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JJ u n Special Session July 19th and Re
peal the Insurance Fire Rating
Board Law
Austin Texas June 15 At 5 oclock
this afternoon Governor Campbell
S sprung a surprise on Capitol Hill in
particular and the people of Texas in
general by lssuing a proclamation call
ing a special session of the legisla
The special session is called to con
vene on July 19 for the sole purpose
of repealing the fire rate insurance
law and enacting such legislation as
may be necessary on the subject of
fire insurance
Noother subjects of legislation are
mentioned In the call
Calling the legisalture at this time
for the sole purpose ofenacting insur
ance legislation would seem to set at
Test rumors regarding the governors
intentiontoward other subjects of
The special session is evidently the
governors answer to the defy by Com
missioner Hawkins and the legisla
ture may abolish an office which the
executive arm was not long enough to
Treach with the ordinary big stick
List of letters remaining In the
postofflce at Palestine Texas for
the week ending June 14 1910 Per
sons calling for any of this mail will
please say ADVERTISED and give
date A charge of one cent will be
made on each piece of mail so ad
Geo W Burkitt Jr
Ladles List
Miss Annie Avery sMiss Bettie Pet
ty Mrs Margaret Pugh Mrs Mary
Smith Mrs Helfen White
Economy Grocery Co Garrett Drug
Co Messrs Sewell Fields Elite
Confectionery Co
4J Mens List
3sp TV H Austin N Bourne C H
Buckner Richard Crear Andie Dean
3pb Itouis Lodonaran A B Slichinson
Mose Mosely W A Morris T W
Pierce W A Rushing W T Tajlor
tJhn Tuberville B O Wallace James
H Wade
Ready For Business
WellI amback and ready for bus
iitttt i uieo erituii2ridn4 a
flGlaYJmt that la all right there Is
ork enough for all and If I cant
g etalle worlrl can dowithout run
jff ulng flown other tuners I just wont
get the work that Is all I will get to
> my old customers as soon as possible
It you are In a hurry just drop me a
guaranteed Yours for piano tuning
card or phone 1084 Would be glad
to take any new customers that want
me to do their work Satisfaction
H M Jones Box 814 228tf
ClerkCarrier Examination
An examination for the position of
clerk and carrier in the postoffice ser
vice will be held at Palestine Texas
by the local civil service examining
hoard on Saturday June 25th 1910
Applications for same must be on
r file with the secretary of the Tenth
Civil Service District at New Or
leans La not later than the close of
business June ISth 1910
For further information and the
necessary blanks apply to the under
H W Stedman
Local Secretary
J V Harris
Has moved his shoe shop from the
Avenue A triangle building to the
old office of Dr Tom Colley on Ave
Js nue A opposite the opera house
j v where he will be pleased to wait on
his friends and customers doing flrst
class shoe repairing and shoe mak
ing 531lm
Why Not Own a Home
A I2000GO home for 180000
30000 down balance 1000 and ac
crued Interest making first payment
2250 cheaper than paying rent
Better not delay Alfred Marschall
Red Rock Texas or Chaa Thresto at
First National Bank 325tf
Chamberlains Cough Remedy Is
sold on a guarantee that if you are
0tsatisfled after using twothirds of
a bottle according to directions your
money will be refunded It is up to
you to try Sold by Bratton Drug Co
Insure your health in Prickly Ash
liters It regulates the Bystem pro
motes good appetite sound sleep and
cheerful spirits Bratton Drug Co
Special Agents
Have no automobile Order your
g n the evening pi early In the
or dont kick Davis Meat
at ads are result bring
Lllnes three times 2Eo
V f
A Story Appropriated From the An
nas of Irish Royalty
The anger of King Colni was terrf
ble Twas a fortnight before hecouK
address himself to his queen or looU
her in the face and speak to her and
what he come to say to her then was
that she was a shame aud a disgrace
to him but sure what could lie ex
pect anyhow when he was such a no
torious fool as ever to marry u beggar
of a race of beggars Get up says
he and dress yourself and leave my
sight and my castle for evermore
Very well and good me loid says
Saav says she Im ready I was
prepared for this as youll remember
before ever I married you but says
she you remember your agreemeut
three back burdens of the grejk > t val
uables I choose to carry out of youi
castle at my lavln
Thirtythree says he if v u like
Twill be a cheap price to gel vld m
Thanky me lord says slip Ill
only ask three And before l e get
them out maybe youll thin it
What Is the first back burden yor
choose says he
A back burden says she of god
silver diamonds and jewelry
In a short time the king had i bur
den of them piled on her tliil ner
almost broke her back aud with t sh
went out over the drawbridge
When she laid it down and com
back in again says the king si s be
What will your second back 1 > irdei
For my second back burden snyh
she hoist up on me our baby bey
The king gave a groan thatd rent
rocks But he wasnt the man to 1 >
daunted before any woman He llfteti
with his own hands the boy in whom
his heart was wrapped up and setHii
his teeth hard put him on Panv
shoulders She carried him out ove
the drawbridge
When she come back again says
Colm says he Now then name youi
third and last burden and were done
with you forever thank God
Says Saav says she Get rn me
back yourself
King Colm and his good Queen Saa
lived ever afterthe happiest and mos
contented couple that Ireland evei
knew a parable for all kings and
queens and married couples in the na
tlon Saav lived and died the wittiest
as her husband lived ever after aud
died the justest and most generous
most reasonable sensible affable and
amiable king that Ireland ever knew
Everybodys Magazine
Whistler Let Them Wait
Whistlers laxity In the matter of
engagements was notorious No oik
ever knew if he were coming or uol
to affairs But his point of view Is ex
plained in his answer to a friend of
his who knew that he had an engage
ment to dine with some swells In a
at LoTOoiPand who felt
that It was most impolitic for Whistler
to offend them It was growing late
and yet Whistler was painting away
madly intently
My dear fellow he said to him at
last It Is frightfully late and you
have to dine with Lady Suchaone
Dont you think youd better stop
Stop fairly shrieked Whistler
Stop when everything Is going beau
tifully Go and stuff myself with dl
gusting food when 1 can paint Ills
this Never Never Besides tho i
cant do anything until I gel there
They never do
If Jupiter Were Inhabited
Calculations as to the size irquirei
for human beings on the other planet
vary widely according to the basis <
reckoning According to those base < i
upon the attraction of gravity lupitei
should be peopled by pygmies of twen
tyeight Inches Wolflus on the othei
hand argued that Goliath lilmsell
would be accounted decidedly undei
sized upon that planet ne workei
from the feebleness of the suu ss lisbi
there which would demand tint tht
pupil of the eye should be much more
dilatable Since the pupil stands in a
constant proportion to the pall of tht
eye and that to the entire body said
Wolfius a little calculation slums tbi
an average Jovian must be neaily thlr
teen feet seven inches tall not quite
four Inches shorter than Og King o
Bashan according to the measure o
his bedstead given In Deuteronomy
A Bright Blacksmith
The greatest improvement in ehleh
construction was when some btight
blacksmith thought of heating thetire =
and shrinking them on the wheel
While many claim the honor it is not
known to whom It rightly belongs
Previous to this event tires ueie made
in short sections and held on the fel
loes with nails When starting ou a
long haul the driver always lniil iu u
good suppy of nails to use < n the
trip Shop Notes Quarterly
Winding Up His Affairs
Look heie Ben what did you slioot
at me fer I alntgot no quarrel uith
You had a feud with Jim Womliat
didnt ye
I did but Jims dead
Im his executor Kansas City
Like the Moon
Hes a itar after dinner speaker
Isnt he
A star Hes a moon
The fuller the brighter Cleveland
Persons who really wish to beewnt
angels should innke a start In that dl
rectlon while they are yet niortals
Katlonal Magazine
B5 i3
aff i >
ft Trajpici
One Highly Distressing to an Ac
complished Swordsman
Used by a Weak or a Timid Opponent
It Renders His Adversary Practicall
Helpless A Case of Two Playing at
the Same Game
A long aud Interesting chapter might
be written ou the humors of dueK
which never came off or which iu home
way fell short of deserving the name
A case which occurred a few years
ago in Paris the particular home aud
harvest field of the habitual duelist
merits mention
A peaceable looking gentleman was
walking down one of the boulevnrds
with a lady on his arm when out of u
rafe sprang a man who dealt him a
violent kick The victim turned oulj
to meet the horrified apologies of tin
aggressor who begged to assure him
that It was wholly a mistake iu iden
tlty Instead of insisting upon an ex
change of cards and the other custom
ary forms the kicked man answered
with much warmth but admirable self
control I cannot sir accept your ex
pression of regret as sufficient Ynnr
action may have been a mistake as
you say but acquaintances of mine
may have witnessed It and will go
away and spread the news that 1 have
submitted to an insult without aveng
ing it I must therefore and instantly
slap your face with equal publicity
The other most becomingly assented
the first sufferer administering a ring
ing blow on his ear and the affair
ended with entire satisfaction on both
Weak or timid fencers are sometimes
taught by their masters to keep a more
skillful antagonist busy by fixing the
sword in one position aimed straight
at his sword hand and then not mov
ing except to retreat when pressed too
hard it Is highly distressing to hn
accomplished swordsman to have to
face a learner so instructed for It
means a great outlay of energy and
wind to little purpose
Comte de Dion ouce thus chased a
retreating adversary across plowed
fields for a mile and a half and final
ly under the wheel of a cab for the
poor satisfaction of giving bim a t > ight
prod in the back Dr Clemeueeau in
his famous duel with M Deschanel
after a swift and wearisome pursuit
halted shouldered his rapier like n
walking stick and strolled back to bis
original place throwing the contemp
tuous remark over his shoulder And
now monsieur I will await you here
Catulle Mendes had a similar run
after Lugne Poe through the forest of
St Germain which he ended by fling
ingbis awnsVQfi iitoJiir5 buabtar
with the angry exclamation I am
willing to die from exhaustion by the
roadside if need be but not from run
ning alter a poltroon
A yet funnier incident was that
which occurred In Toulouse where a
lawyer of some note named Cazeneuve
was called out by a landed proprietor
whom he had offended by a speech in
court He repaired at once to a fenc
ing master as he knew nothing what
ever about handling a sword This
teacher gave him the usual advice
about keeping his adversary at arms
length with the poised and immovable
rapier but strongly enjoined bim not
to retreat It so happened that the
landed proprietor being equally Igno
rant applied to the same master for
instruction The master who waa
somewhat of a wag gave him the law
yers lesson In duplicate
When the two men met and their
seconds had duly placed them a long
and tedious stillness ensued Koi
more than five minutes each foeniau
stood with his sword arm extended at
full length waiting for the other to
advance Then the seconds Inteneu
ed claiming that both had pnneil
themselves men of honor and courage
and that nothing further was necessa
ry but to shake hands and be reeou
And this recalls the occasion when
Lieutenant Randolph Ridgely of our
army while iu the Mexican war wa
sought by two young ofilcers who bud
quarreled and each of whom wished
the lieutenant for his second It was
finally arranged that be should act as
second for both On the field nbeie
the adversaries were armed with shut
guns Ridgely measured off a Hue oi
ten paces and placed them respective
ly at Its two termini cocked his own
revolver and announced that he would
give all the orders himself and In liH
own way and that he would shoot
down whichever of his principals dis
obeyed bim in the slightest particular
Then came the orders very delib
erately uttered Present arms Car
ry arms Shoulder arms Take
aim They took careful aim and
waited almost breathlessly for some
minutes for the command to fire It
never came Instead came the orders
Present arms Carry arms Slioul
der arms Right about face
Front Forward march
They recognized his commands us
given In deadly earnest and knew that
It would be lnstautlj fatal to rebel
He kept them marching till tbej
reached his tent There be halted
them and bade them stand at parade
rest till they had listened to a lecture
on the folly of dueling which falrlj
made their ears ring But lie sea
soned his dose of rebuke with a feu
words of praise for the soldierly met
tie they had shown iu facing each oth
ers gun without flinching and the
two men became fast friends from
lhat hour New York Post
H r Terrible Experience While on
Smuggling Expedition
Thistale of heroism displayed by u
youngwoman engaged In smuggling
contraband goods over the SwissItal
ian border comes from Geneva MIU
Porettl aged eighteen and her broth
er aged twentythree left Swiss terri
tory to cross the Baldlsco pass carry
ing contraband goods into Italy Or
the summit they were overtaken by a
violent snowstorm and were soon in
deep snow The Porettls roped them
selves the young man leadiug They
lost their way and while attempting
to find the path Poretti fell througli
the snow into a crevasse into which he
nearly dragged bis sister The girl
however planted her Ice ax in tin
snow aad withstood the shock
Early the next morning ssvera
smugglers crossing the pass fron
Swissfterritory Into Italian fourd tut
young girl near the ordinary route tak
en by smugglers and recognized her at
once as she belonged to a smugglers
famllyjand lived at Chlavenna The
smugglers at once drew up the broth
er bufcifound that he had died during
the thirteen hours his sister bad held
him by the rope He had received se
vere Injuries In the head and his bod >
was frozen
Thejismugglers carried down the
brave Sri who was almost uncon
scious jas well as the dead body of her
brothe andnotlfled the Porettl family
at Chlavenna On reaching the vallej
the glrlhad recovered sufficiently from
her terrible experience to explain that
she and her brother had spoken fo
severalhours after the accident and at
last hehad said that he felt nothlup
and wtinted to sleep
A arm night followed the snow
storm r two dead bodies would have
been found Under the great strain
therope had cutthrough the girlV
clotheaftjand her waist was bleedin
When ffshe was rescued Chicago
The Helping Hand Among the Beach
pombers of Marseilles
HarrylfA Franck In A Vagaboui
JournewAround the World writes of
the trying times when he was a beach
comberjln Marseilles Long bungr
dayai passed days In which I could
scarceljv withstand the temptation to
carry jpy kodak to the mont de plete
lop just off the sailors squnre
the beach combers there were
le who gained a few francs by
Job by the sale of an extra
or by grafting pure and
When his hnnd closed on a
iney the stranded fellow may
n weak with fasting yet thl
waa not to gorge himself
his fortune with his com
ider hatches in those bleak
man ranked n
e fortu
nate fiflow beings tolled all day at the
coal wharfs of Marseilles and tramped
back cold and hungry to the Place
Victor Gelu to divide his earnings with
other famished miserables whom be
had not known a week before
More than one man sold the only
shirt he owned to feed a new arrival
who was an absolute stranger to all
These men won no praise for their
benefactions They expected none and
would haye opened their eys in wonder
If they had been told that their actions
were worthy of praise The stranded
band grew to be a corporate body By
a Job hereand there I contributed my
share to the common fund and be
tween us we fought off gaunt starva
In ajdirty alley just off the place
was an Inn kept by a Greek In which
one could sleep on the floor at 3 sous
or in a cot at C and every evening a
band of ragged mortals might have
been seen dividing the earnings of
some ofjftEem into three sou lots aa
they mide their way toward LAu
berge chez le Grec
Hal leys Achievements
Edmund Halley was a very great
man He was not only the first to pre
dict correctly the return of a comer
that which Is now known by his name
but alsojbefore Newton had announc
ed his results to any one arrived at
the conclusion that the attraction of
gravitation probably varied Iniersely
as the siuare of the distance While
these aad other Important achieve
ments of his are well known it feems
to have been forgotten that Halley de
vised amethod of determining the age
of the olcean from chemical deuuda
tlon Drj G P Becker In Science
Tommy Knew
Teachet addressing class A pliilan
throplst is a peison who exerts him
self to do good to his fellow men
Now If i were wealthy children anO
gave moHey freely to all needy and un
fortunatejs who asked my aid Id be a
She brdke off abruptly to point at c
boy in the class
iWbatwouid I be Tommy sbt
A clinch shouted Tommy Ex
The Cure
He Is a certain young lad
deeply It terested In me and while 1
like her you know still 1 never could
love her I want to put an end to Tt
without I reaklug the poor girls heart
Can you Suggest any plan
She Da you call there often
He No Indeed not any oftener thin
I can posfeibly help
She Call oftener
VVhat Did He Mean
Mrs Be nham Death Is the debt e
owe Jo nt ture Benham Nature does
not send nut her bills often enough
New Xorl Press
V15p s jVI rM7ffl
Mrs W L Gaynor Poses For
First Snapshot Photograph
1 y
Photo by American Press Association
Mayor Gaynor of New York Is being boomed by his friend3 as a possible
candidate on the Democratic ticket for president This suggestion Is being
attacked on all sides by W R Hearst While Mayor Gaynor has of course
been silent on the subject his wife and daughter nave been taking an active
part in various social affairs In and around New York This picture shows
reading from left to right Miss Edith Gaynor Mrs Gaynor and Miss Pat
Matildia Page The were the guests of General Howe at Governors island
New York General Howe refused to permit Mrs Gaynor to be photographed
until she bad ghen her consent 1 might as well get used to It now Mrs
Gaynor said before posing for the photographer
umi City Co S
TpJHE standard buggy paint used silver the
JL world The safeguardoOj g J It
J sefveTahoTiliea ifi aTthe same time
The use of MOUND CITY CO S Buggy
Paints is for the man who wants greater wear from
his buggy Five years use will save you the price of
a new buggy
Black Mingo Red and all the latest colors
YOU Can Apply It
A j3 X j
The highest quality for the price
The lowest price tor the quality
SjS Sr > 5 3 i
Made to Your Measure
Tailored In Every Particular Correct in Design and Hang
shop for Ladies only with Lady Attendants I cut
and make Skirts from the whole cloth of your selection to
your measure of any design you may select 1 show a line of
Woolens for skirts that cannot be equaled outside of the largest
cities Do you have trouble to get a skirt that looks well on you
can Design one that will Look Well
Appel The Tailor
At the Head of the Stairs Over Palestine National Bank
For the Kitchen
we carry a line of goods of the best
quality at very low prices Strong
servicable Furniture that will do full
duty for years
The Best in Ranges
is found right here A fine baker
and light consumer of fuel
Our line of Oil Cloths is well worth
an inspection Also exchange new
furniture for old
Buy Now Pay Later
MITCHELL The Furniture Man
Phone 782 518 Spring
1 zijf

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