shop on Main street near post
office 39tf
I have sold my stock of furniture
and accounts to Wyatt Mclnnis
Denby who will collect all accounts
due Wallace Furniture Co
13tf S L Wnllnre
Well I am back and ready for busi
ness I find there are other tuners in
the field but that is all right there is
work enough for all and if I cant
get all the work I can do without run
ning down other tuners I just wont
get the work that is all I will get to
my old customers as soon as possible
If you are In a hurry just drop me a
card or phone 10S4 Would be glad
> i > taKe any new customers that want
no r < > do their work Satisfaction
guaranteed Yours for piano tuning
II M Jones Box 814 228tf
Carpenter and general repair work
D T Michener phone 1001 221m
New Easter Suits
These are of fine manish Scotch
Suitings Worsteds and Serges
exclusive patterns newest short
length coats made by expert tailors
and lined frith fine silk all colors
solids stripes and pastal shades
S4500 35100 25000 2250 and
See our line of Linen Suits
Other Offerings
Fine Hubertai Coats at 1950
15001250 and 995
New Summer Capes in latest
shades 1500 and 1250
Our Guaranteed Silk Petticoats
all shades with ginch flounce will
continue as our leader at 500
Also House Dresses in all colors
a d best quality Ginghams 398
NOTE We are expecting in the next day or so a large shipment of
fine Voile Skirts also newest creations in Panamas etc both
solid black and pastal shades Watch tais space for announcements
Palestine Woman Replies to Commis
sioner Colquitt
Editors Herald
I have been reading Colquitts open
ing Epeeci In fact I read all his ar
ticles and although I am awoman
heg to be allowed to express my opin
ion in regard to his views on prohi
bition In one part of his speech he
Jones Mrs Lulu Moore Miss Laura
Woods Miss Sarah Zigliger
In Palestine Is Important to You
Read the Advertisements
You look to the newspaper for your
news You no longer have to depend
upon your acquaintances and friends
for news as the ancients did Yonk
wouldnt feel that you knew what was
going on in the world If you had to
get your Information at first hand
if you had to go around and S e
things for yourself and ask questions
ant ferret opt facts Ypu depend up
on the newspaper to do all that for
j on and to give you the concrete re
suits in the news of the day
The same conditions exist as to
store news Every store in the city is
important to you but you havent the
time to visit every one of them eviry
day Nor can you depend upon youi
friends to give you the news about
But the merchant makes this unnec
essary for you They collect and pre
sent to you in convenient form the
store facts the store news They do
for you essentially what the editp
u al end of a newspaper dpes for ypu
in keeping you posted about tbe
worlds events
Your Easter gifts can best be se
lected by choosing then from the ad
veiUsing columns of the Hpraltj
with an Ideal Darner fits any ma
chine Regular price 35c special 19
cents at The Fair 19Gt
3500 Yard of Buff Orphlngtons
Place your orders now for eggs 15
for 150 Call and see my birds 205
Palestine Ave Phone 380 W R
Crawford 22tf
Dont think but come and see the
cleanest market in the city Every
thing in a sanitary condition Prompt
delivery lo all parts of the city Old
Town Market J G Scarborough pro
prietor Phone 145 3311lra
See our special 25Q0 qew spring
suitings made up In any style you
prefer Michell Donaghue the Good
Tailors 9tf
Herald Want Ads bring results
Out of the Court House into the BRICK
OFFICE Southwest corner of the Court
House Square The onliest abstract
company in tjwn
B F ROGERS Pres and Nlgr

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