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eg handles the bulk of the fruit crop
djS from this section says In his opinion
there will he a big crop of peaches to
move Some orchards he said had
been more or less damaged but he
says he has visited orchards all over
the peach belt of East Texas since the
late heavy frost and that the dam
age was taken as a whole but slight
Next Time Yon
Drive Into Town
youll be wanting during
your stay a real good drink
Something to quench your
JL thirst to stay quenched
No matter how thirsty you are or how tired
you are or how particular you are youll
like CocaCola because it hits that dry spot
relieves fatigue and tickles the palate all
the way down
Send for Our Free Booklet
The Truth About CocaCola Tells
all about CocaCola what it is and why it
is so delicious wholesome and beneficial
Atlanta Ga
V > That Is the Opinion of Mr T H Gor
man General Agent of the A
R T Here Today
you see an
Arrow think
of CocaCola
To Discuss Plans as to Protection of
Clients Holding Claims Against
the I G N Railroad
eting of attorneys holding par
Hury lalrnjvagaTnsnthe riter
j > waSfieTd at5tlit 3Gieenwp6d
e o chaTdisfs up4liefe Mi tfjli office Friday afternoon At tor
HGorman general agent of the Amer < neys were present and represented
IP < ican Rapid Transit company which j from San Antonio Houston Austin
San Marcos Waco and all the prin
cipal cities along the lino of the nad
If the plan of reorganization as pub
lished in the Herald of Thursday
copied from the Galveston News and
Wall Street Journal is carried out
all the claims and judgments held by
the crippled employes widows and
orphans of deceased employes wll dj
Mr Gorman says the orchards defeated and the purpose of this
around Neches may he damaged to the meeting was to adopt a plan wherebj
extent reported but if so they are an said claims and judgments could be
exception to those in other sections
Mr John Daly of Neches owning a
big peach orchard is in town today
Be ays his orchard is not much dam
aged but that one or two orchards
near him are pretty much damaged
A great many of the peaches are fall
ing oft in all the orchards he reports
but this is to be expected For all
fruit to remain on the trees would be
disastrous as the trees would he
broken down Mr Daly says Neches
will probably ship fifty cars of peach
es this season under favorable condi
vC t
Under New Management
Pace and Hardman will take charge
of the Palestine Hotel and will open
for breakfast tomoirow morning The
new manager is Mr Ola M Hard
man an experienced man who guar
antees everything will be first
For Headache Hicks Capudlne
Whether for Colds Heat Stumurh
or Nervous Troubles Capudiue will
relieve you Its liquid pleasant to
take acts Immediately Try IL 10c
25c and 6fln at drujr Afore
7iHerald want ads are result bring
erB three lines three times 2Cc
The result of the conference was
not made public
Dr Sykes Will Speak to Men
Oehler to the Boys
Tomorrow afternoon at 4 oclock Dr
J W Sykes will deliver an addiess
to men at the Y M C A building
Besides the regular chorus music
there will he a special solo by Misu
Copoland All men of Palestine are
At i oclock the Boys Sunday Af
ternoon Meeting League will cele
brate Mothers Day by an appu
priate service Rev Oehler will giv
an interesting talk on the subject el
Mother Theie will also he special
music Fully one hundred hoys are
expected to he present to join in thii
special celebration
Physical Diiector W A Welch led
7Cta group of junior boys on a cross
country tramp today Such an outin
as this with a competent leader tends
ti doelop many sides of a boys char
acter and brings the diiector into
closer lelationship with his class
Knights of the Maccabees will meet
very second and fouitu Saturday
nlelita In naoli month J7tf
lave You Noticed
How prices of things for the table eggs meats groceries
etc have advanced the past few years all except
Its priceis no higher today than seven
years ago when it first established itself as
the most popular brand on the market
General Observance Will Take Place
Tomorrow Governors of Many
States Issue Proclamations
fllerald Special
Washington D C May 7 The
governors of nearly all the states of
the union and the mayors of many of
the chief cities of the country have is
sued proclamations requesting a gen
eral observance of Mothers Day to
morrow when homage shall be paid to
the mothers whose lives have been
full of denial and selfsacrifice for
their sons and daughters
Starting in 190S the idea being that
of a Philadelphia woman Miss Anna
Jarvis the movement has grown
with remarkable rapidity until this
year its observance will be nation
wide and hope is expressed that it
will soon become an international fes
tival date observed by christians the
world over and possibly by Moslem
and heathen for it is the one subject
on which all mankind can unite in
common reverence
This organization will furnish food
clothing or other necessities of life
to the destitute of Palestine after In
vestigation of their needs
Report such cases to
Mrs E E Durham 602 Perry
street If In First Ward
Mrs W H Kingsbury 712 MurchI
son street If in Second Ward
Mrs Webb Wright Kolstad street
if in Third Ward
Mrs S A Taylor 445 Reagan
street if In Fourth Ward
Discarded clothing will be sent for
or received by Mrs Taylor or Mrs
The work Is supported by voluntary
contributions Send checks to Treas
J C SILLIMAN President
J C OEHLER Vice Pres
To Explain New Kind of Matter
Herald Special
London May 7 English scientists
are looking forward with keen Inter
est to the lecture to be given next
week at the Royal Institution by Prof
William H Bragg of Adelaide Unlvei >
sity on the new form of matter of
raditions from radium which accord
ing to Prof Bragg are neither solid
liquid nor gas and yet are matter
The professorideclares that > the par
ity ofwten thousand miles a second
and pass straight through any
substance they may encounter
For Reform of School Fraternities
Ht > rald Special
Detroit Mich May 7 The Grand
InterFraternity Council of the United
States which was organized a year
ago at Schenectady N Y began its
second annual convention here today
Delegates representing about fifty pre
paratory school organizations through
out the country are in attendance
The organization is working to elimi
nate the objectionable features of pre
paratory school societies in order to
remove all cause for criticism
A touch of rheumatism or a twinge
of neuralgia whatever the trouble Is
Chamberlains Liniment drives away
the pain at once and cures the com
plaint quickly First application gives
relief Sold by Bratton Drug Co
Uncle Joes Birthday
Herald Special
Washington D C May 7 Speaker
Cannon came within sight of his 75th
milestone today and received many
congratulations from the house mem
hers on both sides of the aisle Uncle
Joe first saw the light of day at
Guilfoid N C May 7 1S1C He has
leen in public life almost continu
ously for nearly half a century and
declares he intends to keep agoin
to the end
Old Sol to Hide His Face
Heiald riiieulali
Washington D C May 7 There
is to be a total eclipse of the sun to
morrow hut neither in America nor
in Europe will the astronomers have
an opportunity to observe the phe
nomena The path of totality starts in
the Antarctic ocean and curves
around south of Australia touching
only on the southern half of the
ibland of Tasmania
For Feverlshness and Aching
Whether from Malarious conditions
Colds or overheating try Hicks CAP
UDINE It reduces the fever and re
lieves the acting Its Liquid 10c
25c and GO ppnts at Drug Stores
Makes Feed Cheap
Buff Orphington pullets laying at
lss than four months old See them
at 05 Palestine avenue Get more
eggs See my ad W R Craw
ford 3Ct
John Ormond runs the green Ice
wagons 46lm
Elaborate Arrangements Being Made
In Berlin For Reception of the
Noted ExPresident
Herald Special
Berlin May 7 Elaborate arrange
ments are being rapidly carried out
for the welcome here of Theodore
Roosevelt the first of next week
They are on truly a magnificent
scale In addition to the royal audi
ences official visits receptions and
banquets which have attended the
former presidents visits to other
European capitals there will he a
number of events affording opportu
nity for brilliant spectacular effects
The most reliable newspapers here
freely express the opinion that Col
onel Roosevelts visit will mark a
long step toward the further strength
ening of the cordial relations between
Germany and the United States
There have always been many influ
ential Germans who have entertained
real affection for the United States
and who have deplored the little tar
iff quarrels and misunderstandings
which have sometimes marred the re
lations between Germany and the
great American republic But even
these persons are surprised at the ef
fusive compliments which the Berlin
presfj is already showering upon Col
onel Roosevelt and the official prepa
rations that are being made to give
the distinguished visitor a magnifi
cent reception
School Trustees Election
Byauthorlty vested in the board of
trustees of the independent school dis
trlct jot the city of Palestine Texas
Sec 184 School Laws of Texas an
election is hereby ordered on the first
Saturday In May 1910 it being the
7th day of said month The voting
placej for said election to be at the
Recorders Office In the city hall for
electing three trustees to take the
plac of Leo Davidson C A Sterne
andftV M Hamilton whose terms
will Expire on said date Mr Charles
JaccAs Is hereby appointed as presid
ing Sfficer of said election with such
ance as provided by law
Frank C Eason
Pres Board of Trustees
VV Sterne Secretary 2610t
Nejw England Peace Conference
Herald Special
KfordConn May 7 Statesmen
iroplsts jeducatgrs adi ftgrs
natiohal peace and arbitration are
gathering here for the three days
meeting of the New England Arbitra
tion and Peace Congress The meet
ing will be formally opened tomorrow
with a session at which Bishop Brew
er of Connecticut will preside On
Tuesday the delegates will make a
pllgrlfnage to New Britain the home
of Elttiut Burritt one of the pioneer
advocates of the plan for the settle
ment or International disputes by ar
Ready For Business
Wel I am back and ready for busi
ness I find there are other tuners In
the field but that Is all right there is
work enough for all and If I cant
get all the work I can do without run
ning down other tuners I just wont
get the work that is all I will get to
my old customers as soon as possible
If you are In a hurry just drop me a
Guaranteed Yours for piano tuning
card or phone 1084 Would be glad
to takf any new customers that want
me to do their work Satisfaction
II M Jones Box 814 228tf
We pay the big price for second
hand furniture Dobbs Furniture
Company 48tf
A Lady of Pizarro Tells Story of
Awful Suffering That Cardui
Finally Relieved
Pizarro Va I suffered for several
years writes Mrs Dorma A Smith
with that awful backache and the bear
ing down sensations so fully described
in your book
I fried doctors and other medicines
and found little relief until I was induced
to try Wine of Cardui when I found in
stant relief and today I can heartily
recommend Cardui to all suffering women
and think there is no other as good
In some instances Cardui gives instant
relief in others it may take a little time
But in all cases of female trouble Cardui
can be depended on to be of benefit as
it is a specific remedy for women and
acts in a curative way on the womanly
As a general tonic for women to build
up your strength improve your appe
tite bring back rosy cheeks and make
you look and feel young and happy
nothing you can find will do so much for
you as Cardui
Your uruggist has it
N BWrte to Ladles Advisory Dept CfaalU
nooga Medicine Co Chattanooga Term iorSpecial
Irufructtons and 64page book Home TreatmesJ
lax WOQ S tint in plain wrapper on rtojiat
E H R Green Whose Millions
Make Him Afraid to Marry
E H R Green of Texas and New York son of Hetty Green has no objec
tion to getting married If he can only find the woman who would be willing
to take him fur better or worse But and here comes the trouble the
woman must not know that Mr Green or Colonel Green as he Is called in
Texas bis millions of dollars at his command Love Is all right and so Is
marriage sjjm Mr Green but the rub comes that he would not be sure that a
woman would mirr uiiu for his money or for himself Being worried over
this problem Mr Green has remained a bachelor and he fears he will die a
bachelor unless But then he does not care to discuss that point Jubt give
my addreos as New York and Texas he said I may not be bothered so
much with folks of the gentler sex who are sure they could love me because
l niu Jr en
If you have your land abstracted and passed on by a competent
attorney and he pronounces your title good you are SAFE
If you nave it abstracted and passed upon and are told f Kpur
j 3e >
Let us help you to be SAFE
Perfect Affinity
Phone 350
Two Souls With But a
Single Thought
when they start out for an evenings
entertainment and that is to in
dulge in a dish of luscious ice cream
at Morgan Davis The young
and old alike delight in a dish of
chocolate vanilla or strawberry ice
cream either at their own home or at
Morgan Davis ice cream parlors
Successors to Booth Bros
exists between our patrons and our
store They know where they can
always find the latest things in
neckwear shirtfr collars and foot
wear They also know that we
keep underwear hose and hals of
the best quality and where they
ran get just what they need at at
tractive prices
Wm Branagan Co

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