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before you today to contend that it is
not the Gospel of Christ that is be
ing rejected by the intelligence of the
world but another Gospel that came
not from Christ neither from the Apos
tles neither is it taught in the Bible
I am here to claim and to endeavor to
prove that the Bible is eminently log
ical thoroughly reasonable and that
the message it bears to those who have
ears to hear is the most wonderful
message that could possibly be pre
sented to human heads andhearts
We are not here to claim a new rev
elation making void the Word of God
through Jesus and the Apostles we
are not here to twist and turn their
words to make them appear to mean
what they do not say We are here
to show that the Bible taken in its
simplicity and allowed to Interpret It
self is the most Avouderful book in the
world and that the Divine Plan of Sal
vation th e i
Jpg ai
s i a >
untoa every
< > rtKe Dark Ages
We are not here my friends to sei
forth any sectarian views of the Scrip
tures n5r to advocate a new theology
By no means we have already too
many theologies we have already too
manysects Or divisions of Christ We
want no more Christendom is awak
ening to the fact that the various con
flicting creeds cast discredit on the Bi
ble The creeds of Christendom uni
versally discredit each other by their
interpretations and universally they
discredit the Bible which would be
surely a
Ooo boo
Sennon by
Pastor Brooklyn
> Ooo
Rome May 1 Pastor Russell of
Brooklyn Tabernacje New York
preached here today to a large and at
tentive audience Speaking through
an Interpreter he was heard by all
His address was delivered under the equally in f
we are the day Bible re
auspices of the INTERNATIONAL jection because it is assumed that the
BIBLE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Bible having been studied by the
A profound impression was evidentlj formulators of these creeds must be
made and Bible study surely received n accord with these and hence must
a considerable impetus Many inclined
to scoff at religion and the Bible as
Interpreted in the past said reverent
ly If this be the Gospel of Christ
If is worthy of all acceptation The
speaker said
We dear friends are living in a day
In which the leading minds of the
world are rejecting the Bible and its
message in all the great colleges of
the world yea in the theological
seminaries also the Bible is classed
as antique Professed faith in tin
Bible as the inspired Word of God
today calls forth sneers of ridicule and
the comment that such believers arc
unlearned But my hearers I am
JL J JLtf JL M JL a o e
Addresses Large Audience Under
Auspices of the International Bible
Students Association Using the Asso
ciation s Interpreter Reverent and
Close Attention Given
Text 1 am not ashamed of the Goipel of Christ
Romans i 16
have frequently rejected also the cen
tral truth which that dogma to a cer
tain degree misrepresented Thus we
are in the day of the rejection of the
creeds by the people of all denomina
tions Catholic and Protestant and
be responsible for the unreasonable
teachings and must be rejected when
these are rejected
I Some of us ran away with the doc
trine of election thinking it the
whole Gospel of Christ whereas our
fragment was Incomplete unsatisfac
tory and misrepresented the Gospel
when taken alone Others grasped the
doctrine of free grace and ran away
w th that claiming that It was the en
tire Gospel ignoring the Scriptures
which referred to election etc
These made a similar mistake and
similarly misrepresented the Gospel of
Christ in its wholeness its solidarity
Others grasped those Scriptures which
assure us of a universal opportunity
for salvation and interpreted them to
mean that all mankind wfll attain
eternal salvation regardless of their
wills and cooperation Others found
difficulty in harmonizing the relation
ship between the heavenly Father the
heavenly Son and the holy Spirit and
this contention led to TJnltarianism on
the one hand and to Trinitarianism on
the other Others of us caught the
doctrine of baptism and made of it
the entire Gospel and thus did violence
to the lengths and breadths and
heights and depths of the true mes
sage the true Gospel of which St
Paul in our text declares that he was
not ashamed
Noting the logical mind of St Paul
who can doubt that he would be
ashamed as we ourselves are of the
fragmentary presentations of the vari
ous creeds which more or less oppose
and contradict each other We may
be sure that what the Apostle would
et forth Is soulsatisfy endorse as the Gospel of Christ we
Scriptures declare suf1 nee < n ° t be ashamed of Hence our
man of God may be determination should be to search the
Scriptures and to Andthat one reason
J t ters Je Us ur edeemerV 1
Things at Which Wo Gagged
Men and women do not find it diffi
cult to believe In a wise just loving
and powerful Creator just such a God
our hearts and heads tell us we should
expect just such a God rational peo
ple find no difficulty in worshiping
Indeed while some of us in the past
may have believed In the total de
pravity of the race may we not real
ize that notwithstanding the fall there
is still In the human mind and heart
something which has longings Infl
most ridiculous bookTlf it j nlte > something which cries out for
taught all the various conflicting dog lthe lMnS G ° d and which commands
mas i our reverence and worship in propor
HowevenI should not be misunder as he ls recognized
stood as making an attack upon any j Spiritually we gagged at the sugges
ereed or upon the adherents of an tion that a God of all wisdom love
creed Rather I suggest that we may justice and power ever created our
well look with sympathy upon all the race with the foreknowledge and fore
various creeds and sects realizing that ordination that practically all of these
Gods people have been in Babylonish thousands Of millions must suffer ei
confuslon for now many centuries
Did not the Apostle tell that a great
falling away would come II Thessa
lonians 11 3 Should we then be sur
prised if we find hiswords have come
true that for fifteen hundred years the
Church of Christ has been deeply on
tangled with errors and superstitions
which make void the Gospel of Christ
Let us not then stop to find fault with
our forefathers and to upbraid them
let us ralher so far as possible as
sume their honesty their sincerity
Let us take the Bible standpoint and
realize that the difficulty has been the
power of our Adversary the Devil
and that he has deluded and ensnared
not only the heathen world but to a
considerable extent Christendom
Mark St Pauls words The god of
this world hath blinded the minds of
ther purgatorial torture for several
centuries as our Catholic friends pre
sent the matter or at the still more
irrational theory of us Protestants that
eternal torture is to be the fate of all
except the elect few the saints who
now follow In the footsteps of Jesus
a course contrary to the world and all
Hie tendencies of life around us Well
may we gag and the sooner we reject
and eject t s entire mass of unScrip
tural dogmas the better As a whole
it comes to us from our honest but un
enlightened forefathers who verily
thought they did God service In tortur
ing oue another even to the extent of
burning one another at the stake be
cause of little differences along the
lines of these doctrines of devils I
Timothy iv 1
The rich spiritual food and the stronj
them which believe not lest the glo faitbi whcu wc dear frinSi as i > j
rious light of Divine goodness should
shine into their hearts II Corinthians
Iv 41 The intimation is that our great
Adversary Satan Is interested in de
ceiving mankind respecting the glo
ble students should desire and seek
for are to hefound only in the Bible it
self We should not spurn suggestions
from one another but we should re
ceive such suggestions tentatively and
rious character of our God and his j the Word of God snouid ue searched i
wonderful Plan of Salvation through
Christ Satan uses as his tools the
very best of humanity that he can
bring under hiscontrol and nothing is
more evident than that he has com
pletely deluded the heathen world
with what the Apostle terms doc
trines of devils Not only so but
to the extentthat he was able to do
rt > he has evidently worked mischief
with the various reformations and
creeds of Christendom Thank God
so that our faith should not stand in
the teachings of men but In the power
of God as set forth In the Word of
God From this quarter only can w <
expect information respecting
Tho Gospel of Christ I
of which St Paul was not ashamed
That Gospel has two distinct features
Primarily it relates to the world of
mankind and instead of telling us
that either centuries of purgatorial suf
that he did uot gain entire control of fering or an eternity of torture awaits
any of these Thank God that there
is a center or nucleus of truth in earh
of these creeds and around that ker
nel of truth germinating power may
be felt In every denomination but the
Adversary has wrapped these creeds
rvith layer after layer of mistransla
tion aud misinterpretation
In the light of our day many are
able to discern more clearly than did
our forefathers the monstrous and
Coddishonoring fallacies of the creeds
and aroused to disgust they have re
the world its message is that in God
due time a great blessing awaits th
world through the glorified Christ and
as a result of the sacrifice which h
QnLshed at Calvary
This great blessing will not be uni
versal salvation but it will be a uni
versal opportunity for salvation it
will not be a salvation in iguoranc
and heathen superstition but a salva
tion ro t such conditions with full op
portunity to return to the image and
likeness of God lost in Adam and re
Jected the irrational dogmas but they deemed by our Savior This ls the
lame Gospel that was heralded by the
angels on tho night of our Lords birth
In the words Behold we bring you
ood tidings of great Joy which shall
be unto all people for unto you is
born this day in the City of David
a Savior LifeGiver which is Christ
the Lord Luke ii 10 This version
of the Gospel a good message and
for all mankind corresponds exactly
with the first statement of the Gospel
made by God to Father Abraham say
ing In thy Seed shall all the families
of the earth be blessed Gen sii 2 3i
Nor should this surprise tis that a
loving and gracious Creator who knew
the end from the beginning created
the human race with the full fore
knowledge that Father Adam would
be disobedient and that his life would
be forfeited and that all his children
would share in his mental moral and
physical decline even unto death
Why should it seem Btrange that this
God this AllWise Creator should plan
an opportunity for the complete recov
ery from the effects of sin and death
for all mankind Why have we al
lowed our minds to refuse the message
sent to us through the angels respect
ing the good tidings of great joy to all
people Why have we allowed the Ad
versary to make us think for one mo
ment that our God instead of beinp
gracious loving and kind and helpfui
to his creatures has on the contrary
made provision for their eternal mis
ery Why have we allowed ourselvs
to believe from this standpoint ttuu
our Creator was the greatest demon of
all demons not only that he has pow
er but that he chooses to use thah
power for the eternal torture of his
creatures who were not even given n f
choice as respects their creation
Ah my dear friends with tears and
In sackcloth we should confess to o
blindness in the past respecting the
true character of God Humbly should
we beg forgiveness for having misrep
resented the Holy One of Israel liut
he knows that we did this In ignorance
and he is both gracious and genero
to forgive us our trespasses and
cleanse us from all iniquity accord
to his gracious arrangement for
which centers In Christ Jesus o
Why tho Long Delay J
Some perhaps would answer Sure
ly if the Cross of Christ means tbw
blessing of all the families of the
earth the fact would have been deml
onstratcd somehow during the ninej
teen centuries since The fact that
only a comparatively small number
world an elect little flock Surely
If he had been seeking to convert
the world he could and would have
made much more progress In that di
rection than has been made in afl thi
vnatever7 The same God delay
send his Son delayed the sacrifice oj
Calvary for more than four tbousaif
years after sin had entered the worl
And yet according to the Scripture
the merit of the sacrifice of Christ
not merely intended to bring blessin
to those who have lived since Calvary
but also to all nations kindreds peo
pies nnd tongues from the day ofj
Adam to the end of the Age
According to the Scriptures tin
death sentence was pronounced agai
Father Adam and all of his chlldrj
have shared in the blighting effect
that sentence through heredity
only has our race been growing wea1
er mentally morally and physical
but by the thousands of millions t
have dropped into the tomb the great
prisonhouse of death from which
there is no escape except by and
through the Son of God His sacri
fice for the sins of the 1 whole worjAl
secures to him the right to the control
of Adam and his race This contrl
the Scriptures assure us Christ will
assume and exercise during his Mi
lennial reign During that thousand
years all the families of the earth will
be blessed as promised
Meantime in the grave sheol hades
the hell of the Bible where the dead
know uot anything they merely wait
or as the Scriptures declare they
sleep in the dust of the earth The
Redeemers authority over them Is
beautifully symbolized in his own
words I am he that was dead aud
behold I am alive forevermore and
have the keys of death and of the
grave Revelation i 18 He will ex
ercise his keys of authority and deliver
all of the prisoners from the power of
the tomb and additionally from all
the weaknesses and imperfections In
cidental to the sentence He will
bring the willing and obedient back to
full human perfection and to all that
was lost In Adam and redeemed by
Jesus This we declare according to
the Scriptures is the Gospel In Its
primary sense a message of goad
tidings of great Joy which shall lie
unto all people that in the Seed of
Abraham all the families of the earth
shall be blessed not only the living
at the time of the establishment of
tho Kingdom butull that are in their
graves who shall come forth every
man in his own order
As I beheld in your city the great
amphitheater which orice witnessed
the terrible sufferings of some of GodV
faithful ones in the past and again
as I viewed the room once used as n
torturechamber In the days of the
Inquisition I said Thank God for tin
blessings of light and liberty which
belong to our day and yet I reflected
that even though they be different in
form there must needs be fiery trials
for every true child of God for it is
the will of God that all should be thdr
oughly tested as respects reverenefc
loyalty and devotion to principle ttrat
they may be counted worthy of a share
with Immanuel in the glories of his
have accepted Christ and been blessed follows
ls therefore the ground for the belief
that God Is merely seeking out of the
The following from Hon F M Clin
yus withdrawing from the race for
governor was received by the Galves
ton News Wednesday
1 McKinney > Texas May 1910 To
the Public When I entered this race
fdr governor it was my intention to
stay in the race until the end of the
campaign thinking however that pro
hibition would not he the paramount
issue Now since Sterling P Strong
has resigned his position with the
AntiSaloon League to aid the Hon
Cone Johnson and the other leaders
have virtually indorsed his candidacy
I deem it just and right that the other
prohibition candidates withdraw from
this race and leave the field clear for
Cone Johnson I feel no fear of win
ding this fight if I would continue in
the race and spend the required
money but I am willing to sacrifice
my personal ambitions for the good
of this great state and I realize if
three pros stay in the race it means
efeat for the prohibition cause and
this day wilthdraw from the race for
governor and cancel my speaking
ates Thanking my friends for their
oyalty I am Very truly
I F M Cunyus
Rev Gambrell Gives Out the Cone
fe Johnson Letter Written In Answer
f to One Written Him
IfRev J B Gambrell has i ade public
the Cone Johnson letter which is as
April 30 1910 Rev
brell and Rev G C Rankin Dallas
Texas Dear Sirs I have1 received fiuy Your Sult From Flanagan
jour letter o f the 15th inst In which Follow the footsteps to the
you express apprehension that the Friday night
use of prohibition will suffer in the Bo7a >
Barbe Ued Meats flt 3
y tr rrr fyj5 < fes5 wagons f3
lacy to ffie declslon ofracom iiiii is
e M
mittee of prohibitionists to be fairly Canvas Gloves 3 pa irs for 25c at Wedding c ity hall Tuesday eve m
he Tne Fair < 3Ia > 10
selected I hold that unworthy
J B Gam
of leadership in the present crusade
agaTnstthe saloon power and its sel
fish allies who would not if need be
take his place in the ranks as a com
mon soldier for our cause and I have
no ambition for the office that I would
not cheerfully sacrifice to free Texas
of the domination and blight of the
liquor traffic As you may know
after announcing my candidacy and o v j QrounSi wnere yo J
before beginning my formal campaign honor Lilliputian Wedding city IwH Ibroe anJ have your
I was approached by some of the lead
ers of prohibition and to them I stated
that I was perfectly willing to subor
dinate my desire to be governor to see
prohibition win and that if the pro
hibitionists could unite on a leader
who was stronger and more available Company
than myself I would not only yield to
him but give him my support And
even yet if it could be shown by a
feasible and fair plan devised and
carried out by the real prohibitionists
of Texas that some one other than my
self should be their leader I would
readily take my place in the ranks
But let me suggest whether to now
announce a proposed arrangement
such as you suggest which would cer
tainly put an element of unceitainty
into the situation would not only
serve to confuse and scatter all our
forces and afford the enemy and the
other candidates the opportunity to
reap an advantage I feel after visit
ing a large part of the state and keep
ing a steady eye on the situation there
is no occasion for great alarm on our
part just now Our forces are no
more divided than those of the other
side and events indicate there will he
still greater division in their ranks
Probably a few weeks will clear up
our situation and point out to us the
course which we ought to pursue at
least I believe so
I could and would sacrifice myself
hut I cannot sacrifice at the decision
of a committee the faith and support
of the thousands who have committed
themselves to me and who believe
that in my election lies the only hope
for prohibition In this campaign I
have uttered no word have taken no
position and have made no promise
that gives any comfort to the whisky
power while all the others have
made some concession which does
lend comfort to that element I am
standing four square I have gone up
and down the state smiting with all
my power the enemy of manhood and
good government To this cause I
have consecrated all my abilities I
have dealt not only with tho political
phase of the situation but have devot
ed much of my time in my speeches to
IiilliSs sLM
After The Gripp
a defense of the principles and have
carried and will continue to carry the
full doctrine of our cause to every
part of Texas which I can reach I
have met the people and have clasped
hands with them and I know their
sentiments and hopes They are gen
erously and unselfishly following my
lead my candidacy is steadily grow
ing in tavor and in force and I am
confident that I will carry their cause
to victory
I recognize each of you as a vet
eran who has declared your willing
ness to suhoidinate all other things in
this campaign to the paramount one
of prohibition and I heartily com
mend your desire to unite our forces
With best wishesfor each of you I
remain yours Cone Johnson
aht > the for governonrcbntlnues
race r
y ket Phone 4G3daatW fit
y r rr
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