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tSntaimrrg ttscul kitchen utensils
which will delight the young house
keeper An felegant luncheon was en
joyed At the close of the happy af
ternoon the hostess presented her
honoree with an exquisite bouquet of
white asters tied in gold ribbon Miss
Anna Hughes of Temple was an hon
ored guest
Dining Room Shower
Mrs C E Appell entertained on
Monday afternoon complimenting
Miss Mabel Claire Watson with a
beautiful dining room shower White
andV gold were profusely used carry
ing out the brides colors in every de
talL A pretty honor s > eat was ar
ranged in the dining room all in
white and gold The honoree was
asked to take the seat of honor A
table was just in front of her filled
with daisies Misses Doris Grant and
pCleanor Watson were the dainty
waitresses and bore waiters filled
with beautiful gifts for the dining
vntfl8rgTfTs were Kept busy
Rg the gifts cut glass linen
fver china and everything pretty for
my ladys dining room After the
pretty things were admired by the
honoree and all present the fascinat
ing game of rook was enjoyed at the
close of which an elegant twocourse
luncheon was served Mrs Appell
was assisted in entertaining by Mes
dames J F Watson Cad Williams
and Lucius Gooch The outoftown
guests were Misses Huffmaster of
Galveston Donan of Austin Hughes
of Temple and Mrs Florence Bull of
San Antonio
Complimentary Rook
Miss Georgia McMeans entertained
Tuesday morning with six tables of
rook in honor of Miss Mabel Claire
Watson The parlors were petty in
summer roses At the close of the
games a twocourse luncheon was
enjoyed Miss McMeans was assist
ed In entertaining by her mother
Itlra Matte McMeans Miss Hughes
of Temple and Mrs Bull of San An
tonio were outoftown guests
CristOliver Wedding
The following is from the Abilene
Morning News Mr Ira Crist has
many friends in Palestfne who are
glad of hs happiness He is a ma
chinist and doing well at Teague
About 9 oclock Wednesday night
July 13th 1910 Rev R O Bailey
united in marriage Ira D Crist of
Palestlne and Miss Ada G Oliver ofi
th s city the wedding taking place at j dames J T Sweetman and H Mar
the home of the brides parents cor tin The grand march was led by
ner South Sixth and Oak strpets i the honoree Miss Rafield and Mr
Only a few relatives and intimate Jim Huff They were followed by
frends of the contracting parties M ss Sweetman and Mr Jesse Hamil
were present The couple will leave ton and then by more than sixty all
111 Erwin Street Phone 426
The wedding of Miss Mabel Claire
daughter of Mr and Mrs J F Wat
son to Mr A J Sewell of Mart takes
place at the Watson home this eve
ning at 630 oclock The happy pair
will leave on the night train for San
Antonio and McGregor visiting Mr
Sewells relatives at the latter place
Miss Watson has many friends in
Palestine who regret to lose her but
who are happy with her in her new
Kitchen Shower
Miss Helen Grant entertained the
Sewing Club Saturday afternoon in
honor of Miss Mabel Claire Watson
wth a kitchen shower The parlors
were pretty in white and gold carry
ing out the brides colors Menu
cards were presented each guest to
be filled out for luncheon dinner and
breakfast the wbole forming a book
tied in white and gold containing
suggestions for the brides future
menus Miss Grant assisted by her
ugliest Miss Hughes of Temple sur
prised the honoiee by presenting to
her in behalf of the Sewing Club a
large dish pan in yellow and gold
August 25th for a visit in East Texas
and will visit the parents of Mr Crist
in Palestine before returning to their
home in Teague
An Invitation
The following invitations are out
and the affair will no doubt he en
joyed by all attending
120 Rusk street Mrs J F Wolff
invites you to attend the lawn party
given in honor of Misses Kathryn
Adams of Jacksonville and Emma
Blanton of Palestine Thursday eve
ning July twentyfirst nineteen hun
dred and ten from eight to eleven
p m Kathryn Adams Emma Blan
The Barathea Class
The following invitations were out
this week The Grace church ladies
always have enjoyable entertainments
and last night this was largely at
tended and enjoyed
The Barathea Class of Grace Meth
odist church request your presence at
their reception to be given at the
home of Mrs R D Long 237 12 N
Jackson street Tuesday evening July
nineteenth nineteen hundred and ten
eight to eleven A free will offering
is expected
The pretty home was all in flowers
and aglow with cheer and joy Ele
gant refreshments were served and a
nice sum realized v
Complimentary Breakfast
Mrs P H Hughes entertained at 9
oclock breakfast Friday morning in
honor of Mesdames T W Smith and
H R Moore who have returned from
their summer visit to the old states
The breakfast room was fresh and fra
grant in summer flowers The covers
of the honorees were beautiful in
sweet peas Breakfast was served in
five courses It was a delightful oc
casion and a reunion of friendship
and love after a separation of a few
weeks Covers were laid for the
hostess her honorees and Mesdames
E J Ezell and J G Barry
Moonlight Social
The home of Mr and MrsvWprd
Xance was in interesting place Mon
day ijight the occasion being a lawn
social given by the classes of mis
sionary workers and Bible students
taught by Mrs Mary Melton of the
Baptist Sunday school A large
crowd of young folks enjoyed the oc
casion A watermelon feast was a
specialty and fun afterwards The
classes are composed of young men
and ladies and is a large number
Will Visit Europe
Mr and Mrs George Burkitt con
template sailing from New York Au
gust 9 for a several weeks tour in
Europe They will land at London
derry and visit Mr Burkitts old home
In the northern part of Ireland They
will visit England and the continent
and witness the Passion Play at
Oberammcrgau which will be the
second time they have seen the play
having witnessed it ten years ago
From Sundays Houston Post
Miss Emor3 Sweetman City Hall
Tuesday evening July nineteenth
nineteen hundred ten dancing Miss
Rafield Mobile Ala R S V P
These < laint3 invitations were re
ceived this week calling the friends
of Miss Emory Sweetman to a pleas
ant affa r given in honor of Miss
Rafield of Mobile Ala The city hall
was arranged tastily for the occasion
A cozy corner was on one side in
nigs chaiis and tabourettes Here
delicious punch was seived by Mes
No PremiumsAll Coffee Oouble Strength Flavor and
Aroma Thai Pleases
Finest quality packed places us where we can make
this guarantee
Our proposition Double Strength Ony necessary to use one half as much
of SECURITY as you do of other cofl es therefore it is the economical
coffee We remove all chaff dust and itirt with our process pf roasting
We only pack SECURITY in sealed tins to jive you the real original New
Six blue ribbons
iJcans flavor which has made this coffee
larded to us for QUALITY Ask your grocer to supply you with this
Quality Coffee Sold everywhere by grocers 35c per pound 3 lb can 1
Importers Coffee Co Ltd
Pearlstone Gro Co Whholesale Agents
New Orleans
rt r
in beautiful evening costume the fair
younggraduates and school girls and
the handsome boys of Palestine
There were sixteen dances and eight
extras Dainty programs were fur
nished Miss Keelan of Huntsv lie
and Mr Fulsham Parks of Mart were
outoftown guests The chaperons of
the evening were Mrs J T Sweet
man Mrs Julius Pearlstone Mrs
John Nail and Mrs H Martin This
was a beautiful brilliant affair giving
pleasure to a great many friends of
Miss Sweetman
Misses Onida and Lizzie Barnes are
visiting at Cleburne
Mrs Pitluck formerly Miss Michel
son of Bay City is visiting in Pales
Miss Busch Smith with Hodges Dry
Goods company is tak ng her vacation
at Sherman
Miss Beulah Scott of Greenville is
visiting Mrs H A Watts Mrs
Watts invites her friends to call
Miss Keelan of Huntsville and Mrs
Florence Bull of San Antonio are
guests of the Watson home for the
Mr Fulsham Parks of Mart accom
panied Mr Sewell to Palestine and
will be best man at the SewellWat
son wedding this evening
Almost a Collision
Having narrowly escaped a collision
of my buggy with an automobile
last Sunday afternoon I feel dis
posed to publish a thought in connec
tion with the incident Had this co
lision occurred the result probably
would have been disastrous possibly
I was driving south of the railroaJ
on Magnolia street ascending the
slope in front of the residence of Mr
John Young Hearing the whistle of
an automobile I turned my horse froi
the middle of the street to the right
leaving ample space on my left for
the auto to pass But instead of
taking the left that vehicle was driven
to my right into the very narrow
space between me and the sidewalk
I was still going further to the right
when I saw the auto spinning by me
at a rapid rate leaving me hardly
time to pull my horse to the left suf
ficiently to escape be ng run into in a
way that would undoubtedly have re
sulted in a frightful catastrophe to
me or my daughter or her infant
child or possibly all of us
Now I have Inquired of several city
oifleials attorneys and civilians to
learn the rule governing the passing
of vehicles in the street The result
of my inquiry leads me to believe
there is no rule for those traveling in
the same direction We all know the
rule when vehicles meei Keep to
the right as the law directs
This would seem to he also the
riile for the foremost vehicle Be
cause this driver thus moving would
leave the road properly open for any
vehlcle that might chance to he com
ing the other way Meanwhile the
driver in the hindermost vehicle is
able to see the foiemost one has gone
to the right leaving him a clear space
on th6 left and if any other vehicle
is seen coming the other way the
hindermost driver can check his
speed remain in the rear of him in
front till the meeting conveyance is
past and thus avoid all confusion and
all danger
From a disregard of this apparently
just and simple nile this chauffeur
missed by perhaps less than one foot
running into my wheels and at a
speed that would undoubtedly liave
been fearful in its results My object
in making public this incident is not
to express any illfeeling but to call
attention to a hiatter that serously
needs regulation Let our city coun
cil pass an ordinance lequiriug auto
mobiles to pass on a certain side
either to the right or to the left Then
the publc can feel that if they veer
to the side indicated they will not be
run into unless it be done by some
one reckless of all danger to the lives
of others on the highway
J G H Buck
Phone 10G3 for the
peaches tomatoes and
fresh picked every day
choicest of
hbom Sold and Peuoraaemtal by Minwimi
Herald Special
Tecumseh Neb July 20 Nothing
has ever put the curiosity of the citi
zens of Tecumseh under a greater
stran than the mystery of old
Scotch Wilsons missing heir which
is to be solved by an unusual test be
fore Judge Livingston of the probate
court tomorrow The claimant who
asserts that he is John Wilson Jr
the son of old Scotch Wilson will
tomorrow be given an opportunity to
prove his identity and to establish his
claim to the 30000 which old Wilson
left to his missing son provided he
should turn up within five years after
the death of the testator and prove
his claim by answering to the satis
faction of the court ten questions
which old Wilson had written down
and sealed and deposited in a safety
deposit vault
Old Scotch Wilson died about
five years ago and ever since that
time the mysterious package in the
safety deposit vault kept the curiosity
of the citizens at a high pitch It is
safe to say there were not two resi
dents who held the same theory con
cerning the nature and purport of the
ten questions Every possibility was
discussed from every imaginable point
of view and for five years the mystery
of the test questions formed the all
absorbing topic of conversation and
contention in Tecumseh
The general interest in the puzzle
increased tremendously when a few
weeks ago a man appeared in this
city who claimed to be John Wilson
Jr the missing heir of old Scotch
Wilson He stated in reply to ques
tons that he had lived in Houston
Texas for more than twenty years
under the name of Alonzo Wilson and
that he had assumed that name to
make it impossible or at least more
difficult for his father to find him
He is an attorney and alto a civil en
gineerand has worked fcr the South
ern Pacific railroad for many years
Hi j fticrTiad he ard of his fathers
deatrr about two years ago but did
not wish to return to claim the inheri
tance waiting for him But his wife
and daughter had finally persuaded
him to claim the estate for their sake
and he had consented to come to
Tecumseh and establish his identity
through the prescribed test
Old Scotch Wilson the testator
was one of the oldest settlers in this
locality He owned a fine farm and
by shrewd investments accumulated a
considerable rortune He was a man
of many prejudices stubborn and in
tolerant and frequently quarreled with
the members of his family and his
neighbors It was about thirtysix
years ago that the old man had a par
ticualrly severe quarrel with his son
John Wilson Jr and drove the equal
ly stubborn boy out of the house The
boy left Tecumseh and was never
seen or heard of since that time One
year later the old man relented and
began to regret having driven his only
son into the world He made strenu
ous efforts to find a trace of his son
and spent the greater part of his for
tune in this search But the search
remained fruitless and the old man
died without having found a trace of
his son Shortly before his death the
old man made a will in which he pro
vided after his own style for the pos
s ibility of his sons return He de
posited 30000 the bulk of his for
tune in the Tecumseh bank to be
held in trust for his son for five
years ending July 21 1910 The old
man realizing the danger that an 1m
poster might claim the fortune wrote
down ten questions and the answers
to them sealed them securely and en
trusted them to the executor of the
estate A C Sullivan with the provi
sion that the money should not he
paid to any claimant who did not an
swer these ten questions to the satis
faction of the judge of the probate
court In case no claimant should
appear and answer the questions be
fore the expiration of the five years
the money is to go to the nephews
of the testator
Haywood Will Lecture
Win D Haywood the well known
Socialist will visit Palestine next
Monday and remain thiee days He
will lecture in the city hall Monday
Tuesday and Wednesday nights be
ginning at S oclock Admission 25
cents Ladies free 192t
Ladies Attention
Call at Grand Leader and see Pa
lisian Wonder demonstrated Beau
tiful art work taught free
20Gt Mrs Leila Mattison
< rv
Blind Football Players
Have a Good Team
This photograph shows the famous football team of the Kentucky Insti
tute For the Blind at Louisville Ulsht of the regular team are totally bllud
Their percentage of wius over Strom opposing teams is excellent The ouly
favor tiiey ask In a game is that wlieu the ball Is put In play the opposing
team shall indicate the fact by shoutii g the word Pass Of course kicking
the goal after a touchdown is eliminated The team is In charjre of Professor
B B Huntoon
i r wrw fit tn
x H xSm Jk4ii
r iiPiifiwf >
usty Meads
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V 5 v town and light youll be
hot and tired and your
throat dry with dust and thirst Hunt
up a soda fountain and treat yourself to
A Gkss or a Bottle of
Just as cooling as the bottom step in the spnng
house You ll find it relieves fatigue too
and washes away all the dust and thirst as
nothing else will It touches the spot
5c Everywhere
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