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By the End of the Twelfth Round It Was Fore
gone Conclusion That the Negro Would
WinThe Fight By Ronnds
From Mondays Extra Edition
Reno Nevada Julysiie the cit > which this
fight in the fifteenth
Reno Nev July 4 Reno
awoke this morning stark fight
mad Even before dawn the
sidewalks were congested The
gambling rooms opened at mid
night After daylight all idle
ness was forgotten Nothing at
all was remembered by the
throng except that this was the
day for the Jeffries Johnson fight
Bys7 oclock the streets became
impassable The restaurants and
diningrooms were packed with
notables Everywhere the talk
was of the fight There wasno
element of the safe and sane
Fourth movement present as
this great national celebration
was forgotten
Actors literary lights writers
artists and other celebrities
whose names are famous mixed
in the crowd with Indians cow
boys and all sorts of people Ev
erything is run wide open now
fJeffries this mornings sent no
se to the promoter that he
ild not enter the ring if the
invas covering remains
rflob It is new and he
Iks it too slippery It is the
only covering over the heavy
planks He says it may result
in a broken ankle or skull He
is willing to use either his or
Johnsons covering Arrange
ments are being made to substi
Among the famous fighters are
Fitksimmons Burns Attell Bat
tling Nelson Ketchel Hanlon
Lange Langford Sullivan and
Jeffries played cards nearly all
day Sunday and retired at 9 p
m and slept soundly till late
this morning All intruders
were kept out
Johnson arose early in a play
ful mood Had light exercise a
rub down and declared himself
in fine shape
As usual a calm pervaded the
Jeffries camp this merning All
slept later than usual and after
a short stroll Jeffries ate a hearty
breakfast Later a little stir
was created by Jeffries objecting
to the thin floor covering This
was adjusted by offer to substi
tute one of the canvas coverings
at the camps Figuring on the
costume for the afternoon John
son said I know Im the short
ender in the betting and I know
why Its a dark secret but
when the fight starts well be
color blind Im going in to win
They respect Jeffries as a great
fighter but I believe the public
will respect me more by sun
down 1 havent worried a bit
in the world I didnt believe
Jeffreis would ever get in the
ring with me but I respect him
for being willing to take the
chance If he wins I willbe the
first to to congratulate him and
Ill be sincere in it too
JM30 old Billy Johnson will climb
th Rh the ropes roaring the celebra
t ltartlng signal gong at a signal
from George Harris the vteran
timekeeper Then the argument will
start From every state in the union
Canada Mexico Europe and even
Australia lovers of the fighting game
havdVourneyed to the lumber shrine
airdome covered with brush just out
Dixle up
and weved small American flags Any
one approaching the gates carrying
bottles or suspicious packages were
stopped They were not allowed to
enter until they were discarded
Governor Dickerson entered and
took his seat directly behind the Unit
ed Press box
At 132 two minutes past the time
for beginning fight no sign of either
fighters but Flanagan promised to
have Johnson in the ring within a
few minutes Tex Rickard just an
nounced that purse amounts to 121
000 He also announced that there
would be a split of GO cents to the win
ner and 40 per cent to the loser It
is stated the sales amount to 250
000 The aisles are practically pack
ed and the very entrance is jammed
145 still no sign of fighters
Billy Muldoon the famous wrestler
climbed through the ropes and called
for three cheers for Nevada During
the cheering Mrs Jack Johnson wife
of the champion accompanied by Mrs
Sig Hart wife of Johnsons friend
slipped into the erena and took a
seat immediately in front
Johnson entered the ring at 230
and the black was given a tremendous
ovation as he stepped through the
ropes He was attired in black and
white bathrobe He was accompanied
by seconds Jeffries appeared at 232
While walking down the aisle the
crowd arose and gave him the great
est ovation yet As soon as he step
ped into the ring he tested it then
gazed it the audence on all sides He
was accompanied by his seconds
Jeffries stepped into the ring at
tired in light gray business suit and
wore a light golf cap Johnson slip
ped off robe and displayed a pair of
blue tights An American flag circled
his belt While being introduced he
smiled waved his hand to his wife
Johnsons hands were bandaged
When this was discovered Attell
bound Jeffries hands
Jeffries is attired in short blue
trunks with an American flag about
his belt He appeared unmoved and
did not show the least sign of ner
vousness He gazed for a moment in
to the Johnson corner but turned his
head without changing his expression
Flanagan adjusted Johnsons gloves
Jim Corbelt fitted Jeffs
The gong sounded at 246 12
It was agreed men would not shake
First Round
Johnson advanced courteously Jeff
will be the greatest battle between hu
4m JOhnSOn WOn the man beings the world has ever seen
i since Christianity drove the gladiators
from the Roman forum
Two good Johnson bets were re
corded this morning one being 700
to 100 the other G75 to 100 Andy
Craig of Chicago recently bet 100 to
6500 on Jeffries He has 20000
Weather conditions could not be
more nearly ideal for the big mill
There is almost a cloudless sky and
the blazing rays of the sun are tem
pered with a cool steady breeze from
the surrounding hills Although a
majority of the women took advan
tage of the boxes many are scattered
through the arena By noon the
lines of ticket holders were a block
lon but it was a good natured crowd
made doubly so by the lines of depu
ties determined to keep down any dis
turbance of jostling etc
When the canvases of the fighters
were submitted for choice Johnsons
was rejected because it was pure
white and cast such a sharp white
glare that it was deemed not suitable
The first row was started when the
holders of 40 and 50 seats discover
ed a moving picture stand was erect
ed just over them This stand cut off
the view from COO or S00 people who
became angered when the manage
ment ave them no satisfaction They
threatened to tear down the structure
To prevent violence a guard was
placed around the btand
Shortly before 1 oclock a band en
tered the arena and aroused intense
enthusiasm by plavjng America ami
The great crowd stood
feinting with left Johnson grinned J A series of right and
Jeff again feints with left Johnson left on the jaw put Jeffries out
lands left to eye Jeff clinches John End of the fight
son appears stronger clinches forcing
Jeff back Jeff sends left Clinch
Jeff is smiling and Johnson looks wor
ried Jeff slipped into straight left
but was patted on the cheek a second
later Clinchedat the bell Anybodys
Second Round
Johnson slings left into ribs another
jab slightly marred Jeffs right eye
They sparred Jeff assumes such
Johnson sent left to chin and uppercut
with left
Third Round
Jeff sends left to stomach Clinches
and they break Johnson dashes left
to nose Clinched Jack missed right
and left uppercuts Johnson tries with
a vicious right to head but Jim ducks
and clinches Jack is cautious in break
away Johnson sends two little rights
to head Clinches Johnson tries with
an uppercut but Jim sent a light left
to short ribs Just before the bell Jeff
sent light left hand to head Even at
end of round 3
Fourth Round
Johnson sends left to head Jeff
sends three hard rights to stomach
Johnson puts left to head Johnsons
nose bleeding Jeff clenches John
son sends left to head took one in
return Clinch again Johnson took
three jabs to stomach Crowd went
wild at Jeffs showing Jeffs round
Fifth Round
They sparred Johnson kids Jeff
in clinches Jeff rushes in at light
left short ribs clinched Johnson
sent long left to stomach no damage
Clinch Jack worked left uppercut to
jaw Jims mouth slightly cut Jeff
landed two lefts to face Clinched
again Johnson worked uppercut to
face of Johnson and appeared very
cautious and played the defensive
Jeff sent a straight left to mouth and
nose increasing the flow of claret
Clinched at bell
Sixth Round
Johnson sent three left jabs to
face Johnson sent one to Jeffs face
Jeffs face cut under eye Johnson
landed left on chest Jim sent terrif
fic left to Johnsons right eye Al
most completely closed Jeff bleeding
at nose
Seventh Round
Both of wiry Jeffs eyes seem to be
bothering him They clinched and
Jim sent a light left to ribs Jims
nose is bleeding freely Jim sent left
to face clinched Jack uppercut
right to chin Jeff sent hard left to
chin Jack send s two hard lefts to
face Hurt the bad eye again Jon
sons round
Eighth Round
Rushed and clinched Jack hooked
to ear with left Jack sends two
light rights to > ead Jeff pounds
Jacks stomach Clinch Jack sent
left to stomach Jack is holding in
clinches Johnson landed left to
head Clinched at bell
Ninth Round
Jeff forced Jack around the ring
Johnson laughing to friends outside
ropes Jeff landed t wo hard rights
to stomach Johnson backs away
Clinch Jouson took hard right to
ribs Jeff sends hard right to body
Clinched Jeffs round
Tenth Round
Jack prodded Jeffs nose with his
left and repeated it twice Jim sent
left to ribs Jeff sent a left to stom
ach Johnson sent a left to stomach
Jack ook two jolts to jaw Jack
avoideded right by a clinch and turn
ed and winked at crowd Johnsons
round by a shade
Eleventh Round
Jack lands hard left to jaw John
son sent right to head and several
hard ones on stomach Jim smiled
Johnson sent Jimshand back twice
with right uppercuts Jim bleeding
badly at nose and mouth Jack hook
ed left to chin Jeff sent hard left to
jaw Johnsons by a shade
Twelfth Round
Jells right eye almost closed
Johnson sent three rights to head
Uppercuts to mouth with right Hook
ed eye with left uppercut to mouth
and head Johnson sent hard to left
eye Jeff bleeding badly Taking con
siderable punishment Johnsons
Thirteenth Round
Johnson sent three lefts to face
Repeated a moment later Then sent
left uppercut to jaw Hooked ear with
right Jeffries wobbly His face is
covered with blood He can hardly see
They were fiddling at the bell John
sons round
Fourteenth Round
Jim comes up weakly and receives a
light left in face Jack prods nose
with left and blood flowed afresh
Johnson sent right to head Johnson
smiled and sent right hook to ear jab
bed face three times Jdhnsons round
Fifteenth Round
They came to clinch Johnson sent
left to face Johnson jabs nose with
left five times
Jw k ii r
Jack Johnson was born in Galves
ton Texas March 31 1878 and began
his fighting career in his native town
about ten years ago At that time the
Galveston Atheltic Club of which
Leo Posner was the moving spirit
gave boxing shows in which Charles
Brooks a masseur and teacher of box
ing in a boxing academy in Galveston
was the principal feature He took
on any comer and usually knocked
out his opponents in the third round
One day Johnson presented himself
and expressed his willingness to fight
Brooks for a consideration Posner
accepted him and when the night of
the fight came Johnson surprised
everybody by knocking out Brooks in
the second round
After that first of his ring battles
Johnson did not want for fights He
cleaned up the best of the darkies in
the black belt among his early vic
tories being a knockout of Horace
Miles in three rounds Then George
Lawlor an Irish giant who fought
under the ring name of Jim McCor
mick accepted a challenge Johnson
defeated him in ten rounds and twice
again beat him both times in seven
rounds In between his fights with
McCormick Johnson defeated Jack
His next victory of some conse
quence was over a burly negro known
as Klondyke who came to Galves
ton from Philadelphia and was defeat
ed by Johnson after a gruelling battle
of twenty rounds Johnson was still
a raw novice when he fought his first
really big battle with Joe Choynski
Thelatter was at the height of his
skill and Johnson was no match for
him in science In the thiid lound
Johnson was knocked out and lost
the fight It was the first and only
time that he was thus disposed of by
one of his opponents This defeat
proved of great benefit to Johnson
however lie and Choynski were ar
rested after the fight and put in jail
where they whiled away the time box
ing In those days Johnson learned a
great deal from his skillful teacher
The second fighting year of his
caerer 1902 was a big one for John
son He was the principal In sixteen
contests not losing one and having
four draws In that year he met Jack
Jeffries a brother of Jim and knocked
him out alter playing with him for
four rounds One of Johnsons hard
est fights was with George Gardiner
the middleweight champion of New
England He defeated Gardiner
easily and thereby added greatly to his
reputation as a fighter After that
battle Johnson defeated Fred Russell
and Denver Ed Martin and finally the
negro Sam McVey whom he defeated
on points in twenty rounds
The following day Johnson issued a
challenge to Jim Jeffries asserting he
was the champions logical opponent
Jeffries evaded him however saying
that he had drawn the color line after
meeting Hank Griffin in 1901
Johnson won all of his battles in
1903 beating the rugged McVey twice
on points On April 22 1904 he met
McVey and knocked him out in the
twentieth round He also won from
Frank Chllds of Chicago in six rounds
In March 1905 he fought MarvinHart
at San Francisco and although he
made a punching bag of Hart for
twenty rounds the decision was given
for Halt In the same year Johnson
fought a number of other battles
never defeated and losing but one
fight the one against Joe Jeanette on
a foul The list of his opponents in
that year included Jim Jeffords Black
Bill Walter Johnson Jack Monroe
Sandy Ferguson Joe Jeanette and
Young Peter Jackson
The only man who made any show
ng against Johnson in the following
j ear was Joe Jeanette with whom he
fought several battles without scor
ng a knockout Those who saw these
fights however clearly felt that John
son was master of the situation at all
times and could have easily finished
with a knockout had he wished to do
so In April 1900 Johnson defeated
Sam Langford at Chelsea Mass
which showed his class as Langford
was and still is considered one of the
most dangerous opponents in the ring
In the following year 1907 Johnson
went to Australia and there met J
Lang whom lie knocked out in the
ninth round In July of the same year
lie fought Bob Fitzsimmons at Phila
delphia and knocked him out in the
second round In November 1907 he
fought eleven rounds with Jim Flynn
at San Francisco and knocked out his
opponent Johnsons victories over
Tommy Burns in December 1908 at
Sydney N S W and Stanley Ketchel
at Colma CaL October 16 1909 are
still fresh in the minds of the ring
followers He defeated Burns on
points in fourteen rounds and put
Ketchel to selep in the twelfth round
His fight with Ketchelwas the last of
Johnsons ring battles before the
championship contest with Jeffrie
was agreed upon
Opening of the Royal Henley regatta
In England
Opening of Brighton Beach Racing As
sociation meeting at Empire City
Opening of tournament for Connecti
cut state golf championship at New
Opening of international chess mast
ers tournament at Hamburg
Opening df Wyoming state tennis
championship tournament at Basin
Western Golf Association open cham
pionships begin In Chicago
Open professional Canadian golf
championships begin in Toronto
Canadian tenmile running champion
ship at Amherst N S
Opening of West Kentucky Fair Asso
ciation race meeting at Mayfield
Opening of twoday automobile race
meeting at Churchill Downs track
Sailing yacht race starts from New
York for Bermuda
Opening of international aviation
meeting in Toronto
Start of the ocean yacht race from
San Pedro CaL for Honolulu
Championship tournament of the Hud
son River Tennis Association at
Central States Rowing Association re
gatta at Quincy 111
Illinois state tennis championships at
Aztec Club Chicago
Delaware state tennis championships
begin in Wilmington
Opening of five days race meeting at
St John N B
Letter Carriers Meet In Charlotte
Charlotte N C July 4 The mem
bers of the North Carolina Letter Car
riers Association met in twelfth an
nualsesslonl at a5t rt ilscussed i
of common interest <
siny iiiicanbns
A Burns of Greensboro presided
over the convention
Chamberlains Stomach and Liver
Tablets gently stimulate the liver and
bowels to expel poisonous matter
cleanse the system cure constipation
and sick headache Sold by Bratton
Drug Co
If you have anything to sell try a
Herald want ad
March 28 1905 Marvin
Hart lost San Francisco 20
April 25 1905 Jim Jeffords
knockout Philadelphia 4
June 26 1905 Jack Monroe
no decision Philadelphia 6
July 18 1905 Sandy Fergu
son won on foul Chelsea 7
November 251905 Joe Jean
nette lost Philadelphia 2
December 1 1905 Young
Jackson won Baltimore 12
January 16 1906 Joe Jean
nette no decision New York
8 rounds
March 15 1906 Joe Jean
nette won Baltimore 15
April 26 1906 Sam Lang
ford won Chelsea 15 rounds
September 20 1906 Joe
Jeannette no decision Phila
delphia 6 rounds
November 8 1906 Jim Jef
fords won Lancaster Pa 6
November 26 1906 Joe
Jeannette draw Portland
Me 10 rounds
March 4 1907 J Lang
knockout Melbourne Austra
lia 9 rounds
July 17 1907 Bob Fitzsim
mons knockout Philadelphia
2 rounds
November 2 1907 Jimmy
Flynn knockout San Francis
co 11 rounds
December 26 1908 Tommy
Burns won Sidney N S W
14 rounds
October 16 1909 Stanley >
Ketchel knockout Colma >
Cal 12 rounds
> > > > > <
j35a Z fea

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