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Hotel and Restaurant Em
ployes TnTJarnational Union paid
7092S in sick benefits during the
last1 fiscal year
An effort is bejnr made to hold a
joint convention of the two factions of
electrical workers at Springfield Ill
one June 27
It is reported that the union label
section ofthe A P of L not yet a
year old already has a membership
of 500000 in good standing
The young women and girls em
ployed in the tobacco factories of To
ronto Canada have ecided to bring
about the organization of a union
average wages per hour of the
working classes in Belgium are but a
trifle more than onehalf those of the
same classes in England
Another attempt is beingJnade to
Sfunionize > the housemaids of Boston and
it rpnnrtg
taiheeting nui
efLJthat fhfi
the recent convention of the In
ttioffal Brotherhood of Stationary
rernen the bylaws were amended
as to permit the holding of con
ations annually
A short strike of tramway men
took place in Rome Italy recently
The strike was ended by the company
granting a small concession and re
instating the men that had been sus
The Montreal Canada Trades and
Labor Council desires to have all em
ployment agencies in that territory
abolished and have one general office
established under the control of the
The present San Francisco Cal
Building Trades Council was or
ganized in 1896 with six unions and a
membership of less than one thousand
The present membership is above the
thirty thousand mark
The State Federation of Labor of
Texas has decided by a large major
ity vote that hereafter all officers of
the federation are to be elected by
secret ballot and in that way elimi
nate politics from that body
The Bakers Union at Mayaguez
Porto Rico Is on strike to enforce
hygienic conditions in bakeries there
It is affiliated with the International
Union of Bakery Workers and
American Federation of Labor
The American Federation of Labor
is sending to the central labor bodies
and the various state federations an
interesting book giving an account of
the work of the special committee on
industrial education
The central federated union of New
York City has issued an appeal to
Samuel Gompers and other national
labor leaders requesting the forma
tion of a national labor party modeled
on the lines of the British labor party
The thirtyfifth annual report of
the British Womens Trade Union
League states that despite the de
pression in trade the membership of
the affiliated unions has been well
maintained and in many cases con
siderably increased The league has
a total affiliated membership of about
185000 women
The garment workers of Texas are
endeavoring to have the Texas State
Federation of Labor indorse a propo
sition to have the legislators pass a
law requiring all prisonmadej
ments intended for the gen <
kgt abeleUasbelni
labor to protect the interests of the
Deeds on File
H R Link and wife to C W Cock
ing 450 conveys part of the S G
Wells survey
E H Short and wife to Sawyer
Nemer 250 conveys 165 acres of
Julia and J C Silliman to Sawyer
Nemer and Short conveys 165
acres of land
Notice Property Owners
G W Myers is now prepared to
number your residences rent houses
and places of business with allumi
num figures on short application
Line up and get your places out of
the old rut Whats his number I
dont know He hasnt got any its
somewhere on so and so Prices 1
to 0 25c 10 to 99 35c 100 to 1000
50c Phone 39 or 303
26Gt G W Myers
Warm spring days produce a feel
ing of drowsiness if the body is loaded
with tho impurities of winter diet
Cleanse the blood liver and bowels
with Prickly Ash Bitter It creates
energy and cheerfulness Bratton Drug
Co Special Agents
PATENTS procured also sold on
commission Positively no advance
fee Patent Exchange Jenifer Build
ing Washington D C tfF
JWill speak in Palestine Tuesday evening
Hst 8oo oclock at the City Hall and
lie is invited to hear him
y voter is urged to hear this distin
entleman in a presentation of the
The ladies are also
s and his candidacy
wi pf i iippii
ouiiu c
kept either In a tin or a glas3 vessel
covered with a lid and should always
be kept tightly covered
A severe paroxysm of coughing may
be arrested by giving the patient a
teaspoonfuL of glycerine In a wine
glass of hot milk
Nothing Is more depressing to an
invalid than an untidy room with
bottles of medcines and spoons filling
tables and shelves
If a tiny pinch of carbonate of soda
is put into the saucepan in which fruit
is being stewed less sugar will be
needed to sweeten it
To clean your pewter first wash it
in very hot water rub it with fine
silver sand and when it is quite dry
polish well with a leather
Butter will remove almost any kind
of stain except ink stain Rub the
butter into the stain then wash
quickly In hot water with fine soap in
the ordinary way
Fat will not burn If it has something
to do so if It has to be left idle for
a few minutes put a crust of bread
or a slice of raw potato into the ket
After nailing down your carpet and
before putting in the furniture sweep
the whole surface well and then go
over the whole carpet with a scrub
bing brush wetted with ammonia
To keep away flies put a cupful of
kerosene into the watering pot with
two quarts of water and sprinkle the
mixture on window sills the kitchen
floor in the shed and on the swill
A glass of milk to which has been
added a raw egg beaten light a little
sugar and grated nutmeg will relieve
the condition of physical exhaustion
so often experienced by housekeepers
in hot weather
If you find your jellies are becom
ing candied put a layer of pulverized
sugar about one quarter of an inch
this on the top underneath the
paper and it will remain in good con
dition for many years
Sunlight Is an excellent sanitary
agent and promotes health and cheer
fulness Therefore light should be
freely admitted into sick rooms ex
cept in extraordinary cases The light
however should not he glaring but
softened and subdued
Nothing Advances so Rapidly in value
as Lots in a Growing Oity
OUiSTON is growing faster than any city in the United
States Nearly ten million dollars will be required this
year for construction work under way and planned Real
Estate sales this month to date have reached the tremendous figure
of 4156496
Lots in Magnolia Park 20 minutes from business on the car line can
be had today at low prices and on easy monthly payments Three years
from today these lots will be in the business center
See Em Em kKIN9 Special Agent Today
Now at Motley Drug Store Phone 85
flAGNOLlA PARK LAND CO 916 Texas Ave Houston Texas
v v v >
To keep cheese moist and free from
mold wrap in cloth wet with good
If you heat your knife slightly you
can cut hot bread or cake quite easily
with it
Brass work can be kept bright If it
is rubbed occasionally with a little
salt and vinegar
Heat is the best and quickest cure
for neuralgia and is best applied by
means of bags of heated salt
Serve crisp celery with cold meat
It is always appreciated and is a
nerve tonic of considerable effective
For washing coarse
duce <
the M
r P
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SIrj2lnI1 Hare is again considering
plans Hyor an American tour next sea
Daniels intends to continue
Belle of Brittany all next
Thomas new play The
r From Ozark will be pro
in Detroit on Monday Septem
Rltchie recently the princi
in The Girl in the Taxi
urned to vaudeville once more
Le Fields has announced that the
run PtThe Jolly Bachelors at the
Broa ay Theatre New York will
close Bext Saturday
jwls Wallers revival of The
the Pall Mali Gazette said
hould have been very happy
ore Sheridan and less scenery
fce Irving will act next sea
new comedy by Harrison
coauthor with Mr Wise of
lem an From Mississippi and
I Herrick
the Chicago engagement of
Theatre company special
will be given in Milwaukee
lid and at Mandel Hall the
fty of Chicago
y Kolker now with the New
company has written a play
le calls The Moral Right It
fglven an experimental produc
IXa stock company soon
is been arranged that Miss
re and Mr Sothern shall play
a engagement in Chicago next
Revivals of Macbeth and
lHo About Nothing will be
to their repertory
TheSrevival of PIneros Trelawny
of thfWells is proving so great a
financil success at Charles Froh
man QRepertory Theatre in London
r Frohman contemplates re
IFthe play in this country
Emerson one of the dramatic
Jirectors of the Shuberts sailed
jjnd the other day to inspect
1 new plays in England and
Stinent While In Germany
Marietta Oily on
play for er use next season
The recently discovered Goethe
manuscript the draft of Wilhelm
Melster has been acquired for the
Goethe and Schiller archives at Wel
mar Varlous publishers and libraries
offeredJafge sums for it but the own
er soldi it for a smaller amount pre
ferring that it should rest with the
other Goethe manuscripts
Miss Clara Lipman will be seen in
an adaptation of Alexandre Bissons
play Le Marriage dune Etoile next
September In New York City The
play was originally written for Mle
JeannejGranier who appeared in it
through a long and successful Paris
run The title of the adaptation will
be Marjorys Mother
Gilbert and Sullivans Mikado will
be revived at the Casino New York
next Monday with an allstar cast in
cluding Sam Bernard as Ko Ko Jef
ferson de Angelis as the Mikado
Charlesj Ross as PoohBah Lula
Glaser Louise Gunning arjd Mar
guerite Clarke as the three little
Maids and Alice Fisher as Katisha
Joseph Medill Patterson is at work
on a fouracf play that will when fin
ished represent an elaboration of his
oneact Iplece Dope but will be
known py another title His By
Products on the contrary was a con
densation in one act of a fouract
play called Mary McLinda The
new pla y will be produced at the
Grand Opera House Chicago soon
to raise
Too Bad
pullets that must be twelve
months 6ld before they lay The Buff
Orpingtoii pullets are now laying for
me from four to five months old
Chickens hatched in June will lay you
eggs for December Try a setting of
our BufnOrpington eggs 15 for 150
The largest smooth shank chickens
admitted to the Standard Winter
layers Shone 380 W R Crawford
305 Palestine Avenue
Auto Service
I nowihave two Autos for public
pervic Car meets all trains
day and night and make a rate of
25c per passenger anywhere in
the city Cars rented with driv
er at 200 per hour Answer
all calls promptly
Phone 787
Go the Quick Way
Czarevitch Alexis Future
ILuler of All the Russias
Prince Alexis Nicolalevltch the youngest of the five children of Russia3
ruler is without doubt the pride and joy of the imperial household The
czarevitch was born it Peterhof palace six years ago when his country was in
the throes of the great struggle with Japan The announcement of his Iiirtli
caused great rejoicings throughout the Russiau empire and was the occasion
for the abolition of the world famous knuut an inhumane implement used for
punishing prisoners He is the bole heir to Russias throne
About Floor Stains
That inside door that inside wood
floor that looks so oldcan be made
to the highest degree of newness by
o s
A quart can of this high quality easily applied stain
will put a fine hardwood finish on any average
aroundtherug floor space or used with a graining
comb makes beautifully grained effects on floors wood
work and doors x
Silliman Hardware Co
Palestine Texas
Dear Sirs To anyone desiring a floor stain that is both
pleasing in appearance and lasting I cheerfully recommend
ToWaukOn I have used it for years and have found it
very satisfactory Yours truly
Nov 15th 09
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