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Entered In the Palestine Texas Postofflce as SecondClass Mall Matter
1836 The New York Express ap
peared in New York City
1837 Accession of Queen Victoria on
the death of King William IV
1849 Jared Sparks inaugurated presi
dent of Harvard College
1877 First business telephone in Can
adaestablished at Hamilton
Ontario v
1907 Great destruction in Northern
Ontario caused by forest fires
Mr Colquitt candidate for governor
of Texas and who spoke here Satur
day afternoon is easily the most il
logical debater of all of the candi
dates And we shall undertake here
to show why this is so We shall be
perfectly frank with Mr Colquitt and
if we cannot outreason him in the
premises we shall leave the reader to
go with him and accept his position
There are only two propositions or
issues discussed by the gentleman in
hlsjspeech here The first was that
toJssoalwa < MwaSia5airoposej
5emocraUcrparty Sandthesec
was that statewide prohibition Is
wrong because you cannot make men
good by law That is all of the issue
he discussed What he said about
the Campbell administration was of
no moment as it effects the campaign
for the governorship
Mr Colquitt starts out by glorify
ing the constitution of the state and
after working his audience up to a
feeling that that sacred document is
in danger turns suddenly and ex
claims that he will preserve the con
stitution as long as he has breath to
fight And all of that has absolutely
nothing to do with the present cam
paign The issue of submission has
nothing at present to do with the
constitution Mr Colquitt jumps
clean over the real question and
fights an imaginary evil To make
this clear the present issue in Texas
is a democratic demand that sub
mission be presented to the people
for a vote Mr Colquitt is a candi
date for governor of Texas subject to
the action of the democratic party
only his future in the race for gov
ernor is contingent upon the action of
the democratic party If the party
nominates him he becomes the candi
> a
The Coolest Spot In Palestine
Vitagraph Feature Film
TWO SHOWS 8 and 915 P M
Reserved Seats Adults 15c Children
4 to 12 Years 10c
Side Seats Adults 10c Children 4
to 12 Years 5c
At Lyric Theatre Every Wednesday
and Saturday at 4 P M Prices
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v hCw
W M AND H V HAMILTON JR Editors and Proprietors
The Hamilton Boyo You Know
Any erroneous reflection upon the character standing or reputation of any
person firm or corporation which may appear in the columns of The Herald
will be gladly corrected upon it being brought to attention of the publishers
V V v O
> > S V V V V V V
For Palestine and vicinity
Tonight and Tuesday gen
erally fair weather
> < > > >
1632 Maryland was granted to Lord
1768 William Findlay governor of
Pennsylvania 181720 born in
Mercersburg Pa Died in Har
risburg Nov 12 1846
1779 British repulsed the Americans
at Stone Ferry near Charles
ton s a
date of the party in the general elec
tion if the party rejects him in the
primary he drops out of the contest
and will not get before the people
of the state as a candidate for gover
nor to be voted on in the general
election As a candidate for gover
nor he places his case absolutely in
the hands of the democratic party
and abides the decision of the party
The same primary that accepts or
rejects him also at the same time ac
cepts or rejects submission If both
Mr Colquitb and submission are in
dorsed by the democratic party of
the state then the candidate of the
party becomes obliged to carry the
banner and demands of his party to
success That is what he is pledged
to do His whole obligation is to the
party thus far and the general elec
torate has nothing to do with the
case As the nominee of the party
he goes before the whole state to be
voted on and if he is chosen by a
majority of all the voters he then be
comes governor of all the people but
still the special leader of the demo
cratic party He is still under obliga
tion to carry out the platform and
policies of his party because through
his party he has been placed in power
The same rule applies to members of
the legislature If the party has de
clared for submission the democratic
agents are still under obligation to
carry out the demand of the party
and they are under obligation to the
state party organization and not to
any special district
And after all of the above has been
settled by the democratic caucus and
action then comes in the constitution
and not before Submission offered
naturally the general election to fol
low is participated in by all of the
qualified voters of the state of what
ever party or of nqaM and their
reasonS HiVexcept he leaves the
party and party obligation out of the
matter entirely This he cannot do
and participate in the democratic cau
cus and accept favors and office from
the party If he Is a democrat he
must abide by the democratic yard
stick There can be no party with
out obligation assumed If Mr Col
quitt was an Independent candidate
and was not running as a party man
he could tell of this argument to get
out But his race is dependent on the
action of the party to which he de
clares allegiance If the party de
clares for submission Mr Colquitt is
pledged by his party for submission
If he will not obey his party he is not
a party man And as to the consti
tution that comes after the party has
fixed its policy and can only be
changed by the superior demand of
the majority of the qualified voters of
tho state
As to his second proposition that
men cannot be made good by law
lets look at that a moment We may
agree with the proposition in the ab
stract but it is equally true and of
much more importance that whether
men are made good or not by law
the arbitrary are made lawabiding
and that answers the same purpose so
far as the good of society Is con
cerned Mr Colquitt had as well tell
us that men cannot be made to quit
gambling by law But we have the
living evidence in Texas today that
the gambling hell has been put out of
business by law The same thing is
true of the pistol carrying law If we
are to rely on the principle that men
cannot be made good by law we had
as well repeal all of our criminal stat
utes and depend again upon men be
coming good of their own volition
And all men know that will not work
Lawabiding men need the law only as
a protection against the unlawful
The San Antonio Express one of
the strongest anti papers in Texas
but fair and reasonable under all cir
cumstances adds this as to Mr Col
quitts platform which it character
izes as sophistry or subterfuge
The legislature cannot adopt a
constitutional amendment nor repeal
one says Mr Colquitt and it is not
at all probable that this assertion will
be disputed by any rival candidate
for the nomination for governor or by
any one else inasmuch as there has
never been any contrary contention
The further assertion of Mr Col
quitt that every man In the state
irrespective of his partisanship Is en
titled to vote in every election intend
ed to bring about changes in the or
participants in the election whlc
in the nature of a party caucujgj
majority of the democrats shall
against submission there will be > gjn
end of it for the present at leas glf
a majority should declare forp subi
mission it would then becomejan > i
= ue which might be passed upon W
the general electorate by the leglsla5
ture or ignored according to thejjtemj
ppr of the legislative body rwfiichj
Second Son of Late Jay
Gould an Active Business Man
though it cannot adopt a cons
tional amendment nor repeal 3one2
nay at any time submit such an
amendment for adoption or reje
by the masses of the qualified vofSrs
who are sovereign
To trade elsewhere
aster to yourself
1 5 r
The next time you think of sending
away for something the homejsmer
ing to send away for the thlngs Mhey
need to put the town out of business
but those who do send away hurtfthe
town in proporition to the percentage
of the population they represent
Thus if fifty per cent of the people
send away for the things they need
then the town would be only about
fifty per cent the town It shouldtj
Trade with the home concerns jand
thus help yourself to better things
is to invite
chant could furnish you just remem
ber this trSBR
If every one else did the same thlng
you are preparing to do sendqutof
town for the things needed there
would soon be no stores in Palestine
for they would go out of buslnessgfor
lack of patronage Then if there were
no stores there would be no townfeno
job would be open for you yourjglrl
or boy There would be left yoWa
big place in the road Thus Itucanjbe
seen the iniquity of buying fromfihe
mail order house The prosperityjof
the local business concerns of
town are essential to your prosperity
For them to fail would mean forithe
town to fail and the town couldMipt
fail without the failure touchingjygu
There are Palestine peopledepend
ent on local enterprises for the jfage
necessary for their living whoj ymd
out of town for the necessities ofglte
They are the towns greatest enemies
Of course enough people are nojjjgo
It Is much easier to destroy thaflto
construct An idle slander can cjoud
a reputation that was years in 7the
making An idiot can blot out the
rarest canvas ever painted A varidal
in a moment can destroy the prouHest
product of toil and genius Iiysk
County News jj
Once upon a time a pious woman
went to her confessor and told him
she had circulated a slander Asg a
penance ho directed that she scatter
mustard seed along the highway
did as directed and returned for
ther instructions Go thou said
priest and pick up every one
those seeds She demurred
then he told her that her slander
as difficult of correction as to p
up every one of the mustard seeds
had scattered Rev Jones who sptj
hero during the recent prohibit
campaign described a certain man
one of those kind or fellows who s <
his mouth going and goes off am
Edwin Gould is the second BO t
the late Jay Gould He is almos
active a business man as
brother George J Gould Mr
was born iu 1SG0 and was marrli
1892 to Miss Sarah Shrady
ganic law which may affect tiisj
sonal or property rights is hoSJ
wide of the mark if the rightij5
lltical party caucus is not torba
In the party primary electionJtij
held in July the voters will jjoJ
tempt to change the organic lap
merely to have the question of
posed change submitted to the gen
merF obtained in the party pTli
has no binding force except upon
v 73g e M3
USSELL CIGAR CO Distributors Memphis Tenn
leaves it Gossipers and slanderers
are of that class They talk and talk
but haft knowing what they say or
how they say it they never investi
gate or try to obtain the exact truth
but just talk and talk until they damn
and damn Marshall Messenger
If there was no other necessity for
a hell one would be needed for the
slanderer It is no less a crime to
murder the reputation of a man or a
woman than it is to take the physical
life and the law should deal with one
the same as it does with the other It
is bad enough to say the evil of those
who deserve censuie but there is no
justification in repeating a rumor or
creating a slander against the good
name of a pure woman or man The
sliin rpj ynoreop a coward than
the assassfrrflBHu se the latter takes
the risk of the danger that confronts
him but the slanderer slips around
andpoisons the public mind The
above story of the pious woman should
be read and reread and pondered on
It Is a pointed illustration of h dp
age done by slndcr
One of the miserable opposition in
quires if Aviator Hamilton is a kins
man of the Herald men that he must
be since he stays up in the air so
long We deny the insinuation We
are standing square on the sold
ground supporting Cone Johnson for
governor and boosting Palestine
Palestine Herald
But where will the Hamilton men
who manipulate the bright columns
of the Herald stand after the July pri
maries Xo doubt they will still
boost Palestine but who will they
boost for governor after that date
Fort Worth StarTelegram
Tomorrow said the languid man
Ill have my life Insured I guess I
know it is the safest plan to save my
ch ldren fiom distress And when
the morrow came around the placed
Iiim gently in a box at break of morn
ing he was found as dead as Julius
Caesars ox Ills widow now Is scrub
bing floors and washing skirts and
splitting wood and doing fifty other
bores that she may lear her wailing
irood Tomorrow said the careless
ay Ill take an hour and make my
ill and then If I should pass away
he wife and kids will know no 111
omorrow came serene and nice the
siysKgij < L
Beautiful Wife of New York
Financier Son of Jay Gould
filled much newspaper space for the
very good reason that the couple have
been happily married for eighteen
years Mrs Goulds stepfather was
the famous Dr George F Shrady of
New York
alas poor careless jay The lawyers
not his pile of cash his wife is toiling
night and day to keep the kids In
clothes and hash Tomorrow is the
ambushed walk avoided by the circum
spect tomorrow is the fatal rock on
which a million ships are wrecked
Walt Mason
An exchange is cruel enough to say
that Candidate Colquitt is very
anxious to preserve the constitution
and that judging from his platform
he wants to preserve It In alcohol
The Herald comends the action of
the trustees of the Southwestern Uni
versity at Georgetown for refusing to
sell the university location to the
highest bidder While it is true that
a great school needs money to make
it a success on the other hand such
a deal as the one proposed might do
veather mild with signs of rain the vastly more harm than good In that it
areless jay was placed on ice em might create an Impression In the
miming fluid filled his brain Alas minds of the student body that money
might just as well come out of the same box as
for all the difference that youll notice in
flavor or mildness Same tobaccormade
in the same way Half as big therefore
half the price Reduced in size but not
quality Same stores sell both
after all is the greatest power in the
world Palestine Herald
Money can be made a force for
great good or evil in proportion as to
how it is employed by its owners
There was a time when knowledge
was power now it is a marketable
brain commodity to be purchased like
cloth by the strings or yard by the
man of means Hence universities
are purchased by communities and in
dividuals on the same principle But
i the genius that dines off herbs In a
I garret is always its own reward and
leaves its mark upon the scroll of the
j ages The trustees of the Georgetown
university acted wisely in bending to
the popular verdict in deciding that
the Georgetown university shall con
tinue to be the Georgetown univer
sity with its atmosphere and tradi
tions unchanged Houston Post
Ready For Business
Well I am back and ready for busi
ness I find there are other tuners in
the field but that Is all right there is
work enough for all and If I cant
get all the work I can do without run
ning down other tuners I just wont
get the work that is all I will get to
my old customers as soon as possible
If you are in a hurry just drop me a
guaranteed Yours for piano tuning
The mntrimonlal nffalrs of Edwin clTIt or phone 1081 Would be glad
Gould and his beautiful wife have not j to any new customers that want
me rn do their work
H M Jones Box R14
Stoves Stoves
Cheap for the next 30 days Guar
anteed equal to any on market at
much lower prices WyattMclnnls
Oenby Clllm
< tisL

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