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January 1 1735
1809 Christopher Gore Inaugurated
governor of Massachusetts
1819 Corner stone laid for the Penn
sylvania state capital at Harris
1855 Charlotte Bronte English nov
elist died Born April 21 1S1C
1862 The Confederates commanded
by Gen Johnson attacked the
left wing of the Array of the
Potomac at Fair Oaks Va
1889 Flood at Johnstown Pa result
ing from the breaking of a
dam destroyed 2295 lives
1891 Sir Antoine Aime Dorion chief
justice of Quebec died in
1900 Gen John B Gordon elected
commander In chief of the TJnit
Confederate Veterans
oding Jhe
exas as fined 1200 because he
S foaried a friend 175 with which to
jpIrr il3y his poll tax No state that up
holds a law of this kind is going to
prosper The man who thought of
having a law like that passed would
readily vote for a law requiring every
person in the state to join the church
and believe just like him He is an
Jgnorant and dangerous tyrant
Yes it was infamous to make
poverty a crime and to make it a
criminal offense for a man to bor
row to pay a debt he owed the state
The law was drafted by democrats
enacted by democrats signed by a
democartic governor upheld by a
court of democrats after the lament
ed John M Henderson had passed
away and It is Russian Cossackism
pure and simple The Fort Worth
Record agrees with the Beaumont
Journaf When Colonel A W Ter
rell of Austin was pleading with the
legislature to insert this provision in
the election law he solemnly declared
that It was necessary to save the old
ship of state says the Record from
the rock of corrupt elections Be it
known that Colonel Terrell has not
made a public speech in forty jears
In which he has not declared for the
The Coolest Spot In Palestine
In a HighClass Comedy Sketch Intro
ducing Latest Songs
Feature Film
Trieces Orchestra
Of Five Pieces Rendering the Lat
est Musical Selections
TWO SHOWS 8 and 915 P M
Reserved Seats Aults 15c Children
10c Side Seats Adults 10c
Children 5c
CiJmJV fc tK
Texas Postotflce as SecondClass Mall Matter
MILTON JR Editors and Proprietors
f The Hamilton Boys You Know
Ems reflection upon the character standing or reputation or any
corporation which may appear In the columns of The Herald
corrected upon It being brought to attention of the publishers
i > > > > > >
ilestlne and vicinity >
Sight and Wednesday gen >
Ily fair
> > > > Z Z
1672 Union between the colonies of
Massachusetts Plymouth and
1787 Greene county Georgia raided
by Upper Creek Indians
1800 Gen John Lamb the first col
lector of the port of New York
died in New York Born there
rights of man Correct and the
most iniquitous laws ever directed
against the rights of man were fath
ered by demagogues who posed as
friends of the people and yet they as
sassinated the rights of man and the
liberties of the people Dallas Times
Assassinated the rights of man and
the liberties of the people In
3our eye We have seen the exercise
of this rights of man and the liber
ties of the people under the old way
and have seen the decent element of
communities knocked into a cocked
hat by the votes of a class whose
poll taxes were bought in bunches and
voted in gangs The above arg lment
is as convincing as looking for clear
sunlight through the bunghole into a
This is the real growing weather
all right
In the meantime the crops keep
right on growing
Tomorrow issues in the beginning
of summer but the season arrived
several days ahead of schedule Just
keep cool dont get excited and dont
worry and the hot weather will not
be so bad
Candidate Hawkins for lieutenant
governor will address the people of
this city at the city hall this evening
He promises to pay his respects to
Bascom Thomas and no doubt will
open a large bottle of ginger
Palestine stores will begin closing
pclock in the evening on the 20th
month The trading public
Its indorsement on this
fading at such hours as
with the new ar
An exchange complains thatTexa
peaches now on the market are bring
ing republican tariff prices Good sir
this is a case of a good thing de
manding and commanding a good
price Later when the supply is
larger the prices will drop to where
the fruit will become democratic in
Waco celebrated in royal style the
gift of a splendid park to that city
by the Cameron family It Is a splen
did gift and the people have a right
to feel good Palestine would feel
good if some publicspirited citizen
should come across with a park place
If there is any doubt of this let some
one make the experiment
All candidates for the legislature
should be interviewed and asked to
state publicly from the platform all
over the county whether or not they
will vote for submission in case the
matter is put up to them by the peo
ple A mans attitude on prohibition
should also be known along with bow
he stands on other public questions
The Waco TimesHerald goes on
asking questions It now wants to
know why if it is wrong for the ma
jority in Texas to vote prohibition on
the state why it is not also wrong
for Cooke county to vote prohibition
on Gainesville which voted wet
This is a question that cannot be an
swered without admitting that the ma
jority have a right to rule
Bouquets are coming from all direc
tions to the Houston Chronicle for its
splendid housewarming number is
sued last ppk It was a great paper
and reflected the greatness of Hous
ton A newspaper can always make
good when the business people stand
behind it with a good patronage
There is enough advertising business
thrown away on cheap schemes in
every town in Texas of any propor
tion to support a good newspaper
The Herald could take the advertis
ing business given to schemes of one
kind and another in Palestine and run
a metropolitan paper every day in the
week And nothing reflects the great
ness of a town like a well pationized
newspaper Think it over
Why Not Own a Home7
A 200000 home for 180000
30000 down balance 1000 and ac
crued interest making first payment
2250 cheaper than paying rent
Better not delay Alfred Marschall
Red Rock Texas or Chas Thresto at
First National Bank 325tf
The Family Arrived Last Night From
Washington to SpenC the
Summer Here
Congressman A W Gregg and Mrs
Gregg arrived home last night after
spending the winter in Washington
where Mr Gregg was in attendance
on the strenuous session of congress
Mr and Mrs Gregg are always glad
to be back with their homevpeople as
the people here are glad to have them
Mr Gregg is a candidate for reelec
tion and has two opponents in the
field The Palestine man has many
warm supporters throughout the dis
trict who will use their best efforts in
behalf of his reelection
FourteenYearOld Boy at Taylor Sus
tained Serious Injuries
Taylor Texas May 30 Shelby Grif
fith the 14yearold son of Morgan
Griffith of this city was pairifully shot
and wounded in both eyes ajnd in his
face hands and legs with particles of
copper steel and cement wlren he ex
ploded a dynamite cap on the sidewalk
in front of his fathers o flee on
First street this afternoon The boy
found the cap on the walk a id taking
a hammer and chisel struc c it the
explosion following and the impact
knocking him to the walk Fragments
of steel from the chisel and bits of
cement fiom the walk penetrated
both eyeballs his iace and limbs He
was taken to Austin for treatment this
Published By Authority of the Secre
tary of Agriculture
For Palestine and vicnityj until 7
p m Wednesday Tonigh
nesday generally fair
Minimum temperature
Maximum temperature
Weather Condi
A storm of consider
ers a large extent ot
ing from the Missisa
Atlantic coast withj
pressure over Nei
has been rain
North Atlantic si
tered areas in My
Mississippi valid
moving inland fil
Light frost is rej
next thirtysix hours
id Wed
pgy cov
to the
of low
ton the
ar scat
r and the
pance Is
Iflc coast
Lus The
InTTexas this morning BaiJameTrlc
conditions indicate generally fair
weather in this vfcinity during the
T R Taylor
Official in Charge
The railroad commission has re
fused an increase in freight rates to
offset the reduction on cotton
The new cotton tariff permits the
concentration of cotton at ports The
differential is continued
Lieutenant Foulois remained in the
air in a biplane one hour and twoand
a half minutes at Fort Sam Houston
An explosion of gasoline In a tailor
shop started a 50000 blaze at Bronte
Augustus Richard Jr a Houston
baker was ground to death in a dough
mixing machine
Texas will reap no benefit from
the Rockefeller hookworm appropria
A new Sour Lake gusher results in
opening of additional oil field3
Nine convicts escaped from a work
ing car near Somerville
Intel esting features were shown in
the program of the Agricultural and
Mechanical College commencement ex
All parties indebted to The Model
will please settle same as all bills
will be turned over for collection on
31tf The Model
The Model is putting on its last
sale starting tomorrow June 1st
and ending Saturday June 11th after
after which the doors will be closed
for good Every article will be mark
ed in plain figures nothing charged
altered or laid aside The Model
next door to Gas Office 313t
No man can woik with a toipid
liver or constipated bowels A few
doses of Prickly Ash Bitters will
quickly remove this condition and
make work a pleasure Bratton Drug
Co Special Agents
We pay the big price for second
hand furniture Dobbs Furniture
Company 48tf
Give us your orders for Electric
Light Globes Silliman Hdw Co
Herald Want Ads brln results
v 2 3f O C1 v 2 5 C1
fr <
Buy Your Suit From Flanaoun
The Hprald prlntery for good work
See us for Electric Light Globes
Silllman Hardware Co 265t
FOR SALE One large iron safe
50 cost 100 The Mode 31tf
See us for Electric Light Globes
Silliman Hardware Co 265t
Mound City Faints may cost a trifle
more but Silllman Hdw Gro
Co ll2752t
Reduce your electric bill by using
Tantalum and Tungsten Globes Sil
liman Hardware Co 265t
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hand furniture Dobbs Furniture
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Reduce your electric hill ny using
Tantalum and Tungsten Globes Sil
liman Hardware Co 2C5t
We pay the big price for second
hand firniture Dobbs Furniture
Company 48tf
No shining of shoes on Sunday on
account of Sunday law enforcement
Hughes Woid 513lm
Give us your orders for Electric
Light Globes Silliman Hdw Co
Have no automobile Order your
roast lu the evening or early In the
morning or dont kick Davis Meat
Market 312tf
A string of extra cars and an extra
engine went south today to assist in
moving the Huntsville normal stu
dents and visitors from Huntsville
I am now located at the Fair
Grounds where you may have your
horse broke and gaited See me
for particulars Hillary H Padon tf
FOR RENT Two nicely furnished
rooms one connected with bath close
in and nrar good boarding house
Phone 879 or call at 421 N Sycamore
Mrs T J Gunn 31Gt
The Model is putting on its last
sale starting tomorrow June 1st and
ending Saturday June 11th after
which the doors will be closed for
good Every article will be marked in
plain figures nothing charged altered
or laid aside The Model next door to
Gas Office 313t
Desirous of Curing the Drink Habit
Weare honestly desirous of curing
all who are addicted to drink and if
you hre Interested in any one need
ing Orrine we invite you to write us
Our correspondence is confidential
and our replies are sent in plain seal
ed Envelopes
Orrine No 1 is the
who wish the < voluntary treatment 1
per box Write for free booklet on
How to Cure Drunkenness The Or
rine Co 710 Orrine Building Wash
ington D C The leading druggists
indorse Orrine Sold In this city by
Bratton Drug Co 412 Spring street
Receivers Sale
We have just received a car load
of buggies surries and runabouts
which we bought for 25 per cent below
the manufacturers price and which
we are going to sell for CASH while
they last on the same basis as we
bought them
This is no old stock but were
bought direct from the factory which
is In the hands of a receiver and he
Is closing out this stock
We give you the benefit of this dis
count so come early
Herman Schmidt Co
5313td ltw
A touch of rheumatism or a twinge
of neuralgia whatever the trouble Is
Chamberlains Liniment drives away
the pain at once and cures the com
plaint quickly First application gives
relief Sold by Bratton Drug Co
In Floral Ark Lives a Lady Who
Feels That Her Strength Was
Restored by Cardui
Floral Ark I must speak a good
word for Cardui writes Mrs viola
Baker of this place
About a month ago I was in very bad
health 1 was so weak and nervous that
I was not able to do my housework
My husband bought me one bottle of
Cardui the womans tonic 1 took it ac
cording to directions and now I am in
good health
I think Cardui is a fine Ionic for weak
And you are not the only lady who
thinks so Mrs Baker
Thousands like you have written to
tell of the wonderful benefit Cardui has
been to them
Cardui contains no minerals or other
powerful drugs It contains no glycerin
or other mawkishtasting ingredients
It is just a pure natural extract of
natural vegetable herbs that have been
found to regulate the womanly functions
and strengthen the female system
All druggists sell Cardui
See yours about it
N R Write to Ladlet Advisory Dept Chitfi
noogi Medicine Co Chattinooga Tenn lor Special
Inttnictions and 64page book Home Treatment
fax Wooes tent in pLua wrapper on rrqnrit
Eli Whitney
< 5 < S
A Head of Them All
The Man Whose Wonderful Invention
Cave Cotton Its Universal Use
The universal popularity of
among smokers who appreciate a smooth mellow satis
fying smoke is assured by the selection of the choice to
bocco grown in the famous Piedmont District
Pictures of your favorite baseball player3 in the big
leagues are now in Piedmont packages
lO for 5q
Piedmont Cigarettes are packed la TIKI FOIL
About Floor Stains
That inside door that insid wood
floor that looks so old canoe made
to the highest degree of newness by
l lound City Co
A quart can of this high quality easily p lieWftam
put a fine hardwood fini h on any average
aro unathbcug floor space or used with agraining
comb makesbe
lygl inBcrrfc i QOani
work and doors
Silliman Hardware Co
Palestine Texas
Dear Sirc To anyone desiring a floor sain that is both
pleasing in appearanoe and lasting I cheerfully
ToWaukOn I have used it for years and have found it
very satisfactory Yours truly
Nov 15th 09
Save Trouble
and Expense
as well as sickness and possi
bly loss of life by having your
plumbing done right
We are not tinners we hire
tinners we are not black
smiths or restaurant men we
are not bankers or farmers
All we know is plumbing
and we know that from A to Z
will provide simplicityiaall neededfix v
tures will avoid complicationSjin wastefe
Will Select Sinks WU
Grease Trj
bath tuba withouj
flows wash basin
places and water i
connecting rod pJ
good plumber
with our goods ouj
Shop CorT

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