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Entered In the Palestine Texas Postofftc as SecondClass Mall Matter
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For Palestine and vicinity
Tonight and Thursday part
ly cloudy weather
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I look upon the simple and >
> childish virtues of veracity and >
honesty as the root of all that >
> is sublime in character >
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1753 College of Philadelphia after
wards the University of Penn
sylvania chartered
1787 Slavery abolished in the terri
tory north of the Ohio river
1S03 First Sunday school established
in London
1814 Joseph Sadoc Alemany first
archbishop of San Francisco
born in Spain Died there
April 14 1888
1821 Junius Brutus Booth made his
first appearance in America
1836 Whites defeated the Indians in
a battle on the Allapaha river
in Georgia
1847 Roger Wolcott governor of
Massachusetts born in Boston
Died there Dec 21 1900
1859 Rufus Choate celebrated law
yer died at Halifax N S Born
at Ipswich Mass Oct 1 1799
1863 federals captured Yazoo City
M sstssTpplT
JGreat Eastern started to
lay the third Atlantic cable
1S91 Attempted assassination of
President Carnot of France
1909 Rebels captured Fez the capi
tal of Morocco
Mr Bailey is a politician and he
plays the game with cunning But
Mr Johnson calls his hand In a state
ment he hands out from his Dallas
headquarters extracts of which are
given in this issue
And Mr Johnson is undoubtedly
correct in his diagnosis when he im
plies an effort on the part of Mr
Bailey to rally antiBailey men to Mr
Davidson by attacks on the former
attorney general which he expects
antiBailey men to resent thinking
thereby to divert votes from Johnson
because he knows Johnson is the
strong man in the race and the man
most likely to beat Colquitt By an
attack upon Mr Davidson Mr Bailey
expects to be able to deflect votes
from Johnson to Davidson in which
case Davidsons vote will be increased
and Johnsons vote decreased making
The Coolest Spot In Palestine
Singing Dancing Talking and Yoed
ling Translating Coon Songs
Into the German Language
Edison Feature Film
Edison Comedy
TWO SHOWS 8 and 915 P M
Reserved Seats Adults 15c Children
4 to 12 Years 10c
Side Seats Adults 10c Children 4
to 12 Years 5c
At Lyric Theatre on Main St Wed
nesday and Saturday Afternoons
6 to 6 Oclock
Editors and Proprietors
444 =
The Hamilton Boys You Know
Any erroneous reflection upon the character standing or reputation of any
person firm or corporation which may appear in the columns of The Herald
will be gladly corrected upon It being brought to attention of the publishers
it impossible for either man to secure
the nomination
Now the question is will Mr Da
vidson play to the hand that Mr Bai
ley thus deals This is the question
that Mr Johnson has asked Mr Da
Mr Johnson makes a strong point
when he asserts that if the throat of
prohibition is cut the people can look
for the knife in the pocket of those
prohibitionists who place Baileyism
above everything else and so vote as
to secure the nomination of Mr Col
quitt not vote for Colquitt but who
throw away their votes on Davidson
or Poindexter
Answering the charge by Senator
Bailey that his enemies seem deter
mined to draw him into the guberna
torial fight Hon Cone Johnson
makes these comments
Senator Bailey since the adjourn
ment of congress has returned to
Texas as unquestionably he has the
right to do He has expressed his
preference amongst the several candi
dates for governor which he has the
right to do and which right none
will deny him But he has gone fur
ther and has injected himself and his
own personality into this struggle
thus near its close
In his speech Saturday at Chico
he said that his enemies would not
let him alone nor permit him to
come back home and recite what he
had done for his people but that
they are trying to drag him into the
state campaign But he said all
their kind this side the grave and out
side the penitentiary cannot make me
do what I dont want to do
And he indulges in much of
old time denunciation ofthose who 1
he terms his enemies in Texas He
criticises the administration of the
offices of attorney general of Texas
under C K Bell and R V Davidson
for the fines levied upon the trusts
that operated in Texas and condemns
them for their failure to prosecute
criminally those who operated these
trusts in our state He condemns the
fine levied upon the Waters Pierce Oil
company and charges that that con
cern turned right around and re
duced the quality of oil and put up
the price and the people of Texas are
paying for the music
Speaking of the failure to prose
cute the trusts criminally he said
Not one man has been prosecuted
criminally for operating a trust in
Texas and yet the records of the
court at the capital of the state dis
close that more than forty pleas have
been entered thereon guilty of the
charge of operating a trust Upon
every plea a criminal action could
have been maintained against the
owners and officers and agents of
these trusts and yet not one prosecu
tion has been instituted and main
His whole speech is an adroit
move on his part to becloud the is
sues in this campaign and to strike
fire with his flint on this steel Bai
ley is mistaken in his assumption that
his enemies have dragged him into
this campaign It was his friends and
champions He was first brought in
to it by one of his chief legal and po
litical advisers T N Jones
I look upon his entrance into this
campaign and the line of his speeches
and his attack on the prosecution of
the trusts in Texas as intended to
challenge and provoke Davidson into
locking horns with him over the old
matter of the Waters Pierce Oil com
pany prosecution and that hIs design
is thus to arouse the antiBailey peo
ple to resentment on the one hand
and his friends to his defense on the
other and thus to widen the breach
between them and hold them from
their rightful allngnment and true
position on the living and crying is
sues of this hour
Was it intended to produce a fur
ther division in the ranks of the anti
Bailey democrats bring more of them
to the support of Davidson and thus
more equally partition these forces by
nflaming them and thus having them
to forget and sacrifice the cause to
which they are committed
Will Davidson play to this hand
Is it intended to throw the apple of
discord into the ranks of the prohibi
tionists and to cause those who fol
lowed Bailey and those who opposed
n Hwmi wi y Ci
Edward R Taylor
New York State Expert on Water
Edward R Taylor of Penn Van N
Y Is n chemist and scientist who
has given much time to the study of
the conservation of water He be
lieves that the power from the great
barge canal now being built by the
state of New York could be utilized
to much advantage
didacy by reason of their allegiance
and fidelity to prohibition to become
alienated from each other and to fly
at each others throats Will prohi
bitionists be misled It is shrewdly
calculated if not shrewdly designed
to bring further dissension into the
ranks of those who have set their
hearts upon the hope of seeing Texas
under the stainless flag
I am fortified in my apprehension
that this is a follow issue which has
been adroitly brought into this cam
paign as a diversion from the real
issue when I remember that the
Waters Pierce Oil company was first
driven from Texas under the admin
istration of General Crane and when
H Clay Pierce was criminally prose
cuted at that time in the district
court of McLennan county under Dis
trict Attorney Cullen Thomas for op
erating a trust in Texas Senator Bai
ley did not then insist upon the crim
inal prosecution of the trust mag
nates in our state
If the cause of prohibition has its
e knlves
knives will be branded with the brand
of passion and of prejudice They
will not be in the pocket of Mr Col
quitt for he cannot get his hand on
the throat of our cause they will not
be in the pockets of the whiskey traf
fic for they cannot reach it with their
blades but these knives with blood
stains on them will be in the pockets
of men who have been for prohibition
but who hold personal politics higher
than principle who are led by pas
sion and not by reason who would
rather follow after the ambitions of
a man than the flag of their party
Let the people of Texas beware and
be on guard in these the closing days
of our final struggle This may be
our last charge for a number of years
This game of personal politics and
political manipulation has resulted in
the sad spectacle of the whiskey traf
fic with its unholy hand upon the leg
islative department of our govern
ment it has imperilled the very
power and capacity of the people to
rule and is now engaged In a des
perate effort to further strengthen
its stranglehold upon the people of
our great state
Let us be steady and firm let us
not lose our heads let us keep our
powder dry and trust in God I ex
pect to go straight forward with a
firm hand on the banner which repre
sents the hopes and the aspirations of
the best men and of the women of
Texas and under whose folds the
children of Texas will find security
from the fangs of the deadly serpent
As I write this great numbers of the
politicians of Texas are assembled to
lay plans and devise means for the
destruction of our cause These are
the men who have been exercising the
political power in our state dealing
out your offices and manipulating the
politics of your state the people are
at home at work producing the
wealth that is to make our state
great bringing into existence the pro
ducts which are to feed and clothe
the nation my trust Is in them and
reposing in that trust I go forward for
the remaining two weelcs of this des
perate and complex struggle
Even the Houston Post has seen the
handwriting on the wall It says
The antiprohibitionists of South
Texas who have identified themselves
with the small Davidson group ought
to sit down and face the situation
Either Colquitt or Cone Johnson will
be the next governor of Texas
So Now those prohibition demo
him who are now supporting my cancrats who do not want to seo the
eaaai > Wwmwi1fiitinrwJTW
Every man who has built a home in Magnolia Park has done so in
the firm faith that the enormous increase of values in the next few
years due to the completion of the Houston Ship Channel will give
him big profits on his inves ment That is why
The Building Growth of Magnolia Park is the Sensation
of Today in Houston
Houses are springing up all through the Park as if by mayic The
monthly payments on a lot and house in Magnolia Park amount to
just about the rental a man of family is required to pay further up
town 75 per cent of the purcha ens of lots in Magnolia Park are
residents of Houston Could any proposition have a more convinc
ing indorsement See your local agent today
Wouldnt this have been a peach
of a year to hold a fruit palace in
this good old town We have fruit
to feed the whole state and as many
more as would have visited such a
show We really should take hold of
this proposition
And the land that produces this
wonderful fruit crop can still be
bought for a song The man up
north where the heat is killing peo
ple every day should investigate East I smaU profit and quick sale plan
Texas the land of abundance and ofmake an effort to compete and others made no effort just took
cooling breezes
The Herald is full of most impor
tant business announcements today
and the buying public should read
the ads The live merchants cf the
town are making special offers on
summer goods and the reductions are
offered right at a time when many
people need such goods
Hon Cone Johnson democrat c
candidate for governor w ll speak in
Palestine at the Temple Opera House
Monday afternoon at 430 oclock dis
cussing the issues of the campaign
The hour for the speaking was placed
at 430 in order that the shop men
could hear this gifted speaker and
Mr Johnson and his friends will es
pecially appreciate it if all of them
will attend and hear the speech
Really Roosevelt is not to blame
for getting right in the middle of the
republican political game again He
came home and went to his summer
home and went to cutting tall timber
Magnolia Park Land Co 912916 Texas Avenue Houston
state of Texas turned over to the and foiking hay when the boys be
whisky element should line up and gan to pour in on him and he had to
make Cone Johnson the prohibition talk or order them off the place He
democrat governor
Do not fail to hear Hon Cone John
son speak Monday afternoon
Clean and screen is a good sum
mertime motto and a number of
towns are making it good
The Herald is old business today
The local merchants have some good
arguments for you Mr Reader
Ladies are especially invited to hear
Hon Cone Johnson at the opera house
Monday afternoon He makes a
speech without any offense in it
Some of the Anderson county grow
ers are figuring on from fifty to sixty
bushels of corn to the acre Yet
some people tell us this is not a corn
East Texas is simply smothered
with peaches Not for years has such
a crop been seen here It is a shame
they canont be equally distributed
over the country
Wonder if we could not import
about one million of George Baileys
red headed widows to East Texas to
help take care of the peach surplus
Peaches and cream are fine for red
headed complexions
could have let a tree or two fall on
some of them but the right man j
never came along at the opportune
time for this
Palestine is soon to commemorate j
the life and worthy deeds of that
grand old man of Texas son of hers
and credit to the state in the selec
tion of a public playground No cold
shaft of marble of whatever noble
proportions could equal in beauty
and serve the people now and the
coming generations as will this con
templated park The bouquets are
yours progressive Commercial Club
of Palestine and may you make
Reagan Park a thing of beauty and
a joy forever Jacksonville Progress
Choice Peaches
Delivered to any part of city In
crates or otherwise Phone 199 B
H Gardner Jr 76t
I have tried for some time to >
sell the brick store building >
occupied by Fenton Burns >
at what I thought a fair price >
Though I have had several in >
terested none have bought P
need the money just now to
put into my new home and
have decided to offer thisp op >
erty at 3750 this ieing Its
actual tax assesment valua
tion The building rents for
35 per month and you can fig
ure out that it is a good invest
ment The store next door was
sold to Mr Noble several
months ago at 4000 cash and
was not in as good repair as
this building A perfect paper
title guaranteed
J a Silliman
The beauty of it is all know they have made a big saving ore
their Pianos all the way from 50 to 100 owing to grade of piano
bought Its a pleasure to us as well as to the customer to be able
to sell them pianos at prices to make us friends for we only handle
such pianos as we know will stand the test Therefore when we
sell you one of these works of art we have not only made a jfriend
but have laid a foundation for more business for the satisfied
customer is the best advertisement on earth So be sure and
come in this week as our cut prices will only last this week on
these beautiful instruments We can satisfy the most critical in
quality and as to prices every one that is fair and not perfectly
blind to facts will admit that we are the leaders in Texas on the
Others had to fall in line and
their medicine and kicked and knocked on the Leyhe Company
But we go on selling more pianos today than any two concerns in
Texas just as though the knocks had never come
Our pianos and liberal terms speak for themselves
Dont forget we have some nice secondhand pianos at bar
One Cable Son Upright for 5500
One New Upright for 17800
And every piano sold is backed by a guarantee as strong as the
government bond No chances taken in buying a piano from the
Leyhe Company Its the largest house in Texas twelve stores
all of them live wiresup and doing all the time and our Palestine
store is open at nights until 930
While our sale lasts we extend an invitation to you to come in
and see us get our prices and terms and get acquainted whether
you buy or not Dont forget the place
Three Doors East of Post Office
W A Leyhe Piano Co
J L McNUTT manager
Ta < < wwL > > f Ss4

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